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Persepolis Name ______________________________

Study Guide 3 (pp. 62-102) Honors World Literature

Directions: Answer on a separate sheet of paper. If you can, type your responses, leaving space for additional
notes between each answer. Some responses require more thought; others do not. Be sure to distinguish

“The Sheep”

47. Explain what Uncle Anoosh means when he says, “It’s incredible. The revolution is a leftist revolution
and the republic wants to be called Islamic”(62/1).
48. Marji’s friend, Kaveh, and his family leave for the U.S., as do many members of Marji’s own family.
Why concerns do Marji’s parents have about leaving for the United States?
49. How has the danger increased (65-66)?
50. How do Marji’s parents try to protect her from the truth regarding Uncle Anoosh?
51. How does Marji’s relationship with God change in this chapter?
52. Describe the panel on page 71. How is this panel significant?

“The Trip”
53. How has Marji changed from the last chapter?
54. How much time has passed since the previous chapter?
55. Research the Iran Hostage Crisis (either on the internet or in your social studies textbook). Find at least
three facts about the crisis.
56. What changes has government implemented on the lives of men and women?
57. How do Marji’s parents begin to treat her differently?
58. How is the panel on page 77 especially fitting?
59. What war has started? (check your background notes)

“The F-14s”
60. What does Marji’s father mean when he says, “The real Islamic invasion came from our own
61. Explain the difference between Marji’s attitude toward the war and her father’s attitude toward the war.
What does she mean when she calls him a “defeatist”(83/1)? Why does she become angry with him?
62. What do the differences between Marji’s and Pardisse’s reports on the war tell you about Marji’s

“The Jewels”
63. What hypocrisy does Marji observe about her mother?
64. Why does Marji’s father get angry at her? What does his anger tell you about the effects of war?
65. How does the incident at the grocery store demonstrate how people have turned against each other?

“The Key”
66. What advantage did Iran have in the war against Iraq?
67. To whom is Marji talking on page 94, panel 4? Find another panel in the book where she does the same
68. Why do you think Satrapi chose to draw the panel on page 95 in the manner she did?
69. How do Marji and her classmates misbehave? Explain the conflict between the parents and the
headmistress at the school.
70. Explain the significance of the plastic gold key. What other tactics are used to convince boys to join the
71. What is the effect of the juxtaposition (placement of items side-by-side) of the two panels on page 102?

72. What differences—generally, and as a whole—exist between the graphics on the pages before page 71
and the graphics on the pages after page 71? What accounts for these differences?