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‫*‪..-*-‬تفضلوا‪ lmd ..

‬لمن طلب دروس السنة الثانية انجليزية‬

‫‪-‬السالم عليكم ورحمة هللا تعالى وبركاته‪-‬‬

‫‪-‬ان شاء هللا تكونوا بخير‪-‬‬
‫كما وعدتكم في مشاركاتي السابقة بتقديم برنامج السنة الثانية انجليزية‪..‬اليوم ‪-‬‬
‫سنبدأ ان شاء هللا بأول الدروس خطوة بخطوة‬
‫فقط يجدر بي االشارة الى ان السنة الثانية ليست كاألولى ‪..‬كونها تحتاج الى ‪-‬‬
‫‪ ..‬جهد أكبر و بحث أكثر‬
‫و ‪ Methodology‬سنبدأ بالمادتين األساسيتين وهما‪-‬‬
‫معامل كل منهما هو ‪...5‬وهما وحدتان مستقلتان تحتاجان تعلمون فكما ‪ESP‬‬
‫‪).‬الى جهد وفير ( واحيانا الى حظ وفير هههه‬
‫‪:‬بدون االطالة نعود الى الدروس‪-‬‬
‫‪.‬على فكرة الدروس الرسمية هذه مبرمجة على حسب جامعة مستغانم‬
‫‪-Research methodology:‬‬
‫‪-*-Bibliography e-books :‬‬
‫‪-Methodology :methodology is our study and in the‬‬
‫)‪same time it is our daily life.(a way of thinking‬‬
‫‪-Learning strategies/cognition (know).‬‬
‫‪-****gognition (know how to know).‬‬
‫‪-Parameters of research .‬‬
‫‪-Approaches of research.‬‬
‫‪-Qualitive research.‬‬
‫‪-Quantitive research.‬‬

‫‪-Summerizing :‬‬
‫‪-*- It is a basic reading teachnique…thus it is an‬‬
‫‪important skill.‬‬
‫‪-Synthesizing :‬‬
‫‪It is an advanced reading teachnique which means‬‬
put to gether…
(you will deal with the hole definitions in details
and some practices)
-then you will deal with the diffrences and
similarities between both of them.

Plagiarism :
-It is when you adapt some data from a particular
source,then you assign it to yourself..let’s say it
it a kind of stealing.

Doen’t worry you will deal with your lectures in

details and with your teacher ‘s explanation.

-Now we move to ESP :

-ESP :means English for Speceific Purpose.
-Concerning this module you will deal with science.
1/what is science ?
-It is a process of a continuing investigation that
2/How old science is?
-From the existence of the human being (the
-Here what the scientists argued about the
development of science..so follow plz..
-a- James Frazer:
-He developed a theoretical frame,he has argued
that in history we progress through various
-1-The age of magic:no logical explanation.
-2-The age of religion
-3-The age of pure science
-b-Augest Comte:
-The scientific knowledge has evolved as a result
of the historical development of the human
brain..which has under gone under 3 stages:
-1-The theoretical stage
-2-Mythaphysical: behind the nature, non real
-3-Scientific: purely science, how the human mind
-4-Positive: real and logical reason things.
3/How does science work?
a)The observation.
b)Asking question.
c)Construct hypothesis.
d)Testing hypothesis.
e) Assemble your results.
f) Try again.
( notforgettingtobeobjective)
4/What doesn’t science do?
1. It can’t improve something methapysical.
2. It can’t deal with the supernatural phenomenon.
3. It can’t tell about the existence of god.
4. Doesn’t make the visual judgement.
5. Doesn’t tell whether this is evil or good..