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Sample Pilots Contract ~

Tidal Period
201x Solo
Pilot Boat
Swim Position Number
Solo 1-way
Solo swimmer --- 1-way crossing
Name ___________________________________ Title: Mr/Mrs/Ms/____
Address_____________________________ Date of birth ___day/ ___m/ ___yr
Address__________________________________ Nationality ____________
__________________________________ Passport No __________
__________________________________ Tel: ________________
e-mail ___________________________________ Fax: _________________
Please fill in the empty spaces and sign before returning to us.
We have reserved you the above position for the 2010 Channel swimming
season as you requested. Please complete and return this contract to
us along with your deposit by 31st December 2009 to confirm your
If circumstances have changed and you do not intend to continue with your
booking please let us know as soon as possible. We reserve the right
to offer your position to another swimmer if you have not completed
Fees Pilot & pilot boat:
Solo swim – (number of legs)= 1-way TOTAL
Booking fee for conformation of place reservation
Deposit to pay (£1000.00 deposit per swim).
Please make cheques payable to --
Balance to pay before start of swim
All payments are required in £ sterling

confirmed your position and paid your deposit before the 1st January
You are booking to swim under the rules of the CS&PF: (See
£ 2300 : . www.channelswimming.net )
£ 300 : . CS&PF is the Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation
£ 1000 : .


I wish to pay by Barclaycard/Visa ~ Mastercard/Access.
My card number is:____________________________ Expiry date ___:___

Amount £_____:___ Signature ___________________ date ___day/___m/__

Name on card _______________________________ Card Type ______________
Please send your security number in a separate e-mail
A 3% transaction charge will be added to the amount balance.
Please read the notes on the next page before continuing.
Please read, complete and sign the other side of this sheet and keep a copy of
all the paperwork for your records
Web site e-mail
a. Please check that your name on this form is spelt correctly and as you would wish
it to appear on any certificates awarded.
b. All deposits are non-returnable. Any refunds or partial refunds will be at our discretion.
c. If the swim is cancelled due to bad weather or a breakdown or problem on our behalf our
maximum liability will only be the refund of any deposits/fees already paid to us directly
for the pilot and boat.
d. All balances must be paid in full before the start of the swim. Final payments that
are made by cheque must be paid in full 4 weeks prior to the swim to allow them to
be cleared. Credit card payments must be paid and cleared at least 7 days before
the swim date. Cash payments must be paid at least 2 days prior to the swim.
e. We will advise on the weather and sea conditions on and before the day of the swim and
say if we think it is possible for an attempt to take place. It is, however, the responsibility
of the swimmer/s and their support team to agree the final decision to make an attempt.
The swimmer/s should know their capabilities before they make such a decision as these
vary considerably from person to person. Channel Swimming is an extreme sport that has
its dangers. It is the swimmer and their team’s duty to know the challenge they are
undertaking and be aware of the possible conditions that can be involved. They are
responsible for their own actions. Be aware that seasickness can be a serious problem
for the support team members on the boat.
f. This agreement is for piloting an attempt to swim the Channel regardless of the length of
time taken to make the attempt. The swim will be deemed to have started as soon as the
swimmer enters the water at the start of the attempted crossing/s. Whenever the swim
ceases after this time the full fee will be retained as per this agreement.
g. The escort craft will have the required commercial certification and be to the standard
required to undertake Channel swimming escort duties. Both the craft and the pilot will be
registered as required by the CS&PF and the English and French Coastguard authorities.
h. It is the swimmers’ responsibility to supply lightsticks, clothing, food, grease and any other
personal equipment they might require for the swim. Please consult us if you need any
assistance to obtain these items or guidance on these matters.
i. The swimmer/team must notify us of their arrival in the Dover area and give us a contact
telephone number/address. They should advise us as soon as they are ready to attempt
their swim (a minimum of 24 hours is required to set up pilot, boat and observer).
j. The information given on this form will be entered on our database & index system. Any
objections to these entries or special requests regarding their use must be registered with
us in writing when returning this form and confirming this booking.
Please ask if you require further information or clarification. More information can be found
on the web sites www.channelswimming.com & www.channelswimming.net .
I have read the above Terms & Notes and understand and agree to them.
I confirm my booking as offered above and sign on behalf of my team.
I consent to your name appearing on our booking lists & web sites; YES - NO

Signed __________________________________ Date ____day/ ____m / ____

Please supply a passport size photograph of yourself with this application.