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Final Term Examination in Oral Communication in Context (Cor 1)

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Test I. Multiple Choice. Read and analyze each item carefully. Choose the correct answer from the choices 1, 2, 3and 4.
Shade/Blacken the circle of the number that corresponds to your answer.

1. It is a speech that provides the audience with a clear understanding of a concept or ideas.

① persuasive speech ②informative speech③memorized speech④ impromptu speech

2. Identify the general purpose the speaker has in his mind in the following situation:The audience will just be too willing
to contribute for the victims of earthquake.

①to inform② to persuade③to entertain④ to complain

3. Considering the types of speech according to purpose, which of the following situations does not belong to the group?

① The audience will enjoy some mountain-climbing adventure stories.

②The students will understand the definition and relevance of information literacy today.

③The grade 11 students will listen to the speaker’s funny experiences about automated elections.

④The audience will listen about the speaker’s interesting observations of people who lack information literacy.

4. What is the first stage in speech writing?

① determining the purpose②selecting a topic③ analyzing the audience④ Rehearsing

5. The student leader will deliver a speech to convince the school administration to switch from manual to
automatedstudent government election. What type of speech will he/she deliver?

① entertainment speech② informative speech③ persuasive speech④enrichment speech

6. This refers to the stage in speech writing when a writer chooses a structure to his/her speech.

① data gathering② outlining③ editing④ choosing a writing pattern

7. Which part of the speech restates the main idea?

① body②conclusion③ transition④ introduction

8. Debates, sales talk and legal proceedings are examples of what type of speech according to purpose?

①persuasive speech② informative speech③ memorized speech④ impromptu speech.

9. Which of the following is an effective speech delivery technique?

① Pause to emphasize words.② Rarely look the audience in the eye.③ Always be formal and serious.④ Use filler words
to avoid dead air.

10. Evaluate the following statements about speech writing. Which statement/s is/are true or false? A. Speech writing is
a recursive process.B. Any speech should include introduction, body, and conclusion.C. Knowing the audience and the
occasion is crucial in writing a speech.D. In the introduction, you explain the importance of your topic by giving

① Both A and D are true② Only A false③ Only D is false④ A, B, C, and D are all true

11. Which of the following should be emulated from good speakers?

① How they walk③ How they connect with audience② How they laugh④ How they walk away from stage

12. Which of the following persons is most likely to deliver a manuscript speech?

① a comedian② a media personality③. a father④ a teacher

13. The following are tips in memorizing a speech. Judge which one is the most essential?

①Remember the difficult words.③ Memorize every word.

② Understand the main ideas by heart.④Memorize only the major details.

14. Which of the following speeches is delivered with little or no time at all?

① manuscript speech② extemporaneous speech③ entertainment speech④impromptu speech

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15. Which strategy of organizing a speech does a redefining of the topic into something that you want to talkabout?

① Point-Reason-Example-Point method③ Bridging② Reframing④ Playing Devil’s Advocate

16. Which speech is delivered with the help of short notes or a clear outline?

① impromptu② manuscript③ memorized④extemporaneous

17. Which extemporaneous question is centered on whether a topic or principle is moral or immoral?
① Is it a question policy?③ Is it a question of morality?② Is it a question of fact?④ Is it a question of value?

18. Which of the following is the ultimate goal of an entertainment speech?

① to introduce new jokes③ to discuss tips on how to be a comedian②to share goodwill and pleasure④ to share the
funny side of life

19. Is the use of “fillers” in a speech part of a competent delivery?


① Yes, because no one is perfect in delivering every single detail of a speech.

②No, because they distract the listeners and convey nothing about the speech.

③Yes, because they add excitement to the speech.

④ No, because fillers are language no one understands.

20. Which organizational pattern is best to use when you want to present the development of your topic frombeginning
to end?

①spatial pattern② cause and effect③ chronological pattern ④comparison and contrast

21. Which quality of a persuasive speech should come first?

① sufficient supporting details③ clear main point② compelling ideas④ well-defined goal

22. What is the correct arrangement of the following six-step process in preparing a memorized speech?

A. Write the full script.

B. Practice.
C. Establish purpose
.D. Organize the data.
E. Memorize.F. Gather the data.


23. It describes the combination of vowels, consonants, syllables and accents a speaker uses to emphasize specific word.

① pronunciation ② volume ③articulation ④ pitch

24. It refers to the breaks or interruptions in speech that separate thoughts and ideas.

① intermission ②interlude ③ syllabication ④ pause

25. It is the intensity or loudness an softness of your voice.

① stress② volume③ rate④ audio

26. The use of hand movements to emphasize phrases and to point out directions

refers to….

① gestures② pantomime③ action④ delivery

27. This vocal element refers to the highness or lowness of sounds.

① stress② juncture③ pitch④ volume

28. The number of words an individual utters in one minute

is referred to as….②



articulation29. This will help reinforce the words uttered and support the verbal message; this will reflect the natural

① eye contact② pronunciation③ appearance④ facial expression

30. This refers to the nonverbal aspect of speaking that can support or detract the communication process. You can
createpositive impression when you dress appropriately for the audience, the occasion, and the topic.

① eye contact② gesture③ appearance④ facial expression

31. Which of the following statements should be used when restricting participants from joining a conversation?

①“Go out!”③“Let me finish first then I’ll answer your question.”②“Shut up!”④“Stop asking irrelevant questions.”

32. While Mr. Ronald is facilitating a seminar, he notices that the members of the audience keep on giving
commentsdespite not being called. What could be the problem in this situation?

① Mr. Ronald is not the right authority in the group communication.

② The topic is not interesting.

③ The members of the audience do not understand their roles in the conversation.

④Mr. Ronald does not call them by their names.

33. Sir Ralph is discussing the rock cycle. James, his student, interrupts him by saying something about the various types
ofrocks. Which of the following is the appropriate way to express an interest in joining or participating in a discussion?

① Raise your hand.

② Roll your eyes.

③ Cross your arms.

④ Clap your hands.

34. Participant A and Participant B are in a debate. While Participant A is stating her arguments, Participant B interrupts
herand starts to enumerate his rebuttal. Which of the following should a debate moderator do?

① Tell Participant A to stop talking.

② Remind Participant A of the time limit.

③ Tell Participant B to leave the floor.

④ Remind Participant B to wait for his turn.

35. Which of the following actions does not refer to nomination?

① calling a participant’s name

② pointing at a participant

③ ignoring a participant raising his hand

④ announcing that it is time to ask questions

36. The teacher was discussing about the ecosystem when Calvin interrupted and shared what he had seen in
adocumentary. As the assigned speaker, what should the teacher do to repair this violation?

①Thank Calvin for sharing then remind him to see her at the guidance office.

②Thank Calvin for sharing then return to the main topic.

③Thank Calvin for sharing then ask him to leave.

④Thank Calvin for sharing and tell him to stop being a know it all.
Test III.
An impromptu speech should be organized so that the speaker’s ideas are expressed in a
andarranged manner even at the spur of the moment. Organize an outline for an impromptu
speech by supplying theblanks below with appropriate words. The answers/parts are found
in the word pool below.
Attention-getter Memorable Statement MainPoints Examples
Conclusion Supporting Points Delivery Illustrations

Basic Format
I. Introduction:
A. ____________________________________________________ (37)
B. Preview
II. Discussion
A. ____________________________________________________ (38)
B. Logical Arrangement
C. Supporting Data
III. _________________________________________________________________(39)
A. Review
B. ___________________________________________________________ (40)