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1. Appleton Elementary is packed with different kinds of kids

2. At times, he tries to be friendly and greets his classmates but
1. It is the last Friday in October, everybody in Appleton is often, they just stare back fiercely and ignore him.
excited for the derby of an American football game between 3. Before the classes start, Newt finds a quiet place for him
the Ferocious Ferrets of Fillmore High School and the Chargers to settle down.
of Merrimac High School – also known as the Big Game. 4. He takes out one of his Secret Superhero Sketchbooks and
2. Newton Newman (Newt) has a big brother, Chris Newman starts playing with his imagination.
(Chris),who is a local football star, who plays for the Ferocious 5. Newt has never shown his sketching of the superhero
Ferrets after an electrifying debut two years back. characters to anyone else except to his two best friends, Cecil
3. Newt is preparing breakfast for his family when he comes and JJ, who have utmost admiration towards Newt’s
across an article of his brother in the Sports section of the local creativity.
newspaper. 6. Cecil alerts them of the coming Halloween and suggests that
4. At first, Newt is eager to show the article to Dad but he they celebrate it as usual.
is held down when the phone rings. 7. Talking about celebrating Halloween, the three of them are
5. On the other hand, Mom is also busy receiving a call from bored with their own costumes as they have been wearing the
their neighbour. same outfits for years.
6. Newt gets frustrated as both of his parents have not touched 8. Eventually, Cecil suggests that each of them needs to come
their breakfast. out with an outstanding Halloween costume based on their
7. To make himself feel useful, Newt goes upstairs to woke his ‘inner other’ that will catch everybody’s attention.
brother up.
8. Annoyed with Newt’s bellow, Chris throws a pillow at him
but ends up hitting the floor hard.

1. During social studies class, Newt is still searching for an idea
for his Halloween costume. 1. Newt stops thinking about Halloween when he recalls the
2. He imagines himself as Zeus, the god of lightning according moment Chris mentions Reggie Ratner, an opponent from
to the Greek myth, but soon realises that he does not fit in the Merrimac High, who has always been holding grudges against
descriptions shown by his subject teacher. his brother.
3. Not giving up, he raises his hand asking Mrs. Young what the 2. To make it worst, during the Big Game, the crowd
American pioneers wore when they built the country. play sentiment on both Chris and Reggie.
4. Although Newt is ridiculed by his classmate, the answer 3. Newt, who is now away from his bleacher, is shown his way
given by his teacher is more than enough for him out after he fails to present his seat ticket to the person in
to rule out the possibility of having such costume for charge.
Halloween. 4. When the final quarter starts, both teams are level and
5. The school ends early so the students and locals can watch unfortunately, Newt is forced to watch the game from outside
the Big Game Pep Parade on the street. the wire fence surrounding Fillmore Field.
6. Newton is ecstatic to attend his brother’s last game of the 5. He can see that the Home team, especially his brother,
season. is playing their hearts out until the game reaches its last 45
7. On the other hand, Cecil and JJ are more incline to their seconds – the Away team is leading by two points.
Halloween costumes. 6. Without giving up, the Big Game is getting more intense
8. That has put Newt back in dilemma as he is having hard time during the last seven seconds.
thinking about his own Halloween costume. 7. The Ferrets show high determination and Chris manages to
9. Newt falls asleep while figuring out the design of his costume get a last minute touchdown.
only to wake up after he has a terrible dream. 8. There are mixed feelings on the ground as the opponents
10. It is time for the Big Game as his parents are getting ready bow down to their defeat and the home crowd is jubilant with
for it and with heavy heart, Newt has to put aside his coming the winning streak.
Halloween celebration and shift his focus on the final game.

1. Chris is unconscious as the result of the winning
touchdown. 1. Newt is frantically searching for idea as he is running out of
2. The whole ground is in complete silence when Chris is being time to come out with his Halloween costume and falls asleep
attended and brought to the hospital. soon after.
3. Chris’ test results come out and fortunately he is not 2. By noon, Newt is still clueless about his costume and he
suffering from any broken parts, he is just in coma. decides not to celebrate Halloween.
4. Back in his room, Newt still cannot forget what happened 3. He then falls asleep when sketching his latest fantasy
during the winning touchdown as he describes it as superhero character.
the thunderous crash. 4. Mom is already home when Newt wakes up.
5. He tries to revert his concentration to Halloween as the Big 5. After peeping at Mom holding his brother’s sweatshirt,
Game incident keeps rewinding in his mind. Newt asks if there is anything he can do to cheer her up.
6. The next day, Newt answers various callers trying to get 6. But Newt is told that he could do nothing for the moment.
some news about Chris. 7. Taken aback by Mom’s words, he decides to prove that he
7. Cecil and JJ drop by at Newt’s house to give a few things to is useful in such stressful situation.
cheer him up. 8. Just before he can cheer Mom up by wearing his brother’s
8. The local community is talking about the touchdown football jersey, she has already left home for the hospital.
incident and starts calling it the Big Tackle. 9. In the meantime, Cecil and JJ arrive at Newt’s doorstep.
9. Cecil also tells Newt that some of the Ferrets get some 10. Newt clumsily opens the door only to find that he is in awe
revenge on Reggie, the Chargers’ defensive back who is accused of his two friends.
of causing Chris to get into his coma. 11. Cecil disguises himself as the famous musician, Mozart
10. As the Newt recalls the Big Tackle, JJ tries to divert his whereas JJ is dressed up as Splendida, a fictional character
attention by asking about their Halloween plan. from her favourite book.
11. Speechless, Newt tries to avoid Halloween by saying that he 12. Lastly, the big and important question pops out, ‘What is
has lots of chores to settle. Newton Newman going to be for Halloween?’
12. Both Cecil and JJ are not convinced and they decide to meet
the next day at 6.00 p.m for Halloween.


1. Newt is out of words when is asked to explain about his outfit 1. When they arrive at the first stop, the lady and her husband
as he is wearing his brother’s pieces of clothing. living in the house are rejoicedwhen they look at Cecil, JJ and
2. JJ asks Newt if there is something wrong with his brother. Newt.
3. Newt replies that his brother is doing fine. 2. The lady has perfectly guessed Cecil’s and JJ’s Halloween
4. He does not want to let his best friends down so he insists costumes.
that both of them should continue celebrating Halloween 3. Then, the couple turns their attention to Newt, who is still
without him. searching for an identity of his own as he has not named
5. Newt finally confesses that he does not have a costume for his alter ego yet.
himself and he immediately explains everything that he did in 4. The lady’s husband notices C.N. on the middle of Newt’s
search for a suitable costume before Cecil and JJ can respond to forehead and he directly asks them about those initials.
the confession. 5. Surprised by the question, Newton is tongue-tied at first
6. After a long silence, Cecil and JJ decide to transform Newt’s while both Cecil and JJ are quick enough to throw some hints
outfit on the spot. when they see Newton first reaction after being asked by the
7. Both of them alter the pieces of clothing that Newt is man.
wearing and eventually they manage to produce an outstanding 6. Eventually, Newt manages to overcome his own fear and he
costume. reveals himself as Captain Nobody, C.N.
8. They reach the ultimate transformation when JJ cuts two
small holes on the sweatband that Newt is wearing o his
forehead and change it into a mask.
9. Newt himself feels rejuvenated after looking at himself in
the mirror.
10. The three of them feel ecstatic as they finally manage to
celebrate the Halloween together.

1. After they leave the first house, Cecil and JJ really like the
idea of ‘Captain Nobody’ 1. Newt, who has always been positive about his brother,
2. JJ gets a bit emotional as she can see that Newt seems to cannot stop ruling out the worst outcome of his brother’s
forget about his brother’s critical condition after condition and he feels uneasy about it.
being enthusiastic of becoming Captain Nobody. 2. Then, he quickly realises that he needs to get ready for
3. This time around, it is Newt who breaks school.
the awkward moment and urges his two best friends to focus 3. He tries to look for his school outfit and after he fails to find
on celebrating Halloween. an appropriate one, he goes to school with the Captain
4. On that night, people show great interest into the three of Nobody’s costume.
them. 4. There are mixed reactions from his classmates; some make
5. The attention that they get has been joyful especially for fun of him wearing the outfit but Cecil and JJ show support for
Newton. his wild wardrobe choice.
6. 6.He feels more confident being Captain Nobody than being 5. Mrs. Young successfully manages the situation in the class
Newton Newman. from going haywire as all eyes are set on Captain Nobody and
7. Cecil and JJ are also aware of Newt’s change of attitude a few kids start mocking him.
when they are counting their trick-or-treat collection under the 6. In the Principal’s office, a discussion is going on between
street lights. Principal Toomey and Mrs. Young while Captain Nobody waits
8. When Newt arrives at his house, his mother has already hit outside.
the sack. 7. On a serious note, Mrs. Young jumps into a conclusion that
9. He is a little bit disappointed because he wants to show his Newt is having a hard timecoping with his brother’s latest
Halloween costume to her. condition and she reports that Newt insists of being called
10. Just before he falls asleep, Newt reassures himself by saying Captain Nobody.
that he is not supposed to be anybody, he is Captain Nobody. 8. After that, a more heated discussion is going on after the
school counsellor and nurse join in and later on, the principal
tells Newt that Captain Nobody is welcomed in the school.
9. During lunch break, Cecil and JJ insist of becoming Captain
Nobody’s sidekicks and tell Newt to continue becoming Captain
Nobody because people start to notice them ever since.


1. Newt runs home after he realises that his parents still do not 1. Surprised by the incident, Cecil shouts at the old man who is
know about Captain Nobody and he does not want to get weird holding Captain Nobody’s ankle and the old man quickly
reaction from them. releases his hand off.
2. As he is running, Cecil summons for Captain Nobody and 2. Captain Nobody recognises the familiar face of the old man,
thinking he is joking, Newt just ignores it. Mr. Clay, who used to be alocksmith, because his mother has
3. Although feeling reluctant, Newt decides to respond to the used some of his services when she was in trouble.
call and meet Cecil at the corner of Wareen and Kander streets. 3. Cecil is still skeptical about Mr. Clay and tries to warn
4. Cecil leads their way, together with a wagon, passing by Captain Nobody that the old man might be dangerous to them.
Dumpsters and garbage cans until they stop at one point. 4. Captain Nobody claims that the old man is not harmful to
5. There is a big bass drum which has been thrown away, sitting them, it is just that he is suffering from a diseases, Alzheimer.
on the of the Dumpster that catches Cecil’s attention. 5. Mr. Clay drops his plastic medicine bottle into Captain
6. Feeling determined to own the drum, Cecil is feeling hopeful Nobody’s hand which immediately explains the old man’s
that Captain Nobody will lend his hands to get it down from situation.
the top of he Dumpster. 6. After introducing himself as Captain Nobody, he and Cecil
7. Newt is afraid of heights. So, he suggests Cecil to be the one walk Mr. Clay home.
who should climb the Dumpster. 7. Captain Nobody knows where the old man lives as he always
8. After Cecil makes it clear that the job is meant for parks his cherry red van in front of his house.
the fearless Captain Nobody, Newt changes his mind. 8. Mrs. Clay is relieved when she sees her husband standing at
9. Captain Nobody climbs on and carefully passes the drum to the front door of their house.
his sidekick, Cecil who is waiting with open arms on the 9. Mr. Clay explains that he is rescued by Captain Nobody.
10. As Captain Nobody is about to settle down, he screams his
lungs out when a hand suddenly comes out from the pile of
cardboard boxes and grabs him by his ankle.

11. Dad explains about the current situation and hospital
procedures that they need to follow and he assures Newt will be
the first one to visit if the situation improves.


1. Newt heads home and gets excited when he sees his father’s CHAPTER 14 : CERTAIN THREATS ARE MADE
car in the driveway.
2. In the kitchen, Dad meets Captain Nobody for the first time. 1. The next morning, nobody is making fun at Newt disguising
3. A moment after that, Dad starts to apologise to Newt because as Captain Nobody and even Mrs. Young addresses him
he has received several calls from the school. accordingly.
4. After the meeting in the Principal’s office, the people from 2. Later on, after Cecil explains to JJ how to operate her walkie-
school think that Captain Nobody appears in school because he talkie, the three of them decide to test their new mode of
is so upset about his brother’s condition. alternative communication.
5. Newt tries his very best to reason with Dad about being 3. As Newt is about to respond on the walkie-talkie, a football
Captain Nobody outside the house. hit at the back of his head.
6. Dad feels relieved after Newt manages to assure him that he 4. It comes from the students in the seventh grade and one
is still being himself and his alter ago is just some sort of particular kid named Ricky Ratner approaches Newt in a non-
confidence booster. friendly manner.
7. Dad even takes a photo of Captain Nobody and sends it to 5. Ricky, who happens to be Reggie’s cousin, wants Newt to
Mom. make everyone know that Reggie is not the culprit of the Big
8. Suddenly, the walkie-talkie squeals in the middle of their Tackle that leads to Chris’s critical condition.
conversation. 6. Things are about to get uglier during the heated conversation
9. Cecil makes contact just to ask a silly favour from Captain between Ricky and Newt when suddenly all of the fourth
Nobody and Newt, who is in disbelief, starts to make a weird graders stand up for Newt, Cecil and JJ.
sound through the walkie-talkie as if the device is running out 7. Before the crowd disperses, the confrontation ends with
of battery. a threat from Ricky for Newt.
10. As Newt is about to sleep, Dad tells him that Mom is having a 8. Cecil makes a point that the vibes coming from Captain
good laugh about Captain Nobody and she starts showing the Nobody make everyone in the fourth grade becomes more
image to everybody in the hospital. courageous.
9. After what had happened, Newt has to carefully sneak out
from the school.

10. He is shocked the moment JJ calls for Captain Nobody’s help 11. JJ tries to convince Captain Nobody to talk to the police
through the walkie-talkie. about the robbery.
11. Captain Nobody dashes to the Sullivan’s Jewelry Store after 12. Both of them run away when Captain Nobody explains about
their conversation ends with JJ screaming at the other end of the threat he has received from the robber.
WORSE 1. Newt reaches home late after the robbery.
2. Although terrified with the incident, he is able to sense
1. Captain Nobody is almost out of breath when he arrives at something is not going well after hearing Mom’s response.
the curb in front of Sullivan’s Jewelry store. 3. The conversation is halted when the phone rings for Mom.
2. JJ cannot get herself over with the spelling and grammar 4. Newt helps himself in the kitchen and watches the television.
mistakes found on the cardboard signs in the jewelry store. 5. To his surprise, the news is reporting on the robbery in the
3. She has tried talking to the Sullivan but she is ignored by the Sullivan’s Jewelry Store.
couple. 6. He is quite annoyed with the news report as Captain Nobody
4. JJ insists that Captain Nobody can make a difference if he is referred as ‘the little guy’, ‘amidget’ and even as
goes in and talk to the owners. ‘a leprechaun’.
5. Feeling obliged to the duty of a superhero, Captain Nobody 7. JJ phones Newt to talk about the news report and he
steps into the store where he can clearly see Mr. and Mrs. reminds JJ not to spread a word about the incident.
Sullivan at the far end with their only customer. 8. That night, Newt to talk about the news report and he
6. Afraid that he is interrupting their business, Captain Nobody reminds JJ not to spread a word about the incident.
wants to leave the store but the couple insists that they will be 9. That night, Newt is having dinner with Mom and both of
hearing anything from him. them seem to have secrets that they do not wish to reveal to
7. Captain Nobody cannot believe his eyes as he stares at the one another.
customer’s sweatshirt because he is holding a gun inside of the 10. Before he goes to bed, he reflects all the bad and good
pocket. incidents that Captain Nobody has gone through.
8. The situation becomes more chaotic when Mr. Sullivan 11. He dreams about his brother again, but this time Chris
manages to sound the alarm in the store. addresses him as ‘Captain’ and Newt feels proud to
9. Before the robber flees the scene, he threatens Captain be acknowledged by his brother.
Nobody not to report the incident to the authority or something 12. The next morning, he comes to a huge relief after hearing the
bad will happen to him. first news because the robber has been arrested.
10. After being warned, Captain Nobody immediately walks out 13. The second news, however, is not that promising. He finds
the store and wants to leave the scene. a crumpled paper in the trash bin.

14. He is now aware that Chris will be in more serious trouble if 12. Everybody who is at the scene cannot believe their own eyes
he does not wake up after 6 days. and when the word seems to stop for a moment, Ferocious sits
15. He realises that his parents are heavily distracted because of on Captain Nobody’s ankle and he scoops the ferret up safely.
the bad news and he is determined to make the situation
becomes better.

1. Darryl and Colby are on a special tour to show supports to 1. After Ferocious the Ferret has been caught, they leave the
Chris Newman after the Big Tackle incident by bringing along place as they need to gather their things that they have left by
the team ambassador, Ferocious the Ferret. the roadside.
2. A lucky student will get the chance to bring Ferocious home 2. At Newt’s house, the news about the aeroplane landing has
for one day. become a sensation.
3. Newt gets to babysit the animal and he is unhappy about it 3. Every person who is interviewed in the news gives their
since he has a plan to visit his brother after school. thoughts about the incident, also mentioning what Captain
4. As the three of them are walking home, Ricky Ratner and six Nobody has done in stopping the busy traffic.
of his friends are blocking their way. 4. The reporter concludes that it is undecided either Captain
5. Unlike before, this time around, Ricky is angrier as his Nobody is good or evil.
cousin, Reggie, is still being hassledby Chris’s friends. 5. Cecil and JJ insist that they should go back to the highway
6. Ricky notices the ferret and he signals his friends and explain about the whole situation.
to scramble the animal’s cage. 6. Captain Nobody, on the other hand, feels that he
7. Suddenly, the cage door opens and Ferocious jumps out and should revert himself by becoming Newton Newman after
gets away. what he has been through.
8. Captain Nobody, Cecil and JJ chase the animal off until they 7. By the time Cecil and JJ leave the house, it is already too late
reach the highway. for Newt to visit his brother.
9. Captain Nobody needs to come at the rescue for once again 8. Around dinner time, Dad calls to inform that he is going
and this time, he dodges the incoming traffic light just to get to stay over at the hospital with Mom.
Ferocious back. 9. Newt also informs that his days as Captain Nobody are
10. Being overwhelmed by the dangerous situation, Captain already over.
Nobody waves frantically, hoping for the vehicles to stop. 10. That night, he dreams about the highway incident which
11. As soon as the traffic stops, just about in the nick of time, a then suddenly the Big Tackle incident starts to rewind.
small aeroplane carrying passengers makes an emergency 11. At the end of the dream, Newt learns that it is Darryl Peeps
landing on the highway! who had clashed his helmet against his brother’s.


1. The next morning starts off with Newt having breakfast with 1. As JJ trying to lift Captain Nobody to get a good trip on the
Mom. second rung of the ladder, a policeman approaches them.
2. Newt mentions that he knows about Chris only has 6 days to 2. Cecil feels dutiful as Captain Nobody’s sidekick and he tries
wake up and he suprises Mom by announcing that he is going to to shift the officer’s attention and it works.
visit Chris later on that day. 3. Although the water tower supportive structures, including
3. Although he pledges that he will not be wearing the the ladder, are not as strong as it used to be, Captain Nobody
costume again, he stuffs the outfit into his backpack and heads manages to slither his way to reach Reggie Ratner despites the
for school. other challenges that he had to face.
4. He realises that he feels so lonely and ignored after returning 4. On top of the tower, they both talk to each other about the
to school as Newton Newman. Big Game and the series of event that has been happening after
5. When Newt is heading for his lunch break, he notices a lot of the incident.
teachers rushing into the faculty lounge and gather around the 5. Captain Nobody learns that Reggie climbs the tower to
television. vandalise the water tank.
6. There is news on the television reporting about Reggie 6. The truth is actually Reggie’s left foot is stuck and he needs
Ratner wants to jump off the Appleton water tower after Captain Nobody to untie his shoelace of which Captain Nobody
feeling depressed since the Big Tackle incident. manages to help Reggie and it is broadcasted through the news
7. Newt is in dilemma as he claims that he is the only one who channels in the country.
knows the truth about the Big Tackle incident. 7. Then, when they reach at a critical point, Reggie becomes
unconvinced since Captain Nobody needs to climb the ladder
down first.
8. As Captain Nobody is counting every step down, he is
surprised to see Reggie is also getting his hands on the ladder.
9. Trying to find his balance with his feet dangling on the air,
Captain Nobody loses his grip and falls down.

6. From the recovery room, Newt is transferred into the same
room where his brother has been lying motionlessly.
7. Although finally he has the chance to meet his brother in the
hospital, he feels useless as he cannot help his brother to wake
up. He wishes to tell his brother about Captain Nobody.
CHAPTER 21 : I FINISH FALLING 8. While he is thinking to himself and rewinding the memory
that he has in the morning of the Big Game, Newt lets out a
1. Captain Nobody feels time is passing by rapidly and scream, ‘HIT THE SHOWERS!’ without realising it.
everything seems to fall into pieces at the same time. 9. The nurses rush in and as he is about to explain to them,
2. Fortunately, a huge, inflated rubber mattress catches him Chris throws a pillow at his head, just like what he will do at
from hitting the hard ground. home.
3. Captain Nobody is about to celebrate his safe touch on the 10. Chris is finally awake!
ground when he suddenly sees amassive figure falling to his
landing spot. CHAPTER 23 : I WAKE UP IN THE NEWS
4. Captain Nobody swoons himself as the result of the impact
by the huge Reggie Ratner. 1. It seems the happiest celebration in the hospital the moment
Chris wakes up from his coma.
CHAPTER 22 : I FINALLY GET TO THE HOSPITAL 2. Newt, too, is getting the attention that he has never
experienced before.
1. Newt does not realise that he is in the hospital until Mom 3. He wants to be the first to talk to Chris but the shot given by
explains that he suffers from a broken ankle and ribs. the nurse earlier makes him fall into his sleep.
2. From his bed, he sees Cecil on the television responding to 4. Newt wakes up in the next morning and finds himself at his
the media on behalf of Captain Nobody. own house .
3. Mom and Dad begins to tell what had really happened after 5. Cecil and JJ are also in the house and they start talking
Captain Nobody passes out and they cannot stop worrying about the media coverage that they get after the water tower
about him since the live broadcast appears on the television. incident.
4. Suddenly, Reggie shows up and visits Newt with a lot of 6. On the other hand, Chris is nowhere to be seen in the house
reporters waiting eagerly behind the sliding door of the as he is attending a local television morning show.
recovery room. 7. The hostess and Chris talk excitedly about what had
5. Watching at his parents feeling a bit bitter towards happened and at the end of the show, Chris shocks everyone
Reggie, Newt begins to reveal that it was actually Darryl Peeps who is watching.
who knocks Chris out during the Big Tackle.

8. Chris insists that the victory parade should be led by the 8. The ending comes to a point when Chris jokingly says that
real hero, Captain Nobody, instead of the winner of the Big there is a monster under Newt’s bed just before he switches off
Game. the light
9. That night, although Newt cannot get rid of the pain, he
refuses to take the painkiller because he wants to wait for Chris
instead of falling asleep.
10. When Chris arrives home, they set their eyes for good
since the Big Game incident andmiraculously, Newt can feel
the pain fading away.
1. The parade is one of the memorable moments for Appleton
because for the first time, the Fillmore High School band is
joined by Merrimac’s marching band.
2. Darryl Peeps is not blamed for the Big Tackle and even
Reggie gets backs his peaceful life.
3. To reward their special contributions to the society, Newt,
Cecil and JJ receive a token of appreciation from the
Sullivan couple, the pilot and passengers of the small aeroplane THE END
and MR. Clay the locksmith respectively.
4. When they reach home, the normal routines get back on
track, with Mom asking Newt where she has misplaced most
of her belongings and Dad gets himself busy with his phone
and beeper.
5. But, it is not the same story for Newton Newman since all
the exposure that he has after becoming Captain Nobody.
6. Newt is now as popular as his brother, Chris, and event at
one point, Chris tells Newt about a weird incident during the
7. A little old lady from outside town claims that she did know
that Newton Newman has an older brother and that has made
Newt laugh heartily.


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