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ACS Newsletter

05 March 2018 Volume 37; Issue 14

Message by Mr Ng Eng Chin “Show 2”

Transcribed by: Mr Ivan Tan
Director of Sport/CCA & External
Edited by: Ms Annabella Ong
Secondary Head of Department
I’m so glad that we are able to
stage this musical. This musical
was made possible some 15 years
ago back in 2003 in ACS at ACS
Barker Road. This musical was
commissioned because at that point
in time, the school went through a
journey just like ours; a new school
was being established and over the
years we wanted to honour God
because of His faith in us and for
bringing us through that journey.
Today, ACS Jakarta has the honour
of staging this musical because we
too went through a Journey of Faith.
This is the second show. In the first
show, I had a special message for
the audience as well as the cast;
and for every show, I’ll share a new
message. In the first show, I helped
us to recall about the burning bush
because that is a very special
encounter. That is the encounter of
man with God, and in the show, it
was Moses with His God. It is true
for all of us that the Journey of Faith
begins with that encounter when we
are able to reach out and go
forward to our God. In the story of
the burning bush, Moses was far
away at the Mountain of God
tendering the sheep, where a Photos taken by: Mr Benjamin Lee
burning bush appeared and
attracted Moses’ attention. Moses God’s testament, His covenant.
could have ignored it. Just like how
we ignore a beautiful scenery when This afternoon’s message to all of
go on holiday, when Mommy and us is this. When we have that
Daddy say, “Hey, wake up, wake special encounter with our God,
up! Let’s see the sunrise!” we will begin our journey of Faith.
What is faith? Faith is confidence
And we reply, “Oh what’s so great
in what we hope for and the
about a sunrise?” But that is how
assurance about what we do not
God, through His creation, shows
That team consisted of Dr Kenneth saviour. see. I repeat again, Faith is
His attention to all of us. So in the
Lyen, Stella Kon, Ban Wenfu, and We serve One God, a mighty confidence in what we hope for.
burning bush incident, Moses
Joshua Chua. All four of them were God, The Hebrew people were hopeful
reacted positively and wanted to
inspired and wrote the beautiful Who will not fail – to hear. even though they were in
move forward. As he moved
songs. I know that you’d like to hear slavery. They were hopeful,
forward, he heard the voice of God Chorus
the song one more time. This time they were not down. They had
calling him, “Moses, Moses.” And One God, One God, we serve
round, I would like the cast here to the assurance of what they did not
that is the way the encounter will One God,
perform to you two songs, starting see. They do not see where their
come, that when we reach out to The God of Jacob, of Abraham
with “One God”. God was, but their God was up
our God, He will come forward. And he will save us, he will not there, hearing their cries. In the
Because we all have free will to ONE GOD, ONE GOD forget us, same way in life, when we
either move forward or to move on,
Miriam and chorus of Hebrews He will make of us – a mighty journey through it, many a
but if we move forward, our God will nation.
Miriam: times, we may be very happy.
meet us there. One God, One God, we are His
O sons of Isra—el
You have heard the songs, the Do not despair -- take courage in people, His chosen ones, the (continue to the next page)
beautiful songs written and made your suffering – ones He loves,
He gave His promise, unto our Fathers,
possible by a team back in 2003. For God your God – will be your
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ACS New sletter 05 March 2018

But many a times, even for me as I wonder how come that he let me have you forgot me today? With this, I hope that you have that
an adult, after going through fall down faith for the journey ahead.
childhood, being a teenager and he left me to lie in despair, He said,
Let us pray: Father God, we thank
finally being an adult, there are and I’m calling -- I’m calling -- O
I will comfort you, I will console you for this musical. We ask that
m a n y t i m e s wh e n I f e e l God, my God –
you, even as you hide the words in our
disa pp oi nte d, wh en I feel won’t you answer my prayer?
I’ll give you courage to carry on. hearts, Lord, indeed, I thank you
discouraged, when I struggle with
Then I heard him say – In your deepest trouble, I will be for the cast here who have spent
pain and with many things. But I
(Chorus) there, hours with you to bring this
am hopeful, I hold on to the faith
I am with you, I’ll give you strength that will musical to fruition. Lord, indeed, I
because that is the assurance that
I am always at your side overcome… thank you for each one of them.
God has given to each one of us.
I am here, I am beside you, You may not see me, yet you’ll Lord, Father, that even as they spend
And so a journey of faith begins
Don’t ever be afraid. know I am there, the time here, that You honour them,
with that, to know that we have a
I am with you, I am with you, I will never leave you alone. that You will give them a special
living God, and God will see us
I will never leave you alone, blessing, that even as they go back
through, and despite all the things
Whatever your sorrow, whatever Thank you very much, I just want to their homes and even as their
that will happen to us, whatever it
your pain, to end by saying this. In the journeys lie ahead; they will know
may be, our God is a faithful God.
Still I am there with you. journey of faith, sometimes when that life is a journey with You and it
And that journey of faith is for us to
we pray, God may not seem to starts with the faith and starts with
have that hope in Him all the time. I
answer. I just want to say these them reaching out to You. And
want to end with this song, “I am I am in trouble, I’m hurting so
words to you. Maybe God has Father, even for all of us who are
with you” to minister to us. badly,
answered you and you don’t like enriched here through this
My heart has no hope to go on.
I AM WITH YOU the answers. If the request is experience of watching this
My God where are you, when I
(Miriam solo) wrong, God says, “No.” If the musical, bless us as we go back to
need your support?
timing is wrong, God says, our homes, unite us with our
1. Don’t tell me your power is gone.
“Slow.” If you are wrong, God families together and our loved
I am so tired, I am so weary, I can’t see the light, I’m so deep in
says, “Grow.” But if the request is ones, and give us safe journey. I
I can’t hold up my head any more – the hole
right, if the timing is right, and if hope we may continue to sing praises
I wonder whether I’ve ,made a I just haven’t got any way
you are right, God says, “Go!” to You and to give You glory. We pray
mistake, and I’m calling -- I’m calling -- O
all these in His name. Amen.
it seems like God is so far. God, my God –

Primary Matters Science Investigatory Projects for Wednesday, 21 February

grade 5 students. Students took On Wednesday, Grades 1-6
Ms Ratih Damajanti turns to see their friends’ work displayed their IL/GP projects on
Kepala Sekolah, EC-Gr 3 and learnt some new scientific the following topics:
ideas at the same time.  Grade 1: Learning Something
Ms Dian Rumanti New
Kepala Sekolah, Gr 4-6  Grade 2: Rich Culture of
The primary PTC was held last Tuesday, 20 February  Grade 3: Past Civilizations
Friday 23 February. It was focused Tuesday was Maths day. Grades  Grade 4: Living in Indonesia
on the students’ academic 1-6 students did the following
Maths activities:  Grade 5: Reduce, Reuse,
progress. Only parents and
students whom the teachers  Grade 1 made fruit skewer in the
wished to meet attended this PTC. classrooms. They had fun  Grade 6: Nuclear Power Plants
We hope that parents and students cutting the fruits and making fun And took turns visiting other
found the meeting beneficial. patterns in groups. classes to see, learn and share
what they have learnt.
 Grade 2 learnt about the topic
SMILe Week ‘Weight’ by weighing and making Thursday, 22 February
The Science, Maths and IL/GP popcorn. Of course they had the House Quizzes for all Primary
Departments held the chance to eat the yummy students in TSK Hall.
SMILe Week program last week. popping treat after that. We thank all students for their
The activities were set-up with a
view to help the students learn  Grade 3 made chocolate enthusiasm and active
pudding outdoors. In groups of participation for the every event
from experiential learning and and teachers and parents for their
apply what they have learnt in four, students had to prepare the
ingredients, weigh them and continuous support.
class in the activities. The activities
done last week were: then cook the pudding with
custard and cashew nuts and
Monday, 19 February canned fruits for toppings.
On Monday, grades 2-5 students  After lunch time, Grades 1-3
were engaged in various science students had fun playing various
activities, such as Silhouette games in the game booths that
Project for grade 2, PopsBridge! were prepared by Grades 4-6
Competition for grade 3, Stem students.
Careers Festival for grade 4 and Photos taken by: Primary MRC Team

Secondary Matters finished sitting their mock during the mock examinations. Examinations for Grade 12 will be
examinations. We thank all the held from 9-12 April and for Grade
Mr Carolus Sadsoeitoeboen students for preparing themselves National Examinations 9 from 23-26 April. Only
Acting Kepala Sekolah, Secondary carefully and seriously for these In order to comply with the Indonesian students will sit the
exams. We also appreciate requirement from the Ministry of examinations.
Mock Examinations parents for providing the ongoing Education, we will participate in the
Grade 10 and Grade 12 have assistance and support that their 2018 National Examinations (continue to the next page)
children may need in their study (computer based). The National

ACS Jakarta
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ACS New sletter 05 March 2018

BINUS Interschool Mathematics Olimpiade Sains Nasional Chemistry AC S J a k a r t a S w i m m i n g

Championship 2018 (OSN)  Hana Nanyang Rinakit (10C): Carnival
We will send a team of 4 students The following students Biology We had a Swimming Carnival on
to represent the school and to participated In the Olimpiade Thursday, March 1 from 10.30 to
p a r t i c i p a t e i n t h e B I N US Sains Nasional (OSN) on  Felicia Cindy (10C): Biolog 14.00. Students were grouped in
Interschool Mathematics February 28, 2018 at SMAN 39:  Louis (10C): Mathematics Junior Category (Grades 7-9) and
Championship (BIMC) which will be  Hans Christian (11 H): Physics We thank Ms Dini Kartini for Senior Category (Grades 10-12).
held on Friday, 9 March at Binus The Carnival consisted of
School Serpong. The students are:  Maximilian -Chung Shien Oey organizing and preparing the Individual- Freestyle & Breast
(11T): Physics students.
 Lim Taekyung (Grade 8) Stroke, Relay Freestyle, Boat
 Olsen Andie Saputra (11H): Founder’s Day Race Relay, and Water polo. All
 Aaron Christopher Long (Grade Physics The school conducted a combined participants were competing for
8) nd
 Men Kiyaranu Putra Pakartiwan celebration for ACS 132 different awards, such as ribbons
 Ditha Anggrainin Gandamana
(11T): Chemistry Founders Day on Thursday, 1 for winners, badges for best
(Grade 10) March. In the days leading up to swimmers and the trophy for
 Aurelia Leona (11H): Chemistry Founders Day from Monday 26th of
 Louis (Grade 10) overall house winner. It was
 Ditha Anggraini Gandamana February to Thursday 1st of March, another successful event in this
In advance we thank Mr Jose (10C): Astronomy teachers and students could academic year. We thank the
Celestino who has been preparing  H a b i b a N a j w a ( 1 0 C ) : choose the alternate dress based Physical Education Department
the students for the competition. Mathematics on the ACS’ colors red, blue and and teachers for organizing the
gold. We thank Ms Michelle for event.
 Claretta Janice suwarna (10C): organizing the event.

Announcing the New School Website

Mr Umar Setiadi
(GA Manager)

ACS Jakarta is pleased to

announce the launch of our new
school website. Apart from a new
layout, the website offers expanded
content and changes to navigation
for both the mobile and the desktop
version to provide an easy viewing
and browsing experience across
multiple platforms. Among the
available features, the site contains
some external links to help both
parents and students access useful
information and applications.

We hope that you find the new

website easy to navigate and
pleasant to use.
Photo taken by: Mr Umar Setiadi


接戊戌狗年的到来。 Photos taken by: Primary MRC Team
春舞曲》则让我们感受到了小 学演唱的新年歌曲《大家恭 略了中国传统文化的魅力。
朋友们的活力。三年级同学提 喜》为庆祝会营造了浓浓的新 在同学们的欢声笑语中,
前拍摄的动画片《年的传 年气氛。最让同学们兴奋的是 庆祝会圆满结束。新的一年,
说》,让同学了解了春节的由 由少林师父们带来的《少林功 新的希望,祝大家新年快乐!
来,四年级同学则给大家讲述 夫》表演,大家在感叹师父们 万事如意!
了春节习俗和传统。二年级同 娴熟灵活的招式的同时,也领

ACS Jakarta
Jl. Bantar Jati, Kelurahan Setu, Jakarta Timur
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ACS New sletter 05 March 2018

Badminton Friendly Match with Sekolah Pelita Harapan Lippo Village

Primary Secondary
Ms Tri Listi - TIC Badminton Primary Vanessa William Kalip - 8R

On February 3 ACS Jakarta’s On 10 February, some members

Primary badminton players set off from the badminton team
early in the morning to Sekolah participated in a friendly match
Pelita Harapan Lippo Village, held at Sekolah Pelita Harapan
Karawaci for a friendly match. Karawaci (SPH). In the beginning,
Accompanied by two coaches, Mr there were only grade 11 and 12
Edo & Mr Sigit, and 1 TIC, Ms Tri, students from SPH that were
these 11 students eagerly mingled participating, but the grade 7, 8
with other players from SPH to and 9 students came around an
b u i l d t h e i r s p o rt s m a n s h i p , hour later since they just came
techniques and skills. Out of 27 back from a field trip the day
matches, our ACS Jakarta Primary before. Our opponents were
badminton players successfully tough to beat as they were more
managed to lead in 21 games. We experienced than us. Even
would like to thank the school & though we lost overall, we were
parents for their support and we able to learn more about our
hope to join more events to build weaknesses and we were not Photos taken by: Ms Tri Listi & Vanessa William and our coaches, Pak Edo, Pak
the players’ confidence, deterred by our loss. This hopefully refine our skills in the Sigit, and Pak Faris, for supporting
commitment and skills. opportunity enabled us to know future. We would like to thank our us relentlessly and for organizing
our capabilities better and TICs, Chen laoshi and Pu laoshi, this event.

Food for Thought Important

Ms Vivien & Ms Eveline 1. Please tell us more about meat and assorted vegetables“. It
Parents Support Group your stall and the food that you
is served as a bowl of warm white
rice topped with namul (sautéed
Korean food is some of the
The stall K-Zone in ACS Jakarta and seasoned vegetables) and
healthiest on earth, with an 13 March 2018
sells Korean Cuisine. The main gochujang (chili pepper paste).
emphasis on vegetables, meats
menu of the stall itself is rice School Excursion Day (EC)
cooked simply and without much 3. As a food vendor, how do you
dishes such as Bibimbap, Bulgogi
oil, and a near obsession with the contribute to students eating
Rice and Omurice. There are also
fermented vegetable kimchi, which
traditional side dishes such as healthy good food? 14 March 2018
can be something of an acquired As a food vendor, K-Zone Issue of Q3 School
Japchae sold in the stall.
t a s t e f o r n o n -K o re a n s . A contributes to the students eating
cornerstone of Korean food is rice, healthy food by selling menus with
which forms the backbone of b a l a n c e d c om b i n at i o ns o f (G7, G8, G9, G11)
almost every meal, although it is vegetables, meat and rice, which
sometimes replaced with noodles.
Issue of Q3 School
are also high in nutritional values.
Much of the food that exists in We always use the best and Reports
Korea today and the customs freshest ingredients in our cooking. (EC & Primary)
surrounding it have come from
royal cuisine and the complex School Excursion Day
customs of the ancient court. The Primary (G1– G5)
food is a study in balance with
2. What are your signature
careful consideration given to 15 March 2018
temperature, spiciness, colour and
texture along with considered
The signature dish of K-Zone is Teacher’s Day
Bibimbap. Bibimbap is probably
one of the most well-known and
CANTEEN VENDOR SPOTLIGHT beloved Korean dishes to many
K-Zone people. Bibimbap simply 16 March 2018
translates to “mixed rice with Q3 Ends
Photos taken by: PSG

18-24 March 2018

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(021) 84597175 Ext.490 (021) 84597175 Ext. 419 (021) 84597175 Ext.499 Q4 begins

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