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Republic of the Philippines

Province of Batangas
Municipality of IBAAN
BARANGAY ________________



Schedule of Implementation Source

Starting Date Completion Date of
PPAs 2018 2019 2020 2018 2019 2020 Output Funding Funds Remarks
Regular meeting of the Barangay Activated &
Anti Drug Abuse Committee Functional
(monthly) January January January December December December BADAC BADAC
Capacity Enhancement of BADAC
Members/BADAC Auxiliary Capacitated
members BADAC Members Sang. Brgy.

Drug testing of all

Drug testing of drug surrenderers conducted MHO/PB

Established and
Establishment of Drug Refferal functional Comm Chair
Desk (provision of equipments and barangay referral on Peace &
supplies) Desk Order
House Cluster BHW/Brgy.
Organization of House Clusters January December Organized N/A NA Sec.

EO issued
designating Punong
Designation of Cluster Leaders January December Cluster Leaders N/A NA Barangay
Support to Masa Masid and Community
Community Mobilization Program Mobilization
(supplies, photocopies, gasoline, program fully
IEC materials) January January January December December December implemented
Minors are
Ordinance and/or Resolution re: safeguarded from
Implementation of curfew for exposure to illegal
minors drug elements ₱0.00 NA Sang. Brgy.
Awareness and
education of the
Advocacy and continuous IEC on (youth) on the ill
the ill effects of Illegal Drugs of the effects of illegal
constituents including youth drug use SK fund TFYD/SK

Conduct of Sports Fest to prevent Constituents

the constituents from vices and focused on sports
illegal drugs May May May December December December development SK fund TFYD/SK
Counseling Program with the provided for Drug
Interfaith Organizations for Drug Surrenderees and BADAC/
Surrenderees January their families MOOE Interfaith

Prepared and unanimously approved by the BADAC Members on _____________

Name and Position Signature
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Submitted by:
Punong Barangay