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A Country boy quits in school


There was a poor Chinese family forced to send their son in school. An official proclamation
happened in the city that issued children at the age of six is needed to send in school, or else one
member of the family will send to the jail. Then one day after boy went to school he reviews
their topic at home. His mother heard him says "This is mama" and felt sad because she think
boy has a new mama. That scenario was repeated when he read loud the words "This is papa".
His family always misunderstood and misinterpret whatever he learns in school and read in book
because of their poor insight. They thought schooling does not doing anything good at boy, so
boy stopped at going in school and his father send in jail.


The Country boy quits school is a story that shows the importance of Education. Education
indeed has an essential role in everyone's life. With the help of education your life can change. It
is a treasure that you can carry even though when you get older, A treasure that no one’s can
taken from you.
In the story it demonstrate that the poor Chinese family is lack of education and the
consequences of being lack in education. Maybe you think it is a exaggerated but the author only
want to get your attention. Education, they said is the key to succeed and I agreed. At this time
being an Educated person have a lot of perks, You can gain a respect from others, you can get a
stable work and so on. But also to get the education you want you need some financial too which
I think is not a problem anymore. When you want something you should do an action to get it.
I felt sad to boy’s situation. I also think that the teacher in the story we’re teaching inaccurate
way. As a teacher you should be a considerable one, you have a diverse student. Their culture,
age, gender and race is different from one another. The teacher just gave his lesson to the
children but he doesn’t care if his students learn it or not, it is wrong. You should be an effective
and efficient teacher, to be an efficient and effective teacher the student should learn from you.
But not all the time it is the base if you are an effective and efficient teacher It also depends in
the student how will they take and digest what information teacher's give.
As a future educator this story has a big impact on me it’s like this story open my eyes deeply.
As a teacher it is also important to check yourself, if you do your work correctly. But of course
teachers are not perfect they can make mistake too because they’re also human and lastly,
Ignorance can be solve by formal education, education is the solution for change it can leads you
to better life and can open a lot of opportunity.