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A Detailed Lesson Plan

In English 9

At the end of 60-minute discussion, the students should be able to:
a. Formulate predictions based on the material viewed,
b. Analyze the stand of the speaker based on explicitly stated ideas,
c. Analyze literature as a means of understanding unchanging values in a
changing world, and
d. Disclose personal significance of the material viewed.


A. Topic: ‘’Father and Daughter’’
B. Reference: A Journey through Anglo-American Literature p.449
http:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=kGno7xlOrAA
C. Materials: Laptop, Monitor (video clip), visual aids



A. Preparatory Activity
-Checking of attendance
-Classroom management

B. Motivation

What are your dreams?

( Answers vary)

What are the things you should do for

you to succeed?

( Students do activity)
Your answers are all correct!
If we want to reach our dreams, we
should make plans on it.

C. Motive Questions

Now class, may I ask you?

Have you ever tried to dream for your

(Answers may vary)

How do you treat your parents at

Was there a time do you hated your ( Answers may vary)
parents or you were disrespectful to

When was it? Yes, ma’am.

( Students give responses)

Do you think you were right?
No, ma’am
‘’How are we going to express our
respect and love to our parents?’’
This question will be answered by
you towards the ends of your lesson.

D. Presentation of the lesson

Now, you’re going to watch video

entitled ‘’Father and Daughter”

E. Lesson Proper

1. Pre-viewing activity

What do you think the video all

( Students guess what’s the video all about)
Let’s find out later if your answers
are correct.

Here are the questions to be answered

after watching the video.

1. Do you agree how the daughter treated her father?

2. If you were to give an ending to the video, how
would you do it? Or what would it be?
Okay, focus on the details of the
video. While viewing, you will be
asked some details about it. Okay?

( On the climax part of the video, the Yes, ma’am.

teacher will pause it and let the
students make predictions to what
will happen next )

2. During viewing
What is the video about?
- A father who is deaf and mute.

- A father who loves his daughter to much.

What happened during the night of
the daughter’s birthday? - A school girl/daughter who is bullied because of her
father. She is depressed and hates her father because of

What do you think the father will do

for her daughter? It was her birthday and her father prepared a birthday
How will he save the life of her gift/ surprise to her but suddenly, the girl committed
daughter? suicide which made her father because desperate.

Let’s find out.

( The video will play again)
( Students make predictions)
3. Post-reading

a. Discussion

Why is the daughter hated her father?

Do you agree how the daughter

treated her father?
The daughter hated her father because of latter’s

No, ma’am.

The daughter should not treat her father that way

Very well said!
because in the first place, she exists because of him.
If you were to give an ending to the
Her father is still her father no matter what or who he
video, how would it be?
Do you agree? Why?

( Answers vary )
( Another motivational video to

In general, what can you say about ( Answers may vary )

the love of parents to children?
- Parents’ love is unconditional. Even we did something
wrong to them they still care for us.
b. Enrichment Activity
-Parents love us so much and that they are ready to give
Very good! everything for us even their lives.
So, that’s how great the love of
parents to their children. It is full of

Now, that you learned those, what

should you do in return?

- We should respect and love our parents.

- We should also take care of them the way they care

Nice! for us.
In the future, you can be successful in
life. Is it just right to include them in
your dreams?


Yes ma’am.

We should include them/ our parents in our dreams

because they are the ones who first dream us so it is just
proper to fulfill our dreams with them. They may not
asking it but it is the way we can show our love for
them in return.

SGDA (Small Group Differentiated Activity)

Group 1 - If by chance you were disrespect to your parents, how will you
- Compose a jingle expressing your apology.

Group 2 - You ask something from your parent to buy, but they can’t provide
such for they have no enough money.
- Act out how you will express your respect to your parents in spite of
their shortcomings.

Group 3 - Make a poster for the youth depicting the importance of respecting
parents and your plans of taking care of them.

V. Generalization
No matter how different you might become in the future, no matter what your
achievements are, and no matter what the changes are , our values, the love and respect,
should remain intact