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MASONRY- refers to the structured construction of 2.

ASHLAR- these are decorative or cut such as

wall and important features of a building through stones laid in parallel courses and
the use of mortar. rectangular cuboids.
3. RANDOM ASHLAR- these are stones of
MASONRY TOOLS AND EQUIPMENTS varied sized arranged in a non-continuous
1. MASON'S LINE- to keep the courses in a way.
masonry wall straight and true. BRICKS- are made of fired clay, bricks come in
thousands of combinations of shapes, types, colors
masonry surfaces.
and fixtures.
3. MORTAR BOX AND HOE- for mixing mortar.
4. POINTING TROWEL- to finish and repair the TYPES OF BRICKS
mortar joints.
5. MORTAR BOARD- to hold or reserve mortar.  common or building bricks
6. HAWK- to hold small amounts of mortar.  face bricks
7. BUILDER'S SQUARE- to check if the corners  fire bricks
are true angle.  paving bricks
8. STORY POLE- a measuring stick used to  new used bricks
check that each course of bricks in a wall is
the right height.
9. TROWEL- they are used to spread mortar.  3 3/4 wide x 2 1/4 inches high x 8 in long
10. HAMMERS- are used in brick layering and
concrete block construction. MORTAR- is a bonding material that holds the
11. PLUMB RULE- also called level, it is used to bricks and other masonry units together.
establish a plumb line and a level line.
12. POCKET RULE- there are two types of rule CHB ( CONCRETE HOLLOW BLOCKS )- widely used
used by masons: in the basic construction of many buildings.
 COUNTER SPACING RULES- layering bricks
GROUT- a thin mixture of Portland cement, sand
to space mortar
 MODULAR SPACING RULE- based on and water.
module of 4 inches. MEASURING TOOLS
13. CHISEL- is used to cut a very clean and
sharp edge of bricks or blocks. 1. MEASURING TAPE- also called push-pull
14. JOINTERS- they are used to finish or tool rule, is usually used to measure length,
vertical or horizontal mortar joints. distance, and width.
15. MASON'S BRUSH- is used for brushing off
footings and cleaning the area. 2. FOLDING RULER- it is a 6-foot wood ruler
16. WHEELBARROW- for mixing and hauling that folds into 8-inch segments for
mortar. portability.

designed for making brick courses.
1. RUBBLE- these are irregularly shaped,
broken-size texture stones 4. MASONS BLOCKS AND STRING- string
stretches tightly between them to serve as a
guide for all of the blocks in the course.
5. FRAMING SQUARE- square up 1. CLOTHING- clothing should fit
measurements and draw cut lines; for form comfortably and should be kept in
boards, use a combination square. good condition at all times when
6. MEASURING BOX- a traditional box used to
measure a proportion of gravel and sand. 2. SHOES- be careful to protect the feet
as they may be stuck and crushed
7. PLUMB BOB- tool used to check the correct
from heavy weights.
vertical alignment of a structure.
3. HARD HAT- long hair presents a very
8. LEVEL HOSE WITH WATER- this is used to
dangerous hazard if allowed to hang
check the correct horizontal alignment of a
loose when working around running
machine and protruding objects.
9. WOOD END RULE- the brick masons wood
4. WORKING GLOVES- wear gloves that
rule end contains a scale specifically created
protect the hands from rough
for bricklayers.
materials or when cutting masonry
10. SELF- LEVELING LASER- the five- beam self- materials.
leveling laser emits five independent bright
5. EYE PROTECTION- this protects the
laser dots, which are accurately set at 90
eyes from particles that may fly-off
degrees to each other for rapid set up
during the cutting process and may
foundations, retaining walls and patios.
accidentally enter the eyes.
11. MASONS RULE- this 25' masons layout
coursing rule covers all of the traditional
brick sizes - modular, standard, and  SEIRI(sort)- take out unnecessary items.
oversized- and general construction layout
rule.  SEITON(SYSTEMIZE)- arrange necessary
items in good order of use.
12. BOX BEAM LEVELS- these are designed for
accuracy and durability.  SEISO (SWEEP)- clean your workplace

13. LASER TORPEDO LEVEL- the laser torpedo  SEIKETSU (SANITIZE)- maintain high
level is accurate to within 1/4 inch for every standards of housekeeping
100 feet.  SHITSUKE(SELF-DISCIPLINE)- do things
spontaneously without being told or