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A New Starry Sky Year 5

People in the world are getting board of seeing the same night sky every night. They
want to see some brand new constellations to brighten up their evenings. You have
been chosen to help create a new constellation for people to see every night when
they look up to the stars.


In groups you are to design a series of draft constellations. Each person should
contribute at least one design, and as a group you are either to choose one or
combine ideas to decide on a final design. Create a more detailed outline of what
this constellation will look like, bot how the stars will look in the sky and what it is
meant to represent.


 Each person in the group must provide at least one draft design
 Your design must be based in reality, meaning that you cannot use made up
creatures, rather a specific or combination of real ones.
 Your final creations can either be drawings/painting or models, decide as a
group which will work better for you.

Project management:

1. Create individual design drafts.

2. As a group decide which design, or combination of you will use.
3. Create a detailed design of your chosen constellation, including both how it
looks as an image (i.e scorpion for Scorpio) and how it looks as stars.
4. Plan out how you are going to present your final product, drawing, painting,
diagram, and provide a list of what materials you will need to the teacher.
5. When all steps are completed, begin working on creating your constellation.

 Is our design based in reality? Have we used actual creatures or a

combination of in our constellation?
 Do our products match up? Does our constellation version of our design
accurately represent what the image version looks like?
 Did we choose the best way to create our design? What would we change if
we had the chance to do so again?


When products have been completed, class will be holding a gallery walk to view
each groups constellation. You need to present bot a completed star form and image
form of your constellation so that we can see what your designs have been based
off. After viewing, both products will be displayed around the room so make sure you
groups names are on them.


You will have two session for planning and three sessions for creating your
products, with a short session afterwards for viewing everyone’s products.