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Sotto credits record-high

approval rating
to institution’s ‘hard work’
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Sotto credits record-high approval rating
to institution’s ‘hard work’
by Jardine Chua

e work hard. reported in its First higher than the other top
The present Quarter 2019 Social government offices – the
Senate is Weather survey that the House of Representatives
transparent, independent Senate remained the top which received a “Good”
and sincere. government institution +47, the Supreme Court
This was the message of with the highest which received a “Good”
Senate President Vicente satisfaction ratings at a +50, and the Duterte
C. Sotto III, as he credited record-high “Very Good” Cabinet which also
the whole Senate’s +62. received a “Good” +44.
good performance for The SWS survey also
“This perception is
the record-high public noted that Sotto is second
largely because of the
approval ratings received only to President Rodrigo
diligent work of the
by the Upper Chamber in Duterte among officials
Senate as a whole.”
2019. with the highest public
Sotto made the The latest survey, satisfaction rating, with
statement after top conducted last March, the Senate President
polling firm Social showed that the Senate’s receiving a “Very Good”
Weather Stations (SWS) ratings remained much +61, ahead of Speaker
1 The Senate e-Monitor
Gloria Macapagal Arroyo the cooperation of the the record-high
who received a “Poor” senators and the hard ratings received by
-17, and Chief Justice work of senators and the institution. SWS
Lucas Bersamin who the employees of the records showed that the
received a “Moderate” institution alike. +62 satisfaction rating
+14. “This perception is received by the Senate
“I will continue to largely because of the is the highest in the
work hard and make diligent work of the country since the EDSA
sure that the Senate will Senate as a whole,” he Revolution in 1987.
be productive under my stressed. The records also
leadership.” Sotto said he is happy showed that since Sotto
that the public is taking
Sotto said that the high notice of the Senate’s assumed the leadership
ratings of the Senate and achievements in the 17th of the Senate in May
his office are both due to Congress, noting 2018, the net satisfaction
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Sotto hails ‘independent, progressive’

Senate as 17th Congress ends

enate President the Senate would not have July 25, 2016 to June 4,
Vicente C. Sotto III been possible “without the 2019, senators have filed
has only words of dedication and focus of 2,235 bills of local and
appreciation and praise for each senator.” national application, of
the senators of the 17th “We delivered on which 464 have been
Congress, as he lauded our promise when this successfully pushed by
the institution’s landmark representation accepted the Senate and are now
legislative achievements, this post – to continue new laws of the republic,
its “independent and in helping the passage while senators have also
progressive” stance, and of laws that will be filed 1,048 resolutions
its commitment to human beneficial to the country covering various issues and
rights, democracy and and to every Filipino,” advocacies.
clean governance in the Sotto said. Of the hundreds of laws
past three years. Sotto said the legacy passed by the Senate in
In his valedictory of the Senate in the 17th the 17th Congress, Sotto
address at the last session Congress will necessarily pointed to 10 landmark
day of the 17th Congress be determined at a much laws on health, social
on June 4, 2019, Sotto later time by historians. services, peace and security
thanked each of his However, he pointed to and finance which the
colleagues, saying that the the data on the Senate’s Senate was proud to have
strong performance and legislative performance in successfully worked on.
record public ratings of the 17th Congress: From (Turn to page 10)

The Senate e-Monitor 2

by Cecille Lardizabal and Yvonne Almirañez
HONASAN: Defining moments in history
author and co-author
serving as a senator
in 1995. “I’ve of, among others, the
been undergoing Clean Air Act of 1999,
rehabilitation in the Disaster Risk Reduction
Senate for the last Management Act of
20 years so merong 2009, the Solid Waste
political outlook. Management Act of 2000
There’s been and the Comprehensive
value-added to Agrarian Reform

my outlook about Program Extension with
enator Gregorio the political, economic, Reforms Law (CARPER).
“Gringo” Honasan social, and even spiritual He revealed that his
left the Senate with condition of our country, defining moments as a
mixed emotions. He syempre lessons learned,” public servant is not as a
looked back at how he was how Honasan senator but as a soldier
has progressed since he described it. (and also as a rebel)
first spent his life He is the principal (Turn to page 14)

TRILLANES: A strong voice of the opposition

hat could in Makati to
be more reiterate calls for
colorful and the ouster of then
tumultuous than that President Gloria
of the life as a senator Arroyo. This ended
of Antonio “Sonny” in the surrender of
Trillanes IV? the former Navy
Trillanes first ran for lieutenant along
the Senate in 2007 while with other military
in jail and luckily made officials on the been results-oriented
it in the winning circle. same day. and mission-oriented.
A few months after he Little did he know So, whether it be in
assumed office, he joined that his military training committee investigations
his military colleagues in would help him become a or passing pieces of
leading the protest at the legislator. “My training as legislation, once it’s set as
Manila Peninsula a soldier has always (Turn to page 17)

3 The Senate e-Monitor

ESCUDERO: A senator with a heart

enator Francis Escudero was re-
“Chiz” Escudero elected twice (in
bids adieu to the 2001 and in 2004),
Senate for now after and he assumed
he won as governor in the role of House
his home province of Minority Floor
Sorsogon during the Leader from 2004
May 13, 2019 midterm to 2007.
elections, where he plans In 2007,
to “give back to his roots” Escudero ran for, and on Environment and
what he has learned all won, a seat in the Senate. Natural Resources.
these years in politics, He headed the Senate Escudero championed
economy, culture and Committee on Justice the rights of minimum
good governance. Elected and Human Rights, Joint wage earners through RA
as Representative of the Oversight Committee on 9504 (Tax Exemption for
First District of Sorsogon Ecological Solid Waste Minimum Wage Earners
at the young age of 28, Management, Joint and Increased Tax
he became the Assistant Congressional Oversight Exemptions).
Majority Floor Leader Committee on the Clean He also worked to
that same year. Air Act, and Committee increase the maximum
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LEGARDA: Peace advocate, climate change warrior

and Management Act.
to serve the She is a peace-builder
Filipino people and an advocate for the
by promoting the protection of indigenous
sustainable and peoples’ rights, initiating
equitable use of efforts to liberate them
natural resources. from various forms
She pushed for of discrimination by
the enactment promoting their cultural
of laws on roots and heritage and

climate change environmental setting up exhibits
warrior with a governance like the Clean showcasing their
compelling vision Air Act, the Solid Waste exceptional skills and
of a safer and greener Management Act, the world-class products.
world for all, Senator Climate Change Act and Legarda also places
Loren Legarda has the Philippine Disaster emphasis on protecting
dedicated her work Risk Reduction (Turn to page 17)

The Senate e-Monitor 4

Miss Universe paints Senate Gray
iss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray paid a courtesy call to Senate
President Vicente C. Sotto III and other senators last February 26
as part of her official homecoming after being crowned 67th Miss
Universe held in Bangkok, Thailand last December 17.
Gray, a model, singer, and volunteer for a non-government organization helping
underprivileged children in Tondo, Manila, was welcomed by the Senate chief,
Senators Nancy Binay and Gregorio Honasan as well as other Senate officials and
During her short visit, Gray was
bestowed Senate Resolution No. 140
congratulating and commending her for
bringing “great honor, glory and recognition”
to the country in winning the title.
The measure was adopted by Senate last
February 8. In his message, Sotto, who
authored the resolution, said Gray “deserves
nothing better than a high level of praise.”
“Thank you, Miss Universe, Catriona
Gray,” Sotto said.
“It is common knowledge in the world that
the Philippines has held an exemplary track
record in world beauty pageants for being
consistently in the top ten, and each of these,
regardless of title and rank, has definitely
brought pride to every Filipino,” he said.
“Winning the most coveted Miss Universe
brings great honor, glory and recognition to
all Filipinos and it deserves nothing better
than a high level of praise.
“We are truly blessed and honored that
Miss Universe, Catriona Elisa Gray, is here
with us today, to personally receive, and
has received, a commendation from the
members of the Senate of the Philippines,”
the Senate chief said.
“Continue to inspire others, especially the
youth, in pursuing worthwhile advocacies

5 The Senate e-Monitor

Senate President Vicente C. Sotto III congratulates Muang Thong Thani,
Miss universe 2018 Catriona Gray
Photo below : SP Sotto,
Bangkok, Thailand.
Gray, and Sens. Nancy Binay “Whereas, Catriona
and Gregorio Honasan II. Elisa Gray’s outstanding
performance deserves
to be commended
and praised for the
great honor, glory and
recognition brought
to our country and the
Filipino people,” Sotto’s
resolution stated. He said
Gray’s victory has placed
the Philippines in the
fourth spot in the list of
countries that have the
most number of Miss
Universe title holders.
Gray is the fourth
Filipina to win the crown
that could make our to give back to their next to Gloria Diaz
country and the world, respective communities, (1969), Margarita Moran
the universe, rather, “in their own facets, in (1973) and Pia Alonzo
to be a better place for their own ways.” Wurtzbach (2015).
everyone,” he added. Separate resolutions Zubiri’s resolution
Gray thanked have been filed in the highlighted Gray’s work
the Senate for the Senate congratulating and in raising awareness
recognition. Responding commending the beauty for various causes and
to Sotto, she vowed titlist. The resolutions her involvement in
to “continue to hold were filed by Sotto, various organizations
Filipinos at a high Majority Leader Juan such as the Love
standard to the Miguel Zubiri and Binay. Yourself organization
international audience” Sotto, in his Senate which focuses on HIV
and to pursue her Resolution 975, cited awareness and the Young
advocacies during her Gray for besting 93 other Focus organization that
reign. candidates from different started a fundraising
Meanwhile, she called countries during the 67th program for building a
on senators to support Miss Universe Pageant preschool for children in
and empower young held on December 17, Smokey Mountain. (JPL)
Filipinos and allow them 2018 at IMPACT Arena,
The Senate e-Monitor 6
The new
S INCE its unveiling last
October 2018, the Senate
“Gallery of Legacy” has been
one of the main attractions
inside the Philippine Senate
Showcasing the mural and
the works of senators of the
17th Congress, the gallery,
which is situated in the
hallway at the second floor
of the Senate building, has
drawn visitors and students
to snap a selfie or ‘groufie’
with the senators of their
choice as their background.
The gallery is an initiative
of Jen Legaspi, Public
Relations head of the Office
of Senate PresidentVicente
C. Sotto III, in collaboration
with Manprom Inc. and
the Senate Public Relations
and Information Bureau
(PRIB), to showcase a better
illustration of the institution
modelled by its very own
“I just want to utilize the
space and create a gallery
feel while showcasing the
senators and their work,”
Legaspi said.
The huge undertaking is
now the most visited area
inside the Senate. (JGA)

7 The Senate e-Monitor

The Senate e-Monitor 8
Lando wins Sen. Manny Pacquiao’s
3rd Biggest Loser Challenge
by Pilar S. Macrohon

W hat would you do

if you win a hefty
amount of money? Go
Lusuac, Abra,” Lando
laughed. Money was just
money after all, Lando
on a trip, maybe. Save reasoned. She considered
for the rainy day. Buy it well spent by making
new clothes, shoes and everybody happy.
gadgets. Lando won first
But for Lani Lyne place in Sen. Manny
Torres, commonly known Pacquiao’s 3rd Biggest
as Lando, the answer was Loser Challenge women’s
simple. “Gusto ko happy category last February.
sila.” So, she gave away She said money led her
almost all of her prize to join the competition.
money, amounting to She made some bad
P250,000 to her siblings, investments and needed
uncles and aunts, shoes to pay off some debts.
for her nephews, food for “I was worried because
friends and officemates. I owed my aunt and repairs. When Sen.
She even helped bury an sibling a considerable Pacquiao offered another
uncle in the province. amount of money. I also round of Biggest Loser
“I was a big shot wanted to fix my mother’s Challenge, I grabbed the
when I went home in niche, which needed (Turn to page 10)

Sotto credits... (from page 1)

ratings of the institution his current +61 rating is months ahead.
have shot up, from a +41 second only to former “I will continue to
in June 2018, to a +48 in Senate President Juan work hard and make
September 2018, to +58 Ponce Enrile who received sure that the Senate will
in December 2018, to a +65 rating back in be productive under my
+62 in March 2019. August 2012. leadership,” he said.
Sotto said the Senate is “Our people deserve
Sotto himself is
thankful for the people’s nothing less but a higher
enjoying consistently
trust and positive reaction
high satisfaction ratings level of true public
to their work, and vowed
as compared to previous that the institution will be
service,” he concluded.
Senate Presidents, and more productive in the   
9 The Senate e-Monitor
Lando... (from page 9)
chance. The only option I shed 16 kilos during the She said she was the
was to win,” Lando said. final weigh-in,” she said. last one to weigh-in
Lando had an ace on her Lando said she started during the final day of the
her diet by eating three competition and knew she
sleeves. She had Erwin
eggs per meal, cutting all had won even before it was
Jimenez, another winner
carbs. announced.
in the previous Biggest
She said she refrained “I already weighed
Loser Challenge, as
from eating too much myself before going to
her coach. She said she during the Christmas the final weigh-ins so I
followed the diet plan holidays. had an idea how much
rigidly, eating only eggs, “I also went on long pounds I lost. When
fish, vegetables and fruits. walks. Before the final they announced the last
For somebody with weigh-ins, I spent competitor, I knew I made
a hearty appetite, Lando money going to a sauna it,” Lando said.
admitted that dieting and steamed for six She said Sen. Pacquiao’s
wasn’t easy, especially hours during the last challenge had taught her
during Christmas season. month of the challenge. that nothing is impossible
“I only had two I was surprised at my if you put your mind to it
months to shed some of determination,” Lando and maintain a positive
my pounds. said. attitude.
Sotto hails... (from page 2) As the incoming 18th
Congress approaches,
On health reforms, Act (RA 11310), and the Sotto said the Senate
Sotto said the Senate Magna Carta of the Poor
intends to carry on its
passed the Universal (RA 11291).
tasks as it had in the
Health Care Act (RA For peace and security,
past – “cooperative but
11223), the Mental Health the Senate also secured
independent, balanced,
Act (RA 11036), and the passage of the long-
transparent and sincere.”
the act on mandatory sought Bangsamoro
“May the divine
PhilHealth coverage for Organic Law (RA
providence continue to
persons with disabilities 11054), and the National
guide the Senate and this
or PWDs (RA 11228). The Identification System Act
(RA 11055). Likewise, the
nation as a whole and
Senate also pushed new
laws for expanded social Senate passed laws on the in each of our personal
capacities to take its place
services like the Universal financial and labor sectors,
in the proud member
Access to Quality Tertiary like the amendments to
the Corporation Code of of the family of nations
Education Act (RA
10931), the Pantawid the Philippines (RA 11232) dedicated to peace,
and the Tele-Commuting freedom and the pursuit
Pamilyang Pilipino
Law (RA 11165). of happiness,” he said.
Program or 4Ps
(Jardine Chua)
The Senate e-Monitor 10

Pentagon Powerhauz


SP si VST: Eventual champion in the

40+ category

Young at 40s: 1st runner-up in the Mighty Fleas: 2nd runner-up in the
40+ category 40+ category
Dir. Gen Ronald Golding of SP si
Dir. Gen Rodel Dascil, playing VST team guarding erstwhile team-
coach / manager of Young at 40s mate Jeffrey Sanders of Young at 40s Senate Warriors
against Samuel Marata of SP si VST

11 The Senate e-Monitor

Senate inter-color basketball
tournament no longer a side event
by Gil Merino Valdéz

ay back competing under the games last March 19. The
in 1997, “thunders division”. championship game was
the Senate We are now down to held last April 11.
Inter-color started as a five core members. When With the grand
side-event to fill-up the one original member opening, it felt for the
activities of Congress in had a stroke five years first time that the inter-
recess before the main ago, we dropped the color tournament had
event, the Senate Mini- moniker and competed finally come out from
Olympics. The first and as The Cupcakes. When the shadow of the Mini-
second Inter-color was he returned, we deemed Olympics, with more
a three-on-three event it appropriate to return to eager participants.
using rules before the our original name. The Open category had
FIBA guidelines we In 2017, playing as The eight competing teams
have today. It was held Mighty Fleas, we finished – the Senate Warriors,
at the GSIS outdoor 1st Runner-up against OS/RH, OSAA, Friends,
basketball court. It was a eventual champions, the HRMS, People’s Champ,
fun event geared towards powerhouse of the Senate EDP-MIS, Powerhauz.
non-athletic types who Pioneers, bannered by Dir. The 40 and above
Gen. Ronald Golding, category had Young at
just want to have a few
Dir. Gen. Rodel Dascil, 40s, Legis, SP si VST,
minutes of sweat and
Richard Diño, Warren Tan PNP, Pentagon, and The
exercise. My team, the
and Dr. Renato Sison. Mighty Fleas.
Mighty Fleas, entered the
The following year, The PNP team was
very first contest. Today, the Senate Pioneers were deemed a guest team.
we are the only original champions again. The I personally lobbied
team left from twenty- Mighty Fleas were 2nd- for their inclusion as a
two years ago. runner Up after being regular team, since like
In its first decade, the left with just seven active the Philcare and the
tournament did not have players led by Alex Cleofe Alexis security personnel,
two categories. We now and Elmer Yabut. they are part of the
have a category for those This year, Dep. everyday goings-on in the
younger than forty, the Sec. Enrique “Louie” Senate. The PNP-PSPG, in
Open category. For old- Papa, made sure the fact is in the building 24/7
timers, we have the 40 participating teams as security augmentation
and above category. After paraded their players and for the Office of the
twenty-two years, the take the sportsman’s oath Sergeant-at-Arms.
Mighty Fleas is now at the opening of the (Turn to page 18)
The Senate e-Monitor 12
PasaLord’s synchronized peace prayer,
now a yearly tradition in the Senate
by Angie Rosales

A adopted by the Senate, we

historic, 23 people and more than
meaningful and will institutionalize this a hundred others injured.
spiritually uplifting in the Senate every first Launched in July 7, 2017,
event. Thursday of February (at the interfaith movement
Thus said Sen. 12 noon). This is a work seeks to unite Filipinos
Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel of various creeds and
of the Lord using you
III in describing the denominations to pray
as the instrument,” the
interreligious movement’s
senator said, addressing not only for peace in
synchronized prayer event
his mother, Lourdes the Philippines but also
last Feb. 7 and participated
in by the Senate and its “Bing” Pimentel. blessing for the country’s
employees. leaders, safekeeping of
The “Prayer for Peace “It is a universal families, protection from
in the Philippines,” prayer acceptable foreign invasion, lawless
organized by PasaLord acts, terrorism and war.
to all religions. It
Prayer Movement, has “Everyone who joins
summarizes our hopes
since been made a yearly us in prayer becomes
“tradition” in the upper
and petitions to God as a mustard seed. It only
chamber beginning this a nation.” takes a little seed of faith
year following the adoption to move a mountain. If we
of Senate Resolution No. Mrs. Pimentel, lead can combine our mustard
1002 introduced by Senate convenor of PasaLord seeds of faith, then we
President Vicente C. Sotto Prayer Movement, who can tell the mountains of
III. was at the Senate to lead problems confronting our
“First time na nangyari the prayer, said that country to go away,” Mrs.
sa bansa na nagdasal never has the Philippines Pimentel said.
ang three branches of or any country in the
government and of course
Television giants
world paused all their such as GMA Network
citizens of the Republic
activities for a moment to Inc. and ABS-CBN
para sa kabutihan ng
ating bansa for the Lord’s lift the nation up to God responded to the call for
protection and blessings to Almighty. a synchronized moment
our country,” Pimentel said. Incidentally, the event of prayer and even invited
“Because of a Senate took place two weeks its viewers and listeners
resolution authored by the after a bombing incident to take part in the event.
Senate President, inside the Jolo Cathedral In adopting Senate
in Sulu that killed at least Resolution No. 1002
(Turn to page 14)
13 The Senate e-Monitor
Pasalord... (from page 13) expressed hope that
the upper chamber reciting the prayers which Filipinos will take a pause
declared every first has English, Filipino, each day to recite the
Thursday of February Cebuano and Hiligaynon prayer, making it their
starting this year and versions. “12 o-clock habit.”
every year thereafter as the “It is a universal prayer “Together we can
“Synchronized Interfaith acceptable to all religions. change the spiritual
National Prayers for Peace It summarizes our hopes climate of the Philippines
and Reconciliation.” and petitions to God as so that the good we’ve
It persuaded all a nation,” Mrs. Pimentel been trying to do will
Filipinos of any religion to said. Following the said have a better chance of
actively participate in event, Mrs. Pimentel success,” she said.

HONASAN... (from page 3)

and he supposed these a consequence of the his own political instincts
experiences brought him tools at my disposal and experience. He
to the institution. as a soldier, trained in asks everybody and I
His name became the management of think there is no serious
significant in the annals violence.” But the most challenge against the
of Philippine history. He, permanent and important leadership of Senator
along with other military battleground for Honasan Sotto.”
officials and backed by is the hearts and minds of Honasan is part of the
then Defense Minister the people. The fact that so-called “macho bloc”
Juan Ponce Enrile, led he’s been unbeaten for in the Senate, with Senate
the unrest to overthrow four senatorial elections is President Tito Sotto and
the Marcos dictatorship for him a source of pride Senator Ping Lacson as
in 1986. Then after that and satisfaction. He knew members. Senators Loren
Honasan was involved he was on the right track. Legarda and Grace Poe
again in various coup have also been included
attempts against the On the Performance of in the group. They are the
Corazon Aquino the Senate veteran senators, along
government. He said the Senate is with Senate Minority
The retired Philippine more consensual and a Leader Frank Drilon.
Army officer made a collegial body. For one, Honasan thinks each of
sense of it all. He shared, he said Senate President them gravitated towards
“I thought the root to Vicente “Tito” Sotto III is each other.
reform or change would a consensus builder. He He is equally proud of
be armed struggle. Then went on to say “hindi ito the younger generation of
again, everything was yung relying too much on senators whom he
(Turn to page 16)

The Senate e-Monitor 14

SEMCO distributes P13M dividends to members

lmost 1,000 Anniversary earned taken in achieving
members of P531,000 and P488,000, the cooperative’s
the Senate respectively. vision, which is
Employees Multi- “Among the well- the organization’s
Purpose Cooperative received financial sustainablity.
(SEMCO) received their assistance and loan The SEMCO is also
“post-Christmas bonus” facilities and other targeting to expand
after the cooperative services initiated by the it’s capital to meet the
distributed more than Board last year were the members’ financial needs.
P13 million as dividends Pagtulong sa Estudyante The Board plans
and patronage refund sa Eskwela (PASOK) loan, to undertake more
during its 30th annual increasing the short-term education and training
General Assembly last loan from P10,000 to activities for directors,
February 20. P15,000, motorcycle loan officers and members
SEMCO president Atty. and the newly-launched this year, especially in the
Jim Ricohermoso said a SEMCO Bayad Center,” light of the Cooperative
total of P9,200,154.07 was the SEMCO president Development Authority’s
declared by the Board of said. (CDA) Memorandum
Directors as net income “There was a clamor Circular No. 2015
surplus for 2018. for more remittance and – 09, spelling out a
In October last year, payment services for revised guidelines
the Board has allocated the cooperative’s Bayad implementing the new
more than P3 million Center,” he added. training requirements of
as financial benefits to During the General cooperative officers.(JPL)
members which was Assembly, the SEMCO EDITORIAL STAFF
distributed during this also elected new members Editor-in-Chief: Raymond
year’s General Assembly. of the Audit Committee Corro
“Thus, some P13 (Richard Ramirez, Jo-ann Managing Editor: JP
million were distributed Figueroa and Ma. Cecilia Lopez
to SEMCO members Florez); and the Election Writers: Yvonne
during the assembly,” Committee (Nelson Almirañez, Jeff
Ricohermoso said. Cancillar, Christian Antiporda, Jardine Chua,
Cecille Lardizabal, Pilar
During the annual Pelagio and Ruperto Macrohon, Angie Rosales
gathering, the Board also Valguna Jr.). Chief Photographer: Alex
reported that the Bingo The SEMCO further Nueva España
and Bazaar activities it approved its development Photographers: Albert
sponsored during the plans for this year. It Calvelo, Cesar Tomambo,
Senate’s 102nd outlines the steps to be Joseph Vidal

15 The Senate e-Monitor

HONASAN... (from page 14)
believes are better new department. Sotto to rationalize by
legislators as he can never once said that the DICT promoting faster,
be. He would always does not only cover cheaper if not free,
welcome fresh wind of the communications and more secure
change blowing across the technology aspect but connectivity. This means,
policy landscape. the national security connect government
Honasan just took as well which is a big to other governments,
oath as Secretary factor. Honasan chairs government to business,
of the Department the Senate National government to citizenry
of Informaton and Defense Committee. His and everyone with each
Communications colleagues at the Senate other. And having a third
Technology. He humbled agree in saying Honasan’s telco player, he said,
himself by claiming he background had exposed will probably move the
may not be a schooled him to cyber security industry towards that
information technology matters which makes him objective.
individual but he sees eligible for the post. He ended by saying,
every opportunity in Amid the controversy “After all, connectivity is
learning more. For on the third telco player the only way we can unite
him, ignorance is bliss in the country, Honasan
the country and move
and he welcomes ideas. sticks to what he believes
forward. ”
The Senate President in – the third telco
expressed confidence player is designed to   
that his macho bloc-mate operationalize what we
would be an asset to the want the industry

ESCUDERO... (from page 4) honored as one of the

insurance coverage in the creation of 281 world’s Young Global
to P500,000 for bank additional courts. Leaders by the World
deposits (RA 9576). Escudero also has Economic Forum, and
As the chairman of the several distinctions under in 2012, he received the
Justice and Human his belt, foremost of Rotary Golden Wheel
Rights Committee, which was being named Award in recognition
he was responsible one of the country’s of his contributions in
for the passage of the Ten Outstanding Young political governance and
anti-vagrancy law (RA Men (TOYM) for youth in the legislative field.
10158), RA 10353 (Anti- leadership in 2005. He Aside from having a
Enforced or Involuntary was the only Filipino heart in public service,
Disappearance Act) and to be named Asia News Escudero has a loving
RA 9745 (Anti-Torture Network’s Asia’s Idols in wife, actress Heart
Act). He also helped 2007. In 2008, he was Evangelista.
The Senate e-Monitor 16
LEGARDA... (from page 4 ) This time around,
the rights and welfare the Expanded Anti- Legarda, who was on her
of women, youth, and Trafficking in Persons third and last term in the
children, as seen in her Act. Senate, won a seat in the
participation on laws She is currently the House of Representatives
such as the Anti-Violence only female who topped during the May 2019
Against Women and the Senate race twice, elections representing the
Children Act, Magna with more than 15 lone district of Antique.
Carta of Women, Anti- million and 18.4 million She said she is looking
Child Labor Law, the votes in the 1998 and forward to the time when
Anti-Trafficking in 2007 elections, and the her beloved province will
Persons Act and its only woman to become become a world-class
expanded version, Senate majority leader. tourist destination.

TRILLANES... (from page 3)

a mission then it has to shortcomings of the Senator Alan Peter
get done,” said Trillanes. AFP and the national Cayetano while they
Indeed in his two government so yan yung debated during an EJK
terms as a Senator, he pinangako ko nung 2007 committee hearing.
was productive with a campaign and I was able Trillanes traded insults
total of 1,490 bills and to fulfill that,” he shared. with Senator Richard
resolutions filed, 89 bills Trillanes considers Gordon during a hearing
passed into law and quite his “graduation” from on the corruption at
a number are pending the Senate a relief. He’s the Bureau of Customs.
to be signed by the known as a very vocal Media was all abuzz when
President. These include figure of the opposition Trillanes and presidential
measures creating Senior at the Senate against the son Paulo Duterte faced
Citizen Commission and administration. He had off during a shabu
regulating the practice controversial spats with shipment hearing where
of fisheries profession. invited resource persons the former accused the
Specific laws that are from the government latter of being involved.
close to his heart are during hearings and Known for his fearless
the AFP reform bills even with some fellow nature, Trillanes did not
aimed at increasing the senators. Trillanes also spare the government’s
salaries and benefits of led hearings to look into legal defender to get away
the soldiers, policemen the alleged involvement from any accountability.
and other government of the President in EJKs. He opened an inquiry
employees. He made headlines into the alleged conflict of
“Noong 2003, we issued when he switched off the interest in government
grievances about the microphone of former (Turn to page 18)

17 The Senate e-Monitor

TRILLANES... (from page 17) Lessons learned
“My stint in the Senate is
contracts of Solicitor accomplished. Moving
forward there are so many
a very significant phase
General Jose Calida's
lessons learned that in my life. Nag-mature
security firm. This
prompted Malacañang to will make me a better ako dito as a public
order the senator’s arrest person in general and a servant. Na-broaden yung
and revoke his amnesty. better public servant in aking knowledge about
Up until today, Trillanes the future in case I would governance in general and
remains a free man while still want to be one. I don’t I was able to expand my
regret anything because ito network professionally in
the courts hear the cases
na ‘to. What was done was this stint as a senator and
that were filed against him.
meant to be done. I couldn’t it helped me to do lots of
Any regrets?
possibly have done more or things for the betterment
“I’m happy with the things
less in anything,” he said.
that I have of our country.” he ended.

SENATE INTER-COLOR... (from page 12) until the last five

The PNP team won and current UNTV MVP minutes when Samuel
against Mighty Fleas Jeffrey “Jepoy” Sanders Marata overpowered
by one point in a do- and O/S Angara’s Malaga the exhausted Sanders
or-die game. It was the and Atty. Homer Alinsug. and Malaga, relentlessly
“other” championship The Young at 40s was led driving to the basket
game according to those by playing coach Dir. Gen. and getting free-throw
who watched the games. Rodel Dascil and team bonuses. The last big
Several players from the manager Dir. Clinton plays from the Young at
Mighty Fleas graduated Martinez. 40s was the three point
with fouls on that game. The SP si VST was led shot from playing coach
The People’s Champ got by Dir. Gen. Golding, Dascil and the block by
the finals trophy against and O/S Sotto’s Media Dir. Ciriaco Manalansan
the OSAA in an exciting Relations Officer Mike on Marata.
game. But the suspense Caber. They got ample This year’s event could
and highlight of the event support from Samuel be a sign for better and
was reserved for the 40 Marata, who was the bigger things to come.
and above category. eventual MVP, Richard Players and teams
The former Senate Diño, Dr. Sison, Gerry are lobbying for the
Pioneers split into two Santos and Albert Sambat. inclusion of Philcare,
powerhouse teams, the The two teams faced Alexis, PNP and BFP
Young at 40s and the SP si each other with high participants. I would like
VST. The Young at 40s was emotions and physical to see the Commission
bannered by no less than play. Most of the time, the on Appointments and the
former Ginebra player Young at 40s led in scores GSIS included next year.

The Senate e-Monitor 18


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