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Philippines, which is known as a tropical island, having only two seasons: the dry
and the wet season, where the dry or simply known as the summer season
starts. When the temperature starts to be unbearable, we Filipinos tend to find
things in order to at least lessen the heat. Known for their unique culinary taste,
desserts in the Philippines are often served cold, which perfectly mends the
summer time heat.

To satisfy our sweet tooth, we Filipinos are known to be dessert lovers with our
wide array of native delicacies and sweet concoctions. These sweet treats are
served in every possible occasion and or even just for snacking on a lazy
afternoon. For this brand perception that we formalize, Sambo Delight, proposed
name of the enterprise,aims to linger the interest of the buyers and also the
consumers with our own version of a gelatin-based dessert which perfectly fits
the Filipino taste buds and the Philippine’ summer. It is based on the popular
dessert called the “Black Samboo” which is a two-layered gelatin made of cream,
milk and chocolate.

“Gelatina de Cocoa-Nut” the name that we came up with, to highlight the use of
“Tablea”, which is a roasted, ground and molded nibs of fermented pure (100%)
cacao beans, instead of the processed chocolates. Long regarded as a food
treat, cocoa is now used by some people as medicine. It boasts as being an
antioxidant and a healthy source of magnesium.Peanut is an addition to it,
crushed and grounded to put up some twist and different taste to it. Promoting a
healthy and convenient way of enjoying a delicious and cold dessert while not
undermining the benefits that the consumers gets from it. It not only helps us
subside the unbearable heat in the summer season while enjoying a delicious
treat but it also helps the Filipinosfarming industries in the country as well.

A. Name of the Enterprise

The name of an enterprise is a crucial aspect of the sales volume

with regards to any product. Customers tend to remember the brand of the
product more often than the product name itself. After long discussions with
the group, we have agreed to name our enterprise as "Sambo Delights"
because of its uniqueness and at the same time for easy recognition.
“Sambo” came from the original black sambo and the word “Delights”
describes the feeling of happiness or satisfaction.

Figure 1
Company Logo
The figure shows the logo of the business that depicts the main ingredient of our
product gelatin and the name “Sambo Delight” in vibrant blue color to attract customers
and for easy recognition. The tag line speaks for itself regarding the product taste.

Figure 2
Product Logo

The design corresponds to the main ingredient of our product, which is gelatin and
cocoa combined in two layers and a peanut on the right side as an addition to the
ingredient showing a thumbs up as a sign for likelihood of the product.


Be the top notch producer of finest and indulge dessert food served
in Visayas Region.


To fulfill the needs and wants of our valued customer with the
delicious and best quality handmade desserts with affordable price; and
exceed customers satisfaction.


To produce and supply nutritious dessert

To provide best quality of service to everyone
To continue enhancing a unique dessert that will satisfy customers


We aim to help and develop our cocoa agriculture and to make

cocoa production more environmentally sustainable and more resilient to the
impacts of extreme climatic events and variability.

B. Location

The accessibility of business location plays a vital role. One of the

factors to consider is the convenience in acquiring the product as well as the
means of transporting the raw materials from the market to the location.
Sambo Delight will be situated in Bankal, City of Lapu-Lapu inside Deca
Homes 4 Subdivision.

Figure 3

Location of the business

The location of the business is at Bankal, City inside Deca Homes 4 Subdivision, Lapu-
Lapu City to Mactan Cebu International Airport.

C. Definition of the Project

Sambo Delight is a food enterprise that offers handmade desserts and

sweets. These sweet treats are served in every possible occasion and event –
parties, fiestas, get-together, and holidays or even just for snacking on a lazy
afternoon. Gelatina de Cocoa-nut is a new version of black sambo. It is a
combination of condensed milk, cream, gelatin, cocoa and peanut.

Sambo Delights will operate through a consignment. We aimed to meet the

demands of the target since they are the reason for the existence of the project.
Nutrition is highly recommended nowadays and it is obviously perfected by this
excellent product. Giving the nutrition content and affordability of product, with
hard work and dedication to encourage customers to indulge more on Filipino
food delicacy would make the business last long.

D. Project Long-Range Objective

People nowadays are expecting global economic crisis which was

caused by different factors including the scarcity of resource and rapid
growth of population. This product is expected not only satisfy customer taste
buds but we want to leave a mark on the people’s mind that would ignite their
attention which can build a long-range relationship between our customer.

Our goal is to be known as one of the top dessert industries and

earn profit to contribute benefits to economy that include giving job
opportunities and provide a satisfying and healthy product society. Thus, we
project to have a continuous successful operation for a minimum of five years
offering the best remarkable taste not only in Lapu-Lapu City but throughout
the Visayas region.

E. Feasibility Criteria

This project will expand and gain profit for sure through an exquisite
survey of target market preference. Since all age brackets are suitable in
consuming the product from youngster to adult there’s no way this type of
business will not click in the market. Considering the instability of our
economy we still can’t deny the fact that Filipino as we are, and individual will
spend time, money and effort to buy something that can entertain our taste

1. Proven Market

In Market aspect the business will be identified. In the

discussion it will include determine the target market detailed market strategy
and general market description this data gathered through a survey it
indicated that at least 90% of the respondent willing to buy gelatin de coconut
for their dessert.

2. Capital Investment

Even the most money strapped business must have enough

capital to keep the business running on a day-to-day basis. The initial
investment is 285,000 to cover all the start-up cost.

3. Customer Satisfaction

To acquire a desirable level of satisfaction our stuff will be trained

on going an extra mile to achieve customer satisfaction and producing good
quality products that will suit their taste and preferences.

4. Organization and Management

The primary consideration under this criterion is the determination

of what type of business to establish for the organization to be efficient and
effective. Also, the necessary operating policies and procedures, and several
methods in recruiting employees will be identified and developed.

5. Socio-Economic

The company's primary purpose is to obtain profit from operations;

nevertheless, Sambo Delight is responsible for the people that is affianced.
One of the primary considerations is the taxes to the government from the
transactions generated by the company, and offering employment to the job-

F. Highlights of the Project

1. History

One of the proponents’ partner was so fond of her Auntie who has
her own sideline business creating black sambo. She was curious and
fascinated as to what is it and how it is being created and the taste of it
so she tried innovating it by adding some twist to how it is done. At some
point, the researcher got the opportunity to produce some and sell it at
school. Some of the buyers don’t have any idea what a sambo is. The
idea of proposing this product ignited not just to satisfy sweet cravings
but also to create awareness on this kind of dessert.

Now comes the idea of having a new product to be introduced to
the market, Sambo Delight created a unique product called "Gelatina De
Cocoa-Nut", which is a combination of gelatin, cocoa, and peanuts. This
is a start-up business formed by the imaginative ideas of the students of
UCLM from the College of Business Administration.

We have chosen this as one of our main products because of its

known sweetness, delicate flavor, and firm texture. Through innovation,
we want to attract customers by offering a variety of flavor emphasizing
the sweetness of "Gelatina De Cocoa-Nut".

2. Project Time-Frame and Status

a. Project Planning

We must predict that in the future we can avoid problems, to

minimize problem every action should be planned.

This is the overall plan for the business that has already started
which involves brainstormin

g of ideas and listing down possible questions that is needed to be

answered on data gathering, processing and interpretation. Survey is one
mode of gathering data. The proponents will conduct a survey to the
desired market and will then interpret and analyze data gathered,
finalized and start of operation of the business shall be identified.
Location was also considered in planning and all of the plans are
expected to start being done right after the approval of business permits.

b. Permits and Licenses

Every business must comply all the necessary legal requirements

should be complied and are expected to complete in 45 days to obtain
legal statute. Since business will be operated under partnership, only
simple requirements are needed such as Mayor’s permit and DTI permits
and all other legal documents required by BIR. It includes the preparation
and registration of the enterprise to SEC and business bureau. The
proposed business name will be submitted to DTI for approval on July
15, 2019.

c. Acquisition of needed materials, installation of equipment,

furniture and fixtures for the operation.

Acquisition of movable furniture, fixture or other equipment that has

no permanent connection to the structure of building or utilities at the
lower possible cost will be researched. Complete purchasing and
installation of necessary equipment, furniture and fixtures to make the
business operates will be done in less than 2 weeks. January 12, 2020
is the expected date in completing acquisition and installation of all.

d. Recruitment, Training and Development program

The proponents will undergo recruiting, screening, interviewing and

placing best people to work in the organization. Sambo Delight needs
qualified and competent people so that retention of a customer will be
contented and satisfied.After recruitment and selection of employees,
they will be required to attend the training & orientation for them to know
about the rules and regulations of the company,their benefits and
compensation as well as the proper usageof the different machines and
equipment and flow of the business.

e. Promotion

Promoting the business will be placed through partner social media

accounts, streamers are to be displayed on streets and highways leading
to the site of the store of business 2 weeks before the opening date.
Leaflets will also be distributed in places near schools and companies
where workers often passed by. Buy 2 take 1 will be offered for the first
25 customers.

f. Normal Operation

The business is expected to have its blessings and inaugurations 10

days after acquisition and installation is completed. January 22, 2020 is
the expected operation start date of the business.

3. Nature of Industry

It is a unique trend of a dessert that fits just right into the current
that will satisfy ones craving. It is a combination of evaporated milk,
condensed milk, melted tablea, peanut and Gelatin.

Gelatina de Cocoa-nut is served to customers by chill cold and

packed in small plastic cup or in a nutshell, it is served in single serve
mold/containers like, say, a shot glass, ramekin or small cups depending
on customers preference. It can also be served like a pie or cake in any
occasions such as birthday parties, wedding, etc. because of our product
being a likeable dessert. Different variety of sizes will also be offered.

4. Mode of Financing

The financing activities to acquire the initial operating capital is

285,000 or 57,000 each partner which will be coming from the individual
investment of the proponents. These are obtained from partner's savings
and personal borrowings.

5. Investment Cost

Money is important to operate a business efficiently; funds are

needed to acquire the needed materials. The partners decided to
contribute money equally for the total investment capital. The expected
investment costs is P 285,000.00.

Table 1
Particulars Amount (Php) Total (Php)

Pre-Operating Cost:

Utilities Expense 5,500.00

Prepaid Rent (3 months) 30,000.00

Business permit/license 5,000.00

Advertising Expense 2,000.00

Interior and Exterior Improvement 6,000.00 48,500.00

Fixed Assets:

Production Equipment 28,500.00

Office Equipment 17,000.00

Delivery Equipment 53,000.00

Tools and other Equipment 3,100.00

Furniture and Fixtures 8,900.00

LPG 1,500.00 112,000.00

Working Capital

Direct Materials 30,600.00

Indirect Materials 7,500.00

Salaries 68,000.00

Office Supplies 2,300.00

Cleaning Supplies 1,400.00

Safety Supplies 3,000.00 112,800.00

Contingent Fund 11,700.00 11,700.00

Total 285,000.00

G. Major Assumption and Summary of Findings and Conclusion of the

Market Feasibility

There are certain factors affecting the market that may or may not
be difficult to quantify and/or predict. The demand may be significantly
affected by population growth, income changes, trends, rural/urban
development, prices of substitute and complimentary products, and such
marketing tools as advertising, promotions, credit policy, etc. Supply
maybe influence by the developments of factors, governments policies,
improved technology, etc. The prices may be affected by production
costs, price controls, inflation, etc.

Our product is perfect for anyone – students, children, employees,

and local citizens who are craving for a cold, refreshing, delicious and
nutritious dessert that can entertain one’s appetites. We give assurance
that we will be working constantly to supply products which provide total
value for the consumer- that is, superior performance, consistency in
quality, safety, benefits and nutrients and fair price would be the main
reason why they will keep on buying our product.

Technical Feasibility

Product is a good or service that most closely meets the

requirements of a particular market or segment and yield enough profit to
justify its continued existence. And that is the purpose of the partners, to
find a product that would basically attract and satisfy the customers. In

this manufacturing business, products are purchased as raw materials
and sold as finished goods.

“Gelatina de Cocoa-nut” is a dessert that does not require expensive

equipment, although it is time consuming to prepare and make, the
process is really simple. Production is enough to meet identified target
market’s demand, resources needed like equipment and supplies can
easily be acquire.

Financial Feasibility

One of the most important factor or decision is considered before

operating the business is the financial capability of the business.The
proponents are willing to take the risk, unavoidable losses, liabilities and
problem that we may encounter in operating the business. Each of us
invested a specific amount and its sum is use as the capital upon
formation of the company.

Before starting the business officially, the proponents should comply

the requirements needed for the legality. In addition, to have the
materials and equipment needed in producing the product, and to make
sure of the daily supplies of the ingredients. In order for this to be
achievable, the proponents should have285,000.00 to start the business
that is why every proponent invested 57,000.00 to raise the initial capital
for the business.

Socio Economic Feasibility

An organization has no business meddling in the social life of the

community but whatever they do, the fact remains that business
organizations appear to be taking on non-economic obligation. The
business contributes to government revenues through taxes thus helping
the nations progress and development.

As a responsible business organization, our management places

major emphasis on fair treatment of four people/worker- in terms of
compensation, working conditions, employee benefit programs,
recognition of individual excellence and encouragement of individual
growth and advancement.To be a good neighbor and a good citizen, both
in plant communities and on the national scene, is an important
responsibility of a well-managed enterprise.

Management Feasibility

The management aspect of “Sambo Delight” is composed of

proposed techniques and strategies that will be used for the improvement
of its employees. This can be done through proper hiring and training of
workers. Employees/workers that will be under the firm will be trained
properly even before the business starts. There will be a designated work
and section for each of them in a period of time. A supervisor will
supervise after the employees and see to it that they meet the standard
of the business. When the business has started running regularly, proper
policies will be implemented and regular inspections will be done.

Companies nowadays hold their company outings. Our business also

plans to have such occasion as a form of incentive for the personnel.
Occasions such as Christmas party will also be held to create lighter
atmosphere in the business. This will also help in closer bond and build
positive relationship development between the employer and employees.