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SuffiilessLlirrcr Vednesday, Novenrber 6, 2019


Lawmalier to Pagc or, BIR Disclose

real revenues generated by Pogos
IIY JovEE NIARr c N. r)e l.A Ctuz I ojot,eenarie vaunted billions of pesos projected in- issued with work visas and where are
come from these online gaming firms they deployed or employed," he said.
is just a product of "media hype." "The last, of course, would be the
MEMBER of the House Committee The lawmaker said 46 out of the Pagcgr and the BIR. Is there any truth
on Games and Amusements on 5B Pogos licensed by Pagcor are regis-
tered local cdmpanies or foreign cor-
on their much-vaunted prophesies of
billions of peso revenues out of these
Tuesday urged on the Philippine porations. Pogos," he added.
"Now, the BIR, togetherwith the NBI The solon said he could not compre-
Amusernent and Gaming Corp. (Pagcor) and PNP, had shut down more than 200 hend *hy these Chinese Pogo opera-
illegai Pogos," he said. tors andworkers are so emboldened in
and the Bureau of Internal Revenue (FIR) "The question is: 'How can the gov- workingin these colorum firms; "aclear
to disclose the real revenues generated by ernment derive billions ot pesos in
revenues from these Pogos if only 12
indication that they cheat the govern-
ment of revenues in terms of taxes."
Philippine Offshore G ar n-ing Operators ofthem are registered firms and could Earlier, House Committee on Games
be considered legal to operate in the and Amusement Chairman and ACT-
(Pogos). Philippines?" CIS Rep. Eric Go Yap said his panel
Several measures have been filed to will ask the BI, BIR and DOLE to re-
lookinto the operations ofPogo opera- porc to the commirree the situarion
Surigao dei Norte Rep. Robert Lyn lion in value added tax monthly from tions in the country. relating Pogo.
don S. Barbers said in a statement he foreign workers who purchase around Barbers said he would dig into who He saidthe committeewillalso study
wants these agencies to report to Con P12.5 billion a month. are accountable and responsible that the creation ofan interagency thatwill
gress the revenues ofPogos these subrait "What Domingo is telling us are esti. allowed and emboldened these "colo- regulate and document the entry of
to the national treasury. mates or prophesies; nothing more and rum" online gan-ring firms to operate. Pogo workers in the country.
Earlier, Pagcor Chairman Andrea nothingless. As of lastreports published "First, we would ask the BI lBureau "We want to know how many Pogo
D. Domingo said the Pogo inclu.try is recentlyin the media, the Pogo industry, of Immigration] and the Departmentof Chinese workers in the country and
contributing P20 billion year on lease
a so lar, only generaled P200 million in Foreign Affairs on the real number of how much taxes they are paying to the
payments lo the real-estate sector. revenues," he added. Pogo workers who are now present in government," he said.
Dornirrgo rddcd rl,.1t the indLjtry is Accord ing r o Barbers, it now appea rs, the country. Nextwould be the Depart- The Iawmaker said this interagency
also esLimated to generate P24 billion with the more than 200 Pogos ordered ment of Labor and Employmer.rL on how will also protect the workers from the
in income taxes annually ancl Jr-L.25 bil shutdown by authorities, the m_uch- many of these Pogo workers had been online gaming scheme.
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