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Oscar Wilde - The Canterville Ghost

Oxford University Press Stage 2

Chapter 1

Task 1

True or false

1) Hiram B. Otis believed in ghosts.

2) Washington could really good dance.

3) According to Lord Canterville, the ghost comes before someone dies.

4) Sir Simon died in 1584.

5) The Otis family moved to Canterville Chase in July.

6) Mrs Otis was an Englishwoman.

7) Pinkerton’s Famous Stain Cleaner could clean the bloodstain.

8) Lord Canterville’s aunt had been ill for years.

9) The library was bright.

10) Mrs Umney fainted after a great flash of lightning.

Task 2

The words in the sentences below are jumbled up. Your task is to form the correct

sentences and write them down. The first word is given for you. You have to use each

word once. Do not change the form of the words. Don’t use the book.

1) as, looked, as, Englishwoman, just, English, an. Mrs Otis … .

2) dancing, famous, the, all, parties, fine, was, at, his, London, for. Washington … .

3) young, Cheshire, horseback, Duke, the, on, saw, of, day, her. One … .

4) or, over, black, flew, heads, twelve, their, down, ten, large, birds. Then … .

5) country, this, has, weather, terrible! What … !

Task 3

Look for sentences in …

1) … Simple Present Tense. (2 sentences)

2) … Simple Past Tense. (2 sentences)

3) … Simple Future Tense. (2 sentences)

4) … Present Perfect Tense. (2 sentences)

5) … Past Continuous Tense. (2 sentences)

6) … Reported speech. (only one sentence)

7) … Passive voice. (only one sentence)

Look for …

8) … Imperative sentences. (2 sentences)

Oscar Wilde - The Canterville Ghost
Oxford University Press Stage 2
9) … sentences with “can”. (2 sentences)

10) … sentences with intensive word in it. (2 sentences)

11) … adjectives (5)

12) … adverbs of manner (5)

13) … the characters who are mentioned in this chapter

Task 4 - Multiple-choice

Don’t use the book. Choose the correct answer.

1. Who did really see the ghost?

a. Mrs Umney c. The Duchess of Bolton

b. Lord Canterville d. Lady Canterville

2. Why couldn’t Lady Canterville sleep well?

a. Because she saw the ghost.

b. Because of all the noises at night.

c. Because of the bloodstain in the library.

d. Because she was ill.

3. What did Virginia do in her free time?

a. She dated the Duke. c. She read books.

b. She liked playing tricks. d. She rode a horse.

4. What was the weather like when the Otis family arrived at Canterville Chase?

a. Storm clouds appeared in the sky.

b. It was lightning.

c. The sun was brightly shining.

d. It was a lovely July evening.

5. Where was the bloodstain?

a. On the floor near the fireplace.

b. In the library near the window.

c. On the floor in the fireplace.

d. In the library under the carpet.

Oscar Wilde - The Canterville Ghost
Oxford University Press Stage 2

6. What didn’t we know from Mrs Umney?

a. She couldn’t sleep for nights.

b. Visitors came to see the bloodstain.

c. She tried to clean up the bloodstain before.

d. Sir Simon murdered his wife.

7. Who is the ghost?

a. Lady Eleanor. c. The Duchess of Bolton.

b. Sir Simon. d. We still don’t know it.

8. When did the storm begin?

a. After Washington cleaned up the stain

b. After Mrs Umney fainted.

c. Before the Otis arrived at Canterville Chase.

d. When the Otis arrived at Canterville Chase.

9. Which sentence is no correct?

a. Mrs Otis saw the bloodstain first from the family.

b. The Otis family wasn’t afraid of ghosts.

c. Mr Otis was a businessman.

d. Mrs Umney broke a cup.

Oscar Wilde - The Canterville Ghost
Oxford University Press Stage 2

Task 1
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Task 2

1) Mrs Otis looked just as English as an Englishwoman.

2) Washington was famous at all the London parties for his fine dancing.

3) One day the young Duke of Cheshire saw her on horseback.

4) Then ten or twelve large black birds flew down over their heads.

5) What terrible weather this country has!

Task 4
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
c b d a a c b a d

The solution for task 3 is not collected from the book because there are more possible answers.