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RDMS Exams
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Life is a test—literally, a series of tests. Some are more important than others.
you can TM

The registry exams are important. They are critical events in both your life and
your career. So is the necessary task of maintaining your registry credentials

through continuing medical education once you have passed your exams.

We can help.

Davies publishes proven registry-prep and continuing medical education solu-

tions that can propel your career skyward and help you realize your full poten-
“You are SO helpful. A lot tial, quickly, effectively, and inexpensively. We have been doing it for 25 years.
of people told me about
your company and they Our best-selling 1-2-3 Step Ultrasound Education & Test Preparation prod-
are right: You are amaz- ucts cover exactly what you need to know to pass your exams. And our SDMS-
ing!”—Germaine Bergeron
approved CME publications make it possible to maintain your skills and creden-
“What a great way to get tials through continuing education activities that you can complete anywhere,
CME credit!”—Sandra M.
Smith, RT, RDMS
anytime, at your convenience.

You are our customer. We never forget that it is

“Excellent—even for physi-
cians who think they know our privilege and honor to serve you, and to
everything!”—Elie Aboulafia, serve you well. Call us any time. We will be
happy to help you choose the registry prepara-
“Boy, that was fast. It's nice tion and continuing education activities that
to deal with a company make sense for you.
that's responsive. Believe

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me, plenty aren't. Keep up
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planet cme

On this planet you not

only s c o re but also
RVT 2–7
earn credit toward your
or AIUM continuing edu-
cation requirements. RDCS 8
Almost all of our highly
rated reviews, study aids,
DVDs, and textbooks
deliver SDMS-approved
CME credit for as little as
$6 per credit hour. See
page 22 for details.
Compare these values to
the b l u r of high-cost
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Registry 101, CME, and 6
reasons to choose Davies.

; 1-2-3 Step Ultrasound Education & Test Preparation

A proven, systematic, step-by-step means of preparing for the registry exams that works, not just for test preparation, but also for
clinical education, cross-training, and classroom education. Here's how . . .
Step 1—Review texts
CME-approved didactic texts cover and explain everything on the exam content outlines published by the ARDMS, concisely and pre-
cisely, with illustrations and references. They do such a good job that they are used in ultrasound programs throughout the country
and by professionals for cross-training and continuing medical education.
Step 2—Mock examinations
Test yourself! Our well-known, registry-like practice exams identify your strengths and weaknesses by exam topic, familiarize you
with the format and style of the registry exams, and measure your progress as you study.
Step 3—Q&A memory skills flashcard drills
Great confidence-builders. Reinforce the concepts and principles covered in the Step 1 reviews as well as those you must know to
answer the more complicated registry-style questions in the Step 2 mock exams.

Order toll-free 1-877-792-0005 REGISTRY REVIEWS & STUDY AIDS DAVIES

DAVIES ; 1-2-3 Step Ultrasound Education & Test Preparation RVT

“I swear by this book. I Vascular Technology

had not been exposed to An Illustrated Review—New 3rd Edition!
PVRs and some of the
physiological tests. This Claudia Rumwell, RN, RVT
book explains it all in per- Michalene McPharlin, RN,
fect detail. I have all of my
techs use the Davies
reviews now. If you just
Exam: Vascular Technology
get the 3-step program,
you’ll do well. So many of Step 1: Review text
the questions in the
ScoreCards were on the CME Credit: 12 hours
exam.”—Barbara Alberto,
BA, RVT Updated, expanded, and better
than ever, the new edition of
“The first and only book this popular review explains
that covers everything. It’s
and illustrates what you need
concise and precise.”
—Deborah Ilahi, RDMS to know to pass the Vascular
Technology exam—topic by
“The best review I’ve ever topic, in one volume, by lead-
seen . . .”—Christina Watts, ing technologists who them-
selves have taken, passed, and helped others prepare for and pass their
“ScoreCards worked per- RVT exams. Based on the registry's exam outline, it includes new illustra-
fectly. The ease of read- tions, photo-documented physiologic exam techniques, new case studies
ing, the portability, the and angiograms, self-assessment exercises, glossaries, and integral CME
quality of images, and the
simple, clear explanations application. Particularly useful in combination with Vascular Technology
made all the difference. I Review, Vascular Physics Review, and the ScoreCards study system.
passed BECAUSE of Softcover. 12 hours SDMS-approved CME. 322 pp. $69.95. #11046
ScoreCards. Thank you,
thank you, thank you!”
—Frank A. Brunette, RVT!

“Easy to carry around.

Easy to study from. Great ScoreCards™
format. ScoreCards fol- Cindy Owen, RDMS, RVT, with D. E. Strandness, Jr., MD
lows the registry format to
a ‘t.’ Great pictures.“ Exams: Vascular Technology and Vascular Physical Principles &
—Janice Cook, BS, Med, Instrumentation
Step 3: Q&A memory skills
“I learned more from flip- and flashcard drill
reviewing this material
than attending a semi- CME Credit: 7.5 hours
nar!”—Denise M. Levy, RVT,
RDMS, RDCS The spiral-bound
ScoreCards flip- and flash-
card study system yields
maximum gain with mini-
mum pain, and it's fun.
Exercise your ability to think
fast and recall key facts wherever you are—at lunch, on weekend outings, or
between patients. Written by well-known experts, ScoreCards delivers more
than 400 questions keyed to the registry's own exam outline, plus answers,
explanations, and quick references. Fifty image-based cases prepare you to
tackle scans on the exam. Very effective with Vascular Technology, Vascular
Technology Review, and Vascular Physics Review. Covers VT exam outline plus
vascular-specific VPI topics. 7.5 hours SDMS-approved CME. $49.95 each.

Step 1—Review Text Step 2—Mock Examination Step 3—Q & A Memory Skills Flashcard Drill RVT

“I could not have passed

Vascular Technology the RVT exam without the
Review 4th Edition Davies books—Vascular
Technology Review,
Don Ridgway, RVT Vascular Physics Review,
Barton Bean, RVT and Vascular Technology.”
Cindy Owen, RDMS, RVT —Cecile Eberth, RDMS,
D. E. Strandness, Jr., MD RDCS, RVT

Exam: Vascular Technology “Thank goodness I got

this book. I definitely
Step 2: Mock exam would have failed without
it!”—Holly Kauffman, RDMS
CME Credit: 12 hours
New! The completely revised and “The Davies reviews were
my main preparation for
updated 4th edition of Vascular the RVT exams. I am a
Technology Review illuminates the busy staff cardiologist and
facts and principles you need to associate director of a
know, hones your test-taking skills, hospital echo lab. I did
not have time to study
and reveals your strengths and weaknesses by exam topic. Based on the elaborate textbooks. The
ARDMS exam outline, this brand new edition contains more than 570 reg- Davies review books are
istry-like questions together with instructive illustrations, answers, clear very focused and very
explanations, and quick references for further study. A Hall of Images and effective. I recommend
them highly.”—Tasneem Z.
more than 50 image-based cases prepare you to tackle the images on the Naqvi, MD, FACC, RVT
exam. Especially powerful in combination with Vascular Technology: An
Illustrated Review and ScoreCards for Vascular Technology (see page 2). 275 “Very good questions.
pp. $55; only $49.50 when purchased with Vascular Physics Review—save Very in depth. One of my
sonographers used it for
$11! 12 hours of SDMS-approved CME. #11024 his registry review and
passed.“—Nancy Lynn
Garen, RDMS, RVT, RT

“Incredible! Exactly the

kinds of questions I found
Vascular Physics on the test. Taking the
test, it was like I knew the
Review answers before I finished
Barton A. Bean, RVT reading the questions.
This book is it!”
Exam: Vascular Physical —Mark Weis, RVT
Principles & Instrumentation
Step 2: Mock exam
CME Credit: 7.5 hours
Focus on vascular physics:
Vascular Physics Review covers
and follows the entire ARDMS
exam content outline with 500
question/ answer/ explanation
items in registry format so you
can test yourself before taking
the VPI exam. Strongly recommended for candidates taking the VPI
exam.180 pp. $55; $49.50 when purchased with Vascular Technology
Review—a powerful combination. Especially useful together with Vascular
Technology: An Illustrated Review. Softcover. 7.5 hours SDMS-approved
CME. #11031

Order toll-free 1-877-792-0005 REGISTRY REVIEWS & STUDY AIDS DAVIES

DAVIES ; 1-2-3 Step Ultrasound Education & Test Preparation RVT

“This mock test really put CD-ROM Mock Exam for

me over the top in terms
of feeling confident that I Vascular Technology
had internalized all of the
requisite concepts and Donald P. Ridgway, RVT
information for the test. Cindy A. Owen, RT, RVT, RDMS
I felt a sense of peace and Barton A. Bean, RVT
calm during the test. D. E. Strandness, Jr., MD
I remember only two or
three questions on the Exam: Vascular Technology
registry exam that I felt
were 'foreign' to me." Step 2: Mock exam
—Natalie Rose Benningfield,
RVT CME Credit: 15 hours
New! Powerful, featuresome, and
“Your review identified my
weaknesses, which fun, this multimedia wonder simu-
I shored up by further lates the exam experience right
study. I passed my down to the automatic timer, and it
exams.”—Kent Blevins, Jr.,
delivers CME credit
conveniently and inexpensively.
“Written clearly and con-
cisely. Points out weak- ! 657 questions and answers in registry format ensure that you
nesses and refers you to are prepared.
references for further
study. An excellent ! 95 image-based cases sharpen your wits.
resource. Quicker to learn
this way.”—Linda Zerbes, ! Simple explanations clarify answer choices.
RDMS ! References guide your further study.
“I tell people the Davies ! Tutorials on key topics make difficult subjects easy.
material is the best I’ve
seen or used. It is. ! Automatic timer paces you.
Thanks!”—Ray Szczurak,
! Performance analysis automatically scores and guides you.
! Unlimited personal use means you pay only once.
“Thanks again Davies
Publishing for always ! Educational site licenses available for educators and DMS programs.
being there for sonogra-
phers. First in preparation
! Earn 15 hours’ SDMS-approved CME credit.*
for exams and then in
CMEs.”—Andrea Norred, Test Mode . . .
RT, RDMS, RVS In Test Mode take standard ARDMS-style tests or design your own exams.
Either way, each time you test yourself new questions are randomly pre-
sented by exam topic in the same ratio as on the actual exam. And you
receive a complete performance analysis when you’re finished.
Learn Mode . . .
In Learn Mode you receive immediate feedback whenever you answer a
question—right or wrong, correct answer, explanation, references, additional
available images or illustrations, tutorials for difficult topics, and additional
Q&A on the same topic. Study any exam topic you like or all of them.
You’re in control.
You Decide . . .
Most RVT candidates combine this CD with Vascular Technology: An
Illustrated Review (page 2), ScoreCards for Vascular Technology (page 2),
and Vascular Physics Review (page 3). Need advice? Call us! $79.95.
15 hours SDMS-approved CME. *CME processing fee applies only at
time of application; we do not make you pay in advance. #11043

Step 1—Review Text Step 2—Mock Examination Step 3—Q & A Memory Skills Flashcard Drill RVT

Introduction to “In my experience, it has

never been this enjoyable
Vascular Scanning to read, comprehend, and
New 3rd CME Edition! test through so much
information. This book
allows a tech to truly
Don Ridgway, RVT understand the scan
process. So painless.
CME Credit: 16 hours Thank you! “
New! For novice scanners and —Carmen Martin, RVS
for sonographers and echocar- “A teacher and communi-
diographers cross-training in cator par excellence,
vascular ultrasound, here is the Ridgway uses a style that
new and improved version of is both engaging and
stress-reducing. This ‘how-
Don Ridgway’s very popular, to’ manual delivers what
unabashedly practical, and it promises.”—Ultrasound
famously unique guide to per- in Medicine & Biology
forming vascular studies—now
“The teacher gets an ‘A.’
with Uncle Don’s Bonus Image
This book is a must for
Section, new chapters on the the neophyte and a great
Doppler principle, those darn Doppler angles, and other vascular diagnos- addition to the library of
tic modalities, plus new color plates, new scanning exercises, and expand- the experienced sonogra-
pher.”—Steve Talbot, RVT
ed coverage of carotid scanning, abdominal Doppler, upper and lower
extremity scanning, and color flow imaging. As if that weren’t enough, this “Excellent ... A much-
new edition is approved for 16 hours of CME credit.* needed addition to the
literature. The reader will
Additional highlights that have endeared Don Ridgway to not be disappointed.”
thousands of readers, propelling this how-to-scan guide up —Archives of Surgery
the ratings chart at Amazon.com and elsewhere: “Ridgway knows where
the difficulty and frustra-
! Seven Tips toward Good Probesmanship tion lie and encourages

! The Important and Somewhat Tricky Bifurcation Maneuver
the reader through these
trouble spots. Excellent
color plates, marvelous
! Three commandments: Keep it centered (transverse), Check drawings.”—Radiology
beam angle (transverse), and Keep it level (longitudinal)
1234567890-=! Getting Stuck: A Word about the Flop Sweats
“I have scanned for over
10 years and wish I’d

1234567890-=! A Doppler Miscellany, including those Darn Doppler Angles

found this book sooner.
Great reference for scan-
ning difficult patients,
especially for arm vessels.
Very well illustrated, very reader friendly, and better than ever. As praise I wish I had had this when
I first cross trained to vas-
for it suggests (selections at left), you won't find anything like this guide cular. My life would have
for the relative novice. 304 pages, 372 figures, 28 color plates, 15 tables, been so much easier with
and 10 scanning exercises and quizzes with 163 individual problems. a lot less stress.”—Joan A.
Includes index, glossary, and CME component. *CME processing fee is Gramley, RT(R) (M) (CT),
assessed only at time of application; we do not make you pay in advance.
Softcover. 16 hours SDMS-approved CME. $69.95. #11039
Don Ridgway

Editor of the 4th edition of
In all my years of college—6 years—this book had the best format of any I've read and Vascular Technology Review,
where these and other
studied. It is the only book I actually started and finished—all the way through! Very friendly exam-prep and test-
taking strategies appear. Don
format and easy to understand. It was written as if someone was beside me, one on one,

also wrote Introduction to
teaching me. Great! —Julia Palmer, RVT Vascular Scanning and the
Davies CD-ROM Mock Exam
for Vascular Technology.

Order toll-free 1-877-792-0005 REGISTRY REVIEWS & STUDY AIDS DAVIES

DAVIES ; 1-2-3 Step Ultrasound Education & Test Preparation RVT

“Anyone wishing to learn Vascular Diagnosis

venous imaging would do
well to utilize Techniques M. Ashraf Mansour, MD, FACS
of Venous Imaging. Its
Nicos Labropoulos, PhD, DIC, RVT
emphasis on thorough-
ness of exam technique, Do you miss Bernstein? Here is comprehen-
explanations of pitfalls,
and factors that influence sive, up-to-the-minute coverage of vascular
accuracy make this an diagnosis by 100 experts. Refreshingly organ-
excellent guide and teach- ized by issues and topics rather than modali-
ing aid.”—Ultrasound in ties (all of which are here), this full-color
Medicine and Biology
book offers a new and compelling
“This videotape, Venous perspective for vascular professionals. If you
Imaging Techniques, is of are looking for current answers to timely clin-
such excellent quality that ical questions, this is your book. Highly recommended. 451 illustrations.
it could serve as a substi-
tute for a hands-on
54 chapters. 608 pp. $146. #18003

Venous Imaging Techniques 2nd edition

Steve Talbot, RVT, Mark Oliver, MD, RVT
D. Eugene Strandness Jr., MD

The single best ultrasound video we have seen.

Since Steve Talbot’s first successful application of
real-time ultrasonography to the venous system in
1981, the techniques of venous imaging have been
Steven R. Talbot
refined and validated by numerous studies. Talbot
An exceptionally gifted
himself demonstrates those techniques here.
writer, teacher, and
clinical sonographer,
Steve Talbot has been
What are the protocols for imaging the veins of the extremities?
called “the guru of
venous imaging” since
he first reported his
! How do you optimize the image and ensure valid, unequivocal results?
! Exactly what roles are played by venous compression and venous Doppler?
successful application This demonstration of scanning anatomy, technique, and interpretation of nor-
of B-mode ultrasound mal, abnormal, common, and uncommon findings answers these and other
to the venous system. questions. $79.95. Video #11020, DVD #11047
Steve went on to devel-
op and teach what has
become the standard
protocol for detecting Techniques of Abdominal Vascular Imaging
and characterizing DVT Marsha Neumyer, BS, RVT, Brian Thiele, MD, and
in the upper and lower
extremities. (See DVD D. Eugene Strandness, Jr., MD
at right.) Watch for the
new 2nd Edition of his This hands-on presentation by Marsha Neumyer
book with Dr. Mark clearly demonstrates the visceral vascular anatomy,
Oliver next year— the sonographic appearance of the arteries and
Techniques of Venous veins, the hemodynamics of the visceral vascula-
Imaging, the first and ture, scanning technique, interpretation, pitfalls,
still the only book
and solutions to diagnostic dilemmas. For vascular
devoted to this impor-
technologists, sonographers, and the physicians
tant topic. New for
who interpret these studies. $79.95.
Video #11016, DVD #11048

Step 1—Review Text Step 2—Mock Examination Step 3—Q & A Memory Skills Flashcard Drill RVT

Vascular Anatomy and “The format and

sequence of topics is per-
Physiology fect. There are many help-
ful and anecdotal quips
An Introductory Text
(e.g., the reason the SMA
and IMA are so named
Ann C. Belanger, RN, RVT and also the story behind
CME Credit: 7 hours the blue blood).”—John E.
Dunham, RDMS, RVT,
For anyone who needs a dedicat- RT(R)(CT)
ed vascular A&P text—with a
“A fine and necessary text.
wonderfully clear exposition of . . . Among the best and
hemodynamics—here is a wealth most comprehensive
of information on standard treatments of vascular
anatomic terminology, micro and diagnosis with sonogra-
phy. . . . We need the Bill
macro anatomy, vascular physiol- Zwiebels of the world to
ogy, cardiopulmonary and sys- help us move forward
temic circulations, and arterial with it.”—AJR
and venous hemodynamics.
Simple, clear, and very reader-friendly. Includes self-assessment quizzes,
end-of-chapter summaries, and CME component. Inexpensive insurance for
the anatomy, physiology, and fluid dynamics portions of the RVT exams.
7 hours of SDMS-approved CME credit. 208 pp. $42.95. #11002

Introduction to Vascular
New 5th Edition

William J. Zwiebel, MD
with 18 expert contributors

CME credit: 16 hours

"Zwiebel," as this book has come to be known,
has earned its place as a standard reference
for vascular professionals and multispecialty
sonographers. Our own Vascular Technology
Review (page 3) frequently refers to this text.
Written by leading physicians, Introduction to Vascular Ultrasonography is a
classic and effective survey that reviews the basics (hemodynamics, ultra-
sound physics, spectral analysis, color flow imaging, contrast agents) and
then covers the role of noninvasive studies, anatomy, exam technique, and
interpretation for each of the peripheral vascular subsystems—cerebral,
peripheral arterial and venous, and abdominal vascular. Includes 420 illus-
trations, many in color. Zwiebel deserves a place in your personal and
departmental libraries. For RVT candidates, it is a powerfully effective
adjunct to Vascular Technology: An Illustrated Review, Vascular Technology
Review, and ScoreCards for Vascular Technology. Saunders. Hardback. 723
pp. 16 hours of SDMS-approved CME. $105. #18001

Order toll-free 1-877-792-0005 REGISTRY REVIEWS & STUDY AIDS DAVIES

DAVIES ; 1-2-3 Step Ultrasound Education & Test Preparation RDCS

“Thanks to
Echocardiography Review
Echocardiography Review
and Vascular Technology Barton A. Bean, RVT
Review, I passed both
Kathleen A. Oss, BS, RDMS
exams.”—Tony Purvis, RVT,
RDCS Exam: Adult Echo &
“Echocardiography Cardiovascular Principles and
Review is so like the Instrumentation
exam in its format. I had
no problem with Step 2: Mock exam
the exam.”—Susan Varley,
RDCS An indispensable resource for RDCS
candidates containing 679 questions
“Very helpful!”—Dolores and answers with brief explanations
Cates, RDCS
and key references for further study.
“Your reviews are This self-assessment study manual
absolutely great.” tells you how to take a multiple-
—Joan Coudron, RVT, choice examination. It simulates the examination experience so that you are
RDMS comfortable and confident with the format. It lets you identify your strengths
“Awesome!.”—Melissa Law, and weaknesses and test your progress so that you can study efficiently.
RDMS Coverage includes anatomy, physiology, clinical indications, physical princi-
ples, instrumentation, technical performance, specific diseases and disorders,
“Straight to the point: interpretation, safety, and quality assurance. Written by eight well-known
Ultrasound Physics Review
is more like a personal
authors, including Sandra Hagen-Ansert and Dr. David Sahn of UC San
instructor than a book. I Diego. Especially effective in combination with Ultrasound Physics Review.
recommend it.”—Joseph Softcover. 160 pp. $55; $49.50 when purchased with Ultrasound Physics
Adesina, RVS Review. #11003
“It was very helpful to use
the Ultrasound Physics
Review for CMEs. Thank
you!”—Lori Loney, MA,
RDCS, RVT Ultrasound Physics Review
Cindy Owen, RT, RVT, RDMS
James A. Zagzebski, PhD
Exam: Ultrasound physics
section of CPI
Step 2: Mock exam
CME Credit: 12 hours
Weak in ultrasound physics? Test your-
self and bone up on this challenging
topic before the ARDMS tests you.
Ultrasound physics constitutes half of
the Cardiovascular Physical Principles
and Instrumentation (CPI) exam. Cindy
Owen’s proven physics review concentrates on just this half—elementary
principles of ultrasound, propagation of ultrasound through tissue, transduc-
ers, pulse-echo instruments and imaging principles, image storage and dis-
play, Doppler physics, image features and artifacts, QA, bioeffects, and safe-
ty. See page 15 for further information. 550 questions with answers, expla-
nations, and references. Includes Image Gallery and more than 60 image-
based questions. Softcover. 12 hours of SDMS-approved CME credit.
$55; only $49.50 when purchased with Echocardiography Review. #11029

Step 1—Review Text Step 2—Mock Examination Step 3—Q & A Memory Skills Flashcard Drill RDMS

Abdominal Ultrasound “The scanning tips, pedi-

atric pointers, and images
A Practitioner's Guide are fantastic. I wish this
text had been around
Kathryn A. Gill, MS, RT, RDMS when I was in ultrasound
with 11 renowned contributors school.”
—Kimberly R. Ksiri, RDMS
Exam: Abdomen (with breast
coverage) “On October 5, I took and
passed my Abdomen
Step 1: Review text exam. This was my sec-
ond time. I used two
CME credit: 16 hours books that made the
Here is a new and powerful addi- difference between failing
the first time and passing
tion to the literature with something the second—Abdominal
for everyone. For exam candidates, Sonography Review by
Kathy Gill’s Abdominal Ultrasound: Cindy Owen and
A Practitioner’s Guide covers the Abdominal Ultrasound: A
Practitioner’s Guide by
ARDMS exam topics in colorful detail. Kathy Gill. I strongly rec-
For sonographers in training and educators it offers superbly illustrated and ommend both books to
wonderfully written how-to instruction together with dozens of features that anyone preparing for the
make learning easy and—dare we say it?—fun. For veteran sonographers ARDMS abdomen
exam.”—Terri J. Evans,
and department managers it is a new and powerful addition to your refer- RDMS
ence library, full of facts, tips, explanations, CME credit, and images for
the ultrasound professionals who perform and interpret the exams. “Great ultrasound photos
and images, very good for
In beautifully illustrated detail this hardbound text covers anatomy, students. Most textbook
physiology, pathophysiology, test indications, interpretation, scanning images are of much inferi-
techniques, tips, and pitfalls. Highlights: or clarity.” —Karen Gillen

“I work in an ob/gyn
! Coverage includes the liver, gallbladder and biliary tree, pancreas, kidneys office. I use Abdominal
and bladder, spleen, nonroutine views, thyroid, breast (excellent chapter), Ultrasound: A
Practitioner’s Guide to
scrotum, prostate, contrast agents, intraoperative sonography, other diag- review abdominal ultra-
nostic modalities, and Doppler basics. sound because I haven’t
done it in a long time and
! Nearly 1,000 illustrations demonstrate normal and abnormal views, arti-
want to become regis-
facts, patient positions, scanning techniques, clinical anatomy, principles tered in abdomen. This
of ultrasound, ultrasound instrumentation, and correlative radiologic and book is excellent. I like the
nuclear medicine studies. Images are reproduced in exacting detail. quizzes at the end of each
chapter. Good review!”
! Key terms and concepts are listed in the margin at the beginning of each —Judith Fall, RT, RDMS
chapter. A complete glossary appears at the end of the book.
! Color boxes with tips, pediatric pointers, pathology highlights, diagnostic
criteria, risk factors, key measurements, AIUM standards, and other infor-
mation highlight and reinforce key facts and clinical advice.
! End-of-chapter self-assessment quizzes focus and guide your study.
! Anatomy-labeling exercises ensure your mastery of essential anatomic
facts, scan planes, and physiologic concepts.

This book is a keeper. And it’s an SDMS-approved continuing education activity.

In combination with Cindy Owen’s registry-like mock exam Abdominal
Sonography Review (see page 14) and our CD ROM Mock Exam for Abdominal
Sonography (page 10), you can’t miss. Highly recommended. Saunders.
Hardback. 16 hours of SDMS-approved CME. 474 pp. $109. #18020

Order toll-free 1-877-792-0005 REGISTRY REVIEWS & STUDY AIDS DAVIES

DAVIES ; 1-2-3 Step Ultrasound Education & Test Preparation RDMS

About CD-ROM Mock Exam for

the Editor . . .
Abdominal Sonography
Cindy A. Owen, RT, RVT, RDMS
Edward G. Grant, MD
Exam: Abdominal Sonography
Step 2: Mock exam
CME Credit: 15 hours
New! Powerful, featuresome, and
Edward G. Grant
Professor of Radiology and fun, this multimedia wonder simu-
Chair of the Department of lates the exam experience right
Radiology at USC School of down to the automatic timer, and
Medicine in Los Angeles. it delivers CME credit conveniently
An internationally recog-
nized lecturer, Dr. Grant and inexpensively.
has written 227 scientific
papers and articles, edited
four books, and authored ! 574 questions and answers in registry format ensure that you
33 book chapters. He has are prepared.
been active in developing
the ICAVL, AIUM, and ACR
! 88 image-based cases sharpen your wits.
ultrasound accreditation ! Simple explanations clarify answer choices.
programs, serves as exam- ! References guide your further study.
iner for the radiology oral ! Automatic timer paces you.
board examinations, and
sits on the editorial boards ! Performance analysis automatically scores and guides you.
of all major ultrasound and ! Unlimited personal use means you pay only once.
radiology journals.
! Educational site licenses available for educators and DMS programs.
! Earn 15 hours’ SDMS-approved CME credit.
“I don't think I could have
passed my abdomen See page 17 for more information. Most RDMS candidates in Abdomen
boards without this CD-
ROM Mock Exam. combine this CD with Abdominal Ultrasound: A Practitioner’s Guide (page
Everything—and I mean 9) and Ultrasound Physics Review (page 15). Need advice? Call us! $79.95.
everything—that was in 15 hours SDMS-approved CME. #11041
the registry was covered
on this CD. Thank you for
an outstanding product
that works!”—Donna Abdominal Sonography
Olenik, RDMS
An Illustrated Review
“These CDs are awesome. Beth Anderhub, MEd, RDMS
Anyone who doesn’t use
them is crazy.”—Laurie Mary Jane Baker, RT, RDMS
Exam: Abdomen
Step 1: Review text
CME credit: 12 hours
New for 2007! Former SDMS
President Beth Anderhub and
ultrasound educator Mary Jane
Baker do for the abdomen spe-
cialty exam what Rumwell,
McPharlin, De Lange, and Rouse
do for the vascular technology
and ob/gyn exams: New for 2007! 12 hours CME pending.
$69.95. #11033

Step 1—Review Text Step 2—Mock Examination Step 3—Q & A Memory Skills Flashcard Drill RDMS

Ob/Gyn Sonography About

An Illustrated Review the Authors . . .

Marie De Lange, BS, RDMS, RDCS

Glenn A. Rouse, MD
Exam: OB/GYN
Step 1: Review text
CME credit: 12 hours
Just published, this new book Marie De Lange
serves several purposes with style An internationally recog-
and economy: nized author, teacher, and
speaker, Marie De Lange
has been active in ultra-
sound education and cre-
! A topic-by-topic review for the dentialing for more than 25
ARDMS exam in ob/gyn sonography. years. In addition to her
clinical and research work,
! A concise text for training and cross-training. she has held numerous
positions of responsibility
! A clinical reference for practicing sonographers. at ARDMS, SDMS, AIUM,
! A resource for interpreting physicians. the Journal of Diagnostic
Medical Sonography, and
! A convenient and inexpensive way to earn CME credit.* the Joint Review
Committee on Education in
First and foremost, this reader-friendly book is the single most efficient Diagnostic Medical
and powerful means of preparing for the national registry examination in Sonography. In 1992 she
was elevated to Fellow of
obstetrical and gynecological sonography. It precisely covers the current the Society of Diagnostic
ARDMS exam outline, focusing your attention on what really counts and Medical Sonography. Marie
explaining exactly what you need to know to pass the exam—topic by is Diagnostic Medical
topic, in one concise volume, silver-bullet style, with easy-to-read text, Sonography Program
Director and Ultrasound
great illustrations, bullet lists, references, photographs, sonograms, color Vascular Laboratory
plates, image-based exercises, illustrated case studies, detailed index, and Manager at Loma Linda
self-assessment questions. University Medical Center.

Ob/Gyn Sonography: An Illustrated Review is also a practical text and Glenn A. Rouse
reference for students, cross-training sonographers, practicing sonogra-
phers, and interpreting physicians. A complete CME application and quiz
at the end of the book make it possible to earn 12 hours of SDMS-
approved continuing medical education credit toward satisfaction of
ARDMS, ICAVL, and other requirements for professional registration and
facility accreditation.
As part of Davies’ 1-2-3 Step Ultrasound Education and Test Preparation
program, Ob/Gyn Sonography: An Illustrated Review is especially power-
ful in combination with the registry-like mock exam Ob/Gyn Sonography An award-winning author
Review by Kathy Gill (page 14), the CD-ROM Mock Exam for Ob/Gyn and researcher, Glenn
Sonography (page 13), and Before We Are Born (page 16). *A CME pro- Rouse has been a board-
certified practitioner of
cessing fee is assessed at the time of application; we do not charge in diagnostic radiology since
advance for this service. Softcover. 12 hours of SDMS-approved CME 1980 and has published
credit. 384 pp. $69.95. #11034 more than 40 original
articles in the ultrasound

literature. Dr. Rouse is
I enjoyed this book and now use it as a reference in my department. The illustrations and Clinical Professor of

Diagnostic Radiology at
images of the circumvallate placenta are great. The list of positives just goes on and on. Loma Linda University
Medical School.
—William Turcotte, RT, RDMS, RVT, RDCS


Order toll-free 1-877-792-0005 REGISTRY REVIEWS & STUDY AIDS DAVIES

DAVIES ; 1-2-3 Step Ultrasound Education & Test Preparation RDMS

“Great review! I will use Clinical Guide to

this over and over!”
—Sharon K. Difloe, RDMS Ultrasonography
“Extremely user-friendly. It Charlotte Henningsen, MS, RT, RDMS,
brings out difficult materi- RVT with 28 expert contributors
al in such an easy man-
ner. This allows the stu- New and unique, this very well-illustrated
dent to enjoy the subject book by Charlotte Henningsen and 28
matter. Davies provides contributing experts explains ultrasound
awesome resources for as it is practiced—by clinical scenario,
beginners as well as for
us ‘old fossils’! Regardless including presenting complaints, patient
of your knowledge, symptoms, rule-out orders, and the like.
Davies will enhance your Rather than chapters on organ systems,
knowledge and allow you here ultrasound is presented as it is prac-
to enjoy the material.”
—Martina Flores, RT(R), ticed in real life by real sonographers
RDMS, RDCS dealing with real problems: right upper
quadrant pain, lost IUD, hematuria, breast mass, neck mass, uncertain last
“This review is so interest- menstrual period, bleeding with pregnancy, pulsatile abdominal mass, epi-
ing that once I started to
study it, I couldn’t stop
gastric pain, R/O renal failure, pediatric mass, etc.
until I finished it, and then
I wanted to start again!”
The book is divided into four main parts—Abdomen, Gynecology, Obstetrics,
—Jacqueline Marte and Superficial Structures—and covers them thoroughly. Substantial chapters
on breast ultrasound and neonatal neurosonography will please registry
candidates, students, and practitioners alike. So will the last section on mis-
cellaneous clinical situations and conditions, including carotid artery dis-
ease, hip dysplasia, and leg pain.

Each chapter begins, proceeds, and concludes in the same clinically

relevant format:

! Clinical scenario ! Sonographic findings

! Objectives ! Case studies for discussion
! Glossary of terms ! Study questions
! Pathological conditions ! References and Bibliography

Reader-friendly tables and boxed information highlight key concepts and

information, and a wealth of images and schematic illustrations clarify sono-
graphic anatomy and findings.

We like this book. It develops and promotes critical thinking when and
where it counts. At the same time it is a well-formatted quick reference for
departments, a clinically oriented textbook for students heading out
to clinical sites, and a valuable adjunct to registry prep—specifically
with regard to the applied-knowledge questions that typify the
ARDMS exams. It’s also a very nice complement to our mock exams
(page 17) and registry reviews (pages 9 and 11). Ultrasound educa-
tors: Call for information about the image collection available on CD-
ROM. Mosby. Softcover. 1100+ illustrations, 36 color plates, 550 pp,
$79.95. #18026


Step 1—Review Text Step 2—Mock Examination Step 3—Q & A Memory Skills Flashcard Drill RDMS

CD-ROM Mock Exam for “Excellent questions

geared toward true work-
Ob/Gyn Sonography ing technologists. Not just
for exam review. A must
Kathryn A. Gill, MS, RT, RDMS for any department. Great
Misty H. Sliman, RT, RDMS learning tool and good
Peter W. Callen, MD refresher. Great resource
for departments with stu-
Marie De Lange, RT, RVT, RDMS,
dents.”—Neal Vaillette,
Glenn A. Rouse, MD
“An excellent balance
Exam: Ob/Gyn Sonography between anatomy, physi-
ology, and pathology. This
Step 2: Mock exam review is very well-organ-
CME Credit: 15 hours ized.”—Karen S. Roersma,
New! Powerful, featuresome,
and fun, this multimedia wonder “The Ob/Gyn CD-ROM
Mock Exam made taking
simulates the exam experience the test a breeze. It lowers
right down to the automatic timer, your tension level and
and it delivers CME credit conveniently and inexpensively. builds confidence in your
ability. I went into the test
knowing I would pass. A
! 564 questions and answers in registry format ensure that you very good way of training.
are prepared. No stress! Lots of fun!”
—Alexander Karanany,
! 172 image-based cases sharpen your wits. RDMS
! Simple explanations clarify answer choices.
! References guide your further study.
! Tutorials on key topics make difficult subjects easy.
! Automatic timer paces you.
! Performance analysis automatically scores and guides you.
! Unlimited personal use means you pay only once.
! Educational site licenses available for educators and DMS programs.
! Earn 15 hours SDMS-approved CME credit.*
Test Mode . . .
In Test Mode take standard ARDMS-style tests or design your own exams. Kathryn A. Gill
Either way, each time you test yourself new questions are randomly pre- Kathy Gill is the author
sented by exam topic in the same ratio as on the actual exam. And you and editor of the CD-ROM
Mock Exam for Ob/Gyn
receive a complete performance analysis when you’re finished. Sonography and three
Learn Mode . . . Sonography Review,
In Learn Mode you receive immediate feedback whenever you answer a Abdominal Ultrasound: A
question—right or wrong, correct answer, explanation, references, additional Practitioner’s Guide, and
available images or illustrations, tutorials for difficult topics, and additional the forthcoming
Ultrasound in Obstetrics &
Q&A on the same topic. Study any exam topic you like or all of them. Gynecology: A Practition-
You’re in control. er’s Guide. She has prac-
ticed, taught, and written
You Decide . . . about sonography for more
Most RDMS candidates in Ob/Gyn combine this CD with Ob/Gyn Son- than 20 years. Program
ography: An Illustrated Review (page 11), and Ultrasound Physics Review Director of the Institute of
Ultrasound Diagnostics in
(page 15). Need advice? Call us! $79.95. *CME processing fee applies only Mobile, Alabama, Kathy
at time of application; we do not make you pay in advance. became a Fellow of SDMS
15 hours of SDMS-approved CME credit. #11042 in 1993 and a Senior
Member of AIUM in 1996.


Order toll-free 1-877-792-0005 REGISTRY REVIEWS & STUDY AIDS DAVIES

DAVIES ; 1-2-3 Step Ultrasound Education & Test Preparation RDMS

“The questions in Abdominal Sonography Review

Abdominal Sonography
Review really make you Cindy Owen, RT, RVT, RDMS
think.”—Madeline Montan- Edward G. Grant, MD
Guzman, BS, RDMS
Exam: Abdomen
"My sincere thanks to you
for all of the hard work Step 2: Mock exam
and dedication behind
Cindy Owen’s Abdominal CME credit: 12 hours
Sonography Review.
On October 5, I took and Test yourself before the ARDMS tests
passed my Abdomen reg- you! ASR identifies your strengths and
istry exam. I attribute the
RDMS behind my name to weaknesses, familiarizes you with the
my hard work and your format of the exam, and gauges your
book."—Terri J. Evans, progress as you study. Based on the
abdomen specialty exam outline pub-
“I took the abdomen lished by ARDMS, this new edition contains 550 questions in registry format
exam and failed. After together with answers, thorough explanations, and quick references for further
ordering your material, I
took the exam for the sec- study. More than 50 image-based cases prepare you to tackle the images on
ond time and passed the exam. Coverage includes liver, biliary tree, pancreas, urinary tract, abscess-
(with confidence).
Thank you.”—Yvonne
es, scrotum, prostate, spleen, retroperitoneum, abdominal vasculature, GI tract,
Machajewski neck, superficial structures, and instrumentation—all in the same proportion as
the exam itself! Softcover. 12 hours SDMS-approved CME. $55; only
”The way Ob/Gyn
Sonography Review $49.50 when purchased with Ultrasound Physics Review—save $11.00! #11023
follows and covers the
ARDMS exam outline
is just great. It is a chal-
lenging and excellent Ob/Gyn Sonography Review
review.”—Anita I. Brown,
RDMS Kathryn A. Gill, MS, RT, RDMS
Misty Sliman, RT, RDMS
“I couldn't have done it
without this book. The Peter W. Callen, MD
questions prepared me in
a way no other book was Exam: OB/GYN
able to.”—Ginny Moss,
Step 2: Mock exam
CME credit: 12 hours
Kathy Gill’s registry-like practice exam
hones your test-taking skills and teaches
the facts and principles you must know
to pass the ob/gyn specialty exam.
Precisely based on the ARDMS exam
outline, it accurately assesses your knowledge by exam topic and focuses your
efforts on what really counts. Like Ultrasound Physics Review and Abdominal
Sonography Review, Ob/Gyn Sonography Review contains more than 515 ques-
tions in registry format together with answers, clear explanations, and references.
More than 60 image-based cases prepare you to tackle the scans on your exami-
nation. For thorough preparation, combine Ob/Gyn Sonography Review with De
Lange’s Ob/Gyn Sonography: An Illustrated Review (page 11) and Callen’s
Ultrasonography in Obstetrics and Gynecology (page 16). Softcover. 12 hours
SDMS-approved CME credit. $55; $49.50 when purchased with Ultrasound
Physics Review or Abdominal Sonography Review. #11032


Step 1—Review Text Step 2—Mock Examination Step 3—Q & A Memory Skills Flashcard Drill RDMS

Ultrasound Physics Review “I passed physics because

of Ultrasound Physics
Cindy Owen, RT, RVT, RDMS Review.” —Michelle Gocool
James A. Zagzebski, PhD
“Of all the courses out
Exam: Ultrasound Physics and there—and I looked at all
of them—this review
offered everything I need-
Step 2: Mock exam ed to prepare for the
physics exam and gave
CME credit: 12 hours me the 12 CME prerequi-
site credits too.”
Looking for guidance and a clear —Mary Venable
understanding of the principles and
“Ultrasound Physics
facts you must know to pass your Review is awesome. I took
physics exam? This is the review the exam once without it
you’ve heard about. Written by a and then once with it. The
second time I passed. I
sonographer who not only loves
am officially credentialed
ultrasound physics but delights in—and excels at—explaining it to others, this as an RDMS thanks to
mock examination hones your test-taking skills, measures your progress as Davies.”—Melissa Law,
you study, and assesses your strengths and weaknesses by exam topic to RDMS
focus your effort where it counts. With 550 registry-like questions, lots of
image-based questions, and simple, clear explanations, this bestseller illu- About
minates a difficult subject from the point of view of the sonographer. An the Authors . . .
Image Gallery with 50+ image-based cases prepares you to tackle the
scans on the exam. Precisely based on the ARDMS exam outline and edit-
ed by eminent medical physicist Jim Zagzebski, Ultrasound Physics Review
covers all topics in the new revised exam. Very effective in combination
with any of the physics texts appearing on page 27 of this catalog.
Softcover. 12 hours of SDMS-approved CME credit. 247 pp. $55;
$49.50 when purchased with the specialty mock exam Abdominal
Sonography Review or Ob/Gyn Sonography Review. #11029

Cindy Owen
The author of Ultrasound
Physics Review, Abdominal
Sonography Review, and
Our Recommendations for RDMS Candidates ScoreCards for Vascular
Technology. Her enthusi-
For thorough 1-2-3 Step Preparation we recommend that abdomen asm for ultrasound physics
and ob/gyn candidates combine Ultrasound Physics Review with . . . is infectious, as every reg-
istry candidate who uses
For RDMS–Abdomen candidates . . . this book knows. Cindy lec-
tures widely throughout
! Abdominal Ultrasound: A Practitioner’s Guide (page 9) and/or the world. She also has
Abdominal Sonography: An Illustrated Review (page 10) long experience and
expertise in ultrasound
! CD-ROM Mock Exam for Abdominal Sonography (page 10) product development,
where theory, application,
For RDMS–Obstetrics & Gynecology candidates . . . and practice meet.

! Ob/Gyn Sonography: An Illustrated Review (page 11) and/or Jim Zagzebski

Ultrasonography in Obstetrics and Gynecology (page 16) Professor and Chair of the
Department of Medical
! CD-ROM Mock Exam for Ob/Gyn Sonography (page 13) Physics at the University of
Wisconsin and the author
of Essentials of Ultrasound
Physics (see page 27). Dr.
Zagzebski has helped thou-
sands of registry candi-
dates pass their physics

Order toll-free 1-877-792-0005 REGISTRY REVIEWS & STUDY AIDS DAVIES

DAVIES ; 1-2-3 Step Ultrasound Education & Test Preparation RDMS

“I have always enjoyed Ultrasonography in Obstetrics

doing business with
Davies Publishing. A real and Gynecology 4th Edition
pleasure. The staff is
excellent—very helpful and Peter W. Callen, MD, with more than 50
nice! I must say that I am leading authorities
still taken aback by how
friendly the people there The gold standard, completely revised
are.”—Danny A. Woodring, and updated. Good for exam prep—every-
RDMS, RDCS, RVT thing is here—and good for your library.
“The Davies registry
Coverage includes, well, everything, in 35
reviews and study aids well-illustrated, thoroughly referenced
are an excellent resource chapters, plus 6 appendices containing
for registry candidates. As data you will use every day. More than
an instructor in an accred-
ited program, I use all of
1500 illustrations, 68 in color. A big book at a
the Davies material.” great price. Saunders. Hardback.
—Chastity Case, RT(R), 1,104 pp. $115. #18023

“You guys make it so easy

to earn CME credit. I’ve
done a lot of research Before We Are Born
and Davies is the most Essentials of Embryology and Birth Defects
convenient and least
New 6th edition!
expensive. And your reg-
istry reviews are by far the
most comprehensive and Keith L. Moore, PhD
effective.”—Susan Smith, T. V. N. Persaud, MD, PhD
The updated and completely revised new
“Thanks for taking the edition of this very popular and beautifully illus-
time to talk to me. You trated book targets the most essential informa-
are so helpful. It’s very
tion about human embryology and developmen-
—Mary Scarboro tal defects, week by week, stage by stage, to demonstrate why and when
abnormalities occur and the vital roles of the placenta and fetal mem-
branes. A concise version of The Developing Human (below), this book’s
special strength is its color illustrations, MRIs, sonograms, and scanning
electron micrographs. Softcover. Saunders. 334 illustrations. 464 pp.
$48.95. #18044

The Developing Human

Clinically Oriented Embryology

New 7th edition!

Keith L. Moore, PhD

T. V. N. Persaud, MD, PhD
Just published, this thoroughly revised edition
has all of the strengths and information of
Before We Are Born—and then some. From
conception to birth, day by day, organ system
by organ system, this classic reference clearly
and beautifully correlates the clinical with the scientific and the actual
anatomy with diagnostic imagery. Defects are carefully explained and illus-
trated. 490 illustrations. Softcover. Saunders. 576 pp. $59.95. #18045


Step 1—Review Text Step 2—Mock Examination Step 3—Q & A Memory Skills Flashcard Drill RDMS


a t h e ...
B e e
e c o m e t h

New, powerful, and fun! These multimedia wonders simulate the
exam experience right down to the automatic timer, and they deliver
CME credit conveniently and inexpensively. Choose the best!
Test Mode . . .
In Test Mode take standard ARDMS-style tests or design your own
exams. Either way, each time you test yourself new questions are ran-
domly presented by exam topic in the same ratio as on the actual exam.
You receive a complete performance analysis when you’re finished—
overall results, results by exam topic, missed and skipped questions for
review, and elapsed time. And while taking practice exams you can
pause for bathroom breaks, bookmark and skip troublesome questions
for later review, skip forward or backward through the questions, and go
to the first or last questions. Very registry-like.

Learn Mode . . .
In Learn Mode you receive immediate feedback whenever you answer a
question—right or wrong, correct answer, explanation, references, addi-
tional available images or illustrations, tutorials for difficult topics, and
additional Q&A on the same topic. Study any exam topic you like or all
of them. You’re in control.

Other Features . . .
! Browse the Image Library.
! Learn proven test-prep and test-taking strategies.
! Earn continuing medical education (CME) credit.
! Search the contact directory for key organizations and websites.
! Cross references to related registry reviews and study aids from
Davies so you have exactly what you need to know to pass your
exams and stay current.
Compare . . .
These are the CDs that do NOT skip explanations, shut down after a cer-
tain amount of use, shortchange you with inadequate content, or fail to
give you a complete topic-by-topic analysis of your performance.

$79.95 each CD, one CD for each exam. #11040 (Ultrasound Physics &
Instrumentation—551 Q&A items, including 120 image-based questions),
#11041 (Abdomen—574 Q&A items, including 88 image-based ques-
tions), #11042 (Ob/Gyn—564 Q&A items, including 172 image-based
questions), #11043 (Vascular—657 Q&A items, including 95 image-
based questions). 15 hours SDMS-approved CME each.*

* CME processing fee applies only at time of application. We do not require prepayment. SDMS has approved
the CD-ROM Mock Exams for Abdominal Sonography, Ultrasound Physics, Ob/Gyn Sonography, and Vascular
Technology for 15 hours’ credit. CD returns are subject to a $9.95 restocking fee.

Order toll-free 1-877-792-0005 REGISTRY REVIEWS & STUDY AIDS DAVIES

DAVIES ; 1-2-3 Step Ultrasound Education & Test Preparation FYI

“I’m a true believer! Your SIX REASONS TO CHOOSE DAVIES . . .

reviews are excellent. I felt
totally confident.”
—Karen Koehler, RDMS 1 Convenience
“The review seminar I Whether you’re in a last-minute rush or planning in advance, nothing beats
took just confused me. It
was too much, too fast. It
the convenience—and economy!—of stay-at-home or do-at-work continuing
didn’t help me pass. You medical education and registry preparation. Some customers even have us
did.”—George Patages,
send CME and test-prep materials to them at vacation resorts. Go figure.
The point is, you control your CME, it doesn’t control you. You learn more
“Your material is so
that way, too. It’s hard to stay awake, let alone retain information, during
good—simple and to the
point, just what I needed. the fourth hour of a two-day seminar after flying the red-eye to a town
In five weeks I took five
where you’re staying in—and paying for—a hotel somebody else picked.
exams and passed them
all. I got a job right away. Three days later you have a cheap syllabus and an early call for work.
I feel just great.”—Yong
Davies has a better way.
Ming Xian, RVT, RDMS

“I am an RDMS thanks to
you. Your reviews and
2 Cost
study aids are very A seminar typically costs from $250 to $650 in registration fees plus airfare,
focused and specific. The
six-week review course I hotel, meals, and ground transportation expense. (We’ll leave the math to
took was no help. It was you.) Compare the expense (and inconvenience) of a seminar to that of
more expensive, more
difficult, and less helpful. the reasonably priced Davies products. A no-brainer, right? 1
Your reviews are perfect.
Thanks!”—Victor Galvan,
RDMS 3 CME on demand

The Davies CME products and activities can be used for CME credit any
time, even years from now. If you need registry-prep material now but CME
credit later, you can purchase and use our state-of-the-art test-prep prod-
ucts now and apply for CME credit later, when you need it. And—this is
important—we do NOT make you pay in advance for processing your CME
application. Don’t be deceived by competing claims that CME costs are
included in the price of a product. You are simply prepaying for a service
that you have not yet received. This isn’t fair to you or to customers who
never will apply for CME credit.

4 Content you can trust

Our authors are nationally known educators, authors, editors, speakers, and
leaders in the world of ultrasound: Anderhub, De Lange, Rouse, Gill, Callen,
Strandness, Grant, Owen, Rumwell, McPharlin, Ridgway, Talbot, Neumyer,
Thiele, Bean, Oliver, Dolk, Baun, Sumner, Salles-Cunha, Zagzebski, and
others—truly a Who’s Who of diagnostic ultrasound. Their work is carefully
planned, written, edited, peer-reviewed, and SDMS-reviewed for CME
approval. Davies has a formal program of continuous quality monitoring
and improvement and issues Study Alerts to its customers as
developments warrant.


Step 1—Review Text Step 2—Mock Examination Step 3—Q & A Memory Skills Flashcard Drill FYI

“Davies has put my mind

my registry exams. All
Preparing for your exam . . . types of books are avail-
able through Davies at
Study. And then study some more. Knowing your stuff is the most impor- very affordable prices,
tant factor in your success. Start early, set a regular study schedule, and and the service is excel-
lent. I recommend Davies,
stick to it. Make your schedule specific so you know exactly what to study especially for ease of
on a particular day. Write it down. Establish realistic goals so that you don’t CME.”—Elizabeth A. Burks

build a mountain you can’t climb. “Thank you so very much

for providing such high-
As to what you study, don’t just read aimlessly. Focus your efforts on what quality materials. I've
been a part of the ultra-
you need to know. Rely on a core group of dependable references, refer-
sound field for 25 years,
ring to others as necessary to firm up your understanding of specific topics. and it's such a pleasure to
see how far we've come
Let the ARDMS exam outlines guide you. And use different but comple-
in terms of helping each
mentary study methods—texts, flashcards, and mock exams—to exercise other out as a communi-
ty!”—Natalie Rose
those neural pathways.
Benningfield, RVT
Ease down on studying the week before. Wind down, reduce stress, “I passed the abdominal
build confidence, and rest up. Don’t cram! And no studying the night registry test . . . due to
your assistance and great
before. You had your chance. Watch a movie, relax, go to bed early, and educational CDs and books.
sleep well. Keep up the fantastic stu-
dent support and dedicat-
Continued on page 22 . . . ed computer assistance!”
—Shelia Miller, RT (R)(S)

“Thank you very much

for all of the books I have
5 Service you can count on ordered from you. They
helped me so much, and
you are so nice and help-
! Your order will ship within 8 business hours, usually sooner. ful. You are amazing,
Davies. I really appreciate
! You will receive a separate order confirmation by e-mail, mail, or fax. your work and good
! You can track your order on the Internet. study references.”—
Siranuysh Salmastyan,
! You can fax CME applications to us 24/7. RDMS, RDCS, RVT
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You are our customer. We never forget that it is our privilege and honor to
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that make sense for you. Like you, we specialize in ultrasound. It’s our life.
questions? Need advice?
And we’re here to share it with you. Talk to us! When you
succeed, we succeed. 19

Order toll-free 1-877-792-0005 REGISTRY REVIEWS & STUDY AIDS DAVIES

DAVIES ; 1-2-3 Step Ultrasound Education & Test Preparation FYI

At Davies we know the Why CME credit is important . . .

sky is your limit. We
can help point the To take your registry exams, you need 12 clock hours of continuing med-
way. Our mission is to
ical education in your subject area. It is a prerequisite. And it’s only the
develop and deliver
educational, registry, beginning.
and CME solutions
that propel your career Once registered, you must continue to develop and update your clinical
skyward and help you skills and knowledge through continuing medical education (CME) activi-
reach your full poten- ties. That is a good thing. It’s a good thing for you, it’s a good thing for
tial, quickly, effectively,
your patients, and it’s a good thing for your employer. It also ensures the
and inexpensively.
value of your registry credential.

“You saved my life. Now If you don’t fulfill your CME requirements, however, you will lose your
that I’ve met my CME
requirements I can calm
active registry status and be forced to reapply for your exams, pay the cur-
down. My husband will be rent fees, and pass your physics and specialty examinations, all over again.
so happy. And your books
are just great. They That would not be a good thing.
helped me pass my
exams.”—Jean Wilson, All ARDMS Registrants are required to complete at least 30 credit hours of
ARDMS-approved continuing medical education (CME) within a three-year
period in order to maintain Active status. The three-year CME period is
based on the calendar year (January 1 though December 31). For
instance, a Registrant must earn at least 30 CMEs between January 1,
2006 and December 31, 2008–a three-year CME period that consists of
the years 2006, 2007, and 2008. The next three-year CME period would
be 2009, 2010, 2011. The next three-year CME period after that would be
2012, 2013, 2014. And so on.

To help you earn and maintain your registry status, Davies offers a broad
range of SDMS-approved CME activities in a variety of formats—books,
videos, CD-ROMs, and flashcards. It used to be that you had to attend
expensive meetings in inconvenient locations to earn CME credits. Now
you can earn them by studying exactly what you want, when you want, in
the format you want, at a price that is way more than reasonable.

“You saved my life. Now that I’ve met my CME requirements I can calm down. My hus-
band will be so happy. And your books are just great. They helped me pass my exams.”
—Jean Wilson, RDMS

“Davies Publishing really went the extra mile to help me complete my CME on time.”
—Ann V. Johnson, RDMS

"You are doing a wonderful job for the healthcare professionals in ultrasound.
Thank you. Keep it up."—Shaukat Mahmood, MD


Step 1—Review Text Step 2—Mock Examination Step 3—Q & A Memory Skills Flashcard Drill ORDER

4 easy ways to order

Please rush the
following publications 1. CALL 877.792.0005
to me for a 30-day 2. FAX 626.792.5308
no-risk trial 3. E-MAIL order@ daviespublishing.com
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If for any reason I am
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your publications,
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Registry Reviews & Study Aids


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DAVIES ; 1-2-3 Step Ultrasound Education & Test Preparation FYI

CME FYI . . . Continued from page 19 . . .

Your CME application Organize your things the night before. Lay out comfortable clothes (includ-
will receive the person- ing a sweater in case the testing center is cold), pencils, your ARDMS test-
al attention of a CME admission papers, car and house keys, glasses, prescriptions, directions to the
specialist who can test center, and any other personal items you might need. Be prepared!
advise, counsel, and
assist you with special The day of your exam . . .
needs and requests. It Eat lightly. You do not want to fall asleep during the exam. Go easy on the
will be processed with- coffee or tea so your bladder doesn’t distract you halfway through the exam.
in one business day.
Application fees help Arrive early. Plan to arrive at the test center early, especially if you haven’t
to defray the costs of been there before. Take directions, including the telephone number of the
scoring, processing, testing center in case you have to make contact en route. You don’t need a
recording, reporting, wrong-offramp adventure.
and maintaining an Be confident. As you wait for the exam to begin, smile, lift both hands, wave
auditable file of your them toward yourself, and say, "Bring it on."
CME applications and
tests. Our CME fees are
Taking the exam . . .
very reasonable. And Read each question twice before answering. Guess how easy it is to get
more than one person one word wrong and misunderstand the whole question.
can earn credit by
Try to answer the question before looking at the choices. Formulating an
using our print prod-
answer before peeking at the possibilities minimizes the distractibility of the
ucts. The current appli-
incorrect answer choices, which in the test-making business are called—guess
cation fee for SDMS-
approved CME activi-
ties is $39.50 for the Knock off the easy ones first. First answer the questions you feel good
original purchaser and about. Then go back for the more difficult items. Next, attack the really tough
$49.50 for all other ones. Taking notes on long or tricky questions often can jog your memory or
users. Lose your certifi- put the question in new light. For questions you just cannot answer with cer-
cate? Need rush serv- tainty, eliminate the obviously wrong answer choices and then guess.
ice? Just call us! See
Guessing. Passing the exam depends on the number of correct answers you
page 20 for more infor-
make. Because unanswered questions are counted as incorrect, it makes
sense to guess when all else fails. The ARDMS advises that "it is to the candi-
date’s advantage to answer all possible questions." Guessing alone improves
your chances of scoring a point from 0 (for an unanswered question) to 20%
(for randomly picking one of five possible answers). Eliminating answer choic-
es you know or suspect are wrong further improves your odds of success. By
using your knowledge to eliminate three of the five answer choices before
guessing, for example, you increase your odds of scoring a point to 50%.
Don’t second-guess. The common wisdom is that your first answer is more
likely than revised answers to be correct. Actual studies indicate that when
you return to a question and change the answer, you’ll probably be wrong.
Change an answer only if you’re quite sure you should.
Pace yourself; watch the time. Work methodically and quickly to answer
those you know, and make your best guesses at the gnarly ones. Leave no
question unanswered.
Don’t despair 50 minutes into the exam. At some point you may feel that
things just aren’t going well. Take 10 seconds to breathe deeply—in for a
count of five, out for a count of five. Relax. Recall that you need only about
three out of four correct answers to pass. If you’ve prepared reasonably well, a
passing score is attainable even if you feel sweat running down your back.

Step 1—Review Text Step 2—Mock Examination Step 3—Q & A Memory Skills Flashcard Drill RDMS

Ultrasound Scanning: Principles & Protocols “Tempkin is the ticket!”

2nd Edition
“The completeness of this
Betty Bates Tempkin, BA, RT(R), RDMS text is amazing. The lay-
out of this book is won-
This popular how-to reference illustrates AIUM- derful. The images are
compliant ultrasound protocols in step-by-step very clear and the side by
detail. A remarkably useful reference for exam side schematics are
extremely helpful.”
candidates, students, teachers, veteran sonog-
—Doody’s Health Sciences
raphers, and departments. Book Review (Patricia
1234567890-=!1234567890-= Location, anatomy, physiology
Quinlan, RDMS)

! Sonographic appearance + normal variants
! Patient preparation and position
“I felt I must compliment
your organization on the
wonderful service you

! Transducer
! Breathing technique
provided me. I called
Friday in the evening and
actually spoke with some-

! Step-by-step sonographic survey by plane and approach
! Images required for a complete exam and physician interpretation
(images side by side with explanatory schematics)
one. I was worried that
my order might not have
been received. As it turns
out, the order had been
filled, dispatched, and
Everything is covered—scanning planes and methods, pathology protocol, delivered to my home
abdomen, pelvis, small parts (including breast and neonatal brain), vascula- earlier in the day. Thank
ture, heart. The perfect clinical companion? Tempkin’s Pocket Protocols (see you very much!”
below). Saunders. Hardback. 475 pp. $89.00. #18024 —Alex Fernandez, RDMS


A Look Inside
Pocket Protocols for Pocket Protocols . . .
Ultrasound Scanning
Betty Bates Tempkin, BA, RT(R),
A handy and portable spiral-bound
set of AIUM-compliant protocols
designed to open and stand up in the exam area. Adapted
from Tempkin’s Ultrasound Scanning: Principles and Protocols, this pocket
guide features step-by-step protocols specifying the scanning plane,
approach, views to document, and how to label each image. Each sono-
gram is accompanied by an explanatory schematic that identifies all of the
anatomy. For sonographers, radiologic techs, and registry candidates. Top 5
star rating from Amazon. The perfect companion to Tempkin’s Ultrasound
Scanning (see above) or Rumack (page 24). Saunders. Spiral wire binding.
683 pp. $62.95. #18025

for tech’s
on the go !


Order toll-free 1-877-792-0005 REGISTRY REVIEWS & STUDY AIDS DAVIES

DAVIES ; 1-2-3 Step Ultrasound Education & Test Preparation RDMS

“[Rumack is] the definitive Diagnostic Ultrasound

reference for the field.
Five stars!”—Mayo Clinic New 3rd Edition
Carol M. Rumack, MD
“I cannot praise the edi- Stephanie R. Wilson, MD
tors, authors, and publish-
er of this book enough. J. William Charboneau, MD
Encyclopedic, easy to
read, beautifully illustrat- Here is a big favorite of our own
ed.”—The New England authors and one of the most commonly
Journal of Medicine used textbooks in the field of ultra-
sound. The new 3rd edition retains all
of the features that made the 1st and
2nd editions so useful, while adding
new content, updates, new illustrations,
and coverage of the latest state-of-the-
art concepts including color and power
Doppler, hysterosonography, laparoscopic sonography, and ultrasound-guided
interventional procedures. Color boxes highlight important findings and differ-
ential diagnoses throughout the text. Boldface key terms and concepts make it
easy to find what you need quickly. Very popular among ultrasound educators,
students, veteran sonographers, and radiologists alike. A must for departmental
Vascular & libraries. 5 star top rating from Doody’s Health Sciences Book Review. 1,856
Interventional pp. 5,150 illustrations. Hardback. Mosby. 2 volume set $299.00. #18022
The Requisites
John A. Kaufman,
Michael J. Lee, MD
Textbook of Diagnostic
For advanced prac- Ultrasonography
tice technologists, New 6th Edition
ultrasound pros, and
radiologists, this new Sandra L. Hagen-Ansert, BA, RDMS,
book connects the RDCS
dots by placing
For ultrasound educators, students of
vascular ultrasound
sonography, registry candidates, practic-
in the larger context
ing sonographers, and anyone with pro-
of related imaging
fessional seriousness of purpose and a
and interventional
sturdy bookshelf, here is the brand-new
procedures. Covers
6th edition of the famous two-volume
techniques (angiog-
textbook with 9 new chapters, hun-
raphy, MRA, CET,
dreds of new illustrations, and coverage
ultrasound), vascular
of cutting-edge applications and topics. Like previous editions, this edition
pathology, LE extrem-
covers the four major specialties—abdominal, ob/gyn, vascular, and cardiac
ities, pelvis, abdomi-
echo. Each full-color chapter proceeds from patient history to normal and
nal and thoracic
cross-sectional anatomy, scanning technique, pathology and interpretation,
vasculature, great
and laboratory findings. A wonderful resource for the multispecialty sonog-
vessels, and interven-
rapher, department, teacher, or program director. If you do not already have
tional procedures.
the new edition of this standard text, here is your opportunity to correct the
A wealth of images.
oversight. Mosby. Two hardback volumes, 1,504 pp. Two-volume set $269.
Mosby. Hardcover.
750 illustrations.
510 pp. $99.

Step 1—Review Text Step 2—Mock Examination Step 3—Q & A Memory Skills Flashcard Drill RDMS

Abdominal, Obstetric, and Peripheral Vascular

Ultrasound: How, Why and When “After being a technologist
for 17 years I tend to think
It is a pleasure to recommend this series of specialty ultrasound books that that there is not much out
offer new clinical insights and perspectives and complement the registry there that I have not
reviews, mock exams, and more advanced clinical textbooks in our catalog. heard about. Not true! I
Each is thoroughly clinical in its focus and approach, with chapters on optimiz- read Abdominal
Ultrasound and learned
ing the diagnostic image, getting the most from Doppler, sonographic anato- some new tricks and
my, standard protocols, special procedures, problems and pitfalls, pathology, pathology. An excellent
physiological phenomena, and more, all from the point of view of the ultra- book for a neophyte or
sound professional. And each is offered in suggested combinations that make experienced sonograph-
er.”—Susan R. Stephenson
sense and save money. Purchase any one of these three scanning guides [Amazon]
together with at least one of the titles suggested below and we’ll take $10.00
off your total.*

Abdominal Ultrasound How, Why and When

Second edition, by Jane A. Bates, MPhil, DMU, DCR. Covers normal hepatobil-
iary system, pathology of the gallbladder and biliary tree, pathology of the liver
and portal venous system, pancreas, spleen and lymphatic system, renal tract,
retroperitoneum and gastrointestinal tract, pediatric abdomen, acute abdomen,
and interventional techniques. Combine with one of these and get a $10
discount: Abdominal Sonography Review (book or CD) or Abdominal “A very readable text cov-
Ultrasound: A Practitioner’s Guide. Elsevier. 600 illustrations (approx.). ering the physics and clini-
cal applications of periph-
284 pp. $78.95. #18018 eral vascular ultrasound.
Excellent images and dia-
grams . . . very easy to
Peripheral Vascular Ultrasound How, Why and When use.”—Synergy News
Second edition, by Abigail Thrush, MSc, and Timothy Hartshorne. Covers
ultrasound imaging, Doppler, color flow imaging, hemodynamics, the Doppler
spectrum, and ultrasound assessment of the extracranial cerebral circulation,
upper and lower extremity arterial disease, aneurysms, venous insufficiency,
DVT, and graft surveillance and preoperative vein mapping. Includes appen-
dices on decibel scale and sensitivity and specificity of tests. Combine with
one of these and get a $10 discount: Vascular Technology: An
Illustrated Review, Vascular Technology Review (book or CD), or
Introduction to Vascular Scanning: A Guide for the Complete
Beginner. Elsevier. 350 illustrations (approx.). 235 pp. 10 hours’ CME
"Obstetric Ultrasound:
pending. $78.95. #18004 How, Why and When is
an essential reference for
people starting out in
Obstetric Ultrasound How, Why and When obstetric ultrasound, be
they medical or techni-
Third edition, by Trish Chudleigh, PhD, DMU, and Basky Thilaganathan, MD, cal."—Radiology Now
MRCOG. Covers physics and instrumentation, first trimester, problems of
early pregnancy, the nonpregnant pelvis, infertility, second trimester screen-
ing—gestational and fetal anatomy, the placenta and amniotic fluid, cran-
iospinal and other fetal abnormalities, fetal growth, discussing findings, inva-
sive procedures, and Doppler. Includes appendices of normal and abnormal
values and measurements. Combine with one of these and get a $10
discount: Ob/Gyn Sonography: An Illustrated Review or Ob/Gyn
Sonography Review (book or CD). Elsevier. 600 illustrations (approx.).
264 pp. $85.95. #18029

*Cannot be used in combination with other discounts. When more than one discount is offered,
you always will receive the highest discount. 25

Order toll-free 1-877-792-0005 REGISTRY REVIEWS & STUDY AIDS DAVIES

DAVIES ; 1-2-3 Step Ultrasound Education & Test Preparation ANATOMY

Reviews of Gray’s Sonography

Anatomy . . . Introduction to Normal Structure and Function

“A scientific and artistic Reva Arnez Curry, PhD, RT(R), RDMS

Betty Bates Tempkin, BA, RT(R), RDMS
“Stands alone as the
greatest single reference New edition! This superb book takes an
in anatomy.”—Radiology anatomic approach to sonographic applica-
tions—a great way for sonographers to learn
“The institution among anatomy. Each part of the body receives a
medical books. I am much
taken with [its] usefulness chapter of its own, covering its prenatal devel-
and lucid readability, opment, location and size, physiology, gross
which says a great deal anatomy, sonographic appearance, normal state, and normal variants
for an anatomy text. A as well as common diagnostic tests, laboratory values, measurements,
beautifully produced and
medically invaluable vasculature, and affecting chemicals. Coverage includes body systems,
book.”—Scientific American anatomy layering and sectional anatomy, liver, biliary system, pan-
creas, urinary system, GI system, aorta, IVC, male and female pelvis,
“The book exudes class. . . 1st–3rd trimester obstetrics, small parts and breast, neonatal brain,
The ultimate road map of
the human body. The
pediatric and adult heart, vasculature, and an introduction to the ultra-
quality of illustrations is sonography of disease. The companion Exercises in Sonography uses
superb with great detail hands-on activities to reinforce concepts presented in the parent text
and well labeled. The (see below). Saunders. Hardback. 1,200 illustrations. 560 pp.
website is fantastic. For
those who want a superb
$94. #18042
anatomy resource, look
no further. This book and Exercises in Sonography
website will more than
suffice.”—Univadis Medical Introduction to Normal Structure and Function
Reva Arnez Curry, PhD, RT(R), RDMS
Betty Bates Tempkin, BA, RT(R), RDMS
New edition! The perfect complement to
For vascular Sonography: Introduction to Normal Structure
anatomy . . . and Function, this workbook reinforces the
See Belanger’s “Vascular concepts of the parent text with hands-on
Anatomy & Physiology” activities. Very helpful for students and exam
on page 7. candidates. Saunders. Softcover. 1,150
illustrations. 502 pp. $51.95. #18043

Gray's Anatomy
The Anatomical Basis of Medicine and Surgery
New 39th Edition

Wow. Just when you knew Gray’s Anatomy

couldn’t get any better, they throw in a CD-ROM
AND online updates. The CD contains all
images and 9 rotatable, strippable anatomic
models. Scientific American calls this new edi-
tion “the best value in medical publishing since
1819.” We call it a must for DMS programs,
departments, and imaging professionals. And
what a great gift for someone who is serious
about their career! It’s even fun just to browse. Book and CD-ROM + Internet
access to continuously updated online reference #18040, $245.


Step 1—Review Text Step 2—Mock Examination Step 3—Q & A Memory Skills Flashcard Drill PHYSICS

Essentials of Ultrasound Physics, by

James A. Zagzebski, PhD A short, sim-
ple, clear, well-illustrated introduction that
covers and unifies the basic principles and Many folks get the opportu-
concepts of ultrasound physics. Perfect for nity to take the Ultrasound
physicsphobes. UPI topics are covered, Physics and Instrumentation
although (by design) not as deeply or com- (UPI) exam more than once.
Mention physics to some
plexly as in the following two books. Self- sonographers and their
assessment quizzes ensure that you under- expression tells you that you
stand each chapter. Includes 200 illustra- might as well have said
tions, color plates, and glossary. Mosby. "quantum mechanics" or
"regression analysis."
Softcover. 234 pp. $56.95. #18011 Perhaps this describes you.
Certainly, fear of physics is
common among registry
candidates. So is taking the
exam more than once.
For frustrated sonographers
Ultrasound Physics and Instrumentation,
who want to put this test
4th Edition, by Wayne R. Hedrick, PhD, behind them, we join thou-
David L. Hykes, PhD, and Dale E. sands of successful candi-
Starchman, PhD New edition! Like dates and educators in rec-
ommending the mock exam
Zagzebski’s Essentials, this fine book is very
Ultrasound Physics Review
well-written and easy to understand, but its by Cindy Owen, RT, RVT,
coverage of UPI topics is broader and more RDMS (see page 15). In it
complex. If you want a very thorough text and Cindy frequently refers to
three of our favorite physics
have neither a fear of physics nor a love of
texts, described here. Any of
highly technical language, this may be your them will help you tremen-
best choice. Adequately illustrated and well dously, especially in combi-
written, it includes a glossary, self-assessment nation with Ultrasound
Physics Review.
exercises to guide you, and color plates.
Mosby. Hardback. 445 pp. $67.95. #18012 How do you know which
one will be best for you?
Match your learning style
and interests with the style,
features, and level of difficul-
ty of the book.

Diagnostic Ultrasound: Principles and Physics Discount

Purchase any of these
Instruments, 7th Edition, by Frederick physics texts with our new
W. Kremkau, PhD New! Thorough, com- CD-ROM Mock Exam for
prehensive, classic—this is the standard Physics ($79.95) and save
and "most trusted" physics reference, now $5.00. An awesome combi-
nation. See page 17.
in its updated and expanded 7th edition.
Like the other texts, it covers the UPI
exam topics, is well illustrated with more
than 1000 images and conceptual draw-
ings, and includes a glossary, key terms,
and self-assessment quizzes to keep you
on track. Of the three books, this one has
the most illustrations and is the most current on the latest imaging technol-
ogy—contrast agents, harmonic imaging, coded excitation, panoramic imag-
ing, spatial compounding, 3D imaging, and digital image storage and com-
munication. Also, we believe, it is the most thorough, technical, and there-
fore (for some) difficult of these three books. Saunders. Hardback. 592 pp.
$64.95. #18010

Order toll-free 1-877-792-0005 REGISTRY REVIEWS & STUDY AIDS DAVIES

DAVIES ; 1-2-3 Step Ultrasound Education & Test Preparation EXTRA

Essentials of Sonography and Patient

2nd Edition

By Marveen Craig, RDMS

A wonderful intro to the profession for students and
sonographers in training. It covers the origins and
evolution of diagnostic medical sonography, what it
Claudia Rumwell takes to become a sonographer, safety issues, patient
Editor of the Vascular relations, clinical assessments and procedures,
Laboratory Policies & medico-legal aspects of sonography, ethics, professional development, lead-
Procedures Manual on ership, and the future. Includes appendices (patient care partnership, perti-
LabDisk and coauthor nent clinical lab tests, common medical abbreviations, medical terminology,
of Vascular Technology: helpful Spanish phrases) and glossary. Saunders. 294 pp. $43.95. #18019
An Illustrated Review
(see page 2), Claudia
Rumwell is the recipi-
ent of SVT’s distin- Ultrasound Secrets
guished service award, By Vikram Dogna, MD, and Deborah J. Rubens, MD
a Fellow of the Society
of Vascular Technology, In Q&A format, the physician/sonographer authors of
and a nationally known this practical reference reveal the secrets and key points
educator and clinical of expert clinical diagnostic ultrasonography. Its informal
sonographer. tone and easy-to-read presentation of key facts, figures,
and principles deliver key concepts and study points in
fun and highly browsable style. Copiously illustrated. A valuable book with
no wasted words. Covers abdomen, ob/gyn, GI, vascular. Hanley & Belfus.
Softcover. 300 illustrations. 464 pp. $38.95. #18028

Ultrasound: The Requisites

New 2nd Edition

By William D. Middleton, MD, FACR, Alfred B. Kurtz,

MD, and Barbara S. Hertzberg, MD
Michalene McPharlin
Micky McPharlin man- The latest information on key procedures and differen-
ages the vascular sur- tial diagnoses in general, vascular, and ob/gyn ultra-
gery clinic and vascular sound with a wealth of images. Mosby. Hardcover.
lab at Henry Ford 2,008 illustrations (219 in full color). The images alone
Hospital in Detroit and are worth the price of this fine reference. 624 pp. $99. #18027
lectures widely on reg-
istry preparation. She is
editor of Vascular Vascular Laboratory Policies &
Laboratory Policies & Procedures Manual on LabDisk™
Procedures Manual and
Rumwell, McPharlin, Strandness, Grant
coauthor of Vascular
Technology: An For labs applying for ICAVL or AIUM accredita-
Illustrated Review (see tion. LabDisk delivers—and makes it a snap to
page 2). customize—60 SVU-endorsed policy and proce-
dure documents written and edited by the
experts to an exacting, peer-reviewed standard.
“LabDisk is perfect.”—Jack Call our toll-free number for a no-risk 30-day
Siegel, Christiana Hospital, trial. How easy is it? 1. Install it. 2. Edit it. 3. Print it.
Newark, DE
LabDisk comes on CD-ROM in a large 3-ring binder with simple
instructions. $495. New low price for limited time! Endorsed and spon-
sored by the Society of Vascular Ultrasound. #11007

Step 1—Review Text Step 2—Mock Examination Step 3—Q & A Memory Skills Flashcard Drill EXTRA

For 25 years Davies Publishing Inc. has been

the leading publisher and purveyor of registry
reviews, study aids, and CME solutions for
ultrasound professionals. Our history is full of
firsts that demonstrate the scope and depth of
our commitment to the ultrasound communi-
ty. We developed and published the first mock
registry exams. Like you, we specialize in
ultrasound. It’s our life. And we’re here to
share it with you. Call us any time.

“These CDs are awesome because they show me which exam topics I'm prepared for and
which I need to work on, automatically. And then I can use them to study those topics. I've
used all of the products out there, and Davies is the only one who connects the dots. Anyone
who doesn't use these is crazy.”—Laurie Hokanson

“I needed hardcore questions that were close to the exam—and that's what the Davies CD
delivered. I nailed it!”—Wendy Okray, RDMS

“I passed the abdomen exam. It was so easy after studying with Davies CD-ROM Mock
Exam!”—Hermilio Arica, RDMS

“The questions in these mock exams are all basically the same as those on the registry exams,
just worded differently. They’re great! I passed Ultrasound Physics and Vascular Technology.”—
Rosenie Ridore, RVT, RDMS

Dorland’s Illustrated
Medical Dictionary Industrial Strength Features & Content
New 30th Edition with bonus CD-ROM
Shock-Proof Price
Tutorials CME anywhere/anytime
The brand new color edition of included; 15 hours’
the dictionary that has been the Answers, explanations, references CME available*
Test timer
first and last word in medicine for Unlimited use*
more than 100 years. Our favorite
Tips & strategies Realistic registry simulation
part? The bonus CD that allows
you to add hundreds of thousands
Test AND study modes
of medical terms to your spell- Instant results analysis
checker and to put 35,000 words
Image library
and their definitions on any hand- ARDMS-style tests
held device. Great value. Great
Exam outline included
gift. Update your home, clinic, and
office libraries today. Saunders. Customizable tests
Hardback + CD. 1,500 color illus-
trations. 2,190 pp. The CD is free! Continuously variable
Contact directory content*
$49.95. #18052
“Dorland’s is one of a kind. The Bible of 500 to 700
medical dictionaries.” questions
—Amazon $79.95

95 to 195 image-based Auto review
questions missed questions

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