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Experiment Station
New Jersey Agricultural

Landscape Programs

Landscape Design, Construction


& Maintenance
2010 - 2011

Professional Education
Office of Continuing
Turf, Tree & Pest Management
Parks & Public Grounds

What’s New this Season? Credits The Landscape Management Certificate

Courses offer a wide range Earn the credential that confirms and advertises your expertise. The Rutgers
You’ll find new and revised programs this year: University Landscape Management Certificate Program covers the core skills
of credits including: Pesticide,
• Fence Installation (p. 11) that true landscape professionals and enthusiasts should master. Complete the full
• Organic Turfgrass Management (p. 16) certificate program to earn a credential you can proudly display to your family,
GCSAA, APLD, Irrigation,
• School IPM Coordinator Certification (p. 16) friends and clients.
Community Forestry, &
• Invasive Species Seminar: Diseases (p. 22)
more. Classes in the certificate series:
• Invasive Species Seminar: Insects (p. 22)
• Abiotic Stress Disorders in the Landscape (p. 28) • Growing Ornamental Plants (p.5)
• Two-Cycle Engine Maintenance (p. 37) • Introduction to Plant Identification (p.5)
• Sales and Marketing for the Landscape Contractor (p. 37) • Soil and Plant Relationships (p.6)
• Cash Flow Management for the Landscape Contractor (p. 38) • Water Management and Drainage (p.6)
• Retaining Walls and Outdoor Spaces (New Hands-on Sessions) (pgs. 10 & 13) • Introduction to Pruning Techniques (p.7)
• Integrated Pest Management (p.16)
We’re glad to offer valuable new programming for the 2010-2011 course season. • Basics of Turfgrass Management (p.21)
Learn valuable techniques in the debut Rutgers Fence Installation (p.11) course. • Pest Management of Ornamental Landscape Plants (p.24)
Our first-ever Organic Turfgrass Management (p.16) course takes place on • Pest Management of Landscape Turf (p.25)
January 10th and will allow for a deeper understanding into this increasingly
popular green landscape practice. Rutgers programming now allows you to
obtain your School IPM Coordinator Certification (p.16). Join Rich Buckley The Public Grounds Management Certificate
and other industry talents for our new 2-Day Invasive Species Seminar (p.22). Stand out from your colleagues and build your resume with the Rutgers
Our new Abiotic Stress Disorders in the Landscape (p.28) program will University Public Grounds Management Certificate. This program teaches
prepare you to deal with challenging chemical and physical factors affecting management, construction, and maintenance skills that are vital to a successful
your plants. Develop hands-on equipment skills at the first Rutgers Two-Cycle career in public grounds. Earning this certificate will put your knowledge on dis-
Engine Maintenance (p.37) course. Understand the keys to differentiating play and further your dedication to excellence in public grounds management.
your company and attracting more profits in the new Sales and Marketing
Classes in the certificate series:
for the Landscape Contractor (p.37) program. Our first-ever Cash Flow
Management for the Landscape Contractor (p. 38) seminar will allow for • Introduction to Plant Identification (p.5)
more positive control over the finances of your green business. We are • Soil and Plant Relationships (p.6)
also pleased to continue the success of technology and distance learning • Introduction to Pruning Techniques (p.7)
tools in the 2010-2011 Rutgers Professional Landscape Programs. • Integrated Pest Management (p.16)
• Basics of Turfgrass Management (p.21 )
Frequent Learner Discounts • Pest Management of Ornamentals (p.24)
We’ve made it easier for you to save money in your landscape classes. • Pest Management of Landscape Turf (p.25)
You will qualify for a 10% discount on landscape training if you spend • Athletic Field Construction and Maintenance (p.30)
$1,000 or more between July 1, 2010 and June 30, 2011. • Park Management and Liability Issues (p.31)
• Hazardous Tree Identification (p.32)
Page 2 Page 3

Fundamental Skills
Plants ................................................................................. 5 Introduction to Plant Identification
Soil and Water ................................................................... 6 AL0249CA11
Pruning .............................................................................. 7 November 4 and 5, 2010 9:00am - 3:30pm
$395 before October 21, 2010; $445 after
Design and Construction This two-day course will teach you the basics of plant classification and biology
Plants and Landscape Design ...................................... 8-10 to help you better understand how plants are grouped and identified. This course
Beds and Borders............................................................. 11 is taught by Certified Tree Expert Ted Szczawinski, a professor of plant science
and biology at the Bergen County Technical School. He will give you plenty of
Construction ............................................................... 11-13
examples and demonstrations so that you will have confidence in identifying,
keying out, and talking intelligently about landscape plants.
Irrigation .............................................................................. 14-15
This class is recommended for anyone planning to attend the Landscape Plants:
Identification, Selection, and Application course (see page 8 for details).
Pest Control and Turfgrass ............................................. 16, 21-27
This is a core class in the Landscape Management Certificate Program and the
Public Grounds Management Certificate Program.
Abiotic Issues and Tough Sites .................................................... 28
ISA Credits/Day 1: Certified Arborist-5; BCMA-Science-3; BCMA-Practice-2
Roadsides and Snow..................................................................... 29 Day 2: Certified Arborist-4.5; BCMA-Science-2; BCMA-Practice-2.5

Growing Ornamental Plants

Parks and Athletic Fields ........................................................ 30-31 AL0409CA11
January 31, 2011 9:00am - 3:30pm
Arboriculture .......................................................................... 32-35 $195 before January 17, 2011; $225 after
This one-day course, taught by Bruce Neary, will focus on the factors
Small Engines and Business .................................................. 36-39 and horticultural techniques and principles necessary for the preservation
and care of ornamental plants in the landscape. He will share the most
Registration Information ........................................................ 42-43 current practices and research that allow horticulturists, grounds managers,
landscape architects and contractors to manage horticultural crops on
Questions? Contact Karen Tizzano commercial and residential sites. Topics to be discussed include: proper
Phone: 732-932-9271 ext. 625 Email: ktizzano@rci.rutgers.edu planting techniques, matching plants to various site conditions, and dealing
Web: www.cpe.rutgers.edu/landscape with special planting situations.
This is a core class in the Landscape Management Certificate Program.
Thinking about a career change?
See page 40 to read about the Rutgers Three-Week ISA Credits: Certified Arborist-5.25; BCMA-Practice-4; BCMA-
Professional Golf Turf Management Program. Management-1.25

Page 4 Page 5

Soil and Plant Relationships NEW Introduction to Pruning Techniques

AL0410CA11 TWO-DAY AL0208CA11
December 6 and 13, 2010 9:00am - 3:30pm FORMAT March 7, 2011 9:00am - 12:00pm
$395 before November 22, 2010; $445 after $195 before February 21, 2011; $225 after
Soil is the foundation for plant health, success and vitality. Bruce Neary will
Pruning is both an art and a science. Failing to understand the science of when,
prepare you to identify poor soil conditions that create plant problems and how
where, and how to prune can ruin the plant, the landscape and your reputation.
to deal with and prevent these disorders from arising. This two-day class also
In this popular hands-on, half-day course, Bruce Crawford will show you how
focuses on the practical aspects of soil science, along with solving landscape
to properly prune your landscape plants while preserving their natural vigor and
problems with proper plant selection. Take this class in conjunction with Water
beauty. Pruning shears will be available, but we recommend you bring your own
Management and Drainage (below) for a more comprehensive understanding
equipment (if you have it), including hand pruning shears, lopping shears and a
of successful ornamental plant growth.
small pruning saw. Please dress for fieldwork.
This is a core class in the Landscape Management Certificate Program
This is a core class in the Landscape Management Certificate Program
and the Public Grounds Management Certificate Program.
and the Public Grounds Management Certificate Program.

Please call 732-932-9271 ext. 625 for updated Landscape Architect, CPWM, and ISA Credits: Certified Arborist-2.5; BCMA-Practice-2.5
ISA credits.

Advanced Pruning Techniques

Water Management and Drainage AL0235CA11
AL0602CA11 March 17, 2011 9:00am - 3:30pm
December 14, 2010 9:00am - 4:00pm $245 before March 3, 2011; $275 after
$195 before November 30, 2010 $225 after
This hands-on, one-day program is designed for professionals and
In this one-day course, instructors Bruce Neary and Kirk Engle will focus homeowners alike who have experience in pruning and shaping plants. It
on the drainage problems and repairs of highest value to you, your customers is strongly recommended that you take Introduction to Pruning or have a
and their plants. Learn how to evaluate site conditions to make better plant strong background in pruning prior to taking this course. Pat Cullina, Vice
selections and maintenance decisions. Also, learn how to read the landscape, President of Horticulture and Parks Operations, Friends of the Highline,
use proper site analysis techniques, maximize water usage with proper grading New York City, and Steve Schuckman, owner, First Mountain Arboriculture
techniques, solve drainage problems on-site, and understand where and how to LLC, Certified Tree Expert and Consulting Municipal Arborist, will guide
use different tools and techniques to solve drainage problems. you through classroom and field demonstrations to ensure you gain a strong
This is a core class in the Landscape Management Certificate Program and understanding of how, what, where, when, and why to prune - including
the Public Grounds Management Certificate Program. specialty pruning techniques such as espalier, hedges, and topiaries. Please
dress for fieldwork.
ISA Credits: Certified Arborist-5.75; BCMA-Practice-2.75; BCMA-
Management-3 ISA Credits: Certified Arborist-4.75; BCMA-Science-1.75; BCMA-Practice-3

Page 6 Page 7

Landscape Plants: Identification, Selection and Application Landscape Design I: The Basics
(This class was formerly known as Basics of Plant Material for Landscape Use) AL0205CA11 1:00pm - 4:30pm
AL0201CA11 8:30am - 12:00pm January 7, 14, 21, 28, February 4, 11, 18, and 25, 2011
January 7, 14, 21, 28, February 4, 11, 18, 25, March 4, 11 and 18, 2011 (8 consecutive Friday afternoons with a snow date on March 4)
(11 consecutive Friday mornings with a snow date on March 25) $695 before December 21, 2010; $745 after
$795 before December 21, 2010; $845 after
This eight-week course will provide an understanding of “The Basics” of
This flagship course returns in its extended 11-week format for 2011 and includes landscape design, from establishing an appreciation for good design to forming
distance learning tools to make this a 24/7 learning experience. It is instructor necessary drafting techniques. Instructor Dominick Mondi, landscape designer
Steve Kristoph’s passion for plants that has made this Rutgers’ longest running and President of the New Jersey Nursery and Landscape Association, will lead
and most popular course. “Steve’s knowledge of plants is amazing. He has great you through a logical progression of design topics including:
energy and enthusiasm in both the classroom and field,” wrote one student.
· Effective Use of Outdoor Space · Appropriate Plant Materials
Steve is teaching two of the most important skills any landscape contractor, · Hardscaping Creativity · Graphic Styles
grounds manager or plant lover should master:
• The Ability to Identify Landscape Plants on the Properties You Manage Attendees will have the opportunity to work on three hands-on design projects,
each one building on previous coursework and gaining in complexity. The final
• Expanding Your Palette of Plants to Select the Right Plant for the Right
project will allow the students to design, render, and present a design of their
Site and the Right Purpose
choosing to the class.
To master those skills, you will be an active learner with plant identification walks
each day, and with regular follow-up assignments. Experienced nurseryman and Several guest lecturers, including Rutgers Gardens Director, Bruce Crawford,
long-time Rutgers instructor, Derron Dover, will ensure that your classroom will also provide design instruction at this year’s class. The course will take
knowledge is enhanced through hands-on encounters with plants in the field. place on eight consecutive Friday afternoons from 1:00pm until 4:30pm
beginning January 7, 2011 and ending on February 25, 2011.
Here’s what prior attendees have had to say about this course:
“This class was highly informative and inspirational. It has completely Here’s what last year’s attendees had to say about this course:
changed the way I look at trees and plants.”
“Steve and Derron have an infectious love of plants!” “Dom’s instruction on landscape design was extremely helpful and practical.
He is a very clear, charismatic, and knowledgeable teacher.”
“The instructors were amazing! They were totally dedicated to increasing our
knowledge and to our success. Their passion is intoxicating!” “This class presents a great overview of all the aspects of good design. I have
now learned how to translate my ideas for clients and put them on paper.”
We recommend that you enroll in the Introduction to Plant
Identification class prior to attending this program. See page 5. “Bruce Crawford really keeps our interest. He has great design ideas and he
is an extremely knowledgeable instructor.”

Page 8 Page 9

Sustainable Landscape Design Beds & Borders Seminar

AL0222CA11 AL0213CA11
February 28, 2011 9:00am - 3:30pm February 8 and 9, 2011 9:00am - 3:30pm
$195 before February 14, 2011; $225 after $345 before January 25, 2011; $395 after

Increase your understanding of where, how, and why plants fit naturally into their This seminar will benefit landscape contractors, designers, grounds managers
surroundings. Stay ahead of the curve and offer a new service that is functional, and enthusiasts in the process of creating and maintaining borders within
maintainable, environmentally sound, cost effective and aesthetically pleasing. the residential property. This program will assist the grounds manager in
This seminar begins with instruction on the principles of sustainability and orchestrating and combining herbaceous perennials, bulbs, flowering shrubs,
the importance of sustainable landscapes from both the individual and global annuals, and small trees to give the residence year-round interest.
perspective. Bruce Neary, popular Professional Landscape Program instructor,
and Bill Young, Registered Landscape Architect of Young Environmental, will Instructor Bruce Neary will lead the participants through such topics as:
then provide more specific expertise on effective sustainable practices including: • Laying Out the Plans
• Creating the Design
· Soils and Composting · Native Plants · Rain Gardens
• Site Preparation for Success
· Sustainable Maintenance · Revegetation/Restoration · Going Organic
• Staying Flexible: The Changing Landscape
Take your site design and plant selection skills to the next step - to the ecosystem • The Big Picture
level - and offer a new service that is growing in both importance and demand. • Renovating Established Beds and Borders
• Choosing Structural Plants
Approved Pesticide Credits: NJ/CT: 3 Units in 3A, 6B, 8C, and PP2 • Maintenance Considerations
Please call 732-932-9271 ext. 625 for CPWM and APLD Credits.

Outdoor Entertainment Spaces: NEW

Kitchens, Firepits and More HANDS-ON Fence Selection, Installation & Maintenance NEW
February 14, 2011 9:00am - 3:30pm March 1, 2011 9:00am - 3:30pm
*Optional free, hands-on training day on March 11, 2011 $245 before February 15, 2011; $275 after
$245 before January 31, 2011; $275 after
It has been said that good fences make good neighbors, but what makes good
From opulent outdoor kitchens to expansive firepits and fireplaces, outdoor fences? This one-day course will give you the knowledge you need to select
living spaces offer a rare growth opportunity in the landscape market. Designing the proper fence for your particular application. You will learn the advantages
and installing them, however, requires a diverse set of skills - from weather- and disadvantages of using different materials such as Chain Link, Wood, PVC,
proof appliance and material selection to lighting and electrical work - that can Composite, Aluminum, or Steel. Learn how to select the right height, quality,
challenge even experienced landscapers. The course will include content on the grade and thickness of material. Proper fence installation techniques will then be
construction of outdoor entertainment spaces. You’ll also learn the step-by-step discussed to provide you with an understanding of how to properly put fencing
methods necessary to successfully estimate, manage, and complete such projects. projects into place. The basic design and operation of Electrical Gate Operators
Please join us for an *additional day of hands-on training on March 11, 2011. and various tricks of the fencing trade will also be discussed.

Page 10 Page 11

Landscape Lighting Concrete Pavers

AL0501CA11 AL0203CA11
January 12 and 13, 2011 February 7, 2011* 9:00am - 4:00pm
9:00am - 3:30pm (Day 1); 9:00am - 12:00pm (Day 2) *Optional free, hands-on training day on March 10, 2011
$395 before December 21, 2010; $445 after $245 before January 24, 2011; $275 after
Landscape Lighting is a great opportunity to expand your services and value to In this one-day class, you will learn the right way to design, plan, and install
existing customers. However, working with electricity requires an entirely new concrete paver projects. Working hands-on with pavers, you will learn
skill set and vocabulary. That is what you will learn in this 1½-day class which about excavation, base and paver installation, cutting, edging installation, and
covers topics such as amps, ohms and volts, as well as design and installation estimating. You’ll walk away with formulas and secrets for doing the job properly
of wired and wireless systems. Dave Beausoleil of Cast Lighting, Inc. will and safely. You will also learn valuable business tips to ensure your hard work is
show you the basics of lighting installation with hands-on exercises, where appropriately rewarded and appreciated. In order to provide you with even more
every participant will have the opportunity to work with the tools of the trade. useful knowledge, you’ll have the opportunity to join us for a free *additional
Dave also will discuss both design and business strategies. Here’s what your day of hands-on training where you will participate in the actual installation of
colleagues are saying about Dave’s teaching ability: a paver patio on the Rutgers campus. Here’s what one attendee had to say about
experienced hardscape contractor and course instructor, Alex Burke:
“Great speaker who kept my attention with excellent information.”
“Alex is an excellent teacher. He makes great use of materials and his prior
“I enjoyed Dave’s enthusiasm...he is very interesting, informative, and effective.” experiences and business knowledge are invaluable. I’m glad I attended.”
Call 732-932-9271 ext. 625 for updated ISA & Landscape Architect credits.

Water Gardens Designing and Installing REVISED

AL0202CA11 Retaining Walls
February 23, 2011 9:00am - 3:30pm AL0206CA11
$245 before February 9, 2011; $275 after February 16, 2011 9:00am - 4:00pm
*Optional free, hands-on training day on March 11, 2011
Even in this stubborn recession, customers still are opting to add Water Gardens $245 before February 2 2011; $275 after
as an affordable, attractive and soothing landscape feature. Take this one-day Retaining walls provide an excellent way to increase usable property space,
opportunity to learn the basics of designing and installing ponds., including: control erosion, and provide aesthetic detail to a property. Designing and building
filtration and pumping systems, construction techniques, cost estimating and a sound retaining wall requires an understanding of many different factors. This
waterfalls. Avoid the costly mistakes others have made. Take this class to class offers a basis to design and install a variety of different walls. Classroom
understand the proper design and operation of a healthy, sustainable water instruction will focus on design factors, material selection, and estimating. We
garden. will then be holding a free *additional day of hands-on training in order to test
Please call 732-932-9271 ext. 625 for updated Landscape Architect credits. your skills by building an actual wall. Your retaining wall abilities will provide
an added high value option to your existing client services offered. This class
This class has been approved for 4 Continuing Education Units by the APLD
works in conjunction with the Concrete Pavers course described above.
(Association of Professional Landscape Designers).
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Irrigation Systems: Design and Installation Irrigation Systems: Repair and Maintenance
AL0601CA11 - Four Thursdays (not consecutive) AL0603CA11
January 27, February 3, 17 and 24, 2011 9:00am - 4:00pm February 25, 2011 9:00am - 4:00pm
$695 before January 13, 2011; $745 after $245 before February 11, 2011; $275 after
In this four-day course, Bob Dobson, former president of the Irrigation Once an irrigation system is installed, the ability to troubleshoot repairs
Association of New Jersey and a member of the NJ State Licensing Board, will onsite becomes a crucial skill for anyone assigned to maintaining the system
explain how to design and install an irrigation system from the ground up. Bob and surrounding property. This class begins with diagnosing and repairing the
is a certified residential, commercial, and golf course irrigation designer as well four most common problems you will encounter: broken pipes, malfunctioning
as a certified irrigation contractor. Here’s what your colleagues are saying about valves, broken or malfunctioning sprinkler heads, and electrical problems. You’ll
instructor Bob Dobson’s teaching outcomes: learn what tools you need in the field to diagnose the problems, and instructor
“Learned how to design an efficient irrigation system. It will be used to further Bob Dobson sets aside time to answer the specific questions and problems that
my business.” might be plaguing your system.
“I learned the proper way to fix a cracked pipe. Will use it to properly fix This class has been approved for .60 GCSAA Education Points and 6 ceu hours
customers’ broken irrigation pipes.” for the Irrigation Association (National).
This course will help you with, but is not specifically designed to prepare you
for, the New Jersey Irrigation Certification Exam. Irrigation Scheduling
This class has been approved for 2.0 GCSAA Education Points and 24 ceu hours AL0604CA11
for the Irrigation Association (National). March 4, 2011 9:00am - 3:30pm
$245 before February 18, 2011; $275 after
Over-watering by unskilled hands can kill plants and ruin landscapes even more
Repair and Maintenance of Golf Course Irrigation Systems quickly than droughts brought on by Mother Nature. In this class, instructor
AT0306CA11 Bob Dobson introduces the “checkbook method” of irrigation scheduling,
December 13 & 14, 2010 9:00am - 3:30pm which operates just like deposits and withdrawals in your bank checking
$495 before November 29, 2010; $545 after account. In irrigation, deposits are made by rainfall, withdrawals are made by
When your irrigation system breaks down in the heat of summer, there’s no time ET (evapotranspiration), and your opening balance is your current soil moisture
for on-the-job training. To avoid the cost and damage of a malfunctioning system, level. You will also learn the four key elements of efficient irrigation systems,
you need to diagnose the problem and repair it immediately. Certified Irrigation and how to calculate sprinkler run times and create irrigation schedules.
Specialist Bob Dobson shows you how in this hands-on, two-day course. He This class has been approved for 1.25 GCSAA Education Points and 6 ceu hours
explains the fundamentals of irrigation systems and covers specific topics for the Irrigation Association (National).
• Piping and Wiring Maintenance • Lateral & Mainline Repairs
• Transitioning to Different Types of Pipe • Computerized Control Here’s how your colleagues rated Bob Dobson in all Irrigation Classes:

This class has been approved for 1.25 GCSAA Education Points and 6 ceu hours Excellent Very Good Good Fair Poor
for the Irrigation Association (National). Bob Dobson 304 147 44 10 1

Page 14 Page 15


Jan. 1

Lg Tree Climbing -
Proposed New Class:
Organic Turfgrass Management

Hazard Tree ID



Rutgers is currently in the process of gathering information in order to produce

Day 2
a course to address the practices and protocols involved in managing




turfgrass in a more natural and eco-friendly way.

Snow & Ice Removal
If you are interested in learning more about this timely subject, please email us

Basics of Turf Mgmt

Lg Tree Climbing -
with specific topics you'd like to see covered or with questions you'd like to have

answered related to developing and sustaining successful organic turf

management skills and operations for your customers.
Send your email to ocpe@njaes.rutgers.edu. Include "organic turf" in the
subject line.

Day 1
We appreciate your feedback and plan to bring you a course that meets your needs!



Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Become a School

AL0401CA11 IPM Coordinator*

Core Training
January 18, 19 and 20, 2011 9:00am - 4:00pm (See details below)
$395 before January 4, 2011; $445 after
$195 (Single Day January 18 only)

This two-part class focuses on ornamental plant care. You may take Day One


only to focus on the philosophy of IPM and the fundamentals of monitoring

and implementing IPM for a business, school or public space. You may choose

Management &
to take the full three-day class to develop a deeper understanding of IPM tools,

techniques and skills, including: degree day models; biorationale controls; insect

and disease identification; improving soil health; and building IPM into your

personnel and organizational structure.


Approved Pesticide Credits:

NJ/CT(1 Day): 4 in CORE; 8 in 2, 3A, 6B, 8C, &PP2
NJ/CT (3-Days): 4 in CORE & 13; 16 in 2, 3A, 6B, 8C, and PP2

Soil & Plants

Soil & Plants

NY, PA, DE, and ISA Credits: Please call 732-932-9271 x625 for updated info.

*Following completion of the 3-Day IPM program, you may attend an

Day 1
additional 1/2-day program for DEP School IPM Coordinator Cerftification:

Day 2


*AL0401CB11 March 2, 2011 $79

Page 16 Page 17
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Sat/

Page 18

3 4 5 6 7 8/9
Landscape Plants

Landscape Design

10 11 12 13 14 15/16
3-Wk Turf Begins Pest Mgmt of Landscape Landscape Lighting Landscape Plants
Ornamentals Lighting - Day 1 - Day 2 Landscape Design
Organic Turf
Management Managing Diseases Sales/Marketing

17 18 19 20 21 Landscape 22/23
IPM - Day 1 IPM - Day 2 IPM - Day 3 Plants/Design
CORE Training Pesticide Safety

24 25 26 27 28 29/30
Common Sense Overcoming Tough Overcoming Tough Irrigation Design Landscape Plants
Business Sites - Day 1 - Sites - Day 2 - Day 1
NJ Plants Trade NJ Plants Trade Landscape Design
Show Show Invasie Species:
31 Growing Diseases Invasive Species:
Ornamentals Park Management Insects

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Sat/Sun

1 2 3 4 5/6
Managing Pest Calibration Irrigation Design - Landscape Plants
Insect Pests of Day 2
Ornamentals Landscape Design
Pest Mgmt of Turf

7 8 9 10 11 12/13
Concrete Pavers Beds & Borders - Beds & Borders - Cash Flow Landscape Plants
Day 1 Day 2 Management for
Landscape Design
the Landscape

14 15 16 17 18 19/20
Outdoor Spaces Athletic Fields-D1 Athletic Fields-D2 Athletic Fields-D3 Landscape Plants

Turf Insects Six Key Elements Irrigation Design - Landscape Design

Retaining Walls
Day 3 Abiotic Disorders
21 22 23 24 Plant Health 25 Shade Tree 26/27
Tree Pruning Tree Planting Irrigation Design - Irrigation Repair
Day 4
28 Synthetic Fields Water Gardens Landscape Plants
Baseball & Softball
Sustainable Landscape Design
Landscape Design CORE Training

Page 19
MARCH 2011





Intro to Sm. Engine -

Landscape Plants

Landscape Plants

Landscape Plants
Hazardous Tree ID 2-Cycle Engines
Irrigation Sched.
Basics of Turfgrass Management

Turf Diseases

Session II
December 16, 2010 9:00am - 3:30pm
$195 before December 2, 2010; $225 after
($172.50 when also registering for Turfgrass Establishment)



In this jam packed one-day program, you will be introduced to a full range
of turfgrass management topics and practices. Taught by Joe Clark (Rutgers
Turfgrass Research Farm) and Nancy Bosold (Penn State Cooperative
Weeds - Day 2
Organic Sports

Session I Day 2

Extension), this tag-team will enlighten you and bring turf topics to life. The
Sm.Engine -

program covers: prevention and control of turf pests; soils and fertilization;


choosing turfgrass varieties; and steps to establishing a new lawn, just to name a





Approved Pesticide Credits:

• NJ/CT: 5 Units in 3B and PP2
• NY, PA, DE, MD, MA: Please call 732-932-9271 x625 for updated credit

Weeds - Day 1
Session I Day 1


Sm.Engine -
School IPM

This is a core class in the Landscape Management Certificate Program and the
Intro to Sm. Engine Advanced

Public Grounds Management Certificate Program.

Turfgrass Establishment



December 17, 2010 9:00am - 3:45pm
Engine - Session II

$195 before December 3, 2010; $225 after

Fence Selection,
Installation and

Advanced Sm.

($172.50 when also registering for Basics of Turfgrass Management)


- Session I

This one-day course offers specific instruction on how to successfully establish

turfgrass. Instructors Joe Clark, Principal Lab Technician at the Rutgers
Day 2

Turfgrass Research Farm, and Nancy Bosold, Extension Educator of Penn State



University, will combine classroom lectures with hands-on field demonstrations


to provide you with essential turfgrass establishment skills including:

Engine - Session II

• Seeding Rates • Preparing Your Plan

Intro to Pruning

• Irrigation Rates • Weed Control


Advanced Sm.

• Fungicides • Soil Testing & Interpretation

Approved Pesticide Credits:
• NJ/CT: 7 Units in 3B and PP2
Day 1

• NY, PA, DE, MD, MA: Please call 732-932-9271 x625 for updated credits.



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Invasive Species Seminars: Diseases and Insects Pesticide Safety

Invasive Diseases Seminar: January 27, 2011 9:00am - 3:45pm AL0412CA11 AL0404CA11
Invasive Insects Seminar: January 28, 2011 9:00am - 3:45pm AL0412CB11 January 21, 2011 8:30am - 3:45pm
Register for both 1-day seminars at a discounted rate of $345. $195 before January 7, 2011; $225 after
Register for one of the two seminars for $195 before January 13, 2011; $225 after
Join us for an entirely new flavor of Pesticide Safety Training. This one-day
course uses hands-on and interactive exercises to help weave safety procedures
The invasion of pests like the Emerald Ash Borer reads like a horror story, but the
into your daily routine. You will cover useful sprayer calibration tips and
threat is all too real. And it’s a lesson for every shade tree commissioner, public
procedures, daily truck inspection practice on a real spray rig, and a material
grounds worker and true plant lover: early detection and identification of invasive
safety review. Since CORE recertification is required, wouldn’t you rather attend
insects and diseases is our only hope of controlling them. That’s what makes
a course that will get you out of your seat and let you practice what other courses
these two one-day classes so critical.
just describe? If this sounds good to you, come to our course and break away
Since the Emerald Ash Borer was first identified in Michigan in 2002, it has from the normal avenue of CORE recertification.
killed some 30 million ash trees as it spreads east and south. But the killer Approved Pesticide Credits: NJ/CT: 8 in CORE
beetle is just one invasive threat around us. Elms Yellow disease, for example, is • NY, PA, DE, MD, MA: Please call 732-932-9271 x625 for updated credit
plaguing Pennsylvania. It almost always kills the Elms it infects, and there’s no information.
known cure!
Register now for either one or both of these two one-day classes. They
provide the skills to detect and identify these invasive predators. By completing Pesticide Calibration
this training and an accompanying exam, you can earn certification in the AL0404CB11
National Plant Diagnostic Network and serve as a front-line scout in the fight to February 2, 2011 9:00am - 1:00pm
control and eradicate the virulent pests facing our area. In class, you’ll meet the $195 before January 19, 2011; $225 after
scientists and regulators leading the coordinated effort to identify, track, control, Sometimes you just have to do the math! And this class will help make your
and eradicate invasives. Following certification, you will also receive regular math problems more painless and error-free. Anyone who measures, mixes
newsletters and pest alerts via email from the National First Detector Registry. or calibrates pesticides or fertilizers needs to do the mathematical gymnastics
of calculating and converting. Conversions like: acres into square footage
Invasive diseases affecting your landscapes will be discussed on Day 1 including:
(application area), pounds or ounces of material (chemical amount) to amount of
• Phytophthora Diseases • Thousand Canker Disease
active ingredient (percentage active ingredient), ounces per second into gallons
• Bacterial Leaf Scorch • Elms Yellow
per minute (flow rates), feet per second into MPH (speed of applicator). That’s
Invasive insects of serious concern will be discussed on Day 2 including: a lot of math and a lot of margin for error for one application, and one mistake
• Emerald Ash Borer • Gypsy Moth • Ambrosia Beetles at any stage could turn an emerald green lawn into a barren, burned out eyesore.
• Hot Bark Beetles • Asian Longhorned Beetle Not to mention the cost in time and money from inaccurate applications.

Approved Pesticide Credits: Approved Pesticide Credits: NJ/CT: 8 in CORE

• NJ, CT, NY, PA, DE, MD, MA: Credits are currently pending final • NY, PA, DE, MD, MA: Please call 732-932-9271 x625 for updated credit
approval. Please call 732-932-9271 x625 for updated credit information. information.

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Pest Management of Ornamental Landscape Plants Managing Insect Pests of Ornamental Plants
AL0402CA11 AL0406CA11
January 11, 2011 9:00am - 3:30pm February 1, 2011 9:00am - 3:30pm
$195 before December 21, 2010; $225 after $195 before January 18, 2011; $225 after
Early recognition, diagnosis, and prompt treatment of disease and insect Controlling insects is a lot more complicated than just applying pesticide
problems can greatly reduce costly plant damage and death. Prevent the controls. To effectively manage insects, you must:
unnecessary loss of expensive trees, shrubs and customers. This one-day course • Identify the Insect
covers identification and control of diseases and weed and ornamental insect • Understand its Life Cycle
problems in landscape plants. Taught by Extension Specialist Dr. Ann B. Gould, • Distinguish Between Beneficial and Harmful Insects
this course is the perfect precursor to Managing Diseases of Ornamental Plants • Apply the Right Control at the Right Time
(see below).
This one-day, hands-on class covers all four of these topics with practical tips
Approved Pest Credits: NJ/CT: 2 in CORE; 8 in 2, 3A, 6B, 8C, and PP2 and quick identification clues. This course is taught by Dr. Paula Shrewsbury,
• NY, PA, DE, MD, MA: Please call 732-932-9271 x625 for updated credits Extension Specialist, University of Maryland.
This is a core class in the Landscape Management and the Public Grounds Approved Pesticide Credits: NJ/CT: 10 in 2, 3A, 6B, 8C, and PP2
Management Certificate Programs. • NY, PA, DE, MD, MA: Please call 732-932-9271 x625 for updated credit
ISA Credits: Certified Arborist-5.25; BCMA-Practice-2; BCMA- ISA Credits: Certified Arborist-5.25; BCMA-Science-3; BCMA-Practice-2.25

Managing Diseases of Ornamental Plants Pest Management of Landscape Turf

AL0408CA11 AL0403CA11
January 13, 2011 9:00am - 3:30pm February 3, 2011 9:00am - 3:30pm
$195 before December 21, 2010; $225 after $195 before January 20, 2011; $225 after

This one-day, hands-on class is for anyone who wants to get serious about Troubleshooting pest problems is a skill customers expect (and demand) from
identifying and controlling plant diseases. You will get down to business landscape professionals and public grounds managers. Weeds, diseases and
identifying the agents that can cripple your ornamental plants. This class is a insects are ready to attack weak turf and create an eyesore. In this one-day class,
natural follow-up to Pest Management of Ornamental Plants (see above). It you will learn valuable clues to effectively diagnose and treat insect, disease, and
provides six hours of focused instruction on identification tips, prevention and weed problems in turf. Instructor Rich Buckley, Director of the Rutgers Plant
control strategies, and emerging diseases affecting plants in the northeast. Diagnostic Laboratory, makes his class both fun and very practical.
Approved Pesticide Credits: NJ/CT: 11 in 3B and PP2
Approved Pesticide Credits: NJ/CT: 10 in 2, 3A, 6B, 8C, and PP2
• NY, PA, DE, MD, MA: Please call 732-932-9271 x625 for updated credit
• NY, PA, DE, MD, MA: Please call 732-932-9271 x625 for updated credit
ISA Credits: Certified Arborist-4.5; BCMA-Science-1.5; BCMA-Practice-3 This is a core class in the Landscape Management and the Public Grounds
Management Certificate Programs.
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Reducing Pesticide Inputs and Exploring Organic Managing Turfgrass Insects

Options for Sports Turf AT0407CA11
AT0502CB11 February 14, 2011 9:00am - 3:30pm
March 3, 2011 8:00am - 12:00pm (1/2-Day) $195 before January 31, 2011; $225 after
$175 before February 17, 2011; $195 after
Confront insect infestation by understanding:
Turf managers are increasingly being asked to reduce or even eliminate synthetic • Which Insects have Infested the Turf
fertilizers and pesticides applied to natural turfgrass areas. When faced with the • How Severe is the Infestation?
prospect of reducing traditional inputs, AND maintaining acceptable turf quality, • How to Use Insect Life Cycles/Biology to Control them
managers know that ‘going green’ is easier said than done. • How to Prevent Future Problems
Topics will include: • Organic sports field management - What is it? • The This one-day, hands-on course will review common insect pests within our
importance of soil management and turfgrass selection in an organic program. region and their natural enemies in landscape turf. You will learn to successfully
• Low-impact pesticide options. • Management of sports fields and turfgrass identify turfgrass insects and the damage they can cause. This stimulating course
sites in Central Park, New York City.. will improve your ability to assess the severity of an infestation and select the
right control measures based on the insects’ biology. This course is taught by
After completing this 1/2-day course, you will have learned strategies to manage
Dr. Albrecht Koppenhofer of Rutgers University.
sports turf either organically or with fewer pesticide imputs.
Approved Pesticide Credits: NJ/CT: 11 in 3B, 6B, 8C, PP2 Approved Pesticide Credits: NJ/CT: 10 in 3B, 6B, 8C, and PP2
• NY, PA, DE, MD, MA: Please call 732-932-9271 for updated credits • NY, PA, DE, MD, MA: Please call 732-932-9271 for updated credits

Managing Turfgrass and Landscape Weeds Turfgrass Disease Management

AT0404CA11 AT0403CA11
March 9 and 10, 2011 9:00am - 3:30pm March 11, 2011 9:00am - 3:30pm
$395 before February 23, 2011; $435 after $195 before February 25, 2011; $225 after
Landscape managers spend more time and money controlling weeds than insects This one-day class focuses exclusively on the major turf diseases you will battle
and diseases. So a clear understanding of weed biology and management strategies in the field. Rich Buckley, Director of the Rutgers Plant Diagnostic Lab, will
is important for successful and profitable landscape businesses. This two-day teach you how to identify and control turf diseases from Dollar Spot to Pythium
class will discuss: chemical controls; control strategies for your weed problems; Blight. Rich emphasizes an integrated pest management approach to identify and
and alternative control strategies. This course also includes hands-on weed alleviate the cause of the problem, rather than repeatedly treating its symptoms.
identification exercises, weed life cycles, ecology, proper use of mulches and other Here’s what your colleagues have to say about instructor, Rich Buckley:
aspects of a comprehensive weed control program. This course is taught by Scott
Guiser, Extension Educator, Penn State University. “Always informative.” “Best instructor I’ve ever had.”
“Kept my interest the entire time.” “Insightful and energetic.”
Approved Pesticide Credits: NJ/CT: 2 in CORE; 8 in 2 & 3A; 16 in 3B, 6B, 8C
and PP2
• NY, PA, DE, MD, MA: Please call 732 932-9271 x625 for updated credits. Approved Pesticide Credits: NJ/CT: 10 in 3B, 6B, 8C, PP2
• NY, PA, DE, MD, MA: Please call 732-932-9271 x625 for updated credits.
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Abiotic Disorders in the Landscape Roadside and Right-of-Way Management

AL0413CA11 NEW AL0405CA11
February 18, 2011 9:00am - 3:30pm March 24, 2011 9:00am - 3:30pm
$195 before February 4, 2011; $225 after $195 before March 10, 2010; $225 after
Despite considerable attention by researchers and educators on the living This one-day class provides pesticide credits in the right-of-way category, and it
organisms that cause plant decline, non-living disorders are actually the most focuses exclusively on the challenges of managing vegetation along highways,
common cause of plant problems in the landscape. Join a team of talented byways and rights-of-way. Learn how to control the unwanted vegetative growth
Rutgers instructors in this new one-day course designed to teach you the and discuss when, where and why plant growth regulators may be used. Topics
strategies, techniques, and tools you can use to diagnose and solve plant problems to be discussed may include pesticide regulation updates, various application
caused by environmental, physiological, and other non-biological factors. A wide techniques, weed identification, invasive plants, types of equipment and more!
array of damaging conditions for your landscape plants will be covered including
air pollution, herbicide damage, nutrient imbalances, temperature and moisture Approved Pesticide Credits:
extremes (e.g. drought), snow and wind, planting problems, and more. • NJ, CT, NY, PA, DE, MD, MA: Please call 732-932-9271 x625 for updated
credit information.
Approved Pesticide Credits: NJ, CT, NY, PA: Please call 732-932-9271 x625
for updated credit information.
Snow and Ice Removal
Overcoming Tough Sites: NEWLY AL0236CA11
Plant and Design Solutions REVISED December 2, 2010 8:30am - 3:30pm
AL0216CA11 $195 before November 18, 2010; $225 after
January 25 and 26, 2011
9:00am - 3:00pm (Day 1); 9:00am - 12:00pm (Day 2) This popular class is revised and updated annually to provide the latest
$195 before January 11, 2011, $225 after guidance, strategies and solutions for anyone who manages or keeps roads,
Even though some properties present your plants with a true Darwinian struggle lots and sidewalks clean in winter. The course includes separate sessions for
for survival, you can still create a design that is both fresh and innovative. Just private contractors and public grounds managers, including schools, colleges
because it’s a tough site, you need not settle for an industrial look. The list of and hospitals. General seminar topics include: equipment options, weather
landscape challenges is endless: extreme drought, highly compacted soil that forecasting, use of de-icing and anti-icing chemicals, liability issues and bidding
drains poorly, deer predation, steep slopes, and burning sun from southern and contract processes. The Public Sector Session topics include: establishing
exposures. These are just a few of the site conditions that can present your plant best practices, and designing efficient routes and training strategies. In the Private
life with challenging barriers to success. Join Rutgers Gardens Director, Bruce Session you will develop a better understanding of the basics of snow and ice
Crawford, as he explains solutions to such problems through useful techniques business management, including pricing, marketing, training and integrating your
including design considerations, soil improvements and plant selection. existing business clients and services.

This class will take place at the 2011 New Jersey Plants Show at the NJ CPWM Credits are pending approval, please call 732-932-9271 for updates.
Convention Center in Edison, NJ on January 25 and 26, 2011. Your registration
for this course includes complimentary admission to the event. SIMA Credits Available: Six Certified Snow Professional credits are offered by
SIMA (Snow and Ice Management Association).
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Athletic Field Construction & Maintenance Park Management and Liability Issues
AT0501CA11 AL0901CA11
February 15, 16 and 17, 2011 8:00am - 4:00pm January 26, 2011 9:00am - 3:30pm
$495 before February 1, 2011; $545 after $195 before January 12, 2011 $225 after

In this highly popular three-day program, you will explore the construction, We have combined two of Rutgers most popular instructors to help you better
renovation, establishment and maintenance of athletic fields. This program will manage your park’s largest expense (personnel) and its greatest financial risk
benefit both experienced athletic field managers, as well as newcomers to the (legal liability). Personnel may be a budget line item, but your staff represents
field. Topics include: your park’s most valuable asset. Without their effort and commitment, a park
jewel can slowly deteriorate into an eyesore. And as park budgets tighten and
• Designing for Success: Ensuring Proper Drainage positions go unfilled, park managers literally must get more done with fewer
• Turf Establishment people. Ned Lipman, Director of Continuing Professional Education and
• Renovation Options and Strategies popular management instructor, will introduce you to new ideas and strategies
• Selecting and Evaluating Turf Varieties to gain commitment from even your most hardened crew members. On the
• Design and Installation of Irrigation Systems liability side, park managers must take active steps to identify, remove and
• Basics of Soil Science and Strategies to Combat Compaction prevent potential risks before a park injury becomes a lawsuit. Professor Neil
• Safety and Liability Issues Dougherty, who serves as an expert witness in park injury cases nationwide, will
• Insect, Disease and Weed Control Recommendations introduce both the thought process and preventative steps that keep good park
• Striping, Lining and Painting managers out of the courtroom.

This is a core class in the Public Grounds Management Certificate Program. This is a core class in the Public Grounds Management Certificate Program.

Understanding Synthetic Fields Athletic Baseball/Softball Fields

February 24, 2011 8:00am - 12:00pm
February 22, 2011 8:00am - 4:00pm
$175 before February 8, 2011; $195 after
$195 before February 8, 2011; $225 after
This hands-on class will train you on how to select the proper infield mix for your
This one-day course will introduce the pros and cons of installing and
facility based on your site-specific environment and management regime. The
maintaining a synthetic athletic field. The class begins with a discussion of issues
classroom portion of the course also will address construction of skinned areas,
to consider during the buying process. Then, you’ll learn about proper steps for
pitchers’ mounds, and batters’ boxes as well as proper management techniques
construction and installation of synthetic fields, as well as independent testing
for these areas. This class will then move from the classroom to a nearby
criteria for fields. For safety and liability protection, synthetic fields should
baseball field, where the hands-on learning experience allows you to get down to
meet ASTM standards for shock absorbing capacity. Finally, the class will cover
the ground level of proper infields construction and maintenance. This
maintenance strategies. If your community, school or program is considering
half-day class was added to the expanding Rutgers athletic field management
installing a synthetic field, this may be the most valuable day you can spend.
program in direct response to requests from participants in the three-day Athletic
Field Construction and Management program (see page 30).
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Hazardous Tree Identification Best Management Practice Series for Ornamentals and
AL0803CA11 - Winter Session Shade Trees: Four One-Day Classes
December 10, 2010 9:00am - 3:30pm
$245 before November 26, 2010; $275 after The following four one-day courses will help you manage your trees more
safely, intelligently and cost-effectively by sharing emerging best practices. You
AL0803CB11 - Spring Session will learn ways to increase productivity and reduce costs while becoming more
March 3, 2011 9:00am - 3:30pm environmentally friendly and adopting the new ANSI-300 standards that govern
$245 before February 17, 2011; $275 after tree care. Our instructors are industry leaders who will translate the standards
Hazardous trees pose a double danger. They are tough to recognize, and they into clear, easy-to-understand specifications, procedures and methods.
can be costly – and even deadly – if not managed before an avoidable accident
happens. In this one-day course, Certified Tree Experts, Ted Szczawinski and
Steve Chisholm, will walk you through the step-by-step process of identifying ARBORIST CLASSES
and dealing with the hazards, and properly documenting your findings and any
work performed. This course offers credits for Community Foresters as well as 5
Technical hours for Certified Public Works Managers. Tree Planting and Installation
This is a core class in the Public Grounds Management Certificate Program. AL0805CA11
February 23, 2011 9:00am – 3:30pm
ISA Credits: December/February: Certified Arborist-5; BCMA-Practice-2.5; $245 before February 9, 2011; $275 after
Proper planting is far more than digging holes; it can literally determine life or
death for a tree. You first must match the plant with the conditions of your site
Large Tree Climbing and Rigging and then determine proper excavation depth and width. You also need to identify
AL0802CA11 girdling roots and the location of trunk flares - then use suitable backfill to
December 16 and 17, 2010 9:00am - 3:30pm create good soil structure. You will learn how to take control of the process with
$395 before December 2, 2010; $445 after detailed specifications to assist in evaluating, preserving and re-mediating trees
on construction sites. Hands-on outdoor demonstrations will be provided if the
You don’t need to sacrifice safety for speed! In this two-day class, discover
weather cooperates.
the techniques that increase your productivity while maintaining the high level
of safety that is the mark of a good arborist. Steve Chisholm, a Certified Tree ISA Credits: Certified Arborist-5.25; BCMA-Practice-2.25; BCMA-
Expert and leading arboriculture educator, and his brother, Mark Chisholm, Management-3
a three-time International Tree Climbing Champion and 18-time New Jersey
State Tree Climbing Champion, will combine classroom lectures with field Here’s what Ted Szczawinski’s students have to say about his teaching:
demonstrations of climbing and rigging techniques.
“You always get useful information from Ted’s courses.”
ISA Credits/Day 1: Certified Arborist-5; TW Climbing Specialist-5; BCMA- “Great information. Good comprehensive course.”
Practice-5; Day 2: Certified Arborist-6; TW Climbing Specialist-6; BCMA-
Practice-6 “Tackles tough topics easily and leaves his audience wanting more”
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Plant Health Care Tree Pruning

AL0804CA11 AL0806CA11
February 24, 2011 9:00am – 3:30pm February 22, 2011 9:00am – 3:30pm
$245 before February 10, 2011; $275 after $245 before February 8, 2011; $275 after
Customizing treatments for nutrient deficiencies is not just good plant health The ANSI standards dictate how to properly perform pruning, cabling and
care, it is also a valuable new service offered by conscientious arborists. Yet, the bracing work, and this class will explain how to meet those hard-to-understand
complexity of the issues and products can be intimidating. Which products are standards. You will learn:
truly worthwhile and which are just sales hype? This class will provide answers
• Crown Raising, Thinning, Cleaning and Reduction Pruning
on a wide range of issues, such as: water soluble versus WIN; Bio-stimulants;
• Where to Prune: Identifying the Branch Collar, Branch Bark Ridge and
Mychorrizae or compost tea; trunk injection or implants; pH; micronutrients; and
Proper Location of the Final Cut While Avoiding Lion-Tailing
proper timing of applications. Cultural, biological and chemical control strategies
• Understand Timing of Pruning Schedules
and the Growing Degree Day (GDD) method of tracking pests and diseases
• Sanitation of Tools and Plants Affected by Pests and Disease
will be outlined and detailed for effective use and marketing. Hands-on outdoor
• Production Practices for Safe and Effective Operations. Choosing the Right
demonstrations will be provided (weather permitting).
Equipment and Tools for the Job
ISA Credits: Certified Arborist-4.75; BCMA-Practice-1.75; BCMA- • When and How to Use Cabling and Bracing Hardware Along with
Management-3 Standardized Hardware Requirements to Increase Your Productivity
Outdoor, hands-on demonstrations will be included weather permitting.
Municipal Shade Tree Management
AL0807CA11 ISA Credits: Certified Arborist-4.5; BCMA-Management-4.5
February 25, 2011 9:00am – 4:00pm
$245 before February 11, 2011; $275 after
Here’s how your colleagues rated all classes in the arborist series:
Communication is the number one challenge in shade tree management, and this Excellent Very Good Good Fair
one-day class provides new tools and strategies to communicate more clearly Achieved Program Objective: 94 38 8 0
with your most important constituents. To communicate more effectively Overall Content: 95 37 7 0
with tree care contractors, builders and engineers, you’ll leave with detailed Usefulness of Information: 100 29 9 0
specifications to ensure a higher level of efficiency and accountability. To Interest in Topic Area: 94 38 8 0
communicate more effectively with residents, elected officials and the media, you Mark Chisholm:
will learn new visual tools to create and manage shade tree inventories with GIS “Excellent teacher and climber.” “Very knowledgeable/very helpful.”
(Geographical Information Systems). Steve Chisholm:
“Knows his subject and enjoys his work.” “Great job.” “Extremely
You will also learn hands-on technical skills and review and receive a municipal
knowledgeable in all aspects of the topic and surrounding topics.”
shade tree ordinance database that is provided to all course participants.
Ted Szczawinski:
ISA Credits: Certified Arborist-4.75; BCMA-Practice-4; BCMA- “Excellent speaker, very comfortable and personable. Passionate about
Management-.75 topic.” “Ted’s experience really shines through in his presentation.”

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Introduction to Small Engine Repair Two-Cycle Engine Maintenance

AL0209CA11 (1st Session) AL0211CA11 NEW
March 8, 2011 - 9:00am - 3:30pm March 4, 2011 - 9:00am - 3:30pm
$295 before February 22, 2011; $345 after 5 Technical $275 before February 18, 2011; $295 after
AL0209CB11 (2nd Session) CPWM This new hands-on class is designed to prepare you to properly maintain the
March 11, 2011 9:00am - 3:30pm Credits two-cycle engines that run your hand-held landscape equipment including string
$295 before February 25, 2011; $345 after trimmers, chain saws, and backpack blowers. You will participate in a teardown
and reassembly of a typical two-cycle engine. Discussion topics include:
Learn the keys to preventative maintenance and protect your equipment
• Maintenance Techniques • Carburetion Problem Solving
investment without waiting for or paying someone else to do it! A representative
of Gardner-Connell, Inc., will reveal the top reasons engines fail and teach you • 2-Cycle Engine Theory • 2-Cycle Engine Selection
how to maintain and perform routine repairs, without voiding your warranty. This • 2-Cycle Design Principles • Fuel Issues and Solutions
hands-on class gives you answers to your specific questions - something a manual
or video cannot deliver. Please choose one of the two sessions above.
Sales, Marketing and Branding Techniques NEW
for the Success-minded Landscape Contractor
Advanced Small Engine Repair AL0313CA11
AL0210CA11 (1st Session) January 14, 2011 9:00am - 3:30pm
March 9 and 10, 2011 9:00am-3:30pm $195 before December 21, 2010, $225 after
5 Technical &
$495 before February 23, 2011; $545 after
5 Management This seminar is for the business owner who wants to differentiate their company,
AL0210CB10 (2nd Session) CPWM Credits attract better leads, retain and sell more clients, and build a sustainable business.
March 14 and 15, 2011 9:00am-3:30pm Renowned green industry consultant, Jeffrey Scott, will cover the following:
$495 before February 28, 2011; $545 after • Proven cost-effective techniques for marketing and building your brand.
• How to create a marketing calendar, ensure marketing happens (even in your
In this two-day program, a representative of Gardner-Connell, Inc., uses a peak season); how to budget, measure and manage your marketing efforts in
complete “tear down” and rebuild of a 4-cycle Kohler engine to demonstrate order to maximize your ROI.
maintenance and repair of small engines. You will walk away with these skills: • The role of direct mail, public relations, e-mail marketing, web/social media
knowing why and how to adjust the governor, making carburetor adjustments, marketing, community, neighborhood and referral marketing
selecting the best oil and gas types for the season and your equipment, and • What it means to brand a landscape company in a cost-effective fashion, so
understanding and avoiding common problems like vapor lock. This class will be that your brand is attracting new clients even while you sleep.
your first step in saving countless repair dollars and time! Please choose one of • How to identify and create a profitable niche around your company’s “ideal”
the two sessions above. client profile.
Here’s what your colleagues are saying about Gardner-Connell instruction: • Sales techniques for setting up and closing the sale - at a mark-up you
deserve and need.
“Very knowledgeable in the subject and presents information thoroughly.”
• How to better communicate with and up-sell your existing clients, so they
“Outstanding teacher. Explains everything well and answer all questions.” are happier and you make more money.
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Common Sense Business and Pricing The Six Key Elements of Success ONE-DAY
Strategies for the Landscape Contractor for Landscape Contractors FORMAT
AL0307CA11 AL0306CA11
January 24, 2011 9:00am - 4:00pm February 15, 2011 9:00am - 3:30pm
$195 before January 10, 2011; $225 after $195 before February 1, 2011; $225 after
Tight times demand smart business decisions. Spend a day with two of New In rough real markets, landscape companies must improve on multiple fronts to
Jersey’s most experienced landscape contractors in this new course to discuss: survive and thrive. That means honestly analyzing strengths and weaknesses, and
• Pricing and selling jobs – It’s tough to resist price cutting to win a job, but it means executing on six key elements of success:
how low is too low? How much negotiation room should you build into a price? • Effective leadership • Business & strategies planning
• Cost estimating strategies – Unless you’re covering your full costs, you might
• Production & overhead • Production feedback through job
be slowly losing money on every job.
systems costing
• Job costing and tracking – Setting a good price depends on knowing your
individual cost of service. Make sure you become a better estimator with each • Implementing change • Employment accountability
job – and then once you win the job, make sure you manage the Profit/Loss. Taught by landscape industry consultant, Marcus vandeVliet, who leads the
• Q&A -- You’ll have wide open class time to leave with answers to the specific ANLA’s Masters in Landscape Business Management Program, this course
concerns facing your business. provides solutions that you can implement immediately.

Cash Flow Management for the On-Site Customized Landscape Training Seminars
Landscape Contractor NEW Dates and prices will vary
February 10, 2011 9:00am - 3:30pm
Would you prefer the convenience and intimacy of your own office environment
$195 before January 27, 2011; $225 after
and date of your choosing for a landscape training session? Rutgers is pleased to
Due to the lack of available money for loans and lines of credit, cash flow has announce the availability of customized on-site landscape training seminars. We
become even more important. As many businesses undergo change due to their will deliver the instructors, course content, and hands-on skills that you are most
marketplaces, cash flow has become a major challenge. This presentation will interested in providing to your organization.
explain why cash flow has changed, and include methods to improve cash flow in
your company. Here’s what Al Christiansen of Scotts Lawn Service in Marlboro had to say about
This presentation will cover: Developing Payment Schedules That Stay Ahead the Basics of Turfgrass Management course held at his location in April of 2010:
of Project Expenses; Understanding Your Project Costs, the Break Even for Each
Project and the Profit Projected; Implementing a Strong Accounts Receivable “This was a very productive learning experience for my company. The seminar
System; and Monitoring Your Budget Versus Actual Income and Expenses and benefited my experienced and inexperienced employees alike. Well done!”
Making Necessary Adjustments.
NJDEP and other industry credits are available on a case by case basis.
During the program, each attendee will develop an actual 2011 operating budget
for your company to project long-term cash reserve requirements Please call 732-932-9271 x.625 for more information.
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2010 Basic Pesticide Training CORE Certification of New Jersey Green Expo: Turf and Landscape Conference
Applicators & Operators December 7-9, 2010 in Atlantic City, NJ
November 11th, 2010 (Bilingual), AE0801CC11; December 8th, 2010 (English
Only), AE0801CD11; January 20th, 2011 (Bilingual), AE0801CE11 The New Jersey Turfgrass Association proudly presents the
Please call 732-932-9271 ext.614 for additional dates 2010 New Jersey GREEN EXPO Trade Show and Education
Regular Fee: $129 Conference! Attendees will experience great education and
Multi-Person Registration Fee (2 or more): $99 earn pesticide applicator credits! Use the following discount
10 or More Registrants from Same Company: $89 code and SAVE $20 off of your registration fees for this event:
The NJDEP Pesticide Control Program (PCP) pesticide regulations require
training for new commercial applicators and operators. If you have never been Register and review the NJ Green Expo agenda at: www.njturfgrass.org
licensed, or if you have not maintained your license, you must complete these
training requirements to become licensed. Training new commercial applicators
or operators must include both a PCP-approved basic pesticide training course Save $10!
and 40 hours of on-the-job training. Bilingual courses are taught in English and
Spanish. Los cursos bilingües se enseñan en inglés y español.
Licensed applicators may also take this class to earn six (6) CORE credits.

Three-Week Golf Course Turf Management Program

January 10th to 28th, 2011 AT0301CA11
$1,395 before December 17th, 2010; $1445 after
Multiple discount fee available for two or more attendees from same company
Are you interested in beginning a new career in golf turf management? Have
you hit a dead end at your current golf turf job? A formal education is important
for anyone who decides to pursue a career in turfgrass management. Attending Save $10!
Rutgers University’s Three-Week Golf Turf Management Short Course will give
you the knowledge and skills needed begin a career in turfgrass management.

A three-week turfgrass education will help you stand out to potential employers
and show your drive and interest in turfgrass. During the Three-Week Golf
Turf Management Short Course, students learn practical pest and disease ID
skills that make an immediate difference on the job. Three-Week students work
closely with expert instructors to expand their turfgrass knowledge, improve their
cultural practices, and ultimately learn if a career in turfgrass management is
right for them.

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Frequent Learner Discounts Course materials, a continental breakfast and lunch are included in your
We have made it simpler for you to save on your training. Any individual or registration fees (unless otherwise specified). Most classes will be held in the
organization qualifies for a 10% discount on all training if they spend $1,000 or New Brunswick, NJ area. All registrants will receive a confirmation letter or
more on the total registration fee. email including a map with directions to the course location.

Master Gardener Discount

Master Gardeners will be eligible to receive a 10% discount on most programs
by including their certificate with registration. Courses with limited space Phone - (732) 932-9271, 8:00am to 4:30pm EST, M-F
availability may be excluded. Please have your Visa, MasterCard or AMEX number ready.

Continuing Education Credits Fax - (732) 932-8726, 24 hours

Many courses offer a wide range of credits from several different states Please fax credit card information or a copy of your check, money order or
which include: New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and purchase order with your registration.
Delaware. Credits include: pesticide recertification, CPWM (Certified Public
Works Managers), ASLA( American Society of Landscape Architects), Mail - Registration Desk, NJAES Office of Continuing Professional Education,
ISA (International Society of Arboriculture), Community Forestry, APLD Rutgers University, 102 Ryders Lane,
(Association of Professional Landscape Designers), SIMA (Snow and Ice New Brunswick, NJ 08901-8519
Management Association), and TCH (Treatment Systems Operators).
Online - www.cpe.rutgers.edu
For a complete list of credits, please visit our website at
www.cpe.rutgers.edu/credits or call Karen at 732-932-9271 ext. 625 Please make checks payable to: Rutgers University.
for further credit information on classes in this catalog.

Cover photograph provided by R & R Landscaping of Mcdonough, GA.

Payment Policy - To guarantee your seat in a course, all payments must
be received prior to the start of the program. Registration is accepted on a first-
Inclement Weather come, first-serve basis. Registrations will not be accepted without a payment
method noted.
If winter weather is threatening, we will post information
about class cancellations by 6:00am on the home page of Cancellation Policy - You may withdraw from one of our classes up to
our website - www.cpe.rutgers.edu. three full business days before the course begins and receive a full refund, less a
$35 processing fee. If our registration unit is not notified at least three business
Although this eliminates the need to call, you can still check days prior to the start of the class, you may be responsible for the full fee.
in at 732-932-9271 if you prefer. Cancellations will not be Substitutions are permitted.
broadcast on the radio.

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