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STEP Standard 4 - Unit and Lesson Planning

Note: When implementing the unit of study, you will be choosing one of these activities to video record, review, and reflect on your teaching later
in the STEP process,

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5

Title of Lesson or Inflectional S L blends Flip Story Review L Blend Review of HF
Activity High frequency Words words, L blends
words- Review S Cliff and Slim and s ending. Post
endings and L Story Assessment
Standards and 1.RF.3 (e) 1.RF.3 (a) 1.RF.3 (f) 1.RF.3 (a) 1.RL.10
Objectives Read words with Know the spelling‐ Recognize and By the end of the With prompting
What do students inflectional endings sound read grade‐ reading lesson, and support, read
need to know and By the end of the correspondences appropriate students should be informational texts,
be able to do for lesson, students for common irregularly spelled able to identify and including functional
each day of the will be able to consonant digraphs. words. copy (write) all the texts, history/social
unit? identify verbs and By the end of the By the end of the L blend words in a studies, science,
nouns with lesson, students lesson students will simple story with and technical texts,
inflectional s with will be able to read be able to read, 80% accuracy. appropriately
70% accuracy. 4 letter “l blend” spell and use in a complex for grade
words with 80% sentence the four 1.
accuracy. high frequency By the end of the
words- be, come, review lesson,
pull, good students will take a
post assessment and
each student will
score at least 70%
Academic Plural nouns L blends Be Pet Be
Language and Action verbs Come Care Come
Vocabulary Demonstrate Pull Train Pull
Good Good
What academic
language will you
emphasize and
teach each day
during this unit?
Summary of Plural nouns -I will start by -Write the words- -Using Wonders -I will play a High
Instruction and -Show the class a writing the letter be, come, pull and picture cards- talk Frequency Word
Activities for the rock, ask to identify, blends on the board: good on the board. about the words: game with the class
Lesson then show them a Fl, gl, cl, and sl Explain that these pet, care and train. called- “Hangman”
How will the bowl of rocks, ask to -We will chorally are our high Use them in but we will use a
identify. Repeat read the blends
instruction and frequency words sentences, have jack o lantern face
activity with crayons, several times
activities flow? erasers, and pencils -I will ask the for the week. students use them because it is getting
Consider how the -Discuss difference students to think of in sentences close to Halloween
students will between 1 and more words that start with -Remind them that -Quick review of -If the students
efficiently transition than 1. Adding s to any of these l blends. high frequency inflectional s haven’t guessed
from one to the end of word when -Student suggestions words are not endings correct word by the
next. there is more than are written on board spelled the way - I will write the time I’ve drawn the
one. -We will practice they sound. words “cat, mop, outline, eyes, nose
-Write the words: cat, reciting words and mouth, then
-Say the words with bats, lips, rat, pig,
hat, pigs, mop, rats, together. teacher gets the point.
the students and hogs” -We will use all the
bat on the board -I will model on the then spell them in -I will choose
-Have individual board what the high frequency words
the air with their students to come up from the past two
students come to the following activity
board and circle should look like. If I fingers. and circle a word weeks- down, up,
words that mean one am given the blend -Ask students to that means- more very, out, pull,
and then words that “gl” then I need to use the words in a than one. come, be, good
mean there is more think of two words sentence. - I will ask them to -Quick review of
than one. that begin with gl and -Have a few explain their inflectional s
Verbs with use them in a students share their reasoning endings
inflectional s: sentence. sentences -Quick review of - I will write the
-Demonstrate using a -Students will be ACTIVITY: “L” blend words words “cat, mop,
rope, small stick, and partnered up and -Play “Memory” on -I will write the bats, lips, rat, pig,
marker lid how to given one of the words “flip, fin,
pull, tap and cap. blends. They will be
the board with the hogs”
class using 8 words. glad, gas, cap, clap
given a whiteboard
-Students will partner and marker. They 4 from last week slip, sip, back and -I will choose
up and be given rope, will write down the and the 4 new ones. black. students to come up
sticks and markers. words they came up -Words will be: -I will ask students to and circle a word
with. down, up, very, out, come to the board to that means- more
-I will model first -After sufficient time pull, come, be, circle and read an L than one.
how to pull, tap and partners will share blend word. I will
good - I will ask them to
cap. (One tap only, their words and ask them to explain
one pull only, etc) sentences with the -I will use name why it is an L blend explain their
-They will class. stick jar to word. reasoning
demonstrate with -They will then be determine who -READING -Quick review of
each other the action given 10 blank index takes a turn I will hand out their “L” blend words
of tap, cap and pull. cards. They will first READING: reading/ writing -I will write the
-On board, I will write their name in -Using the projector workshop book. words “flip, fin,
write tap, cap and pencil using small and computer, I -We will chorally glad, gas, cap, clap
pull. letters at the top of will project the read the story “A pig slip, sip, back and
-Students will come the card. story called: FLIP for Cliff.” black.
to the board and add -Then they will copy by Ezra R. Tanaka -We will read it a -I will ask students to
an s to each word. the ten words on to second time and each come to the board to
in the Wonders
-We will discuss the 10 individual index time they hear an L circle and read an L
difference when the cards using my program by blend word or word blend word. I will
action is done more colored markers that I McGraw Hill. that ends in S they ask them to explain
than once as opposed will let them borrow -The computer will will put their thumbs why it is an L blend
to just one time. -The ten words will read the words, kids up. word.
-Students will then be: flip, flap, glad, will read along and -Students will be POST
partner up again and glass, class, clap, slip, I will stop and ask partnered up. ASSESSMENT
using the slim, black and blip. questions for -They will each be -Students will be
manipulatives they Activity- WRITE students to answer given a “whisper given the post
will demonstrate to THE ROOM Q- Where does Flip phone” assessment
each other how (taps, -I will have want to go, why is -They will practice individually at their
caps and pulls) is previously placed 5 reading the story to desks
he sad, how can
more than one action. giant poster papers at each other using their -I will read the
5 different corners in you tell? whisper phones. instructions and each
the room. Q- What do you -Each student will be questions to them
Students will take notice about the given a clip board, -They will circle the
their 10 index cards word FLIP? Are paper and pencil. answers
with l blend words on there any other L Ending activity
them. On each poster blend words on this -They will write FLASHLIGHT
will have one of the l page? down all the L blend FRIDAY
blends written at the Q- every time you words that are in the -The students will
top- gl, cl, fl, sl and hear a high story. They can take a book of their
bl. frequency word put continue to work with choice from the class
-The students will their partner. library nook
your thumb up
walk around the room -If the word appears -They will each be
and place their word Q- what do you more than once, they given a small finger
card on the poster it notice about the can put a check mark flashlight
belongs to. word “pulls” for each time beside -They will go to any
-My co teacher and I Q-what do you the word spot in the room and
will be handing out notice about the -Their names will go use the flashlight to
pieces of tape at the word “likes” at the top of the page read the book
front of the room. Q- What do you and the paper will be independently
notice about the handed in. -The lights will be
words- Black and turned off but the
class? window blinds we be
kept open
-After the activity
give the kids a
photocopied paper
version of the story
-They will read it
independently and
circle all the high
frequency words
that they notice.
-They will put their
names on the front
page and color the
pictures when they
are done.
Differentiation Student with Student with the Student with IEP Student with IEP Student with IEP
What are the behavior issue and IEP and behavior and behavior- and and behavior and and two lower
adaptations or IEP will have a issues will need a the other two lower the other 2 lower students will be
modifications to the higher learning responsible higher academic students students will be given the
instruction/activities student as partner. learner partner for will have someone partnered with assessment
as determined by He will have the first and second read the story to higher learning individually with an
the student factors assistance with activity. He will be them. They only students who can assistant during
or individual filling out the given 5 words have to circle two help them. They intervention time.
learning needs? worksheet, each instead of 10. If he high frequency will only be They can take it at a
word will be read to has a hard time words- be and expected to identify slower pace if
him. The low copying the words I come. 2 L blend words. needed and all
readers in the class will have a words will be read
will also have each prewritten set ready to them. The
word on the for him to use student with the
worksheet read to instead. Lower IEP will finish as
them. They will learners will be much of the test as
also be partnered partnered up with he is able but won’t
with higher higher learners for be expected to
learners. the first activity. finish the whole
The 2 lower readers thing.
can do five words
instead of 10.
Required Bowl of rocks, 250 index cards 8 index cards 25 whisper phones 25 finger flashlights
Materials, handful of pencils, 25 white boards prewritten words, 25 clip boards, 25 1st grade reader
Handouts, Text, crayons, erasers. with markers, tape papers and pencils books
Slides, and 15 6 inch ropes, 15 erasers. -Projector and White board 25 photocopies of
Technology markers with caps, Colored markers- a computer markers and eraser the post assessment
15 5 inch sticks. box of 30+ -Link to the Flip 25 Wonders-by
story in the McGraw Hill
Wonders program Reading/Writing
by McGraw Hill workshop books. I
(I cannot provide a cannot provide the
link as the program link for this book as
is a registered and it is also in the
paid for Wonders program
curriculum.) curriculum. The
The story is about a story is about a
girls pet dinosaur Tiger named Cliff
who comes to class who has a pet pig
with her. named Slim. The
The words of the story reads as
story are as follows: Cliff is
follows: Flip is my glad. Cliff has a
pet. Flip is big. new pet. It is Slim.
Flip can not go in. It is a big black pig.
Flip is sad. Flip Slim can not fit in!
pulls me in. Flip Come out Slim!
and I go to class. Slam! Cliff can not
Flip sits. Be good, sit with Slim. Cliff
Flip! Flip likes and Slim slip. Slim
class. The kids like can go up. Cliff
Flip. Miss Black is can not. Slim can
mad. Sit down, pull Cliff. Slim
Flip! Look at Miss will be a good pet!
Black! Flip has a
plan. Flip did it!
The class claps.
Can Flip come
back? “Flip can”
said Miss Black.
Flip is glad.!
Photocopied paper
version of the FLIP
story- 25 copies
-pencils, crayons,
markers, erasers.
Instructional and I will use teacher I will have the Whole class game Choral reading Hands on
Engagement modelling first so students sit on the and reading. Reading with manipulatives
Strategies they will know rug for instructional Questioning using handheld Privacy folders
What strategies are what to do. I will time and partner the name sticks so manipulatives used during the
you going to use use hands on time. everyone gets a Partner work assessment
with your students manipulatives- I will use teacher turn. Activity where the
to keep them ropes, markers and modelling first. I Coloring and students can move
engaged throughout sticks, rocks, will use circling activity around the room
the unit of study? crayons, pencils whiteboards as a with a paper book
and erasers. Lastly, handheld they’ll get to keep.
they will work in manipulative. I
partnerships to stay will use partner
engaged. Students work- think, pair,
will be sitting on share method. I
their designated “sit will use an action
spots” on the rug activity where they
during instruction get to walk around
time. They can the room and use
move to various strategic thinking at
spots in the room the same time.
for partner time.
Formative At the end of the I will assess the I will collect the I will collect their POST
Assessments lesson they will be posters after the “FLIP” papers with all the ASSESSMENT-
How are you going given a worksheet lesson to see who photocopied story L blends words Posted below
to measure the to do put their cards on from the students written down. I
learning of your independently. the correct posters and assess their will base their score
students throughout Worksheet with the and who did not. I work. I will base on how many
the lesson? words: will take scores of their score on the words they
Cat fans bag dad each student’s high frequency identified and how
pins vans map pets proper card many check marks
(they will circle placement. (Names words they circled beside each word as
only the words will be on the cards or didn’t circle. well.
which means there so I can tell who’s
are more than one. cards went where.)
(I will read the
instructions to
They will then
circle the action
words which mean
the action is only
done 1 time. (I will
read instructions to
Pat pats
Cap Caps
Lick Licks
Pull Pulls
Rip Rips

Unit “Pets are Special” Post-Assessment

Summative, Post-
What post- 1.What does it mean to care for something?
assessment will
measure the A.To win a prize
learning progress? B.To catch something
Note: This can be
the same as the pre- C.To be careful and gentle
assessment or a 2. What does “train a pet” mean?
modified version of A.To feed the pet
B.To teach the pet new things
C.To give the pet away
3. Draw a circle every time you have a word with the L sound in it

Pan plan pin

Can cloud cat
Flap fat fit
4. When there is more than one cat, we say:
B. Cat
C. Cats
5. Circle the words that mean more than one:
dogs cat pig
kid bugs bat
hogs rat ants
6. Circle the high frequency word: Teacher says: “BE”
bet be bin

7. Circle the high frequency word: Teachers says-“COME”

cat come clap
8. Circle the high frequency word: Teacher says: “Very”
Van Very violin
9. Circle the high frequency word: down
Did dog down
My dog barked.
So I took him for a walk.
Then he ate his food.
Then he had a nap

10. What happened first in the story?

A. The dog had a nap
B. The dog went for a walk
C. The dog barked
11. What happened last in the story?
A. The dog ate his food
B. The dog woke up
C. The dog had a nap
12. Where does a period go?
A. At the beginning of a sentence
B. In the middle of a sentence
C. At the end of a sentence

Answer Guide:
1) C
2) B
3) Up to3 pts for plan, cloud, and flap
4) C
5) Up to 4 pts for dogs, bugs, hogs, rats
6) Be
7) Come
8) Very
9) Down
10.) C
11.) C
12.) C

Total Points possible: 17

0-6 points- Falls far below the standard
7-11 points Approaches the standard
11-17 points- Meets the standard