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‘be treated as malpractice cross lines on the remaining blank ior equations written eg, 42+8 = 50, wi O09ARC5.4 Fifth Semester B. Arch. Degree Examination, Dec. 2013/Jan. 2014 History of Architecture - IV ‘Time: 3 hrs. : Max. Marks:100 a b. Note: Answer any FIVE full questions. Explain the factors which influenced the birth of renaissance architecture in Europe. (10 Marks) Why is Palladio considered a neat architect of the renaissance? Illustrate with example of Villa Rotunda. (10 Marks) Describe the key features of Palladian and Gothic revival list styles, with examples. (10 Marks) ‘What was the context in which the revivals occurred? (10 Marks) What was the impact of the industrial revolition on architecture in terms of innovations in building materials and construction techniques? Explain with examples and sketches. (20 Marks) ‘What are the characteristics of ~ Art and crafts movement Art Nouveau: movement Explain with sketches and examples. 20 Marks) ‘What was the basic philosophy of the Bauhaus? (10 Marks) Explain how the Bauhaus building designed by Walter Gropius epitomized the ideals of the modern movement (10 Marks) ‘What is the contribution of Mies Van Der Rohe to modern architecture and his influence on evolution of modernism? Q0 Marks) What is “organic architecture"? (07 Marks) Explain this concept of Frank Leyod Wright, with examples. (13 Marks) Write short notes on : Form Follows Function, (06 Marks) Brasilia. (07 Marks) Chicago school. (07 Marks)