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Department of Education

Region III- Central Luzon

Schools Division Office of Bulacan
San Miguel South District

Lesson Plan in MATH 5

Date & Time: July 15, 2019/ 8:10-9:00 AM
Subject: MATH 5
Grade & Section: V- F. Balagtas
Quarter: First Quarter
1. Solves mathematical expressions using PMDAS or
GMDAS rule.
I. Objectives 2. Explains and interprets mathematical expressions
using PMDAS or GMDAS rule.
3. Show respect to the people in the community.

1. Demonstrates understanding of order of operations

A. Content Standard
B. Performance Standard 1. Is able to apply order of operations

C. Learning Competency/ States, explains, and interprets Parenthesis,

Multiplication, Division, Addition, Subtraction
Objectives (PMDAS) or Grouping, Multiplication, Division,
Addition, Subtraction (GMDAS) rule.
Write the LC code for each. M5NS-Ic-61.2


Subject Matter (Self Evaluation and Self Reflection)

A. References
1. Teacher’s Guide pages
2. Learner’s Material pages Lesson Guide in Mathematics 5

3. Textbook pages pages 13-16

B. Other Learning Resource

A. Reviewing previous lesson or Classify whether the given number is a prime or KRA 2 OBJECTIVE 5
presenting the new lesson composite.
The teacher ensuring
a.28 d.105
learners’ active
b.68 e.36 participation.
c.17 f. 91

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B. Establishing a purpose for the Ask the pupils about the occupation of their parents. KRA 2 OBJECTIVE 5
Let them tell how they help their parents earn a living.
5.6 The teacher allows
the learners to express
their ideas and opinions.

C. Presenting Teaching and Modeling (Problem Opener) KRA 2 OBJECTIVE 5

examples/Instances of the new Samuel was helping his mother in their store when a 5.6 The teacher allows
lesson delivery man delivered 20 dozens of eggs at P42 a
dozen. If the delivery man gave him a change of P160,
the learners to express
how much is Samuel’s money? Was he right in asking their ideas and opinions.
for a change of P260 if his money was P1000? Why?

D. Discussing new concepts and Ask the following questions: KRA 1 OBJECTIVE 2
a.Who helped mother in the store?
practicing new skills # 1
b.Who delivered dozens of eggs? 2.1 The teacher uses
c.How many dozens of eggs were delivered to them?
teaching strategies that
d.If you were Samuel:
-Will you help your family earn a living? Why? enhance learner
-Will you keep the change given by the delivery man? achievement in literacy
Why? and numeracy skill.
e.What are the given data?
f.What are the operations to be used?
g.Let them evaluate the expression they are formulated
P160 + (20 x P42)
P160 + P840 5.7 The teacher gives
P1000 money of Samuel
equal opportunities to
h.Require them to analyze the operations they used in learners to express their
arriving at the exact change. ideas.
E. Discussing new concepts and Ella was absent for a week because she was sick. When KRA 2 OBJECTIVE 5
practicing new skills # 2 she went to school, she had to take a test. Let us help
Ella answer her test. The teacher ensuring
a.2 x 3 + 4 =
learners’ active
b.7 x ( 9 - 3 ) =
c.18 – ( 12÷2 ) + 4 =
9.1 The teacher uses
d.35 – 6 x 3 =
appropriate teaching and
e.(48 ÷ 12 ) + 8 – 2 = learning resources
including ICT.

F. Developing mastery(leads to
Formative Assessment 3)
G. Finding practical application Evaluate the following expressions. KRA 1 OBJECTIVE 2
a.4 x 3 + (8÷2)
of concepts and skills in daily
b.84 ÷ 4 x 3 2.3 The teacher uses
living c.76 – 8 + 5 x 2
instructional materials
d.53 + 7 – 20
e.3 x 5 ÷ 15 highlighting learner-
centered strategies that
promote literacy and/or
numeracy skills.
H. Making generalizations and How do we evaluate an expression with two different KRA 1 OBJECTIVE 1
abstractions about the lesson
- use the PMDAS / GMDAS rule 1.3 The teacher uses
What is PMDAS / GMDAS?
instructional material
-it is an acronym for the word parenthesis,
multiplication and division, addition and subtraction. highlighting mastery of
Given two or more operations in a single expression, content.
the order of the letter in the PMDAS/GMDAS tells you
what to calculate first, second, third and so on, until the
calculation is complete.
Evaluate the expressions. KRA 4 Objective 10
a.7 x (8 + 130) 10.2 The teacher uses
b.195 ÷ (3 x 5) rating sheet form about
c.(3 + 83 – 73) x 2 formative assessment
d.76 – 8 x 9 strategies.
I. Evaluating learning
e.(90 x 5 ÷ 50) + (4+3)

J. Additional activities for Evaluate the expressions.

application or remediation a.7 x (8 + 130)

b.195 ÷ (3 x 5)

c.(3 + 83 – 73) x 2

d.76 – 8 x 9

1. e.(90 x 5 ÷ 50) + (4+3)

A. No. of learners who earned
80%in the evaluation
B. No. of learners who require
additional activities for
remediation who scored below

Prepared by:
Teacher I

Head Teacher III