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Tiger TechnoBabble

Instructional Technology Newsletter / Cowley College

September 2010
Volume 1 Issue 3
Cowley Westside Center, 8821 W. 21st St., Wichita, KS, 67205
www.cowley.edu rorabaughj@cowley.edu 316.721.7103

And we’re off and running!

Julie Rorabaugh – Director of Instructional Technology
It’s late-September already! Can you believe it?
I really enjoy the fall semester, AFTER classes begin, that is. What’s not
1 And we’re off and running! to love? We have Labor Day weekend, Fall Break, Thanksgiving Break,
and Winter Break. We are amply rewarded for our hard work with a
1 C2C Fall Forum veritable cornucopia of time off!
2 Poll Everywhere But in the meantime, between breaks that is, we are charged with
creating new ways to educate and engage students. Many times, we,
3 Faculty Feedback ourselves, are the ones in need of education and a “zap” of energy
which may include learning something new to add to our teaching bag
3 New TEC Courses o’tricks.
4 Cool Tools! Here’s hoping that you’ll find a little “zap” or two in this issue!
Babble On ~ Julie

C2C Fall Forum – Ottawa University

Following on the heels of the very successful SIDLIT conference,
featured in last month’s TTB, comes another Colleague 2 Colleague
(C2C) sponsored event, the annual Fall Forum.
The theme for the event is: Frontiers in Mobile Learning.
It will be held on Friday, October 8, at the Ottawa University campus
located at 4370 West 109th Street in Overland Park, KS. The event, as
always with a C2C sponsored event, is FREE and includes a catered,
boxed lunch and door prizes!
Participants will be treated to presentations on the rapidly
developing world of e-books, mobile learning, and much more.
For more information, and to register for event go to -

Page 2 Tiger TechnoBabble

Poll Everywhere
Permission to use cell phones in class? Unbelievable!

Let me start off with the statement that Poll Everywhere

(http://www.polleverywhere.com/) is not new. I’m sure that some of
you have seen its use demonstrated at conferences or have run across it
in educational media outlets. Or maybe you’ve already used it in your

Whatever the case, I’d like to take an in-depth look at it and since you’re
reading this you’re going to come along for the ride!

Poll Everywhere is a simple text message voting application that works

well in a live classroom. Students vote by sending text messages (or using
Twitter), to options displayed on-screen. No cell phone? No problem.
They can also register their vote from a computer with an internet
“I've seen another teacher
use Poll Everywhere connection. Another option is for students to vote using the browser on
software with the students their Smartphone. The poll that is embedded within the presentation or
to check on their web page will update in real time.
understanding during a
lecture. The teacher A poll is a question. You can create a multiple choice poll (“What’s your
posed a math problem, favorite color?” Choices are provided) or you can create a free text poll
the students texted their
replies to the Poll (“What is the meaning of life?”) that asks an open-ended question and
Everywhere site, and a students can send back any message. As the responses are received, the
pie chart showing the poll is updated. Free text answers will display to the class, and multiple
distribution of answers choice answers are displayed to the class via a chart.
was instantly projected at
the front of the class, There are quite a few features and options. Text can be formatted and
giving the teacher a colored, and charts can be configured as bars or columns. The free text
chance to clear up any
misconceptions before answers can fly onto the screen in a variety of ways, replicating some of
moving on.” the more frenetic features of MS PowerPoint. Speaking of PowerPoint, a
really impressive feature is Poll Everywhere’s ability to turn your simple
Marie Bjerede poll into a slide that can be easily incorporated into a presentation.
Guest blogger (Complete with detailed instructions and suggested Speaker’s Notes!)
4 March 2010
O’Reilly® Radar
click for full article And the cost? FREE, for the stripped down version which still includes all
the features that I have mentioned above. A “Higher Ed Free” account
will accommodate a class size of up to 32 students, and you can use it in
an unlimited number of classes.

Give it a try! Can you imagine your students’ eyes lighting up when you
give them PERMISSION to text in class???
Tiger TechnoBabble Page 3

Faculty Feedback
This month our fabulous prize winner is Cowley IMPACT English Specialist,
Dianne Flickinger. Dianne was doubly adventurous at the beginning of the
semester in that she used ANGEL’s Discussion Forum feature for student
introductions, AND had her students create Avatars (cartoon images) of
themselves to share with the class.

Dianne reports, “In June, I took advantage of attending the summer

classes made available to staff. I attended Julie’s Avatar class wanting Dianne (above)
to learn something new and unique to use with students. Julie suggested and a few of
that we could ask students to make their own avatars and introduce her students
themselves to the rest of the class. I provided instructions and showed
them how to insert images in their discussion postings. Most of the
students enjoyed this activity, and it was interesting to see and read the
perceptions that students have of themselves.”

Dianne and her students created their Avatars at

Face Your Manga


Congratulations to Dianne for trying something new!

NEW! TEC Courses

Technology Enhanced Classroom

So…you’ve seen some great teaching applications featured in Tiger

TechnoBabble, but have been hesitant to try them on your own.

Hesitate no longer! Let me introduce you to the new TEC (Technology

Enhanced Classroom) courses. These professional development courses
are for anyone who’d like to enhance their techno-teaching quotient, but
would like a little guidance (read: supervision) while learning the ins and
outs of the application/s.

Some of the upcoming offerings are: PollEverywhere, Animoto, and

Prezi. All of these applications work well in ANGEL, and can be used in all
Cowley classrooms, both on-ground and online. Courses will be offered at
a variety of locations including Ark City, Mulvane, and the Cowley
Westside office. Participants will receive one credit hour of PD points for
each session attended.

Schedule and sign-up details coming soon!

Page 4 Tiger TechnoBabble

Cool Tools!
ShowMeWhatsWrong.com: This is not so much Fotobabble: Seriously. I can’t think of a more
a teaching cool tool, as a SUPPORT for teaching applicable app (try saying that five times fast)
cool tool! How many times have you wished that than Fotobabble for the Tiger TechnoBabble!
you could see what a student is doing, in order It’s a match made in heaven!
to help them with a computer problem? (Note:
this only works for computers! Whatever else Fotobabble lets you create “talking photos” in
they’re doing is not applicable!) Face it…making just a few steps. First, you’ll need to sign up
and sending a screen capture video is probably for a free account. Paperwork done, you can
pushing the limit of most peoples’ tech abilities, start uploading photos or URLs, and recording
but this site makes it super easy! narrations. It works best if you have an
external microphone, but a built-in mic will
With ShowMeWhatsWrong, you generate a URL work in a pinch. Recordings can be up to 60
that you can send to the student you’d like to seconds in length.
assist. They see your name, which is reassuring,
and it gives them instructions for making a 1 Some of the suggested uses include:
second to five-minute video, including mouse Talking postcards from your travels
movements and narration, should they choose to Citizen journalism: Report from the
do so. I included the “1 second” option, as it scene of something newsworthy
works well for simple screen shots too! When Provide a commentary on a photo found
they stop recording, it processes their video on the web
through Screencast-O-Matic, and automatically Add a visual element to poetry or music
emails a link to YOUR email address. You have
seven days to view the video. You can share your Fotobabbles in a variety of
ways. You can link them directly to Facebook
Come to think of it…why don’t you use this when or Twitter, email them, place a link, or embed
contacting Eddie or me about problems in the viewing code into an HTML page. The last
ANGEL? Just ask us for a ShowMeWhatsWrong option works very well with ANGEL, and gives
URL…we’ll be glad to fix you up! your Fotobabbles a professional look and feel.
http://showmewhatswrong.com/ http://www.fotobabble.com/

I’m really looking forward to the October issue of TTB! I’ll

Julie Rorabaugh have a report from the C2C Fall Forum, and some new
techno treats. Just a hint: Dust off your SmartPhones, as
Director of rumor has it that we’re going to go “Virtual Trick-or-
Instructional Technology Treating!” (Here’s a preview...find the “secret” message!)
Cowley College

rorabaughj Julie