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Mal1e your proposal verv ctear.

Cayetano tells Robredo

Make your proposal very clear
was the_challenge of House Speaker Alan peter
presrdent Cayetano to Vice
Leni Robredo. even as he expressed
tene is not passing the probtem when ne Oetief tnai,priijen-t ijul
AareA Vte presiO-eii. r""ii
Robredo to take over hjs war on drugs
for six months.
. rre douse Lntet atso dared Robredo to define
her proposed health_
based approach on how to address proUr"nr
Ako sus 'portahan ko ang challenge ng
or iir"gli?ffi "-:''
,- ating eangu6 aGris"rioortanan
ko si v;ce president if she takes the
r-einsior. ,ii ,".iniort
reporters. .anong
programa nya t<asi maOating ri;#;T; il;
.He exptained that the heitth_based
Lu.ropean ideology legalizing drugs. "ppr"...n
you wanted the
chaoce, qusto mo,magb,ago ang pilipinas, gusto
magbago ang drug war. Tell us now. Kunq mo
.]a* -"'
rkaw ang 6 months, ano ang
gagawin moi" caietano

.i.ffif [!'"""':ff 1i',T ff ;',J: ff 1fl #;render his powers ro en -

ne sato Robredo could immediately start her work
0ru9 czar. Gyetano said by posinq such -pi"iid;io";tlrturii
as the countrv s
not giving,up.on his war on drugsind
is not pas;in€ the p."Of"1r1l" n"l
bredo. "t don,t realy betieve it i;passing
rhe mur"i iiJr;t o"ri"i"" in1
o,,, n ,' nii i"ip"-,i,ioiri-tvi
i;i':f.ll,rffi: i::,T1f:ij:i,