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ACS Newsletter

30 April 2018 Volume 37; Issue 17

Primary Matters Checkpoint Test was held from 23- Missing School Days and Early
25 April. It was held at the primary Departure from School
Ms Ratih Damajanti library and the lecture room on the We would like to remind parents to
Kepala Sekolah, EC-Gr 3 fourth floor. always refer to the school
calendar on our website to plan for
Ms Dian Rumanti The Ujian Sekolah/Madrasah the holidays. Students should
Kepala Sekolah, Gr 4-6 Bertaraf Nasional or US/MBN for not miss any day of school and if
Indonesian students will be held on there is an urgent need, parents
Kartini Day Assembly 2, 3 and 4 May. Please note that should write in formally to the Vice
The primary school celebrated students sitting for this exam will Principal, Mr Melvin Sim.
Kartini day last Thursday, 26 April. go home straight after each exam Similarly, if there is any
Students and teachers came to and the foreign students who are foreseeable absence or need to
school in Indonesian traditional not sitting for this exam will stay at leave school early for
clothes and it made the TSK Hall home during US/MBN. appointments at the doctor,
very colourful that day. dentist, immigration, etc, it should
The Semester 2 Exam will be held be made known to Homeroom
from Monday, 14 May to Thursday, Teacher in writing/email at least
17 May following the schedule one day ahead of time. Notes/
below: emails should be given to your
Mon, 14 May
Tue, 15 Wed, 16 Thur, 17
Grade 4 Grade 6
May May May
and 5

Photos taken by: Ms Rocel Africa

We started the assembly with the
devotion. Then we listened to
information about Kartini and
tra diti on al cost um es. The
celebration was then continued
with a traditional costume parade
from each class. 24 and 25 May are marking days child’s Homeroom Teacher and
and will be student-free days. not to the school receptionist.
The Cambridge Primary

Secondary Matters leadership. throughout the examination. What’s the Right Amount of
Mr Carolus Sadsoeitoeboen Computer Based National Professional Development,
Examination 3-5 August Source: https://www.edutopia.org/
Acting Kepala Sekolah, Secondary article/whats-right-amount
Grade 12 students sat the In accordance with our Homework utm_source=facebook
Honours Day National Examination from 23-26 commitment to professional &utm_medium=socialflow
Secondary school Honours Day April. The subjects being tested development, some of our
was held on Thursday, 17 April. On were Bahasa Indonesia, Secondary teachers were Something to ponder on for an
this day, deserving students from Mathematics, English, and attending an Indonesi an age-old question in education.
all CCAs were honoured based on Science. We welcomed four l a n g u a g e w o r k s h o p a t 1. As we come to the tail end of the
e xt e rn a l i n vi g i l a t o rs f rom Universitas Indonesia, Jakarta academic year, what affects the
t h e i r c on t ri bu ti o n t o t h ei r amount of work we dish out?
CCAs. The deserving students neighboring junior high schools. from 18-20 April. The teachers
were recognised based on their We thank God for the strength, were Mr Reza Maradona and 2. How effective has it been?
the good health and the Mr Edy Nugraha. 3. Having policies on homework is one
participation, achievement and thing but is that a one-size-fits-all
intelligence that the students had

Secondary Student Representative Council Investiture

Nathan Andriessen, 11R

The Student Representative

Council (SRC) investiture is one of
the most important events in the
school calendar. The investiture
does not only signify the
commencement of a new council
every year, but it also officially
introduces the school to its new
School Captain. It is also a time
when the school recognises the
services and contributions by the
graduating seniors whom we will
soon bid goodbye to. All these (continue to the next page)
Photo taken by: MRC Secondary

ACS Jakarta
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ACS Newsletter 30 April 2018

seniors have never failed to presentation by our Executive where the 13th SRC was also With members ranging from Grade 7
support the council throughout their Principal, Mr Ng Eng Chin. The presented to the Secondary to Grade 11, this collection of
time in the SRC. They take on the outgoing captain and vice-captain school. All members of the 13th students in the 13th council is one of
role of advisor, mentoring the - Patrick Tjandra and Jason council recited the student the most diverse the SRC has had in
juniors even in their graduating Sutandinata then passed on the leaders’ pledge to commit a long time. The 13th council looks
year when they are overwhelmed leadership of the SRC onto the themselves to the school and to forward to achieving new heights in
with academic deadlines. incoming captain and vice-captain God. To wrap it up, Pak Ivan all of our services and contributions
The ceremony started with - Nathan Andriessen and Aurelia Tan gave his blessing, and to the school in the coming academic
appreciation of the seniors for their Leona. This was followed by a prayed for the success and year! May we have a great year
services and commitment to the formal badge presentation by our smooth running of the 13th SRC together!
c o u n c i l wi t h a c e rt i f i c a t e Vice-principal, Dr Lee Khen Seng, in all its endeavours.


Mrs Kadek Beni S. trusted us to support your English Sponsored by: Tamarind – the cover inside, will continue to
Library Supervisor class program. Indian and Mexican Food bless your juniors in their pursuit of
Vendor excellence in ACS Jakarta. We hope
Endorsed by ACS Reader of the Month - that your contribution will encourage
Miss Annabella Ong April Ms Ravina Kallie . a love for reading in your juniors and
Secondary English Head of set them an example of generously
Department sharing knowledge with one other.
So how can you participate in this?
ACS Reader of the Month - Bring along a book (in excellent
April Ms Radha Samikannu. condition) from 16 April 2018
(Monday) onward and pass it to the
librarians in the library. You’ll be
asked to fill in a special donation
sticker with your inspirational note on
it (you can choose not to write one if
Photos taken by: Ms Kadek Beni you so wish). We’ll also honour your
contribution by publishing this in
Leaving a legacy, Inspiring a certain school publication media.
love (for reading) Library Alternatively, the donation can be
programme made anonymously too if you so
A wonderful fast-paced series that Dear Grade 12 students and choose. Please note that
focuses on women and their parents of these students, textbooks, study guides and books
weight obsession. It inspires Firstly, we would like to wish you with inappropriate content for youths
because women are made to feel all the best in your upcoming will not be accepted. We’re looking
that it's fine to be a bit IBDP examinations. And as you for novels, biographies and other
55 years have tumbled by and A over-weight and being over approach this final milestone in books of current interest to your
Wrinkle in Time never gets old. The weight does not mean being your educational journey at juniors.
a l wa ys vi vid im ag e ry a nd unattractive!. ACS, we know you’ll look back
well-develop characters come alive The mystery-solving element also fondly on the times you’ve spent We thank you in advance for your
whenever I read it. I always read keeps the reader thoroughly in these sheltering walls with support and contribution. We hope
this when I feel a need to travel - involved in the story and the your friends and teachers. that you’ll use this opportunity to give
Ms Radha on her fave books A death-defying situations she finds back to your soon-to-be alma mater
As you move on to the next
Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine herself in leaves us in awe of her and leave behind a legacy in ACS
phase in your life, we hope that Jakarta.
L'Engle (find the book in the courage. A trully engaging series
you would consider leaving a
@acsjkt_library). not to be missed!.
small token of your legacy
p.s: other grades are welcome to join
Ms Ravina Kallie on Size 12 is not behind, in the form of an this programme.
Thank you Ms Radha for your
fat series by Meg Cabot. inspirational book. We believe
review and continuous support to
that this book, with a little
library and even shared plus
inspirational note from you on

Food for Thought

Ms Vivien & Ms Eveline CANTEEN VENDOR beverage professionals with Our signature dishes are:
Parents Support Group SPOTLIGHT numerous experiences and we A. Yogurt in various forms and
have our own research team flavours such as yogurt drink,
Maintaining a healthy gut plays a Heavenly Kitchen
and nutritionist in our central frozen yogurt, regular yogurt and
key role in your overall health and
1. Please tell us more about kitchen in Serpong. c yogurt salad dressing.
well-being. Gut biome (the good
your stall and the food that you B. Healthy wholesome wheat bread
bacteria) living in your intestines is 2. What are your signature
sell? such as brioche, pizza and loaf
crucial to your health, so eating dishes?
food that promotes gut health is the Heavenly Kitchen provides fresh
C. Main dishes such as spaghetti
key to a happy tummy. Yogurt is and nutritious western food, which
carbonara, chicken cordon bleu
one of the best-known food that is halal certified. We can also
and black pepper chicken sauce
contains probiotics, which are the customize meals for students if
good live bacteria beneficial to our they have special dietary
digestive system. Yogurt not only requirements such as vegetarian,
3. As a food vendor, how do you
provides you with a source of low sodium, low sugar meals
contribute to students eating
probiotics, it is also a good source even if it is not listed in our
healthy good food?
of protein, calcium and vitamins. standard menu. Heavenly Kitchen
(continue to the next page)
is also supported with food and

ACS Jakarta
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ACS Newsletter 30 April 2018

We always provide a balanced

nutrition by providing vegetables or
fruits in our dishes. Our menu
consists of high fibre and protein,
freshly prepared when you order.
We rely on certified halal and
hygienic suppliers, with emphasis
on superior food quality. We also
rotate our menu regularly to ensure
variety of healthy food and cater for
special requests at affordable
Photos taken by: PSG

Important Dates
1 May 2018 14-17 May 2018 29 May 2018 6 June 2018
Labour Day Semester 2 Waisak Day KB Graduation
Examinations Last Day of School
2 May 2018 31 May 2018
(G4-6) for EC
Start of IGCSE Honours Day
Issue of Q4 School
Examinations (G10) 24 May 2018 (Primary)
Examinations Graduation
2-4 May 2018 (G1-9 & 11)
Marking Day Ceremony (G12)
US/M (G6) (no school for EC 7 June 2018
1 June 2018
10 May 2018 & Pri students) G6 Graduation
Pancasila Day
Ascention Day of Last Day of School
25 May 2018 (Public Holiday)
Christ for Pri & Sec
Examination Semester 2
5 June 2018
11-24 May 2018 Marking Day Q4 ends
Issue of Q4
Semester 2 (no school for all
School report for
Examinations students)
(G7-9, 11)

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