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senate to insist on higher excise

rates for alcohof, e-cigarettes
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THE senate wa''s and Means commit- lion expected ,"uurru"
irizozo fro- The senate version also proposed to alcohol qr less will be charged p4o
tee said it \trill stand firm on the rates it the House version, and P1o8.9 billion per
to i""*""iua u-[uo. Jm r+s per liter liter and p8o per liter for those ]i,ith
seeks to impose on alcohol products and within five years. i n 2020; p55 it ;O2\ p65 in 2022; and more than 1470 alcohol; while rates on
electronic cigarettes whic! are higher senate iiu No.5ro74 propose_s
than the proposed rates in the coun- crease the specific to
to-in- p75 in 2o2g; fronth""u, it in"r"*" fermented liquors and alcopops r ill be
oo d;"tillud lyloz,
- ev"yyeur sta.ting "hrtt
zoze. increased to pg2 per liter in 2o2o from
""t"liter in 2o2o
terpart House legislation, its chairman spirits. to P9o per proof
rrr" *tt t impo"ed on al-
""-" ""t"" the current p2s..lzl
p'ar ruriana s. cayetano. n"h'*;";;"ir:X.tilfi.#:ll":li ;:""#,fi:xT;ffii"*:ii:**"m
said the tal< measure has a chance of price (NRP). The specific taxrate is
set aicohol by volume ani which alcohol ^;l;;1xri{"",*:*:ffiTfi
raise excise tax on tobacco products
toincrease'bvPlo;ntil it r;hes Pr2o i" fro,,, malt or Jnel or a distiuation to roo p""
;rti}lff#,fllTjiit"i:i,:1,:T#H p"ltuy zo23 from the cur-
settobesinTuesdav' " "
*ill be levied p6o0
.- perffii'g.o,r.,".
"I am ready and I will male myself iiter, iiite still win"" aiJ
nouse Biu No. 1026, ;::i:i:'.1r"f#:"J,1i:::."r1::#:
available every dayin my effort to get
approved on Aug.
"aruon- lowiog proposed 20, thefol- in 2020.
bill approved
ated wines will be taxed at Pni perliter rat"" on-aisiiitea splrits, z2z rt also introduced
as soon as possible," in 2o2o;vith u" t ii"*".i"g by roz turi*- i* and a specific
t1,e following rates
on vapor products: plo for ro milliliter
Cayetaro s:uo
said rn llesday'
in a statement Tlesday. annually beginning 2021-
beqinnins 2o2l tax "i-iipi',
"a rate of pgs in ' ;
"r understand that those from the Tax imposed Jn wines curr.ertly uh"lllr;;;"r;;;;"Juirr 2o2o, which
i ilor f roaucts, rzo ror zo ml,
r"", p3o for 30 r p4o for 40
i,l*:'1:"il*",:?:"'"."T:,::::j::- :T.:l*-::1,*:"rp'i""or"iottr"o"
find the rates that we are pro- vo'rme of alcohor c"^","",. ai p."'"'"r,,,
* '- -*** psororson
;r"#;;;:" ."
il;::iJr:"l,otrn*d,butwestandby ::::yl:gll::::j:l"eps_ooo"i"""*i ;;;;;i;."," taxorLsEo increasetheratesonheated
rhe Department or Finance (DoF)
projects that the current Senate version
Rates on still wines and carbonated .pecin"
tt *iii an-
,ute a iZ"
;::n:rf:*i:;;r,-": n
will generate P4z9 billion i'l 2020 and v.ines psi.gii;t with regular tobacco products,
uour"" indexation.
currently at
are nual
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