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Submitted by: Ignacio, Joylyn


Submitted to: Dr. Alejandro J. Añora

 What is teaching profession?
- according to Ms. Gina Cabantoy teaching profession is a
noble profession in a sense that you will spend money to
your room to be conducive to learners.
-and also you will spend a lot of time in school rather
than your home.
- grade 1 teacher is the most difficult grade for the
teacher. Its because grade 1 teacher is the one who mold
the child mind so that they can go to the next level.
- a teacher is really a survival.
- teaching profession is a Vade that we cannot explain to
ourselves. The essence of teaching is when your in the
actual field.
My Reflection

Teaching is a noble profession yes I know that because I myself is taking teaching profession, and maybe
6 years from now I will become a licensed professional teacher but that was just my insight of my future
but we cannot predict the future. In this field I know that, this is very difficult , its because as what I've
observed a teacher should always make there task in a professional way. Being into teaching is truly a
calling. It requires qualities beyond the real you and indeed needs an open arm to embrace it. I believe
that every child is a rational being, they are unique and should be given a chance to express themselves
freely. The Knowledge about teaching profession has been taught to us by Dr. Alejandro J. Añora and
made it more active by letting us know what is really the essence of teaching. According to the book, The
Teaching Profession, is the window and compass of a teacher in her teaching profession. It become. In
my 4 years of studying in EVSU I can tell that teaching is really a noble profession, I have visited so many
school's around ormoc and I can say that every teacher has there own teaching strategies, that will make
them an effective teachers. Maybe if i will become a teacher someday ,I will also share my knowledge to
my pupils and teach them s good moral and be supportive to what they have achieved. I will play a
special role to their lives , becoming a teacher is not easy but when you truly love your profession
everything will be going swiftly like a wind. All you have to do is enjoy and be a good role model to your
pupils and to everyone so that ,when they grew up they will always remember how good you are as a