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To Page 2084 2019-10-30 15:41:21 EDT (Ogletree Deakins From: Jenkins, Ashley S October 29, 2019 Layoff/WARN Received OCT 29 2019 E-mail, Fax, and Certified Mail Camea Dukes State Rapid Response Coordinator Texas Workforce Commission 101 E 15th St Room 440T Austin, TX 78778 Fax: 512-475-2176 camea.dukes@twe state.tx_us Re Announcement of Planned Action Dear Coordinator Dukes: As you may know or have heard, Samsung Austin Semiconductors LLC will close its Central Processing Unit (CPU) project at the Samsung Austin Research Center (SARC) location and Advanced Computer Lab (ACL) location at the end of the year. The SARC facility is located at 3900 N Capital Of Texas Hwy, Ste 300, Austin, TX 78746 and the ACL location is located at 3655 North First St, San Jose, California 95134. The work stoppage associated with the CPU project is expected to be permanent. The expected date of the first separation will be December 31, 2019. Alll affected employees have been notified of their separation dates and that their separation from employment will be permanent. Attached is a list of the job positions and number of individuals who will be affected by the closure along with the anticipated schedule for job losses. There will not be any bumping rights for the affected employees, that is, employees will not be able to displace more junior employees out of their job positions as a result of this action. There is no union representing affected employees. If you have any questions or want additional information concerning this matter, please contact Renee Martin at 512-628-2150 Sincerely, Renee Martin HR Director To: Page sot 4 2019-10-30 15:41:21 EDT COglettee Deakins From: Jenkins, Ashley S: ce: The Following Individuals/Entities (Mail, Fax, and Email where applicable) Mayor Steve Adler P.O. Box 1088 Austin, TX 78767 Fax City Council - 512-974-2337 Fax City Manager - 512-974-2833 Fax Law Department - 512-974-2894 To: Page 4ot4 2019-40-30 18:41:21 EDT Ogietree Deakins From: Jenkins, Ashley S. Attachment A