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Form 60


Directions for items 67-100. Select the best answer and mark your
answer sheet, a, b, c, or d. DO NOT WRITE ON THE TEST BOOKLET.

67. ED : how long has Mr. River studied English?

Tus: He______for one month.

a) Studies
b) Is studying
c) Will study
d) Has been studying

68. I am a student. The instructor teaches me.

a) I am teaching the student.

b) I am taught by the instructor.
c) I teach the instructor.
d) I am not taught by the instructor.

69. How_____ you like the weather is Texas?

a) Do
b) Are
c) Have
d) Must

70. the river has its origin in Minnesota.

a) Waterfalls
b) Parts
c) End
d) Beginning

71. the singer is very popular.

a) The singer sings badly.

b) Many people like to listen to the singer.
c) The singer sings folk music
d) People who like the singer are intelligent.

72. a man who cashes a check wants it_____.

a) Deposited
b) Changed for money
c) Mailed
d) Saved

73. Man has known about petroleum for many centuries.

a) Hundreds of years
b) Thousands of years
c) Several years
d) Many decades

74. She_____ get to the dance last night.

a) Shouldn’t
b) Couldn’t
c) Can’t
d) Won’t

75. It is against regulations_________food in your room.

a) To had
b) To have
c) To having
d) Have

76. Tom had the chair______from the office.

a) Removes
b) To remove
c) Removing
d) Removed

77. select the correct sentence.

a) We will go on a picnic if it doesn’t rain

b) If we will go on a picnic, it doesn’t rain.
c) If we doesn’t go on a picnic, it will rain.
d) We if it will rain doesn’t go on a picnic

78. For billions of years, the sun, which is a large star has
been burning intensely without dissipating itself. The
reason for this unique action is the performance of
thermonuclear reaction which gives off heat and energy
without a great loss of fuel. The light and warmth that we
enjoy each day are a result of the sun’s thermonuclear

According to this paragraph , the sun_____.

a) Gets hotter
b) Emits heat and energy
c) Gets cooler
d) Is dissipating intensely

79. Learning a second language requires a great deal of

determination and effort. A person must concentrate on the
material. The learner must immerse himself.

According to the paragraph, ________.

a) It is easy to learn a second language

b) A person need only listen to learn a second language
c) Second language learning demands hard work
d) Occasional studying results in second language learning

80. The best fire prevention system good___.

a) Cooking
b) Housekeeping
c) Painting
d) Flooring

81. the principal was appointed by the board of education.

a) Named
b) Replaced
c) Educated
d) Instructed

82. Why don’t you use your head when you drive?

a) Think
b) Be quick
c) Use our eyesight
d) Use your hat

83. The inch, foot, and yard are______ measurements.

a) Quality
b) Linear
c) Weight
d) Volume
84. Visiting with Americans________ you an opportunity to
speak English.

a) To give
b) Gives
c) Giving
d) Given

85. not much____ about the matter since that time.

a) To say
b) Is saying
c) Has been said
d) Have to say

86. In any physical fitness program, self-discipline must


a) Emphasize
b) To emphasize
c) Emphasized
d) Emphasizing

87. You should use a pen______your checks.

a) To writing
b) Of writing
c) For writing
d) For write
88. Joe rides the bus rather than the train. He says the bus
is faster and is as comfortable as the train.

a) He believes the train is more comfortable.

b) He thinks he bus travels faster.
c) The bus is more comfortable
d) He prefers the train to the bus.

89. I will probably eat my lunch before I leave.

a) Want to
b) Should
c) Will likely
d) Must

90. silver, for instance, is a good conductor.

a) For moment
b) For example
c) Instantly
d) For necessity

91. Don’t oppose his interests.

a) Be for
b) Work against
c) Examine
d) Protect

92. The path is so narrow that_____.

a) I’m tired
b) I must walk behind you
c) It’s damaging my shoes
d) I can see for miles

93. Paul took his clothes to the cleaners and told the clerk
to deliver them when they were ready. Paul wants the clerk
to ____

a) Put a special finish on the clothes

b) Have the clothes taken to his house
c) Throw the clothes away because they are too old
d) Come get Paul’s clothes to be cleaned

94. _______ Missisippi River flows_____ southward.

a) ____, the
b) The,the
c) The,___
d) ____,____

95. I am tired_____ reading. Let’s go for a walk.

a) To
b) Of
c) By
d) For

96. The wind’s effect on an airplane while it is on the ground

is different____ when it is flying.

a) So
b) Compared
c) To
d) From

97. Don’t____ that old shirts: it will make a good cleaning


a) Wipe
b) Discard
c) Describe
d) Polish

98. the animal died because it was underfed and_____.

a) Overworked
b) Underway
c) Overcooked
d) Undercover

99. The woman was seized.

a) Harmed
b) Captured
c) Destroyed
d) Aided

100. You can always count_____ Jerry to do the right thing.

a) On
b) For
c) By
d) To