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Trading Nanodegree by UDACITY AND WORLDQUANT;

 Trading expertise and knowledge of stock markets

 Being able to work under pressure and in a fast-paced environment
 The ability to follow instructions and to learn fast.
 Attention to details
 Effective communication
 Decision-making
 Computer proficiency
 Teamwork
Beneath is displayed a cover letter sample for Junior Trader demonstrating relevant skills and

I have gained expertise in identifying business opportunities, following and analyzing industry
trends, and leveraging a deep understanding of financial markets to drive account and trading
success. My demonstrated record of developing and maintaining beneficial broker
relationships—along with my outstanding analytical and communication skills—positions me to
make a significant and positive impact on your firm.
Successfully coordinating best execution practices, transaction monitoring and
analysis, regulatory compliance, and client communications to realize peak financial
performance and maximum client satisfaction.

 Demonstrating expertise in funds across asset classes, including equities,

convertible bonds, mandatory preferreds, ETFs, futures, and programs.
 Playing a key role in growing the desk at Canon Financial Group from 4
hedge funds to 14, nearly doubling market share to 19%.
 Significantly contributing to desk profitability by adding $3.8M in revenue
through a broader offering of execution services to new and existing clients.
 Selected to represent Canon Financial Group on global weekly calls with all
emerging-markets traders, managers, and analysts.
 Leveraging keen financial expertise and market industry analysis to forge
solid relationships and build a lasting and trusting broker base.
 Demonstrating proficiency in various OMS platforms, ECNs, algorithmic
applications, and analytical tools.
With my background in driving astute financial trades, combined with my superior time
management abilities and my talent for excelling under pressure, I am ready to provide
outstanding service within your firm. I look forward to discussing the position with you in further
Oversaw 5 platforms to automate manual processes, including the generation of
pricing algorithms, real-time risk analysis, and profitability reports, resulting in better
understanding of positions and risks, and improving pricing efficiency by 80%