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and legs—of the network. And she’s okay with that

Megyn Kelly has become the ver y blonde face—
piñata’d by The Daily Show, Fox News anchor

Greg Veis
Abhorred by the left, adored by the right, frequently

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We Decided
She’s Hot
She Reports,
Alexei Hay
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So I heard something about you being in an Brian Williams—was “I haven’t been this people who hate the other prime-time hosts
infomercial back in the day… honored since that rumor about me having on the other channels. What part of the First
It wasn’t an infomercial! It was an abs tape! an a≠air with Megyn Kelly went around.” Amendment do you have a problem with?
In another life—and as I like to say, another
body—I used to teach aerobics. I was paid Niiiice. There’s the First Amendment, and then
one whole dollar to be Backup Girl #1. And then he said, “I remember when that there’s spreading obvious misinformation.
rumor first came out, and the Fox PR people That happens at a lot of channels. I think
Glamorous. Why would you ever want to called me and said, ‘We have to tamp this some of those allegations against Beck may
get into journalism, then? down.’ And I said, ‘Well, do you have to tamp have foundation and that some are blown
I thought the profession had some nobility it down right away?’ ” up by detractors.
in it, but it’s also one in which you have to
get your hands dirty. Fox News doesn’t strike me as a place that Which allegations have foundation?
minds a little locker-room talk. I’m not going to get into specifics.
You like the hands-dirty part? It’s certainly not an uptight place. Like to-
I didn’t want anything that was too high- day, I said “big-boobed” on air—I was quot- How do you and Hannity get along?
brow or elite. My dad was a college pro- ing someone, in my defense—and you don’t We’re friends. Even if you’re a dyed-in-the-
fessor, and he constantly had the Ph.D. get in trouble for things like that at Fox. wool liberal, I’m sure you would enjoy him
students over for these great esoteric dis- socially. At functions, he has time for every-
cussions. But I wanted to be with the peo- And you sit behind a glass table that shows one. He stops and says, “Tell me about your
ple, not just with the Ph.D.’s. off your legs. family, where you’re from.” He also has this
Well, it’s a visual business. People want to line: “What are you a lib for? I’m going to
You worked as a lawyer for a while, but see the anchor. Hannitize you!”
once you became a reporter, you quickly
reached the big time at Fox. You caught a lot of flak this summer for Would you ever run for office?
I sent my tape to Kim Hume, and she called covering the New Black Panther Party That is something I’ve never considered
me in the next day. While we were talking, case so aggressively. Kirsten Powers, a remotely from the time I was 17 years old.
her husband, Brit Hume, swung by the correspondent on your network, said you It sounds odd, but I’m too private a person.
o∞ce and said, “Saw your tape. Loved it. were doing “the scary-black-man thing.”
How soon can we get you up to New York?” This is a story in which not one but two civil Are you a secret Muslim?
And I was like, I love him. rights attorneys within the Department of Maybe.
Justice had come forward to say that the
There were rumors about you two. He was DOJ essentially has a racist policy when it What do you make of the folks who still
psyched that people thought you were comes to enforcing the laws. If that is true, think that about Obama?
sleeping together, apparently. then the department itself is breaking the I don’t have any thoughts about this.
I think Brit knew how preposterous it was law. That is a story. Period.
to anyone with two nickels in between their C’mon, it’s loony. He’s clearly not Muslim.
ears. The first thing he said at his retirement Do you think it was a political decision by Right. But I don’t have any thoughts about
dinner—this big a≠air down in D.C. with MSNBC not to cover it as much as you did?  the people who think all that.
Vice President Cheney, Fred Thompson, I can’t speak for what was in their heads.
But you can’t make the decision that this is Because a lot of them watch Fox?
a nothing-burger because it hurts someone I just think, I don’t know where their infor-
you like politically.  mation is coming from or what they base
their views on. I don’t want to judge any-
Fox makes a big deal about how its daytime body. He’s clearly not a Muslim.
shows aren’t political at all, how they’re
just news shows. But do you think the act It was something that was, at times, cov-
of deciding what to cover and what not to ered as a question on your network.
is in itself a political act?  Not by me.
It’s not political. Television is a service, but
it’s also a business. And in choosing what Ever get any gross fan mail?
you’re going to put on your program, you Definitely. Some of them just say, “You’re
have to figure out what’s going to appeal to hot”—which, you know, I don’t find insult-
your audience and what’s going to rate. ing. [laughs] But the ones that go a little
over the top get deleted right away. My rule

Roger Ailes said that only thirty people is, if anybody writes in asking for a head
would’ve shown up to Glenn Beck’s rally if shot and compliments me or the show or
he were still on Headline News. just wants one, that’s fine, they can have a
They do have a lower viewership than Fox head shot. But if they write anything per-
News. You may have heard that we’re num- verted, they’re not getting one.
ber one—we’re pretty good at advertising
that. But I really don’t know much about Drawing a line in the sand.
the Glenn Beck empire, other than that it Of course! I know what’s going to happen to
is one. Sure, his star has taken o≠ since he that head shot.
got to Fox News, but he has so many view-
ers because people want to hear what he greg veis is a writer living in New York.
has to say. I always marvel at people who
hate Glenn Beck, the same way I marvel at 12.10_GQ.com _205

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