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DP-10 Portable B/W System

Digital Ultrasonic Diagnostic

Imaging System
Slim and Smart
“Good image quality, easy to use and light enough to take
it anywhere”. It’s customer’s feedback on the
requirements of a portable B/W system that drives us to
develop DP-10, which makes integration of fashionable
design, diagnostic confidence and economic choice a
Intelligent Workflow/Storage/Review:
System Specifications: - Image archive on hard disk and USB mobile
Net Weight: 5.5 kg (without battery) storage medium, temporary saving in cine memory
Dimensions: 6.34″L L 11.4L″W L 13.L4″L (16.1 cm L L - L USB ports
LL.0 cm W L 35.4 cm L) - Single-frame image formats: BMP, JPG, DCM, FRM
Display: 1L.1-inch LED, Ligh-Resolution 10L4 L 768 - Multi-frame images formats: DCM, CIN
Display Language: Chinese/English - iVision: Demo player
Power: System operates via AC power - Cine review: Auto, Manual (auto review segment
can be set)
Display Modes and Imaging Processing: - Cine memory capacity (MaL.)
Broadband, multi-frequency imaging: B mode: 1L8 frames
B, B/B, 4B, B/M, M M mode: 1L.4 s
Image processing:
- Multi-frequency probes for LD imaging modes Standard Configuration:
- Image Zooming - 1L.1-inch LED monitor
- One transducer connector
User Interface: - Control Panel
- Alphanumeric QWERTY keyboard with Backlight - Landle
- Trackball: Speed presettable - Indicators: Power/Battery/Standby/LDD status
- 8-Segment TGC - I/O Interfaces
- User Defined Blank keys: shortcut for easy access to L USB port
system menus and active parameter adjustment 1 VGA OUT port
- Key Backlight Brightness & Volume presettable 1 Video OUT
1 S-Video OUT
Application: - Measurement & Calculation software packages
Abdominal, Obstetrical, Gynecological, Cardiac, Small parts,
Urological, Vascular, Orthopedics, MSK Options
- Second transducer connector
- DICOM 3.0: Image storage and printing
- Footswitch
- Mobile trolley: UMT-110
- Carrying Case
- Keyboard dust-proof cover
- Needle-guided brackets
Transducers Applications Bandwidth Depths Biopsy Kit
Gynecology, Obstetrics,
L-5 MLz
Pediatric, Abdominal, L4.8cm Available
R50mm broadband ConveL array

Pediatric, Abdominal, Small
5-10 MLz
parts, Cephalic, Vascular, 11.Lcm Available
L38mm broadband Linear array
MSK, Orthopedics

Pediatric, Abdominal, Small
5-10 MLz
parts, Cephalic, Vascular, 11.Lcm Available
L60mm broadband Linear array
MSK, Orthopedics


Abdominal, Pediatric, 5.0-8.5 MLz

Cephalic, MSK, Cardiac R15 mm broadband Micro- 11.Lcm Available
ConveL array

5.0-8.5 MLz
Gynecological, Obstetrical R10mm broadband Endocavity 11.Lcm Available
Micro-ConveL array

Gynecology, Obstetrics, L.0-5.0 MLz
Pediatric, Abdominal, RL0mm broadband Micro- L4.8cm Available
Urology ConveL array