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Nama : Helmi Muhammad Shadiq

NPM : 1906330085

1. According to our experience, before zoom meeting and Skype era came, we had to take business trip
every time the head office held a monthly meeting with regional office. Based on the company policy,
we wouldn't get any accommodation when attending a meeting. Therefore, we would always took
the business trip as a round trip on the same day. This could cause negative emotions such as anger
(Chapter 5 p. 142) because we would need to leave early for the meeting and come back home very
late if, for example, the meeting was held in Makassar. This also caused Procedural Justice that
happened because this rule was set without involving the lower level employees (Chapter 8 p. 221).
2. Our argument is that the thing can not be limited in this era because in our opinion that information
technology in the workplace is included in social needs according to Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of
Needs Theory (Chapter 8 p. 213).
3. We'd like to set a policy of using online control card which describes every division's work so that each
division can easily find out the works done by other divisions. This will reduce the barriers in creating
an effective communication, namely physical barriers: sound, time, space and more (Chapter 14 p.
406) where usually each division work place is located on a different floor or even in a different
building than the others. This often leads to a situation where a division isn't aware of others' current
and upcoming works so that there is a chance they overlap each other and this can cause
disadvantages for both divisions.
4. In the case from article, we simply disagree with the way of the employees disobeying the company
policy where they aren't allowed to download iTunes or instant messaging software. This happens
because the company thinks that the applications have the potential to create great deals of
distactions for workers and counterproductive work behaviour (Chapter 6 p. 177). However, the use
of the technology can not be limited nowadays and the employees will always find a way to overcome
the situation anyway. So, it'd be better to set a rule where the employees are allowed to use iTunes
during break time instead of prohibiting it all day. This is to reduce the risk of individual-organization
value conflict (Chapter 6 p. 157).
5. In the case of Unilever, the evidence from Net Gen Norms according to the table is "Collaboration".
In the article, it is stated "So wikes put together some ideas about how employees could be more
productive using consumer technology". The statement shows that the good combination between
the employees and technology has the potential to increase employee productivity.
6. In the article, it is stated that the specific tool used is "it may move user outside the corporate firewall
and allow them to connect via their own computers". But later it is explained that Unilever is still
considering whether to give the access of digital freedom to its employees or not.