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It has come to my attention that many of you are lying on your time cards.

If you
come in late, you should not put 8:00am on your card. If you take a long lunch,
you should not put 1:00 on your card. I will not stand for this type of cheating. I
simply have no choice but to institute an employee monitoring system.
Beginning next Monday, video cameras will be installed at all entrances to the
building, and your entry and exit times will be logg3ed each time you use
electronic key cards to enter or leave.
Anyone who is late to work or late coming back from lunch more than three
times will have to answer to me. I don’t care if you had to take a nap or if you
girls had to shop. This is a place of business, and we do not want to be taken
advantage of by slackers who are cheaters to boot.
It is too bad that a few bad apples always have to spoil things for everyone.

Demographic Analysis:
1. The readers are heterogeneous. Some of the readers lie on their time cards while others
do not. This email is informing everyone guilty and innocent since the new changes will
affect everyone.
2. The readers range in ages from 18 to 65 years old.
3. They get paid by the hour.
4. Based on the information provided I do not know the answer.
5. Based on the information provided I do not know the answer.
6. Based on the information provided I do not know the answer.
7. I am the supervisor and I am writing to the employees.
Disposition Analysis
8. My audience expects to be informed about the new changes in the policies.
9. I expect the readers to be a little mad and annoyed. The people who don't break the rules
will be annoyed because they have to do things differently because of the people who do.
The people who do break the rules will be mad because now they can't lie.
10. Some concerns people might have would be since there will be a camera watching them
they might think I don't trust them. Some people might also be concerned that they might
get caught on camera for doing something else.
11. Most of my readers just want to do a good job at work.
12. The readers will be motivated by changes that make it a better and more efficient
13. The readers might think I am the mean boss having a camera watch them to make sure
they follow the rules.
Knowledge Analysis:
14. Some of the readers already know that people are lying while others may not know.
15. I can inform them that I am aware some people are lying about their time cards and that
there will be a camera to monitor what time people clock in and out.
16. I would be talking over the heads of the readers if I went into detail about how it affects
the company when people are late all the time. I would be insulting the intelligence of the
readers if I started telling everyone how to show up on time.
17. The readers might have questions about why a camera was the best way to deal with the

Revised Memo
To: Company Staff
From: Shane Behn
Subject: Security Improvements
I am writing to everyone to let you know that we will be updating the security system. These
improvements will improve the safety of the building and our staff. There will also be a new
electronic key card system to for entering and exiting the building as the old time card system
was faulty.
On Monday September 10th there will workers installing cameras at the entrances and exits of the
building. There will also be a meeting that morning at 9am in room 203 where you will receive
your electronic key cards. I hope the improvements to our security system will improve the
safety and timeliness of our workplace.
If you have any questions or concerns feel free to stop by my office or email me. Thank you for
your cooptation.
Shane Behn
Director of Operations

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