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Annexure: II Format for Homework of Quantitative Courses



School: Lovely School of Management Department: Commerce

Name of the faculty member: Vikram katyal Course No: COM103
Course Title: Commercial Law
Class: bcom Term: 1 Section: s1008 Batch:2010-13
Max. Marks: 15 Date of Allotment: 9 nov Date of Submission: 18 nov

Attempt all the questions:


Q.1. Rohit bought a truck from dharmesh and used it for 4 months. Dharmesh had in fact no title to the
truck. As a consequence, Rohit had to return the truck to its original owner. Discuss the condition of Rohit

Q.2. a farmer bought a reaping machine which he had never seen. The seller, Mahesh described the
machine “to have been new the previous year and used to cut only 50 to 60 acres only. But the farmer
found the machine to be extremely old. Discuss his legal position against Mahesh.

Q.3. a manufacturer supplied 500 statues under a contract. The statues when arrived were found to be
scratched and dented. Discuss if the merchant can sue for the price.

Q.4 A lady who knew that she was allergic to a particular hair dye developed dermatitis as a result of
having her hair dyed with that substance. She did not disclose her allergy to the hair dresser. Is the hair
dresser liable for breach of implied condition?

Q.5. “A” sells a horse to B. when B goes with the horse, he is arrested by the police on the charge of
keeping stolen property as the horse belongs to C. Can B sue A, and on what basis and what damages
he can recover.

Q.6. A railway company is in possession of goods as a carrier when an unpaid seller gives notice of
stoppage in transit. The buyer of the goods owes money to the railway company also. Can the railway
company exercise the right of lien over the goods in violation of the right of stoppage in transit of the

Q.7. A bought from B a shipment of nuts and B sent to A the bill of lading. A handed over the bill of lading
to C in return of a loan. C took the bill of lading in good faith. Subsequently, A became insolvent. B
attempted to stop the goods in transit, but C claimed them. Is C’s claim justified?


Q.8 Rajesh was shopping in a self service shopping mall. He picked up a bottle exploded in his hands
and injured him. Can Rajesh claim damages for the injury.

Q.9. Mr. Mehta boarded the flight from Mumbai to Delhi. But on arriving in Delhi, he found out that his
luggage was missing from the deck. The concerned authorities have failed to found the whereabouts of
his luggage. Mr. Mehta has the necessary boarding passes and receipts with him. Discuss the legal
Q. 10. A while travelling from Indian railways fell down and got injured due to the faulty berth. He had to
incur expenses over the injury and the inconvenience caused. Discuss the legal situation.

Q.11 Seema while going through railways ordered for the lunch. After having the lunch, she faced an
upset stomach and had to be admitted in hospital for reasons of food poisoning. Discuss the legal

Q.12. A famous and reputed food chain restaurant by mistake served a non vegetarian item to a totally
vegetarian person. This caused a lot of frustration and disturbance to the customer. Discuss the legal

Q.13. A person unsatisfied with a defective chocolate filed a complaint after 40 days with the district
consumer forum regarding its unambiguous taste and flavor. Will the plea be heard?

Q.14. D purchases a VCR from a dealer of repute. D being a non technical person does not know about
its technical details. But the VCR was found to be defective from the very beginning and did not work
despite of the repairs undertaken by the dealer. D wants to return the set and claim refund. Dealer
refuses to take the set back and also refuses to accept the claim for refund. State the applicable

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