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Senior Portraits

Senior Portraits Shane Behn Senior Project 2019

Shane Behn Senior Project 2019


Since I really like photography I really wanted to use it for my project. I didn't have any

ideas of what to do until I heard about doing the senior portraits as a project. At first, when I

heard about I didn't love the idea because I like to take landscapes instead of portraits. I started to

think more and more about it started to like it. At the end of the year, I got to listen to a

presentation from the senior who did it the year before and it looked really cool. After that, I

really liked the idea and my friends agreed that I should do it.

My senior project is important because I will be providing my friends with their senior

portraits. Since our school does not offer senior portraits and professional senior portraits can

cost hundreds of dollars I will be offering them for free. These senior portraits will be in the

yearbook and be the pictures everyone is remembered by. This project will also give me the

opportunity to spend time with my friends. It will also give me the opportunity to get to know

people that I may not know as well before we all graduate. This project will be really fun for me

because I really like taking pictures and I will get to improve my portrait skills.

Driving Question:


My driving question for my senior project is “How can I use my knowledge of photography to

help the school community?”

Specialized mentor:

My mentor for my senior project will be Mrs. Getzen. She knows a lot about photography and

portraits and is able to guide me through my project. I have already talked with her about my

project got feedback. Also since I am in yearbook and she is the yearbook teacher I can work

with her to get everyone's senior portraits in the yearbook.

Key Content Knowledge:

Ever since I have been interested in photography, I have always photographed landscapes. I

haven't really done many portraits so this will be new for me. My project will cover different

portrait techniques such as how to pose and different ways to use light etc. It will also cover

scheduling and organization. I will be scheduling people to do their photoshoots and I am going

to have to organize all the pictures. First I have to send out an email to the senior class saying

what my project is and how they can book a shoot. Once I do that, I need to figure out possible

locations I can shoot at. Since it is not a commercial shoot, I will not need to get permits. Then

when I have someone scheduled I need to ask them what they want their portraits to look like.

After that, we can go out and shoot. Then I have to go through all the photos and pick the best

ones, then edit them. Once I do all that I can deliver the photos.

21st Century Skills:

Thinking and Problem Solving: My project will use this skill because I have to think

about the best way to represent each person in their senior portrait.

Communication: My whole project involves communication. I have to communicate with

the whole senior class to let them know what my project is. I also have to communicate

with each senior who wants their portrait taken by me to schedule a time to do the shoot

and for what they want their portrait to look like.

Self-Direction: In order to complete my project I have to use self-direction skills and be

very self-motivated. Since I am working by myself I need to be able to schedule

everyone, edit the pictures and deliver them to everyone. I do have a mentor but they are

just there to give me advise and support me, I have to do all the work.

Information: I will use information skills to research necessary techniques and tips for

senior portraits.

Interpersonal: For my project, I will be doing a lot of socializing. At every photo shoot, I

will be talking the whole time to whoever I am with.


For my project, I don't have very many limitations. The only limitations I have are things like

scheduling and weather conditions. Since I have work, cross country and school it might be hard

to schedule some shoots. I can overcome this by finding a time that works best for me and the

person I am scheduling they photoshoot with. The other limitation I have is weather conditions,

if it is rainy and stormy we cant do the photoshoot of it is outside. I can overcome this by waiting

until it is a nice day to go out and take pictures.


For this project, I will turn in a website. The website will showcase all the senior portraits I took.

It will also show what I learned throughout my project.

Annotated Bibliography:

Shutterfly, Shutterfly. “75 Unique Senior Photo Ideas 2019.” Shutterfly.com, Shutterfly, 19

This article is from Shutterfly. Shutterfly is a place you can buy personalized products

and get creative ideas for things like senior portraits and other things related to photography.

This article is very helpful because it has a lot of good ideas for different portraits. This will help

me come up with ideas for posing. It is also helpful because the source shows senior portrait

ideas from 2019, so they are not old ideas.

Video, B&H Photo, director. How To Take Great High School Senior Portraits with Jeff

Cable.YouTube, YouTube, 4 Nov. 2014, www.youtube.com/watch?v=URlj_WJYeqw.

This videois from a very trusted source, B&h Photo. This well made explains how to

take great senior portraits. What makes this source so helpful is that it really talks about tips to

take great senior portraits and goes into detail about each one. One of the most useful tips from

the video was about lighting. The video said if you are going to a new location, go there the day

before to see where the light is coming from to help prepare you for the shoot. I never really

thought of this and I think it will help me with the portraits.

Wooddell, Dusty. “A Few Tips To Help With High School Senior Portrait

Photography.” Fstoppers,Fstoppers, 6 Mar. 2019,


This article is from the trusted photography source called fstoppers. Fstoppers is a

photography community where you can find news about photography and tips and tricks. This

specific article was written byDusty Wooddell who is a published American commercial and

portrait photographer. This article talks about tips and tricks to improve your senior portraits.

One tip from the article that was really useful was getting to know your client or in this case my

classmates. This is really important for each portrait so I can create a portrait that truly represents

that person.

Resources/Materials Needed:

In order to complete this project, I will need a camera, software to edit the photos and seniors to

take pictures of. I already have a camera with two different lenses so I can get different focal

lengths. To edit the photos I already have lightroom and photoshop. I also already have some

seniors who want me to take their portraits.


Since I already have everything for this project I don't really have any costs. The only cost I have

will be for gas to drive to the location that I am doing the photoshoot at.



Elevator pitch

Driving Question


Project proposal

Send an email out to the senior class about my project

Start scheduling shoots (have people email if they are interested)

Complete the first shoot

Blog 1 process due on September 20th.

Sep 27 Expert Interview Reflection due

2020 senior project abbreviated proposal and signature form due on September 27th


Photograph more people

Go through the photos

Edit the photos (Using Lightroom)

Get the photos out to people

Meet with Advisor

Start uploading them to the yearbook


Senior class photo day

Have most of the shoots done before the end of the month

Nov 22 Final Argumentative Essay due

Meet with Advisor

Go through the photos

Edit the photos (Using Lightroom)

Get the photos out to everyone


Finish up all the photoshoots for the last minute people

Go through the photos

Meet with Advisor

Edit the photos (Using Lightroom)

Get the photos out to them

Dec 6 Progress Presentation 2

Upload them to the yearbook

Start working on the senior pages.


Meet with Advisor

Start preparing demo presentation

Jan 1 Demo Presentation in KCS classroom


Work on the final presentation

Work on final the reflection

Meet with Advisor

Feb 14 Final Project Reflection due

Feb 21 Final Presentation & Trifold due


Apr 17 Senior Exhibition Night