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Refusal of DreamWorks “Abominable” to screen Ph

A controversial scene in the newly released animated film by DreamWorks’ Abominable become the
round issue in the Philippines because it depicts China’s Nine-Dash Line in the West Philippine Sea. It also
erased Mindanao and the Visayas in the Philippines' territory, angering Filipino netizens. Abominable was
coproduced by DreamWorks and Pearl Studio, a Shanghai-based Chinese production firm.

At the beginning of the movie, the main character spreads out a map of China that depicts the illegal Nine-
Dash Line encircling the entire South China Sea, including the West Philippine Sea.

In a landmark victory for the Philippines on July 12, 2016, an international arbitral tribunal under the
United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea declared China’s claims on the entire South China Sea
Foreign Affairs secretary Teodoro Locsin, Jr. has suggested to cut the scene and called for a universal
boycott of all DreamWorks productions. “For me, call a universal boycott of all Dreamworks productions
from here on,” he said.

However, Locsin fell short of calling for the total ban of the film in the Philippines, saying that removing
the offensive scene is a better form of protest than banning the film entirely.

The West Philippine Sea is the part of the South China Sea, over which sovereign and maritime rights of
the Philippines extend.
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Mayor Alsua Leads the “Oplan Undas 2019” Monitoring and Safety Operation

Mayor Patricia Gonzalez-Alsua led the monitoring and safety operation of the “Oplan Kaluluwa”
Assistance Center on Friday, 01 November 2019 at the public cemeteries in the City of Ligao.

The City Government of Ligao through its City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office together
with the Philippine National Police, and other volunteer organizations established the said program to
provide a peaceful and safe environment to those who paid respect to their loved ones during the

Meanwhile, she told barangay officials to be “on ALERT status and ensure safety and security in
residential areas during the time when they are busy on a visit to nearby or distant cemeteries.”.

She also told the public to make sure that their homes are properly lit and secured; unplug all appliances
and/or turn off your main power switch

“Make necessary precautions in travelling and visiting cemeteries with children and elderly; make
necessary preparations for emergency needs such as water, food and medicine during long travel; use
sit belts for extra precautions,” the order read.

“Be familiar with emergency contact numbers of the PNP, BFP and Ambulance services in your areas,” she
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IDSC marks Overall Champion in REFTEX2019

Infotech Development Systems Colleges Inc. (IDSC) Hospitality Management and Tourism Management
students triumphed again regional, bringing the overall champion trophy from the 3rd Regional Food and
Travel Expo (REFTEX), the team of IDSC competed with contestants from different universities and colleges
at the 2019 REFTEX held last October 25 in Albay Astrodome.

They won 1st place in tour guiding, 2nd place in culinary destination writing, 2nd place cake decorating
contest, 2nd place cocktail mixing contest, 3rd place Mr. REFTEX red carpet, 3rd place Ms. REFTEX red carpet
for a total of 7 awards, according to the IDSC Tourism Management Head Mrs. Florivel Villacorta on her
Facebook post last October 27.

Department heads of Hospitality Management and Tourism Management, of Infotech Development

Systems College said they are delighted with the result.

“The contest was made in order to uphold sustainable local and national tourism development, the
Provincial Government of Albay through the Provincial Tourism, Culture and Art office and the
Department of Tourism V (DOT), the students also showed up their prowess through contest in culinary
article writing, tour guiding, cake decoration, cooking and culinary photography, bartending as well as
REFTEX quizbee”.

Pegged with the theme; “Act Local, Think Global, Go Beyond the Usual”, this event was attended by about
1,000 students taking Hotel and Restaurant Management, Tourism and Hospitality Management courses,
all over the Bicol Region.

“IDSC conquered REFTEX 2019! The shirt statement was bold and it did not falter, last year, we dominated
several categories and become runner up, last Friday we nailed the overall champion title, battling against
big colleges and universities in the region, IDSC might inferior in number , but we have proven superior in
skills and talents worthy of the future hoteliers and tourism ambassadors”, IDSC Tourism Management
head Mrs. Florivel Villacorta said.
Editorial Article

Here Comes Ber-Months

Yep, that’s right! It’s September first today. The “-ber” months are officially upon us, and a Christmas carol
or two may have already played on the radio. After all, we Pinoys are known for celebrating the longest
holiday season. With all the merriment and the frenzy, the pandemonium is often heightened by the surge
in traffic, number of events to attend, expenses, work, you name it, the list goes on. Suffice to say, for
some, the start of the “-ber” months signify stress, and is an automatic buzzer for panic. For others, it is
something they look forward to because the holiday season undeniably brings about a whiff of positivity
and fresh air.

This usually also means reflecting on the year that’s been, and setting new goals for the year to come. It
also means the perfect excuse to get together with friends till wee hours of the morning, feast over some
good food and celebrate the blessing of another year before the last quarter pandemonium takes over.
Regardless of how one chooses to, birthdays for me should always be celebrated as they are a reminder
to give thanks. Every year is a milestone – an opportunity to start anew and/or to continue on the path
we have chosen to take. Every year is another chapter to our story – another three hundred sixty-five
rounds around the sun – of challenges, prized and faulty decisions alike. And though there are some
decisions we might regret along the way, we must learn to look back at them, build on them, and see
them as lessons for us to learn from in the years to come.

And that, I’ve come to realize, is what our elders mean when they say we grow wiser through the years.
Ironically, there really is no better place to learn than outside the classroom, in the school of life. Through
every twist, and every turn, we learn how to discern and better use our judgment. We learn to give our
trust only to those who truly merit it. We learn that the most essential things in life are indeed priceless,
and more often than not, come in the most intangible forms – through love, loyalty, and genuine
friendship. We learn not to take the basic rules in life for granted, because they truly are some of the most
admirable traits capable of making a difference in the way we perceive others, and in how others, in turn,
see us.
So as the “-ber” months descend upon us, let’s try not to overwhelm ourselves. Instead, let us bask in the
blessing that is being busy, and make sure that we are living our lives in the productive and fruitful way
we are hoping to. Let us not forget to aspire to be a blessing to others in the process, and as we get
through the last quarter of this year, think of a way to be able to give back to the greater good – in
whatever capacity is most comfortable, and closest to your heart. Because for as long as the spirit of giving
lives on in our hearts, we perpetuate the cycle of spreading the love.

Main Editorial

No Homework Policy is a Big NO NO

WE do not agree with the position of the Department of Education (DepEd) that a “no homework” policy,
prohibiting teachers from assigning academic work to be completed by students outside of regular school
hours, is beneficial to Filipino students.

Many would say assignments and projects that students are expected to complete at home often create
a burdensome expense on parents, who may not have a ready budget for the last-minute purchase of
needed materials. Assigning homework also adds to the workload of teachers, who must grade these
assignments in addition to their everyday work of preparing lessons.

By banning homework, all these problems are avoided. Students are afforded proper time for rest and
relaxation, and families are spared the burden of unforeseen expenses, or time spent shopping for
required materials that may be difficult to find on short notice. Teachers are also spared the extra time
and effort to check homework assignments, and can devote more time to classroom preparation and
work. Secretary Briones has also suggested the policy would be beneficial in allowing more time for
children and parents to bond socially.

Those are all very reasonable considerations. Unfortunately, they completely miss out the trade-offs that
may be more harmful in the long run by destroying the quality of education, and as a consequence, the
future competitiveness of young Filipinos.

Homework is a vital part of education, because it gives students the opportunity to apply knowledge
gained in the classroom. This occurs in two ways not only by creatively applying the educational content,
but also in giving students practice in developing good work habits and methods. From a practical point
of view, homework allows “more education” than can be fit into a few hours of a school day. And far from
preventing families from bonding, homework encourages parents to become more involved in their
children’s educational activities.

Rather than a “no homework” policy, DepEd should review and modify existing policies regarding
homework to ensure that they meet productive goals. Homework should have clear educational
objectives, and certainly should not pose undue physical and financial burdens on students and their
families. Those standards can be achieved, however, without resorting to banning homework entirely,
and still ensure that our youth are adequately prepared to take on the challenges of a competitive world.
Feature article

Experiencing Mayon Skyline

The trip to Albay wouldn't be complete without a glimpse of the Mayon Volcano's world-famous perfect
cone, and just seeing it makes one wonder how it would feel like to be on its slopes. Mayon
Skyline allows visitors to experience and see firsthand the thrilling and breathtaking sights that this
attraction has to offer.

The Mayon Skyline is nestled on the eastern slopes of Mt. Mayon at an altitude of 2,700 ft. It is an
excellent summer resort with almost similar temperatures to Baguio at 28 degrees Celsius. It is popularly
known as “heaven on earth” because of the hanging clouds and the pleasant climate where cool and
invigorating air could be experienced. From this height, the visitors can see the panoramic view of the
Pacific Ocean and the different towns, lakes, villages, fields and other mountains.

Feature article

Albay Hidden Beauty Falls

Yes, there’s more to Albay than the beloved Mount Mayon and the nearby Cagsawa Ruins Park — in fact,
these two are just a preview of what’s to see in town. Located in a secluded part of Albay’s outskirts, you
can find Vera Falls with its impressive greenery, stunning cascades, tempting pools, and the relaxing
atmosphere that can make you forget the pains of traveling. Though the way to Vera Falls only requires
some downhill sauntering, the way back presents a challenge — a challenge one would readily take if it
means experiencing one of Albay’s hidden natural sights.
Feature article

The Lady of Wrestling Sports Entertainment

Every wrestlers has their signature moves, styles and attacks. Professional wrestlers once they enter the
sports arena the become mindful and professional in their manner. For them the world outside is set aside
and the feud to their opponents are not being put in person.

Macey Estrella-Kadlec is an American professional wrestler. She is currently signed to WWE where she
performs on the SmackDown brand under the ring name Lacey Evans. She was originally introduced to
wrestling while serving as a military police officer in the U.S. Marines. She trained and began her career
on the independent circuit in Georgia. She started working for WWE in their NXT developmental territory
in 2016. She also participated in the inaugural Mae Young Classic. After feuding with Kairi Sane in NXT,
Evans debuted on Raw in December 2018, where she later feuded with Becky Lynch.

According to ESPN journalist Kate Richcreek, Evans was "raised in a home torn by depression and drug
and alcohol abuse," and at times while growing up had to live in tents due to her parents' legal problems.
Her father, who had entertained thoughts of becoming a wrestler but never acted on them, died of a drug
overdose before she got her WWE tryout. She and her husband have a daughter together.They reside
near Parris Island, South Carolina.

Her signature finishing move is called the woman’s right, punching her opponents neck with her powerful
right fist. Some of her signature combos are jumping high kick, right hook, rope-aided handstand double
knee drop or Bronco buster, sleeper hold with body-scissors, bicycle kick, to the opponent's shin, slingshot
elbow drop, single leg takedown following by an abdominal punch swinging neck-breaker following by a
handstand splash or an elbow drop.

Aside from being a professional wrestler she also a loving mother and wife to the family. She helps people
losing self-esteem and undergoing depression by means of a lecture and teaching she organized. Because
of her good deeds she become an exceptional lady in the world.
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Dengue fever is caused by any one of four related viruses transmitted by certain species of mosquitoes,
such as Aedes aegypti, which commonly bites during the day. As many as 400 million people are infected

The key is to prevent mosquito bites, of course, but also to prevent mosquito breeding. Note that
stagnant water is a potential breeding ground for mosquitoes. Clean surroundings and the exterior of
your house to eliminate mosquito breeding sites.

 Get rid of old tires where rainwater can accumulate

 Cover water tanks and cisterns
 Avoid storing water in vases
 Remove old bottles and cans
 Store garden tools
 Do not leave kids’ toys outside
 Empty kiddie pools when not in use and change water at least two times a week
 Clean gutters
 Always remember to replace the water in vases at least twice a week
 Ensure that pets have fresh water in their bowls and change water at least twice a week
 Install screens on all windows and doors.

Keeping out mosquitoes is of utmost importance, especially in schools during the rainy season. Insect
repellent is expensive; there must be local herbal concoctions that the poor can use to keep mosquitoes
away. With the health risks posed by mosquitoes, all schools should have screens and the premises kept
free of spots where stagnant water can accumulate. Potted plants should be properly drained and kept
outside classrooms.

At home, mosquito nets – preferably those made of materials treated with insect repellent – can help
ward off dengue and other mosquito-borne diseases. Dengue need not be a killer disease; the
nationwide alert should help see to this

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