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12 TH APRIL 2019

Table of content 2
Executive Summary 3

Introduction 4

Vision/The Search New Ideas 5-6

Identifying the business opportunity 6-7

Evaluation of business opportunity 8-10

Screening of Business Opportunity 11-12
Business Model Canvas 12-14

Selection of Business Opportunity 15-16

Conclusion 17
Appendices 18
Reference 19


‘CAFFE DELLA LAVANDERIA’ is the new laundry café that not exist yet here in Kuching,
Sarawak that provide laundry service and café at the same time. The name of this company is
come out from the Italian. It shows that how we are positioning our products in costumer’s mind
until they can remember our company’s name, simple and easily to pronounce.

As for the business, we have decided to do this special laundry service in order to improve the
business and helping the community to ease their life and cut their time by not doing laundry at
home which take a lot of energy and time. By sending their dirty laundry to the ‘CAFEE DELLA
LAVANDERIA’, they can save energy and time and just sit back waiting at the café enjoying the
menus while waiting for their laundry to finish.

Our clients is costumers identifying a middle and low class who needs laundry service with
affordable price of service. We are targeting the busiest parents and students because they get to
go to the nearest laundry after they done work or on the weekend. As that we are still getting to
develop this business in order to help the community. Kuching is an area that busy during the day
and it may cause rise profit over the months.

‘CAFFE DELLA LAVANDERIA’ marketing strategy is to emphasize the quality and price of our
products and services. We offer the affordable price and an excellent service as people will come
to our café and laundry. We provide customers with a relaxing coffeehouse environment that
offers the unique opportunity to simultaneously accomplish a weekly household task.

Between locally acclaimed café, energy-efficient washers and dryers, and a space for students,
artists, and businessmen alike to work, ‘CAFFE DELLA LAVANDERIA’ is one of the up and
coming shops to be visiting in Kuching, Sarawak.


Business opportunity is the current approach for manufacturing enterprises to centralize

product development, product production, and product distribution in a relatively few physical
locations. It also defined as a situation that enables an entrepreneur to introduce new goods and
services, ways of organizing, markets, process, and raw materials through organizing efforts that
previously had not existed or offers marketable products or services to interested buyers or end

Opportunity identification is to identify entrepreneur's personality traits, social networks,

and prior knowledge as antecedents of entrepreneurial alertness to business opportunities.

Entrepreneurial alertness, in its turn, is a necessary condition for the success of the opportunity
identification triad, which are recognition, development, and evaluation. Entrepreneur should
explore the consumer defined category boundaries across a broad market landscape; identify on
the broad landscape the categories that represent the best opportunities for your brands. Identify,
quantify and prioritize possible whitespaces in the market.

Next, ability to discover business opportunity is by real demand, which mean respond to
unsatisfied needs or requirements of customers who can purchase and who are willing to exercise
that choice. The entrepreneur has to return on investment such as providing durable, timely and
acceptable returns or rewards for the risk and effort required. They should be competitive and be
equal to or better from the viewpoint of the customer than other available products or services.
Moreover, they must meet the objectives for their business such as meet the goals and aspirations
of the persons or organization taking the risk. Lastly, be availability of resources and skills, and
be within the reach of the entrepreneur in terms of resources, competency, and legal


Our business opportunity is focus on laundry café (halal) service. Our business named as
‘CAFFE DELLA LAVANDERIA’ which means laundry café in Italian. Our laundry café will
open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our mission is to change the face and feel of doing laundry
and the future is bright!

The laundry café is creative vision of three individuals committed to proving and upscale laundry
experience from the minute you walk through our doors. We have a made a research that
nowadays a lot people do not have enough time to do their daily laundry due to busy with work

and studies. Our locations feature big, clean machines that wash quickly and dry even faster, and
a staff dedicated to making your visit enjoyable.

Through our observation a lot of working parents send their dirty clothes for laundry on the
weekend. So, we have decided to do a laundry café kind of. The reason why we chose to add
café in this laundry are because of doing laundry may take an hour or more so, meanwhile that
the costumer can go stop by and enjoy the foods while waiting for their laundry to get ready. For
the students, they can do their works or assignments at the café as there is private space area so
that they would feel comfortable and enjoy the dessert too. They can save more time by doing
laundry and assignments at the same time. We think that laundry plus café can attract more
people to come because our café has variety kind of dessert.

People do love sweet things. The course usually consists of sweet foods, such as confections
dishes or fruits and possibly a beverages such as coffee, cheeses, pastries, ABC( ais batu
campur), pies and also tradition dessert .While you’re with us , we also provide creature comforts
to make your time with us fly by, like free Wi-Fi access both laundry and cafe, flat screen TVs
showing the latest programming, fountain drinks, vending machines and massage chair. For the
laundry, we also will conclude free detergent, softener and free laundry bag for the costumer. The
laundry will have 10 washer and 10 dryers with available in a range of sizes to fit every load
efficiently and cost effectively. There is also folding area and sink.

Our target is to have a cheap price that every people can afford plus the excellent service. These
days, there is a lot of laundry business, but the product and the service does not satisfy the
costumer such as the dryer or the washer does not work well, and the price is too expensive.

As for us now, we never had a personal experience with this kind of market. As we are still doing
the research on this. The real business like the other laundry have been done before which it has
a lot of competitors, but they still manage to keep their business above water apart from having a
lot of competitors that offers the same type of business and much more things to offer

The things that we learn for the case study is, in order to keep our business above water,
we need to willingly to lose our money and we should not think too much about earning money
instead we should think what we can give so that other people can enjoy it. Apart from that we
need to be number one instead of being the best.


Opportunity occurs whenever there is a need and want to fulfil. A ‘need’ is a consumer ‘s
desire for a product ‘s or service ‘s specific benefit, whether that be functional or emotional. A
‘want’ is the desire for products or services that are not necessary, but which consumers wish for.
There are five steps consumer decision process includes need identification, information search
and processing, identification and evaluation of alternatives, the purchase decision, and post-
purchase behaviour. Consumers process information through exposure to a stimulus, actively
paying attention to it, assigning meaning to the stimulus, retaining that meaning, and retrieving
and applying that information to solve a problem or need they have in the future. Customers
focus should be treat as a subset of the corporate strategy rather than the sole driving factor. This
means looking beyond current-state customer focus to predict what customers will demand in the
future, even if they themselves discount the prediction.

An idea of business opportunity that we have come with is from the laundry service that
mostly provide anywhere. However, there is some weaknesses arise and there is some demand
needed to improve the laundry service. That is how we come up with an idea, which is providing
laundry service together with café or known as laundry café. Based on experience and

observation, mostly people who come to wash and dry their cloth at the laundry shop must wait
there until the process of cleaning and drying is complete. This is because the customers did not
want any problems arise when they are not around during the laundry. Sometimes, there are
people willing to steal other people cloth or turning off the laundry machine when it still washing
the customers cloth. Therefore, by providing the café, we can create a space where the customers
can wait comfortably and grab their dessert. Thus, we have satisfied the customers through the
services, which includes washing and drying, and a café to wait and satisfy their tummy!

Next, the business also provides private space for the students to study while waiting for
the laundry to complete. Time is very important and limited especially for students. They have a
lot of due dates for assignments and tests, and they did not have time to wash their clothes.
Therefore, this laundry café provides a private space where the students can wash their clothes at
the laundry and do their assignments or study in the private area while waiting for the laundry to

This laundry café also provides free Wi-Fi access for the customers. Free and fast Wi-Fi
access helps customers to stay connected and productive while they are at your business place or
store, so they will want to stay longer. According to the reports, more than 60% of
businesses said that the customers spend more time at your business when free Wi-Fi is offer,
which means the business will attract more customers to come.

Moreover, there are also vending machines provided. Customers can buy some snacks
and drinks other than the dessert at the café. The laundry cafe also providing free detergents and
softener so that the customers did not have to bring theirs from home.



a) Scanning the environment

Environmental analysis is a strategic process to identify all the external and internal
elements, and careful monitoring of these environments to identify future threats and opportunities,

which can affect the organization’s performance. There are some environment factors that we
have analyses through this business

The first factors are the socio-cultural factors. The socio-cultural factors dimension the
environment consist of customs, lifestyles, and values that characterize the society in which the
butcher and bar operates. We analyse that the laundry café is a place where people gather not
only come to laundry their clothes but also socialize either at the café or at the private area. The
laundry café can obtain resources, make its goods and services, and function within the society.

Second, the factors that can affect the society is that the population. Changes in
population demographics have many potential consequences for the organization. As the total
population changes, the demand for products and services changes. For this business, we have
analyse based on the customers demand, which is giving them, comfort and space. It is resulting
on the increase of business capitals or profits and at the same time gains many customers, as
most of the things for the laundry is free and provided.

The third factor is business cycle. The business cycle is another economic factor that may
influence the operation of a firm. Purchases of many durable goods such as appliances for the
laundry can postponed during periods of recession and depression, as can purchases of new
equipment. Thus, can improve the appliances from time to time.

b) Scanning of self (Entrepreneur)

Scanning of self or self-evaluation is to identify what skills and experience is available in

an entrepreneur that is use in business development and engagement. An entrepreneur should
have skill competency, experience, knowledge that match the business opportunities. For we who
would start this business is we must have some of the characteristics of being a successful

The first is skills in business. As an entrepreneur, we should know how to manage the
financial where we will need to be able to forecast our cash flow and sales, as well as, monitor

our profit and loss. Therefore, it will help us to run our business profitably and protect our
financial investment. We should also have communication and negotiation skill where we will
need to communicate and negotiate with our suppliers, potential investors, customers and
employees. Having effective written and verbal communication skills will help us to build good
working relationships. Every communication should reflect the image that we are trying to
project. Skills in leadership are also important in order to motivate others and improve

The second characteristic in an entrepreneur is business knowledge. Business

knowledge is an important strategic asset. It is a sum of skills, experiences, capabilities and
expert insight, which we collectively create and rely on in our business. As a shared resource,
knowledge shapes and affects all the activities in and around our business. We should have the
skills, competencies and experiences of our workforce, the designs and processes for our goods
and services, the industry or market data we have gained from research, our files or documents
(electronic or otherwise), your customer data or information on suppliers and stakeholders, and
our plans for future activities, such as ideas for new products or services.

The third is attend a training before starting the business. We should have attended a
seminar to have a training session before becoming an entrepreneur. Thus, we can increase
efficiencies in process which resulting in financial gain. By attending seminar, we also know
how to handle few things although as a starter and having a few experiences on how to become
an entrepreneur.

c) Evaluate the community

Community evaluation is the comment from the society onto the business in order to improve
the business services. It implements a variety of strategies to prevent abuse, neglect and
exploitation. The customers and the community may enjoy the services that we provided.

Firstly, the services that the laundry café provided to the community is satisfied as it provides
free detergent and softener for the customers. Thus, the customers would have not brought their
detergent from home but only their laundry. It also provides vending machine for the customers
to grab their snacks while waiting for the laundry.

Next, there are also addition features such as café. The customers can enjoy dessert while
waiting for the laundry and getting free Wi-Fi that been provided. Although the customers did
not come to laundry, they can enjoy many types of desserts at the café too.


This is the process of evaluating the opportunity whether it is feasible/ viable or not/ to
access its potential.

1. Can make money and has potential to growth

Some of the organisation is easy to expand, increase in production and most important is the
ability of that organisation to generate larger profit. Potential growth is depending upon the
expectation of success by the leadership itself also the quantitative and qualitative measures that
used to determine expansion readiness of the business.

2. Less Competition

Competition means the contest between two company that sell similar product and service
with the goal of achieving revenue, profit, and market share growth. Some completion is good
because it can motivate companies to increase sales volume by utilizing the four components of
marketing mix also called as four P’s. These P’s stand for product, place, promotion, and price. If
there are less competition, the company’s marketing can be increase easily but must always
aware about the competitor that will come later.

3. Has competitive advantage

The critical step in designing a successful marketing strategy is we have to know and
understand our competition. If we are aware of who the competition is and we have knowledge
about their strength and weaknesses, it’s can provide us competitive advantage, such as product
offerings at lower price or value-added benefits. The key to remaining competitive in the market
also crucial to the survival of any business is we must always can be identify our competitor and
stay informed about their product and services.

4. Workable and efficient

In business, workable is a measure of the excellence in our business. The consistent and
commitment to achieve certain standards in order to satisfy specific customer or user
requirement. Efficiency in business can be define as making the best possible use of resources.
Efficient company will able to maximise outputs from given inputs also can minimise their
production costs. If the company is workable and efficient, the company can be satisfying the
needs of customer also can reduce costs and improve its competitiveness.

5. Conform with laws and regulations

In order to run some business, the company must comply with laws and regulations that
been set by government. Operated a registered company have general legal obligation under the
Corporation act. When the company can meet the obligation, it can ensure that there is integrity
in the financial system. This can give consumers some certainty and confidence knowing that
they can conduct business in a fair and transparent environment. If the company fail to comply
with laws that apply to their business the company can be penalized by government.

Business Model Canvas (BMC)

Key Partner Key Value Customer Relationships Customer Segments

-washing machine Activities propositions - Customer satisfaction - Local communities
brands - Good - Easy and - Product be affordable - Office workers
-Stores /businesses customer accessible - Easy friendly - Companies
-Technology service - Up to date - Get the word out and into the - University students
-Food Supplier - Excellent technology community
-Interior designer food quality - Fast quality - Let the people know what they
- Great wash service product is and how it's useful
and dry - Consistent
service high quality
Key Channels
Resources - Website
- Variety of
- Mechanics www.caffedellalavanderia.com
options for
- Food - Social media
food and
providers FB : Caffe Della Lavanderia
- Laundry IG : Caffe_Della_Lavanderia
facilities - Flyers
- Email

Cost Structure Revenue Streams
- Building and putting all the equipment - Sales
- Tips
- Flyers
- Salaries
- Food and beverages supplies
- Maintenance

The Business Model Canvas is a template for developing new or existing business models.
Key Partners

The key partners of our developed business are the technology such as the washing machine and
dryer. We also having a relationship with our food supplier who keep supplies our food resources
for cooking. Lastly, we also get a help with the interior designer to design our store in order to
make our store look attractive and comfortable.
Key Activities

The activity include are good customer service by our worker, excellent food quality that serve to
our customer. For the laundry, Caffe Della Lavanderia provide great wash and dry service in
order to make sure the clothes are clean.
Key Resources

The business will depend on laundry facilities for the laundry and food providers to provide all
the food supplies.
Value preposition
The laundry service used an up to date technology to ensure that the customer clothes were
washed clean and it is easy and accessible. The café also provides consistent food quality in
every option to fulfil the customer satisfaction.

Caffe Della Lavanderia has a business relationship with equipment provider to service the
equipment’s so that they are safe to use.


To increase sales productivity, Caffe Della Lavanderia has its own Facebook page and Instagram.
It also has website to inform people the existence of our business and email to contact us.
Customer Segment

The target market is all local communities, office workers and university students.
Cost structure
The cost that we need to overcome is building and putting all the equipment together. Besides
that, we also need to cover the cost for flyers that distributed. Each month, we need to pay the
salaries of the worker, food and beverages supplies and the maintenance of our facilities.
Revenue Streams

Our focus to get revenue is our sales and tips from customer


After evaluating of business opportunity, we decided to launch a business called Café
Della Lavanderia Laundry because we found out that it can make money and has potential for
growth. Based on our observation, we found out that people are looking for laundry that have a
comfortable service place where they can relax while waiting for their laundry to finish. With
this demand, we ended up with an idea to open a laundry with a café inside where people can
enjoy all the foods and drinks in while relaxing and chilling at the same time. It is an opportunity
for us to make money as we have the potential for growth because this laundry is different from
other laundry. Usually, people open a regular laundry, which only provides its main purpose, and
this cause less attraction to the customer. However, this laundry is special because it has a great
vibe and good atmosphere inside it which attract more customer to come.

It also has the potential to make more income for us because we expect to have less
competitor for this laundry. Café Della Lavanderia Laundry has its own unique side that makes it
more special than other laundry. To illustrate it, there are various type of foods and drinks
provided in the menu in this café which makes it more interesting and there will be a lot of
cushion chair where customer can comfort their self in the laundry. So far, no one have ever done
this kind of service in their laundry service and that’s why we expect to have less competitor in
this laundry business.

To add the icing on the cake, our laundry has the competitive advantage among all the
laundry services. To attract more customer, we will provide a membership card for the customers
who loved to get interesting things from our laundry. For example, if the customers bought the
membership card, they will get the chance to get discount from the café whenever there is an
event in the laundry. Plus, if they are lucky enough, they will get free of charge of using the
laundry and a hamper from us.

Apart from that, this laundry is also workable and efficient at the same time. In this
laundry, we will provide the refundable system for the customer. For example, if there is a
problem occurs to the washing machine, causing it to damage the customer’s clothes, the
customer may claim its loss. However, we will ensure the machine is always in better condition
and work efficiently by doing a maintenance every 3 month so that every washed clothes will be
clean and to avoid any unnecessary things happen during its working time and to avoid
accidental to the customer’s clothes.

To avoid any bad feedbacks from the customers, our laundry business will be done in
accordance with the laws and regulations. We expect that some people may say that we conduct
this business without the approval of a party and using an unregistered machine. That’s why we
take this thing seriously and we organize and use all the items that have been subject to the
prescribed conditions.

In a nutshell, all these criteria in our business idea are to make people’s dream comes into
a reality and to ensure that every people will experience the laundry with a comfortable place and
relaxing time.


Based on this assessment that has been conducted, one type of business has been selected
and Caffe Della Lavanderia was selected. Caffe Della Lavanderia has its own weaknesses or
problems, even though that the laundry café business seems have been prepared to face any
circumstances that may come, or the business seems to run well. From the problem that has been
identified, there are some useful business opportunities, which is can give a lot of benefits to the
customers. For example, we can provide a lot of services which may give benefits to the business
and at the same time to attract more customers by getting the word out and into the community.
These kinds of opportunity must be taken immediately by the owner of the business and put it as
the top of their priority. Nowadays, people want make thing easier in their life when doing
something whether it is hard or not. It is don’t matter what approach the entrepreneur takes to
creates the business opportunities, because the most important things is able to provide a new
business to the people or entrepreneur.



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