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4th Periodical Test

T.L.E. 9

Name: Date:

9 – St. Gabriel Score:


Direction : Write only the correct answer. ( Find your answer on the given box below )

Egg Yolks Garnishing Tarty

Pudding Packaging Popovers
Cream Custard Refrigerate
Crepes Cream Puffs Marzipan
Cakes Sherbets Ice Cream
Meringues Gelatine Fruits
Sugar Batter Egg Whites
Waffles Plating Storing

___________________________1. It may be mixed with flavourings , sugar and cream or milk to make custard.
___________________________2. It is used for decoration.
___________________________3. Small pies with a single crest and open top and have filling. They also come in round
beat shapes.
___________________________4. It is very soft bread variety of bread softened in milk with egg and sugar added.
Sometimes called “blancmange”.
___________________________5. Enclosing food in a material for chemical , biological protection.
___________________________6. They are richer than cream puffs , they are usually topped with caramelized syrup.
___________________________7. It is a milk product which contain more fat than milk itself.
___________________________8. It is a tender thickened mixture of milk , eggs and sugar mixed on flan molders and
steamed or baked.
___________________________9. It keeps cold or cool below 40 ℉.
___________________________10. It is a very thin pancakes and are served with fillings like fresh or cooked fruits with
whipped cream , custard or chocolate cream.
___________________________11. They have hollow shells that are crispy and brown outside and moist and soggy
___________________________12. This is a confectioner basically made of ground almonds , confectioners , sugar and
___________________________13. They are rich muffins that contain a high proportion of fats , sugar and eggs.
___________________________14. Are similar product to ice cream.
___________________________15. Are frozen milk products made with cream or milk , sugar flavoring and stabilizer
like gelatin , pectin and seaweed gum.
___________________________16. Are egg white beaten to stiff the stage with sugar added gradually.
___________________________17. Is used to set many cold moulded desserts.
___________________________18. Ripe perfect fruits provides the basis for many desserts with very little effort needed
to make an attractive colorful display.
___________________________19. It is the common element linking virtually all desserts.
___________________________20. This simple mixture of flour and water is used to make crepes.
___________________________21. Are beaten to soft peaks will support souffle’s and mousses while white beaten to
form peaks are suitable for meringues.
___________________________22. It is similar to pancakes but they come with extra egg and fat for a richer and more
tender product.
___________________________23. It is a frame of presentation of planes.
___________________________24. The process of keeping the food in proper places to lengthen the life of it.
___________________________25. These are snacks favorites but they’re also served for breakfast and for buffet

Direction : Encircle the letter of the correct answer.

26. It comes in wood and plastic , used to protect the table when slicing bread.

a. Cutting Board b. Mixers c. Freezer d. Chillers

27.Bowls that are large enough to hold ingredients while they are being mix.

a. Cutting Board b. Mixing Bowls c. Freezer d. Chillers

28. A thermally insolated compartment used to store food at a temperature below the ambient temperature of the

a. Cutting Board b. Mixers c. Refrigerator d. Chillers

29. A small knife with a straight , sharp blade that works well for peeling and coming foods and cutting small items.

a. Cutting Board b. Mixers c. Freezer d. Pairing Knife

30. A pliable scraper made of rubber use to scrape foods from the bowl.

a. Scraper / Rubber Scraper b. Mixers c. Freezer d. Chillers


Direction : Enumerate what is asked in each number.

31- 33 Types of Cream 

 
 
 
34 – 36 Types of Cheese 50 – 59 Categories of Desserts
 
 
 
37 – 40 Types of Kitchen Knives 

 
 
 
 

41 – 44 Garnishes that add attraction to the dessert
60 - 62 Categories of Dessert Sauces

 
 
 

45 – 49 Tips and Techniques in the Preparation of