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Lesson Plan

Subject : English

Year : Year 4 Kreatif

Duration : 60 minutes

Theme : World Of Self, Family and Friends

Topic : Where Are You From?

Focus Skill: : Listening

Understand meaning in a variety of familiar
Content Standard : contexts
Recognise and reproduce target language sounds
Understand with support specific information and
details of longer simple text
Learning Standard :
Recognise and reproduce with support a wide
range of target language phonemes
1. Pupils will be able to listen to the song and
name the four countries and the four children’s
Learning Objective : names correctly
2. Pupils will be able to pronounce the countries
name correctly
Cross Curricular Activities :
Social studies
1. Pupils are shown the globe.
2. Teacher holds flashcards of country’s names.
3. Pupils identify the countries.
Activities: i. Pre Lesson :
4. Pupils are given some guidance by the teacher
to locate the countries.

1. Pupils are shown the lyrics of the song.

2. Pupils read aloud the song and practice it in
groups of four. (they use their own tune)
High achievers train without guidance while
ii. Lesson Development :
the low achievers are guided by the teacher
(reading and pronunciation)
3. Pupils sing their tuned song to the class.
4. Pupils listen to the original song.
Lesson Plan

5. Teacher asks questions on the countries said in

the song. (Formative Assessment)
6. Teacher asks the names of the character in the
(Formative Assessment)
7. Each group is given a coloured paper
containing the names and countries.
8. Pupils use the words to create simple
Eg: Paolo – Brazil
Paolo is from Brazil.
High Achievers talk more about the character
More simple sentences
9. Pupils label the countries and names given in
the task sheet. (Formative Assessment)
1. Teacher plays a new song consisting different
people from other countries.
2. Pupils name the countries said in the song.
iii. Post Lesson :
3. Pupils are rewarded with stickers for their
correct answers.
Teacher’s Reflection :