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Layton 1

Kenady Layton

Ed 2500

November 21, 2017

Full Circle Paper

My goal as a teacher is to help promote positive, enthusiastic learning and inspire

students to become lifelong learners. Teaching is more than giving instructions, it is a way of

guiding intellectually and emotionally as teachers act as catalysts for brilliance and support in

failure and heartache. I want to be the kind of teacher that inspires students and motivates

them not only in school but in life. My passion will rub off on the students and help them

become engaged in their work as I am in mine. Students learn better when they enjoy being

in class. I want to create an atmosphere where students feel included, respected, and can

have fun in an appropriate manner that advocates learning.

As a teacher, I will need to have good characteristics in order to be successful. I am

kind, compassionate, and considerate of others. I have a heart of gold and reach out to those

in need. I am an optimistic person who tries to brighten everyone's day. I work with a lot of

passion and enthusiasm and I feel students will benefit from my cheerful, optimistic, and

charismatic personality. I am a strong leader who has the skill to step back and allow others to

lead as I give them my full support, only stepping in when needed.

Throughout my Ed 2500 practicum, I was caught up in the amount of discipline, as well

as the type of discipline an elementary teacher incorporates. I know I could excel teaching

younger children because I would love to play learning-based games and to be silly but I do

not know if my place in the teaching field is necessarily in an elementary school. Before Ed

2500, I thought I would fit well in any degree of teaching but I realize that my goal of being in

high school and teaching English has increased since being in an elementary school.
Layton 2

The challenges I will face as a teacher would include: dealing with students who have

no desire and will not obey, as well as troublesome parents. I know that good communication

will help with some challenges. I feel I could develop better communication and have been

working towards calm, collected communication during disagreements in my everyday life. I

use a five finger method of reconciliation in which, first off you address the person directly,

second you explain how you feel, third you clearly explain why you feel this way, fourth you be

respectful using words such as please, and fifth, you tell what you want to have changed and

problem solve together. I feel applying these steps will help me as a teacher when addressing

students and parents. I think being clear on how you feel and addressing ways to solve the

issue will make communication more clear and direct.

While presenting my teaching tip during the seminar, I realized how comfortable I feel

teaching in front of older students. I loved the analytical feedback that strengthened how I

taught and how to further apply the teaching tip I was presenting. I want to be teaching high

school because I want to be able to further discuss concepts in greater detail. I want to teach

a high level where the students already have background knowledge. I want to be able to

expand on the knowledge they already have instead of starting from square one.

In 5 years I can see myself teaching high school English in southern Alberta. I know it

will be hard and there will be long hours put in to reach my goal but I feel the outcome of my

hard work will be worth it. As a very passionate person, I know I will be enthusiastic to put in

the work involved while starting my career. Having grown up in southern Alberta, I have fallen

in love with the area and the people who live here. I love small towns where people are active

in the community. I want to be very active in my school and in my community, if that is

volunteering, coaching, directing, etc.