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Criteria C Task

You are a reporter, reporting on how a conflict situation that may affect relationships between
different communities resulting in fair/unfair development of political structures. Write an article
taking a historical event taking the above event as an example.

The Ayodhya Case (Babri Masjid)

Is the Ayodhya Case just a game of Politics
The Ayodhya/ Babri masjid dispute is one of the most controversial religious dispute in the
world. It is said that the Babri masjid situated on the Ramkot hill, Ayodhya in the state of
Uttar Pradesh was built by demolishing a Pre-existing Ram temple by the general of Babur’s
army Mir Baqi. The masjid was called as Masjid-I-Janmasthan before 1940. As per Hindu
mythology the temple was built on the birth land of Lord Ram. Disputes such as these have
been used to change the political structure which we will discuss below.
The majority of people in the Indian sub-continent are of the Hindu and Muslim
communities. After the Hindu Nationalists destroyed the Babri masjid on 6th December 1992
there were a lot of riots between the Hindu and Muslim communities. This dispute is being
used for political gain for the past few decades. In 1990 before the demolition of the Babri
masjid, L.K. Advani the president of The Bhartiya Janta Party(BJP) announced a rath yatra
from the ancient temple in Gujrat to Ayodhya. He sought to build a grand temple at the site
of the mosque(masjid). Allegedly L.K. Advani was the face of BJP at that time but the
backroom manager was Narendra Modi. He used the political capital raised by the Hindu
nationalists to come into power. The BJP was a pro Hindu party. They promised to construct
a Ram Mandir on the disputed land in order to acquire votes. But as soon as they started to
lose power they suppressed the issue to please their allies. BJP used this same tactic in their
manifestos recently.
While BJP was in power the Indian Nation Congress(INC) proposed to build a Mosque,
Temple, Library and some other facilities to create a peace and harmony between the
Hindus and the Muslims to look more secular. The supreme court supported this Idea, but
the BJP was completely against it as they wanted only the Temple to be built as it originally
was for the Hindu community. This was a major reason for the political structure to change
from the BJP to the INC.
Conflicts such as the Ayodhya case have been used by politicians to manipulate the people
into voting for them as people don’t try to look beyond their religious communities. These
disputes are being used to change the political structure constantly.