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Feedback on last lesson (No.

7) Wednesday, 30th October 2013

Last lesson, we started by talking about shopping and how bad it can be in people`s
lives. Those who are shopaholics, have a very serious disorder, because shopping can
become an addiction, just like alcohol or any other types of drugs. This addiction can
put people apart from their families and friends and some of them may even become
homeless. I also learnt that we shouldn`t judge the others without putting ourselves on
other people`s shoes and trying to understand the reason why they buy lots of things
that they don´t really need.

After this we corrected the homework on verb tenses and forms and we revised some
prepositions too. From my point of view I think it was very helpful for everyone,
especially the prepositions and one of the most important things I learnt was that after
the words consequence, impact and influence, always comes the preposition on.

Then, we learnt some new vocabulary about eating habits, especially about
vegetarianism. There are different types of vegetarians and they are all very different
from each other. The most radical ones are the vegans, who don´t eat any kind of meat
or any kind of products which come from animals. They don´t even wear leather
clothes or furniture! There are also the fruitarians, who only eat fruit, the pesco-
vegetarians, the only meat they eat is fish, the semi-vegetarians, they eat everything
except red meat, the lacto-vegetarians, who eat all dairy products and plant foods and
the lacto-ovo-vegetarians, who eat plant foods, dairy and eggs. After this, the teacher
asked us to complete a puzzle she had written on the board about vegetarian products

Before the end of the class, we started reading a text which explained how our eating
habits can influence our health and the environment and how beneficial vegetarianism
can be. According to that text, people are changing their eating habits and some of
them are switching to a diet without meat, mainly because they are starting to realize
that if we keep on eating some species, they`ll disappear sooner than what we think.
This change can be very good for our health but also for the environment itself. In
order to protect the environment, we can stop eating beef and we can drive a fuel-
efficient car which does not pollute as much as a gas-efficient car. If we have a diet
which includes lots of meat, it will be needed seven times more land than a diet based
on vegetables and fruit, so the more we eat animals, the more habitats they`ll need in
order to survive. So, we should think very carefully before choosing our eating habits,
because what it seems to only affect us, actually affects everything around ourselves.