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Proposal for Structural Detailing


Ver. 1, Aug 18th 2019

Submitted to:


KR Infratech

Arasur, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu-641 407

Mob: +91 72000 08809


A.Rajkumar, M.E, M.B.A.

Professional Engineer

Coimbatore, Tamilnadu.

Mob: +91 9538314383

Our Quote number: Q19-00004 Ver.1 dated Aug 18th 2019.

Capra Textiles Job number : 1924 & Office Building Job number :1926


This is a proposal from Mr.A.Rajkumar to Mr.Jagadeesh ("Customer") to understand some of the Structural
detail activities for Capra Textiles Job & Office Building

Requirements from the customer to start up the project:

1. Good Architectural Construction set.

2. Specifications.

3. Request For Information RFI response on timely manner.

4. Project related clarifications and responses.

5. Customer and client queries responses.


1. Anchor bolt setting plan for approval and field use(Module#01).

2. Erection drawings eg. Plan, elevation, sections for approval and field use (Module#02).

3. Shop drawings for fabrication (Module#03).

4. Bill Of Material (BOM) / Bill Of Quantities (BOQ) for individual modules.

Electronic format delivery only via our / customer.

X=Purchase order Date

Note: The schedule becomes executive only upon receipt of items listed in "Requirements to start the

Note: The delivery schedule will be mutually agreed upon the once is awarded.

The delivery schedule is contingent on,

1. Complete and correct set of architectural documents and specifications

2. Timely receipt of Customer Answer. The delivery schedule may change if changes or revisions by
customer are made during the course of the project.
I will use all the reasonable endeavors to achieve completion of the project by the relevant Milestone
specified by the customer in the project plan.

Customer recognizes that our performance to the project plan is dependent upon the co-operation of the
customer and the provision by the customer of its personnel and assistance as and when required.

The completion dates will be extended by a reasonable period if any delay or stoppage is caused by an act or
mission of customer or its clients or is caused by factors beyond the reasonable control.

I expect the drawings to be back from approval in two days of our submission; any delay in the approval
process may hinder our ability to scrub the drawings immediately as the team member may be assigned to
different projects during the awaiting period. Customer will be informed in writing every week about our
schedule and possible impact due to the delay in the approval process.

Professional Charges: Architectural drawing price


Structural detailing:

Approval process: (90% of Estimated Amount)

Fabrication process: (10% of Estimated Amount)

Engineering Value: 7000/- Rs

Billing Cycle:

On submission of each Modules specified above.

Terms & Billing:

Upon release of purchase Order by the customer, this proposal becomes a binding agreement
between customer and myself to provide Structural detailing services for the above specified

Change Control Note/Additional work:

Any additional changes during the courses of the project will be recorded in the form of Change
Control Note (CCN) and send to customer for review. The additional work undertaken by as a
result may increase the total cost of the project. We shall notify customer through CCN before the
commencement of such work. Failure to respond or advise objection in writing. all CCN work will
be charged.


We shall not be contractually obligated to any party other customer, regardless of customer's
agreements, contracts with third parties.

To help me to ensure that its services meet the highest quality standards, I will not be held
responsible for any construction problem, malfunction or error that is detected for the above
mentioned 15day window.

Customer Support Contacts:


Professional Engineer