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October 8, 2019

Director John M. Dowdy, Jr.

Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics
P.O. Box 720519
Byram, MS 39272-0519

Re: Resignation

Director Dowdy,

This letter should be considered my official resignation from my position of MBN Chief
Counsel/Chief of Staff, effective October 8, 2019. I barely had the opportunity to read the
resignation provided to me this morning, a resignation I did not write.

I am at peace with the decision to resign. While I was not provided with any real choice other
than to leave on my own terms by resigning or being terminated, I know I do have the option for
my resignation to be in my own words. Resignation is appropriate if you “have lost all
confidence in me;” your words when I asked why this decision was being made. You should
freely choose the counsel who represents you.

However, you seem to misunderstand that the MBN legal office does not represent you. Rather,
it represents the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics and the State of Mississippi. There have been
times in my career with the state of Mississippi that I have been required to provide unwelcome
advice to the individual who heads the agency that is my client. That as an officer of the court I
have been required to be truthful in hard situations, and that I had to put the needs of the state
of Mississippi ahead of the person in charge of my agency. In a perfect world a director and
their state attorney have the same goal, but sadly this world is not perfect and that is not the
hand I was dealt.

While you may have lost faith in me, I lost faith in your ability to do the right thing for the
employees of MBN and the state of Mississippi many months ago. However, I stayed at MBN
out a love for the people I worked with and the desire to make working at MBN better. This is
not how I would have envisioned my departure from the agency, but I am in agreement that it is

I wish the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics many good days ahead.


Allison Killebrew