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To Be
To Be - Past

Positive Negative Question

Positive Negative Question

I am I am not Am I?
You are You aren't Are you? I was I wasn't Was I?
He is He isn't Is he? You were You weren't Were you?
She is She isn't Is she? He was He wasn't Was he?
It is It isn't Is it? She was She wasn't Was she?
We are We aren't Are we? It was It wasn't Was it?
You are You aren't Are you? We were You weren't Were we?
They are They aren't Are they? You were We weren't Were you?
They were They weren't Were they?


Use the correct tense of the verb 'to be' to fill each space.

1. Laura 23 now, but she about 15 in that photo.

2. There a big storm last night. Thankfully, the weather great today.

3. you alone last night or Jane with you?

4. Where your sisters last weekend?

5. My phone on the table. It there an hour ago.

6. these houses here in the 1950s?

7. I in this restaurant last week?

8. Ray late again today. He late last week too!


1. He at home today.
2. I a student now.

3. My mother in the kitchen two hours ago.

4. Sarah tired now.

5. We in New York last year.

6. You a football player in 2004.

7. Mr. Jones at the market today.

8. Anna and I busy today.

9. The boxes behind the cupboard now.

10. Ron thirsty last night.


1. You at class yesterday.

2. Tina seven years old now.

3. That car mine now.

4. Billy Jones a famous singer now.

5. Many people in my shop this morning.

6. I a teacher in Spain in 2007.

7. your son fine today?

8. The fishermen on the ship last night.

9. It a nice day today.

10. My parents on holiday last month.