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All India Employees

Steps for FCP Declaration in Synergy ESS (India employees


Step 1: Login to Synergy Portal (ESS).

Step 2: Go to Employee Self-Service.

Step 2

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All India Employees

Step 3: Select Payment under Payroll.

Step 3

Step 4: Select “Flexible Benefits for India”.

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All India Employees

Step 4

Step 5: New screen will be displayed (as shown below in Step 6) with your current salary

Step 6: Select “Variation” from the drop down and select “Change this package.”

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All India Employees

Step 6

Step 6

Step 7: Select the FCP components by referring to instructions on screen:

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All India Employees

Step 8: Double click on the component to change the amount, after making all declarations,
select “Accept” button.

Step 9: Select “Save” button and then “Back to Compare Screen” button.

Step 10: Select Package created in the previous step (which was Variation A in this
example). And then select “Submit” Button. New page will be displayed.

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All India Employees

Step 11: Select “Request this package” button. Package will be saved.

Step 12: Upon successful submission of FCP declaration, you will receive an e mail notification
and below is the sample for the same.

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All India Employees

If you do not receive this mail trigger, request you to recheck your FCP declaration steps to
request for the package successfully.

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