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NanoSphere®- naturally self-cleaning

Nature shows us how

• The leaves of certain plants always stay clean, because

dirt cannot adhere to their finely-structured surfaces and
is easily washed off by rain.

• This natural non-stick and cleaning process, also known

as the self-cleaning effect, is permanently transferred to
the textile surface by means of nanotechnology.

• The result is NanoSphere® -an ecologically clean textile

finish, developed in accordance with the bluesign®
Water and stains have no chance

• Water and annoying stains

have no chance on textiles
with a NanoSphere® finish.

• The nanotechnology-
based textile impregnation
is characterized by a high
level of water resistance,
a natural self-cleaning
effect and a durable
protective function.
Background: nano technology

• Nano uniqueness- the size

Nano particle Spyder silk Human hair

NanoSphere®- naturally self-cleaning

Learning from Nature

keeps Textiles dry and clean.
A nearly perfect copy of nature

Lotus leaf surface in the Textile surface with

nano-range NanoSphere®
NanoSphere®- naturally self-cleaning

• The nanoparticles in the NanoSphere® finish form a fine

structure on the textile surface.

• Water or substances such as oil or ketchup simply run

off the NanoSphere® surface, any residue can easily be
rinsed off with a little water.
Comparison of a conventional fabric surface
with a NanoSphere® surface
• The classic surface:
The contact surface of a water drop or
a particle of dirt with the textile, and
therefore the level of adhesion, is very
large. As a result, water or dirt
adheres to the textile.

• The NanoSphere® surface:

Water drops or particles of dirt lie only
on the peaks of the nano particles,
and therefore have a lower contact
area. Adhesion is significantly
reduced, water runs off, dirt is repelled
or can be simply rinsed off.

• NanoSphere® is ideal for use in clothing for such areas as

outdoor, sportswear, men’s fashion, women’s wear,
career apparel and workwear as well as for shoes and
home furnishings.
NanoSphere® Advantages

• High level of water resistance

• Naturally self-cleaning

• Durable protective function

High level of water resistance

• On NanoSphere® textiles, water drops, e.g. when it is

raining steadily, run off simply and reliably.
Naturally self-cleaning

• Oil, dirt and dust do not adhere to the NanoSphere®

surface and can be rinsed off with water.
Durable protective function

• Due to the extremely high level of abrasion resistance, the

NanoSphere® protective function is retained even with
heavyduty use, frequent washing or cleaning.
Durable protective function

• The NanoSphere®-finish when compared to other

traditional textile finishes has a very high level of both
wet and dry abrasion resistance.
Durable protective function

• Normal washing or dry cleaning

– Garments with NanoSphere® finish can be washed and dry
cleaned very easily.
– After 50 washing cycles the function remains.
– fabric softeners or dryer sheets not recommended.

• Ironing or Tumbling
– Heat and ironing recommended for optimum function.
NanoSphere® is based on bluesign® standard

• This NanoSphere® technology is based on the bluesign®

standard and guarantees the highest possible exclusion
of substances which are harmful to humans or the
environment and promotes the economical use of
resources in manufacturing.

– Elimination of all problematic substances

– Nano particles fixed into a coating matrix

– First class working hygenic production conditions

Measuring methods NanoSphere®

• Uniquely developed “inhouse“ test for dirt repellency/

water repellency
Measuring methods NanoSphere®

• Bundesmann rain test

(ISO 9865)

– Sprinkling time
• 10 min in an altitude of 1500
mm with 100 ml/min
• Simulation of rain (100 l in
10 min on 1 m2)

– Rating of the Test

• Water repulse with mark system
1 = bad until 5 = very good
• Measuring after 1 min, 5 min
and 10 min
• Water admission in percent
• Water passage in ml
Measuring methods NanoSphere®

• Water vapor transmission rate

– Moisture-Management

• Result
– How many grams in liquid
(moisture vapor) passes in 24
hours through one square meter
of a textile

– Above 12000 ► very good

– under 4000 ► not good
Measuring methods NanoSphere®

• Oil-Repellency: Oil-Test (AATCC 118)

– Test is done with 8 different oils (from 1=Paraffin until 8=N-
– The lower the number of the oil-samples means the higher
the viscosity level in the oil and this means, the oil goes
more easily into the fabric.
– The drop has to stay in drop form for 30 seconds. The
higher the number, the better the oil repellency.
NanoSphere®- advantages at a glance

• Uniquely repels water and stains

• High level of abrasion resistance
• NanoSphere® offers reliable protection and lots of comfort
• The function is maintained even after numerous
washing or cleaning cycles
• NanoSphere® can be applied on all types of textiles
(cotton, synthetics etc.)
• Look, feel and breathability are not affected
• Ecologically clean textile finish developed in accordance
with the bluesign® standard
NanoSphere®- naturally self-cleaning

• High level of water resistance

• Naturally self-cleaning

• Durable protective function