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Oyam Hazel Joy B.


1. Motivation
This material can help the student by exploring or
expanding their creativity and also understanding
how things works.

2. Unique Instructional Capabilities

By this instructional material that is given to

them as a task it will increase their learning skill,
performance and to help them visualize problem
and the solution.

3. Support for new instructional approaches

By grouping the students and giving them task
Students may be able to learn and gather more
information if they will cooperate to the
discussion whether it is a class or group
discussion. And also, I would want the student to
understand the lesson.

4. Increase Teacher Productivity Using the technology tools, it will increase the
teacher productivity, it will also give learning
opportunities for the student to explore or to
expand their knowledge by reading other
materials learning from different sources like the
internet google or some other useful app.

5. Required Skills for an Information Age

As for the information needed for the student,

Technology has become accessible for gathering
information or researching about the certain
topic. Technology helps students to connect with
each other.
Oyam Hazel Joy B. BTLED 2B