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WebArchives’ iDAM™ is an easy-to-use digital asset manage-

ment solution specifically designed for architects, engineers

and developers in the real estate industry. iDAM™ helps
manage all of your in-house digital media assets.

“The complete digital asset management tool”

iDAM ™ simplifies the process of storing, iDAM ™ helps you manage a wide range of
retrieving and distributing digital files data including: Office documents, pho-
across multiple offices. With access from tographs, emails, manufacturers’ cut-
anywhere in the world via a secure in- sheets, PDF files, CAD files, audio files,
ternet connection, iDAM ™ gives you the video files, presentation boards and more.
ability to intelligently catalogue, securely
store and visually browse over 340 types
of digital assets.
N ew 6.0 f e at u re s

iDAM’s V6, with a new user interface and powerful new

tools enable users to find, catalogue and distribute assets
faster than ever.

iDAM Finder™
This new web based search tool has and an elegant, streamlined user
interface. With a couple of clicks you can find assets, create carousels
and iDAMexpress™ send documents faster than ever.
Recent Upgrades

Quick Tags
Quick Tags (Q-Tag) enable users to add meta-data to assets from any
screen in the Admin tool. This utility allows fast access to keywords and
phrases that other users have added. This tagging feature offers users
more flexibility to quickly manage collections of assets.

Role Based Download Types

Now every download type that is created in the iDAM system can be
assigned to users or groups as a role with the role editor. This gives
system administrators even more flexibility to control the movement of
assets throughout the iDAM™ tool.

Controlled Upload
With Version 6.0, Users and or Groups can be assigned a specific
upload folder. Multiple folder locations can be assigned and managed.
This ensures that the right people are accessing the right information
and are uploading to the right location.

Cooliris™ Integration
The Cooliris 3D Wall provides a visually stunning and easy way to search
and view thousands of photos and videos. By displaying content on a
single, ever-expansive wall, Cooliris helps you find what you’re looking
for faster than the traditional way of clicking the “next” button. Cooliris
is now fully integrated with your iDAM collection of assets!

Deep Zoom
This capability allows users to explore collections of super high resolution
imagery, from a 2 or 3 mega-pixel shot from a digital camera to giga-pixel
scans of museum pieces, all without waiting for huge file downloads. The
simple zooming interface allows users to explore entire collections down
to specific details in extreme close-up, all with fantastic performance
and smooth transitions.
6 . 0 Mo dul e s

Our technology and development team constantly works

to improve and expand iDAM™ for our clients. Several
upgrades and new modules developed include:

Document Management

Dynamically converts Microsoft Office 97, 2000, XP, 2003,
2007, WordPerfect, HTML, AutoCAD DWG, PostScript and
many other document types to PDF.

• Multi-threaded conversion
• High performance clustering support
• No Adobe software required
• Support for over 300 file types
• Convert HTML, support for CSS, SSL, Java and Flash
• Font embedding, resolution and compression
• Multi-language support
• 40/128 bits PDF encryption

iDAM Docsearch
Search keywords inside iDAM™ ingested digital assets
through dynamic indexing. iDAM™ extracts words within
the documents providing rich, searchable meta-data.
iDAMDocsearch works with any document iDAM™ supports

• CAD files
• PDF documents
• Office documents
• PowerPoint files
• InDesign files and more

iDAM InDesign ®
iDAM™ ingests Adobe InDesign ® documents for dynamic
conversion and re-purposing. iDAM™ searches through the
InDesign file and extracts the linked information.

• Supports InDesign CS1 and CS2 file formats

• Unlimited file size
• Supports iDAM versioning
• Associated assets with previews
• Creates thumbnail previews
• Multi-page display
• Download as PDF (requires iDAM™ PDF module)

Send and receive digital assets directly through iDAM™.
iDAMExpress™ creates a secure external link for users to
download and upload files. iDAMExpress™ locks down the
original file, creates a password protection and tracks and
logs download with an email reminder.

• S ecure delivery of iDAM™ assets

• N o limit to asset size
• A udit trail and usage reporting
• L ock down source document
• M ulti asset delivery
• U pload to predefined location
• Time stamp with expiration date
6 . 0 Mo dul e s

Multimedia and Integration

iDAM Video
iDAM™ has built-in support for most major video formats.
Built-in Flash playback controls for video files within the
iDAM™ environment.
• P riority-based queue for processing
• V ideo service is isolated to its own resources
• Load balancing with server farm is available
• T humbnail and screen images for preview in browser
• Flash playback of video preview (full-screen)
• Global settings for video preview
• On2 video compression available as add-on module

Point iDAMLive™ to any network location and have iDAM™
consume assets for search and preview. Up to 20 network
locations can be configured for each instance.
• S ecure backup
• R eal-time redundancy
• N etwork locations
• R eal-time monitoring
• U se iDAM™ or directory structure
• K eyword tag network directory

Populate new project information automatically with a click
of a button. Dynamically pulls data from existing Visions
database, allowing quick project creation.
• D eltek Vision Plugin
• D ynamic search
• I mport specific data
iDAM™ Feature Overview

Project Based Full LDAP Support

All digital media is associated with a project, conforming to the way Integrate security model into the system, leveraging existing database
you currently do business. structures.

Intelligent Search Distributed File System (DFS) Support

With intelligent usage-rating technology, the more the system is used, Replicate and distribute assets to geographically dispersed offices.
the more relevant search results become. Globally search with local downloads.

Browser Based Digital Rights Management

Use web browsers to manage over 340 types of images, documents Add digital watermark dynamically to any image file, creating preset
and CAD files. list of copyrights and globally assign to assets.

Virtual Taxonomy Recover Objects

Easier browsing thru self-adjusting dynamic categorization. Browse System Administrators can recover deleted files from the iDAM™
by name, category or creation date. system using a simple interface.

Dynamic Conversion Web Service API Support

Convert files with preset download types, transforming images and Enabling easy front-end development with .NET, API exposed to all
documents without third-party applications or plug-ins. objects and methods.

Secure Access Data Extraction

Manage the security and permissions of any file, category or project Full data extraction from Word, PDF and more. Ability to search
with user and group roles. across any text ingested into iDAM.

Digital Carousels Project Templates

New digital carousels allow users to create, share and collaborate Create project templates with complete folder and permission
with collections of assets and projects. attributes.

Queue Manager Dashboard Wizard

Multiple servers process images, videos and documents all with With two clicks, users are able to quickly upload assets to existing
separate queues based on file type and size. projects.

Web Site Management EXIF Information

Simultaneously publish and manage online documents and content iDAM™ now supports the extraction of Exchangeable Image File
for a company’s intranet and public web sites with a single interface. Format (EXIF) information.

Multi-Upload Workflow Manager

Drag and Drop entire folders into iDAM™ retaining all formatting Controls users access and what assets are uploaded to the iDAM
including sub-folder categorization. repositories.

Full MAC Support iDAM-Backup

Full support for Apple Firefox and Camino including Multi-Upload Migrate specific collections of assets to secondary storage and still
Java capability. maintain accessibility within the production environment.
Licens e Opt i on s

iDAM Enterprise is designed for the medium to large firms
that require scalability and multi-office capabilities. iDAM
Enterprise provides unparalleled digital asset management
tools with an unlimited user license - allowing full control
over custom integration with legacy systems.

(See the Enterprise feature matrix.)

Small Business
iDAM Small Business is designed for small to medium size
firms that want the benefit of an enterprise digital asset
management solution along with lower startup costs. The
Small Business license provides an out-of-the-box solution
with powerful AJAX web templates, ideal for internal team
collaboration of documents. The Small Business site license
is limited to a maximum of 150 users.

(See the Small Business feature matrix.)

iDAM Professional is designed for small companies requiring
limited to no technical knowledge. Users are up and running
in minutes. Quickly share images and documents through-
out your office. The Professional license is limited to one (1)
administrator account with anonymous user access.

(See the Professional feature matrix.)

Pr oduct M at ri x

Professional Small Biz Enterprise

iDAM Product Matrix

Unlimited Users 1* x x
Multi Upload (supports all file types) x x x
Image Support (including EXIF extraction for most camera formats) x x x
Works with SQLExpress x x x
Full Security and Roles x x
Document Support (including CAD Files) x x
Download as PDF x x
Download Carousels as PowerPoint x x
Publishing Tool x x
Custom Development x
Full API Support x
Global Office Support (cached Distributed Repositories) x
Cached Repository for Performance x
Multi Repository Support x
LDAP Authentication x
Secure Public Access x
Large Image Support (files up to 2 GB) x

iDAM-PDF I Dynamically convert files with a click of the button optional optional x

iDAM-Docsearch I Search text inside PDF, Word, CAD and more optional optional x
iDAM-Express I Email assets directly from within iDAM™ NA optional x

iDAM-Link I Deltek® Vision extractor tool NA optional optional

iDAM-Indesign I Ingest and dynamically link InDesign™ files. NA optional optional
iDAM-Video I Flash playback within the iDAM™ Environment NA NA optional
iDAM-Portal I Content Management tool NA NA optional
iDAM-Live I Search and retrieve assets from any live network drive NA NA optional

Product Matrix Features

* Professional License includes only one (1) administrator account. All logins are anonymous.
x Included with the version of the license.
NA Not available
s trea mlin e t h e proce s s

iDAM provides a world-class solution for Organizations use iDAM™ to manage and build global search and
retrieval of corporate wide assets, creating digital asset communi-
sharing images, documents, video, and other ties that broaden value for their employees, consultants and clients.
information across a global array of users. iDAM’s browser based front-end allows users to easily share select
files, drawings, images and job data in a flexible and secure environ-
ment. Separate user, group and job asset permission sets enable
project teams to manage what and how information is shared with
the appropriate audience.

Project Data

Contact Data

User/ /Group
User Group
User / Group



User Defined
User Defined Fields
c li e n t s

iDAM’s technology team offers unparalleled experience in design,

development and deployment of digital asset management solu-
tions that are grounded in close collaboration with our clients.

SOM Architects
Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP is one of the
“iDAM™ works almost at light-speed... world’s leading architecture, urban design,
The system streamlines our entire engineering and interior design firms.
workflow... [and] has allowed us to
organize our images in one central IDEO Corporation
location... It’s brought our work As one of the top innovation and design companies
process into the 21st century!” in the world, IDEO is grounded in a collaborative
Henry Harrell methodology that simultaneously examines user
Marketing Director desirablility, technical feasibility, and business
Torti Gallas Architects viability.

Forest City Enterprises

Forest City Enterprises, a $10 billion company, is
“iDAM™ enables Forest City to principally engaged in the ownership, develop-
streamline the entire process and ment, acquisition and management of premier
ensures that we manage digital commercial and residential real estate throughout
project information as efficiently the United States.
as possible. The benefits of iDAM™
are far-reaching.” NBBJ
Susan Moore NBBJ is a leading global architecture and design
Director of Communications
firm with 10 offices worldwide in Beijing, Colum-
Forest City Washington
bus, Dubai, London, Los Angeles, Moscow, New
York, San Francisco, Seattle and Shanghai.

Gannett Fleming
Gannett Fleming is a driving force in improving our
communities and sustaining our world through an
uncompromising commitment to growth, innova-
tion, ethics and technical excellence.

Clark Builders Group
Currently constructing over 110 projects across the
US, Clark Builders Group is part of one of the
nations largest providers of construction service.
techni cal ov e rvie w

iDAM™ is built on web services with a robust

API. It is designed to scale from gigabytes to tera-
bytes, accommodating everything from a small
business to an enterprise of thousands.

iDAM™ Digital Asset Manager Supported Client Browsers

iDAM’s digital asset management platform is MS Internet Explorer v 7.0+
designed to provide a world-class enterprise solution using Firefox v 3.0+
affordable, off-the-shelf hardware and software.
Supported Web Servers
Web 2.0 Services Windows 2008 Server
Built on services oriented architecture, iDAM™ uses industry Windows 2003 Server
standard protocols with universal support allowing seamless con-
nections to other applications and company data. Supported Database
Oracle 8i, Release 8.1.7+
iDAM™ Architecture SQL Server 7.0 & 2005
Flexible architectural design enables the iDAM system to reside

on one or many servers, scalable design ensures security and Windows System Requirements
future growth. Intel® Pentium IV 2.0 GHz
Microsoft® Windows 2000 / XP
Cached Distributed Repository (CDR)
iDAM™ scales from gigabytes to terabytes, accommodating a Mac System Requirements
firm of five up to an enterprise of thousands. CDR technology

Mac OS X 10.4 or higher
enables intelligent location identifiers to grab assets from the
closest source, minimizing download time through multi-office Java
cached repositories. Java runtime version 2 or higher
required for optional iDAM™
browser enhancements

The Mac TM logo is a registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc.

Microsoft, Windows, Windows NT, XP and the Windows logo are
registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Camino TM and Fire-
fox TM are registered trademark of Mozilla. InDesign is a trademark
of Adobe. Cool Iris is a registered trademark of CoolIris and Deep
Zoom is a registered trademark of Microsoft.

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