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Farmhouse Interior

Design Style
Welcome to the world of
Farmhouse Interior Design!
Before we get into the video portion of this lecture,
I’d like to lay out the important general
characteristics of the Farmhouse style:

• This is a very practical yet chic interior design style

• Mixes American antiques with simple furniture
• Wood is the main material used in this style
• Kitchen is the most important room in the home

I will be elaborating on each of these areas in the

video portion of this lecture – enjoy!
Common Farmhouse Style Furniture Pieces:
Rocking chairs, farmhouse dining tables, wooden benches, shaker
chairs, metal tolix chairs, slipcovered chairs, vintage buffet
Simple, skirted chairs/sofas are common and try using
an old trunk as a coffee table
Wood or iron four-poster bed is also a common piece
Incorporate a large,
wooden cabinet
somewhere in your home
– either in your
kitchen/dining room to
store dishware, in your
bathroom to store your
towels, or hallway or
laundry room to serve as a
linen closet
Shiplap Wide Plank Floor

Wooden Beams
A wall covered in reclaimed wood would look great in this style
Tumbled Stone Floor Galvanized Metal
Cotton, burlap, and linen
blends are common soft
materials used in this style
Common Farmhouse Color Schemes:
Pale, neutrals including white, cream, beige, and brown
Common Farmhouse Color Schemes:
Rose pink, muted green, blue, butter yellow, deep red
Common Farmhouse Patterns
Stripes Checks

Flat Roman Shades Relaxed Roman Shades

Wood Shutters

Cotton Drapes
Bamboo Roller Shades
Tumbled Stone Floor Wide Plank Floor


Terracotta Brick
Braided Rugs Traditional Rugs
Try hanging 1-2 crystal
chandeliers over your
farmhouse dining table for
a chic farmhouse look
Other classic farmhouse elements
wainscoting is a
common design
Common Farmhouse Accessories
Common Farmhouse Kitchen Elements:
White or brown cabinetry, stone and/or butcher block counters,
open shelving, bronze hardware, farmhouse sink, lantern pendants
Hanging pot rack and
chalkboard for recipes
are great kitchen
design elements in
this style
Bringing it all Together: Lots of wood, including ceiling wood beams, shaker,
ladder back chairs, white, cream, brown, and red color scheme, farmhouse sink,
open plate rack, terracotta tile floor, candles for ambiance
Farmhouse Furnishings Retailers
• Antiquefarmhouse.com
• Cottagehomefurniture.com
• Lavenderfieldsonline.com
• Zinhome.com
• Costs Plus
• Etsy.com

*This is a low to moderate budget needs interior design style*

Recap / Overview
I hope you enjoyed this section on Farmhouse Interior
Design! To create the ideal Farmhouse space in your
own home, be sure to use:

• Farmhouse dining table, rocking chair, and wood trunks

• Lots of wood with stone and galvanized metal
• Neutral color scheme – white, beige, brown, blue, yellow
• Stripes and checked patterns
• Wood shutters, relaxed roman shades, cotton curtains
• Wide wood plank floor with thick braided or wool rugs
• Lanterns, mason jar pendants, iron chandeliers, and candles
• Classic countryside images for artwork
• Stone fireplace, wire baskets, quilts, and flowers
For more beautiful examples of Farmhouse Style
Rooms, please visit my Pinterest Page called
“Erikka Dawn Interiors”
or click here:

Music: “Daisy Dukes” by Silent Partner