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Shane Behn

Ms. Terry

Senior Seminar

27 September 2019

Expert Interview Summary and Reflection

Expert Interview: Ms. Getzen, Art/ Yearbook teacher, Kihei Charter

9/26/19, 2:30 pm, Kihei Charter High school Room 307

For my expert interview, I interviewed Ms.Getzen. I chose to interview Ms.Getzen

because she knows a lot about photography. Also, she is the yearbook teacher so I can work with

her to upload the senior portraits to the yearbook. The interview went really well and I got a lot

out of it. She had a lot of good ideas to make my project even better. The most helpful thing I got

out of the interview was advice on how to deliver the photos to people. I wasn't sure how I was

going to deliver the photos and she suggested that I make a shared folder. She said to put all the

good photos in a shared folder so the people can pick their favorite pictures and print them if

they want. She also gave me a good idea to print out a few of the portraits I take to include on

my display board at the end of my project. I thought that was a great idea and a great way to

show some of the portraits. We also talked about things like the best time of day to shoot, how

much I should edit the pictures and suggestions for locations. I was already planning on shooting

at sunset but I wanted to see if she had any other suggestions for the time of day to take pictures.

We both agreed sunset is the best time. When talking about editing we both agreed I should just

do little edits to make the pictures look and nothing too crazy unless requested. She also gave me

some cool ideas for locations to take pictures if the beach is too windy. One of the locations was

on the bridge at Ganon’s in Wailea. I am very confident in my project and I just needed a few

little suggestions to make it better.

List of Questions:

1. How should I deliver the photos to people?

2. Do you have any suggestions for locations to take pictures at?

3. What do you think the best time of day to shoot at is?

4. Should I edit the photos?

5. What final advice do you have for me?